by Drifter

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Desc: Sex Story: He met her at a party, and his life have been better ever since.

Parties, especially large parties, are not my favorite thing. I prefer smaller groupings, like two or three or four of the right people. The host of tonight's bash obviously didn't agree with my philosophy on the subject. Ted and Carol Hartly were great people and good friends but we did disagree on at least this point. They loved a good party, good equal big to them, the more the merrier.

So here I was, at their large home now crawling with people, a lot I knew, some well, but most not at all. Mostly couples, after all that's what couples invite, other couples. I had showed up because they were good friends. Ted and I worked together, played together and knew too much about each other not to be good friends. Carol and I were close. Not too close but about right for a buddy's wife. If Ted and I hadn't been quite so close Carol and I might have done more but as it was we just teased a lot.

I was just cruising around their home ogling all of the sexy good looking women when I literally ran into her. I wasn't paying too much attention to where I was going and then I collided with this body. Not hard, a gentle collision, but I saw red, hair that is, lots of long, soft, red hair. Just the shade I like. In the midst of apologies I met Tami and I was taken. In the next few moments I was overwhelmed by her, I still am, first by her looks, then her rich laugh and finally by how incredibly bright she was.

Her long lush red hair was the first thing I noticed, when we collided it filled my face and mouth. It even smelled and tasted good. Next I saw her lovely face and those gorgeous green eyes and full cupid lips. All of that was on top of this fabulous body. She was tall, 5'8", with perfect long legs, trim full hips nice ass, a really narrow waist and incredible full breasts that bounced and swayed nicely. It was all one hell of a package, looks and soon I learned brains and a great sense of humor, she had it all. And I was completely smitten by her.

We talked the entire evening about politics, art, business, damn near everything. As we talked I appreciated the low cut top she had on. It was soon apparent she was bra-less. She didn't seem to mind my brief lapses as I lost myself in those full globes. To my delight small pink nipples peeked into view as she shifted in her chair. Each time when I returned mentally from my voyeurism she would smile and go on with our discussion. Her brief mini skirt gave me similar problems to overcome. The evening was a fabulous success from my viewpoint. I took her home much much later and Tami and I were almost inseparable after that, with necessary exceptions for work and sleep and such.

In the next few days and nights we learned we both adored sex in all it's many forms possible for two people. We spent that entire weekend in bed. I will never forget the image of her standing in my bedroom completely nude for the first time. Her body delivered on all the promises when clothed. She was in a word fabulous. Her large breasts, her trim legs, her ass, her mons, everything. She was totally open and free about sex and was quick to tell me what she enjoyed, which was everything. Me too... As we explored each other I was amazed at how everything seemed to be better with Tami. When she gave me head she drained me swallowing every drop. When I went down on her she was like a bucking horse. I had to hold on tightly. I finally was able to stay with her by sliding two fingers up her hot wet cunt and two more in her tight asshole. She came easily and frequently as I ate her delicious cunt.

Fucking just came so natural for her. She loved my hard cock in her mouth, her cunt, her ass, between her tits in her hands. She frequently would cry out as I fucked her hard, "Oh shit honey, I wish you had two cocks. I want you to fuck my ass and cunt at the same time."

Neither of us were young kids and both of us had experienced a lot, including rich sexual experiences. Between sex we talked a lot about everything but most frequently sex and one time I had asked her if she had ever fucked two men at the same time. She smiled and said, "Darling I will tell you anything you want to know about my past. Just be sure you want to know the answer before you ask the question."

I told her I felt the same way about questions of the past, then I repeated the question, "Have you? Have you fucked two men at the same time"?

She nodded affirmatively trying to read how that effected me. The way it effected me is I started to get hard again and I told her so. She smiled, pleased that it excited me and then she said, "I have to admit I loved it. Perhaps someday in the future we can play with our fantasies together," and then she leaned over and took my hard cock in her mouth.

I was rapidly learning to worship this lady and I loved to please her. I loved to do everything she liked. It seemed to be the same with her and every time we got together it wouldn't end until we were both totally exhausted. I was pleased and astonished at how frequently my cock would rise again for my lady love.

