Secretary Pool

by Becky

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: In a dog eat dog world there is always ways to get ahead.

My name is Sharon and I'm 22 years old. I work for a large company that occupies most of a sky-scraper in New York City. I'm a secretary in the main typing pool on the 23rd floor. My husband of one year, Rick, is a junior executive, with an office on the 40th floor that he shares with many other junior executives. From what my husbands tell me, its a dog eat dog world in his department, with every department head acting like a god and everybody back stabbing every body else to get ahead in the company.

There are over 80 girls in this typing pool alone plus several smaller pools throughout the building. Each office has there own secretary and each company official in level 6 and above has a personnel secretary. My husband being fairly new to the company was only a level 8 officer. All together there must be over 400 secretaries in this building. I feel lucky because my job is fun and I get along fabulously with the other girls. We are all in our early 20's except for old Mrs. Baker. We girls make a game out of seeing who can look the prettiest every day at work. Sometimes I think every man in the building finds an excuse to walk through the secretary pool just to look at us. Except for Mrs. Baker, we all flirt with the men. The rumors about who is sleeping with whom, is almost as much fun as the job.

For the last several months my husband Rick has been putting in enormous hours of overtime at work and it has definitely hurt our family life. He works at home all weekend long and then 12 hours Monday through Friday. He is always to exhausted to go any where or do anything. All this because the company announced a level 5 opening in the department my husband works for. This was a brand new position with the potential of a jump to a supervisor position if the candidate worked out. He would over-see about 35 employees. But first my husband had to convince his immediate boss to recommend him for the trainee management slot and then to get the branch manager to promote him after that.

Every now and then, one of us girls would work upstairs temporarily for a supervisor while his secretary was out sick or on vacation. On Friday the personnel department told me to report to Mr. Draken in suite 4022 on Monday to replace his secretary for one week. Over the weekend I mentioned to Rick I was going to work for some guy name Draken, but as usual Rick didn't pay any attention to me. Bright and early Monday morning I reported to Mr. Draken's office. I wanted to look good so I wore a very short pink flowered dress, white stockings with pink high heels. I looked incredibly hot as I strolled past the small offices and secretaries, past the other junior executives and my husband. Every set of eyes were on me especially my husbands, as I walked into Mr. Draken's office and took my place at the desk. Rick was the first person to rush inside and ask me what I was doing. After I explained about telling him over the weekend, he apologized for not listening to me. Then he told me that Mr. Draken was HIS , branch manager and for goodness sakes to be on my best behavior and give him anything he wanted like coffee or drinks. Rick also told me I was dressed to sexy and to tone it down tomorrow. A few moments later Mr. Draken called me into his inner officer and I met him for the first time.

He was a large man with even a larger stomach. He looked like the classic mean old supervisor. Bald head, short cigar and rumpled suit. He shook my hand and I sat in the deep plush chair that was just in front of his desk. With the dress I was wearing and that special chair, it became difficult to sit like a lady. Naturally as Mr. Draken talked with me, and his eyes never left my legs. I realized why the chair was positioned there. Whenever I was to took a letter he required me to be seated in that chair.

On Tuesday I wore a knee length tight skirt, with a dark pull over sweater. It was easy to see that Mr. Draken was unhappy with the outfit I was wearing because it wasn't showing much of me. Tuesday did have one very special highlight. The list of potential candidates for the new position was posted and of the three names on it, Rick was the first one. That afternoon as I was pouring Mr. Draken a cup of coffee, he commented that Rick and I had the same last name. After I explained that Rick was my husband, he became very excited and said it would be nice if Rick got the promotion. He said this while his hand rubbed up against my rear. Later at home, I shuddered to think I actually let that dirty old man place his hand on my rear end and didn't slap him.

