by Ale Stone

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Desc: Sex Story: A Birthday present

My birthday was approaching, next Friday, and my wife, Linda, since four years asked me what I wanted for present. From the beginning of our relationship we had agreed not to spend to much money on presents but rather give small tokens of affection. In the beginning it wasn't that difficult to make a wish but after four years, eight birthdays, four Christmases and some other days of celebration it was getting harder to come up with something.

For a while I thought of asking her for a love-session without a condom but even if we had decided that it was about time to get a child I thought that that wasn't a good idea.

My wife was allergic to the pill and she was very hesitant to use her diaphragm since it made her feel that the romance in our lovemaking suffered from it and that it was to calculated. She wanted it to be spontaneous. So that left me with a rubber-coated dick. And I hated it.

"Well?" she urged me.

"I don't know. Let me think about it till bedtime."

"OK, but not later. Maybe it is something that I have to prepare and I don't want to do it at the last minute."

As usual on Friday-nights we went to the pub for a couple of drinks and some small talk with our friends and I forgot all about her request.

On our way home she asked me again. And before I even had thought about it I blurted out that I wanted her to go to the pub next Friday without anything under her dress. Indignantly she rejected my wish.

"We know most of the people there. I couldn't do it. It's just to much to ask for."

"Nobody would see anything. Just you and me would know. I guarantee you that I would have a hardon all evening."

Again she rejected. I kept nagging her about on the way home but dropped it as soon as we went to bed. I had other things on my mind then.

The next day I again approached her about my birthday "present".

"Is that all you can think of? As a present?"


"You really are a pig, but what the heck. OK."

The rest of the week I just couldn't think of anything else and I eagerly awaited the upcoming Friday. And it finally came. Linda wanted to be on her own while she got dressed and I waited impatiently in the livingroom. I almost lost my breath when she came in to me. She looked wonderful! Sexy! Shortcut, blonde hair. Grayish blue eyes which seemed to be bigger than they actually were thanks to the make-up as did her red mouth. Black high heels, black stockings with some sort of pattern on them, a knee-long black skirt and a blouse in lilac. She swirled in front of me.

"Like?" she asked.


The night went well. Linda danced most of the time. The men in the bar seemed to flock around our table even though they couldn't know that she was naked under her clothes. Finally the evening ended and we walked home. A couple of blocks from our house there's a little park and when we passed it I dragged Linda in the shades of the trees. I unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall on the ground. She shivered but I didn't think it was from the cold because the night was warm. I was right. When my hand got in contact with her pussy I could feel that it was wet. Very wet. And slightly open. A finger slipped in without any hindrens, as did the second and with a little coaxing so did the third. I began to fingerfuck my hot wife in the park. Slowly, slowly until she with a moan sank down on the ground. I followed her wile her pussy squeezed my fingers while she had an orgasm.

As soon as Linda had regained her strength we continued our walk home. I had her skirt in my hands and I dropped a little behind her and looked at her swinging ass-cheeks as she walked. She kept looking around afraid that any of our neighbors should see her half naked but she didn't object and walked boldly on with her pussy and ass at display on our own street.

As soon as we had entered our house she tore off her blouse, kicked her shoes away and grabbed a grip on my jacket. Swung me around and almost pushed me into the bed-room and down on the bed.

She hastily undressed me while I passively lay on the bed. Never before had I seen her as hot as she was at this moment! She didn't bother with any foreplay but climbed over me, straddled me, gripped my dick and steered it with one sweeping movement into her. She was even wetter now than when I fingered her in the park.

She rode me with long, deep strokes and I could feel her pussy cramp around my cock all the time.

I myself was as hot as she was and I couldn't hold back for so long as I had wanted. I wanted this incredible fuck to last all night. It was a fuck. It wasn't a love making. When she felt my sperm shoot up her womb she screamed out her lust, something I'd never heard her do. She was a moaner, not a screamer. Or so I thought.

"YES! Give it to me! Give me a baby! Fuck me! Make me a baby!"

I was stunned. We had talked about a baby, even about two babies but never had she showed any sign of wanting it now. I knew she couldn't get pregnant tonight because I had seen that the cap of her diaphragm had been empty, but just the thought about it made me cum even harder.

We was drained after the fuck and fell asleep with her on still on top of me.

The next day she admitted that it had made her hot just thinking of walking into the bar without anything under. Just the thought that somebody might see her pussy had made her wet. Plus the fact that she had danced with several men knowing that there only was the thin barrier of her skirt between her naked pussy and them had only added some spice to the thought.

Thanks to the new found variation to our sexlife the summer went fast, to fast because when the autumn came it was to cold and rainy for Linda to take the almost naked walk to and fro the bar. Still she loved to go out without any panties but it didn't give her the same feelings as when she just had a skirt or dress on over her naked pussy.

To compensate this I invented a new game. I secured her to the bed spread eagled with scarfs and ties and I blindfolded her so she couldn't see anything. She thought it was hot but it wasn't anything like our summertime escapades. She loved the vulnerability and the restrictions her bonds did to her. All she could do was to meet my fuck-motions with her hips working in the opposite direction.

Once in a while when I had bound her to the bed I sneaked out and rang at the door pretending someone was coming to see me and that this man could see her in her exposed position. At this moments she became a little more exalted but it didn't happen to often.

At the end of the Scandinavian autumn we decided that we had had enough of the rain and wind and booked a charter trip to one of the southern parts of Europe. Since it wasn't bathing-season we rented a car.

On the third day we came to a little village on one of the smaller mountains. We liked it and decided to stay a day or two. We soon found a restaurant with a room on the second floor. I think the owner was going to avoid paying any taxes on our rent since we didn't have to register or anything. We didn't mind. We would probably never visit this town again.

The room was surprisingly large and a comfortable-looking bed was the domineering furniture. Beside it there was a bedstand and by the foot there was an easychair. That was all.

Since we were rather tired we decided that we should go to bed as soon as we had had dinner. In the meantime we walked around the town. Had a cup of coffee and a brandy and soon it was time for dinner.

While we changed for dinner I hinted to Linda that I was in the mood for a little game and I could see by her behavior that she wasn't opposed to it. I even put a condom on the bedstand so she wouldn't be in doubt of what was waiting later.

After a nice meal with a bottle of the local wine we went up to our room and got ready for bed. Linda shed all her clothes and lay naked on her back on the bed. I tied her to the bedposts and put a blindfold over her eyes so she couldn't see anything.

"I think I'll have another drink," I said when I was finished preparing her. I could see that she made a little jump and her pink nipples hardened but she didn't say anything. I left the room and closed the door behind me. A plan was taking form.

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