Country Drive

by Becky

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Desc: Sex Story: At emergency stops, careful what may come out of the bushes

January 14,1997

My name is June. I'm the youngest of a family consisting of four daughters. At 4' 10" and 91 lbs, I'm also considered the runt of the litter by my three older sisters who always tease me.

About six months ago, I took a week off from work to attend my sister Wendy's, wedding. All of the family including Mom and Dad still live in Vermont, except for me. I have an executive secretary position for a very prodigious firm in Chicago, working for the companies senior board member. Public image, in my position can be extremely important so I dress in only the latest and most eloquent (and slightly sexy) female business attire. A company credit voucher worth $10,000 dollars per year for clothing allowance helps a lot. Of course my long, wavy, blaze red hair and a 24-18-22 perfect petite figure with B cup size breast, doesn't hurt either. In the company brochure that we send out too all the prospective buyers, you'll find my picture in many of the "working for you" photographs. You can see the smiles whenever a new buyer first enters the bosses office and see's that I am a real person that actually does work for the company.

The plan for the wedding was for me to leave directly from work Friday at 5 pm. It's about 1,000 miles to my parents large home in Vermont. I would travel until about mid-night, get a motel room and later the next morning finish the trip, arriving in Vermont around supper time. All of us sisters had until Thursday morning to get everything for the wedding and reception completed. Wendy was to be married that afternoon and after the reception would be heading for her honeymoon as the new Mrs. Gilford. My parents had asked me to stay over Thursday and Friday night before heading back to the city. Then to arrive back in Chicago late afternoon on Sunday and be ready for work bright and early Monday morning. Sort of a wedding and vacation for me. I didn't get much chance to see my family any more plus it was the middle of August and I desperately needed a break from the vicious heat wave the city was experiencing.

That Friday morning my car was packed and ready to go. My boss let me leave early at 3 pm, telling me to have a happy vacation and best wishes for my sister in her marriage. I managed to beat the heavy traffic out of Chicago and was heading east on interstate 90, in no time. I was so excited about the wedding and seeing my family that the miles just seemed to fly buy quickly. By 11:30 pm that night I had traveled over 500 miles and was ready for a stop over just inside the state of New York border.

The next morning shined bright, beautiful, very hot and humid. After a refreshing shower and light breakfast I was ready to continue home. Because of the heat and humidity, I chose to wear a light summer, cotton, sleeveless mini-dress that was a pale blue in color. The flared skirt stopped about mid-thigh and the top bodice had a low scooped neck. With the help of tiny blue nylon panties, no bra and a touch of my favorite perfume, I was on my way.

I felt great and was starting to enjoy the trip. With all the cars and people it seemed more like an adventure. Soon I was relaxed and driving at a moderate pace. Those great trucking guys blowing their air horns, flashing headlights and frantically waving as they passed, made me feel extra special. I stopped several times for diet soda's and soon before I new it, I had left the interstate. In the early afternoon I found myself heading north on county road #7 and finally in my home state of Vermont.

By now the landscape had changed dramatically. Rolling hills with farms every where. Long stretches of road with forest bordering both sides. Occasionally I would see a small Mom & Pop variety store with a single gas pump out front. Around 3pm I was beginning to feel the heat and humidity. Also that my back was cramping from driving so long and not taking any rest breaks, including for lunch. More important however was after all those diet sodas I had drank, now I had to pee desperately. The feeling came upon me quickly and after about 10 minutes, I didn't have much choice anymore. The only vehicle I has seen recently was a farm tractor driving slowly about 10 miles back. The road signs indicated the next village was 41 miles away. I had to make a decision fast and suddenly found myself pulling my car off to the right hand side of the road. After hurriedly locking my car and taking the keys, I dashed into the woods.

In just a short distance I could be almost unseen from the road. I came across an old dirt logging road with large piles of brush and perfectly cut tree stumps scattered around. The perfect spot. After quickly removing my panties and using a tree stump to balance myself, I squatted down and started to urinate. The sound of my rushing water seemed deafening in the quiet muggy forest. After what I thought was an eternity the pressure in my bladder was finally letting up when suddenly something or somebody nudged my back tipping me over onto my right side. My heart began racing with fear as I scrambled to twist around and see who was their, plus cover my nakedness with my short dress at the same time. To my amazement the attacker turned out to be an extremely large and friendly German Sheppard dog. I had been raised with many pet dogs and had often wished dogs were allowed in my Chicago penthouse apartment. This cute guy had a very friendly disposition and was already licking my hand, wagging his tail and begging to be petted. After standing up and straightening my dress, I looked around for the owner and saw no-one. He certainly was the biggest German Sheppard I had ever seen and very well cared for, so I just figured he must belong to one of the numerous small farms hidden from view, all over this part of Vermont.

Soon we were acting like best friends. I was now sitting on a stump and playing, rubbing his fur coat and talking to him like he was a human child. He playfully jumped up onto my shoulders causing me to slip from the tree stump onto the ground, landing on my buttocks with my knees spread open, giggling like a school girl. I glanced around again looking for his owner. Nobody was in sight. The dog was standing in front of me, completely towering over my small frame and at the same time happily licking away at my face.

Suddenly without any warning he bent his neck forward and pushed his long cold nose right between my legs. I was startled and jumped unexpectedly, as he burrowed his nose between the outer lips of my sex. I shrieked as he licked the entire length of my slit several times, lifting me off the ground using his powerful strength. For several minutes I tried to get up to no avail. He would use his large head to gentle push me back down and immediately go back furiously licking my vagina. At this point I realized a very special warm feeling was beginning to form between my legs. That's when I saw a bright red, spear shaped penis protruding from between his legs. Already it was about 4 inches long and still growing longer. I looked around for help and realizing their wasn't any, tried to roll over onto my knees and push myself up from the ground. The German Sheppard wasted no time in getting behind me and pushing his head onto my buttocks knocking my forearms forward onto the ground.

Quickly I pushed myself back up and was starting to rise off the ground when I felt the heavy total weight of this large dog as he jumped onto my back, forcing me to the ground onto my hands and knees. I tried to stand for a second time when he abruptly began to hump my buttocks rapidly. I could feel the hot tip of his dog penis each time it struck my buttocks or hit between my butt cheeks as his thrust pushed his long hard penis down towards the opening of my vagina and then away from me. I was yelling for him to get off me when my back arched stiffly as his cock found the correct opening and he slid forcibly all the way in. His front legs wrapped tightly around my stomach as his forward thrust became more urgent and quicker. Between his weight and strength their wasn't much I could do. I desperately tried to pull his front paws apart and away from my stomach even as I felt an immense pressure on my vaginal walls. What I was feeling inside of me was thicker and longer than any man I had ever slept with. Even as I fought to remove the dog from me, my loins were beginning to ache with a sexual awareness like I had never known before.

Soon I began to give way to the heat and passion growing from between my legs and relaxed enough to let myself feel his immense cock giving me such excitement. For almost 5 minutes I did nothing but anticipate his giant dog cock as he filled and strained my vagina walls again and again with his size. I could hear someone breathing in short hard breaths for several moments before realizing it was me. The pressure from the fucking I was getting was beginning to increase even as the dog started slowing down from his fast thrust. The pressure was beginning to become painful as he made short deliberate hard pushes into me. Quickly, not understanding what was going on, I began to cry in pain and fear. The pressure became intense pain as I pleaded with him through my tears to get off me.

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