On Wednesday, I wore a long plaid skirt with a pretty red blouse. Around 9:00 a.m. Mr. Draken asked why I was wearing the long skirt and told me that the outfit I was wearing on Monday looked good and he liked it a lot. He placed his hand on my shoulder and said it was a tough job choosing the new trainee but he felt my husband was qualified. Later that afternoon, just before one of my many trips into his office, I unbuttoned the first button on my blouse. As Mr. Draken spoke with me, his eyes were glued on my blouse. As I left his office, he mentioned that my husband was a serious candidate and the other men didn't have the drive that Rick did. A took a chance and before my next trip into his office I unfastened a second button. This time as I sat in the chair, Mr. Draken stood directly in front of me and stared straight down as he dictated his message. Standing there, I knew he could see my lacy bra and the fullness of my breast. As I stood up to leave, he asked me if my husband getting the promotion meant a lot to me. I explained how busy Rick had been lately and wished he had more time with me. Mr. Draken said that most new managers worked 60 hours per week at the most. I told him that was great, if Rick actually got the job. He closed the door to his office and stood in front of me. Then his right hand cupped my left butt cheek. I didn't say a word and just stared at the floor. His hand message my ass for quite awhile. His left hand moved up and started to rub my right breast. Mr. Draken then told me if I really was interested in my husband getting the promotion, perhaps I should wear something really sexy to work on Thursday. Now with his right hand he reached under my bra and cupped my left breast. He played with my nipple gently squeezing it between his finger tips. After a moment he stopped and reopened his office door. I had not spoken one word or offered any resistance. As he sat down, he calmly mentioned the new trainee manager would be selected on Thursday. When I got home, I immediately took a long hot shower and thought perhaps I should call in sick tomorrow. I was behaving weird and things were getting out of hand at work.

Thursday morning after my husband left for work, I still wasn't dressed or even knew if I wanted to go in. I had let Mr. Draken go to far and if my husband found out, he would be very hurt. On the other hand, if I dressed sexy and let the old creep paw me a little, Rick would probally get the trainee manager position.

When I walked into the office you could have heard a pin drop. Every set of eyes was on me including the other secretaries. I was wearing a micro-mini, one piece dress. It was dark green velvet with matching light green stockings and green velvet high heels. As I walked past my husband he looked me over and said wow ! Later when Mr. Draken called me into his office, I took my time sitting into the plush chair and then slowly crossed my legs. Unknown to the other people in the office, under my dress the green stockings were not pantyhose but rather thigh high stockings. Next to them were sheer and lacy red panties. But by now, Mr. Draken all ready knew this. It actually was kind of funny because he became so shaken by my sitting down that he completely forgot why he asked me into his office. I returned to my desk.

At 10:00 a.m. there was to be a large staff meeting with all the branch managers and two vice-presidents in attendance. The meeting was to introduce three Japanese businessmen with whom the corporation was going to do millions of dollars of business with, and to officially announce the new trainee manager. Mr. Draken informed me I was to attend the briefing and to sit up against the far wall and take notes. The briefing room was huge with beautiful wood executive chairs and a long table. I sat on a folding chair near Mr. Draken. The three Japanese businessmen were introduced and I was surprised to see they were all young, perhaps in there late thirties. Each of them looked straight through me and I suddenly felt very naked and exposed. I guess I was expecting them to be old and worn out. For almost an hour and a half, we were shown movies and graphs for the benefit of the three gentlemen. Then we all took a one hour break. The Japanese men were very impressed with the corporation. Mr. Draken ask me to follow him and guided me to a very exquisite powder room that had fine furniture complete with toilet and a shower. He held up an envelope and explained that in a few moments he would write down his choice for the new job. He stood in front of me and asked if I still wanted my husband to have the job? I looked at the floor, closed my eyes and gently shook my head yes. Mr. Draken quickly reached under my dress and roughly yanked my panties down to my ankles and I stepped out of them. My 5'2", 100 pound body was dwarfed by his huge size and weight. He smelled my panties and stuffed them into his coat pocket.

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