We found as we grew to know each other that in addition to loving having sex, we also both loved watching it, good porn, hard to find but not impossible. Her favorite porn subjects were hot multiples, two females and one male, two males and one female, also she loved watching two females eating each other. These were also my favorites. We enjoyed a porn movie frequently. The same was true in sports, entertainment, and in almost everything we tried, we loved the same things.

I asked Tami to marry me and she said, "I would love to my darling. I would love to be your wife but first we have to talk about rules, behaviors, expectations."

It seemed she had had this previous lover, who moved in with her. They had talked about marriage. Then one night the two of them and a buddy of his had sat around her apartment drinking and watching porn. Well Tom, her live in, had gotten excited about the three way going on on the video. These two guys were fucking this great looking female. Then Tom had whispered in Tami's ear the question, "Would you like to fuck Pete and I both, at the same time?" Tami looked at him and said, "You wouldn't mind"? Tom assured her it would be OK and she smiled and sighed huskily and said, "Yeah lets do it." They did for most of the night and it was great, Tami said, physically. But afterward it turned out Tom couldn't handle it and he soon disappeared from her life. The message she wanted to get across is, don't suggest something you can't deal with.

We were quietly married a month later in Ted and Carol's back yard. We both wanted to solidify somehow our growing togetherness.

Tami was a very successful computer salesperson, at 30, for this major computer corporation. I was a fast track young executive, at 32, for a management consultant firm. We both traveled a good deal and we were apart too frequently. When we returned from a trip we would devour each other, spending hours at sex and conversation just to "catch up". We were enjoying life but it was soon to get even better.

We had become accustomed to sharing each other fully, particularly daily sex and discussions. Being apart was becoming increasingly difficult for both of us. We burned up the phones, we learned to enjoy phone sex. Hell phone sex was better than no sex.

Then I had this particular interesting trip. One of the new young female specialists in our group was required, as was I, on this trip. She was a stunning person, in looks and in action. We polished off the problem quickly and then had the evening to kill. We had dinner with some great conversation, stopped for a drink in the hotel bar with more lively conversation, danced a few times and things became warm and cozy quickly. Susan was bright and sexy and was a "healthy" young woman. I couldn't help myself as I got an erection while slow dancing with her. She said nothing but I could feel her answering the gentle pressure of my cock.

When the music stopped we stood there, still pressing together, and I heard Susan say, "Shall we go up to my room, Jim"?

I couldn't believe it when I heard my voice answer, "Susan I can't think of anything I would enjoy more, but you see I love my wife passionately."

She smiled and kissed my cheek sweetly and said, "I like that Jim. I don't like being turned down, in fact this may be a first, but I like your reason. If you ever change your mind..." and she let it trail off as she turned and walked to our table. Seated she sipped the remains of her drink for a moment and then she said, "Jim, how would you react if Tami were here with a male cohort, on business, like us, and he invited her to bed. What would you think she should do"?

I smiled and thought it over briefly. I was admittedly horny as hell at that particular moment and in truth really wanted to go to Susan's room and screw her brains out. She was a damned desirable woman. If Tami were in my shoes, with a male she felt as equally attractive as Susan, she would be thinking much the same as I was, wanting to do it but not wanting to hurt me. An interesting proposition. Then the image of Tami fucking another man flashed through my mind and I felt my cock jump with excitement.

Then I heard Susan say, "Well Jim, what do you think your and Tami's reaction might be"?

I looked into her deep liquid brown eyes and told her honestly what I had just been thinking. That if Tami were with someone even nearly as attractive as Susan was, like me, Tami would want to enjoy sex with that person really bad but would not for fear of hurting our relationship. Then I shared with Susan that the idea of Tami being fucked by another man seemed to turn me on.

Susan stood up and said, "Come on big guy, lets get some coffee before I rape you. You are too good to be true."

As we sat over coffee we talked about sexual fantasies, and what we enjoyed sexually. I found Susan almost as compatible as Tami. The more we talked the more I wanted to go to her room and rip her clothes off of her lush body and ravish this hot darling woman.

Then Susan stood up and said, "Well Jim baby, if you aren't going to come to my room and make mad love to me I think I will go find my electric lover and try to release some of this tension we have built up."

In the elevator she hummed and smiled at me and said, "Jim I do admire your position. But if you change your mind, let me know. I find you damned attractive."

I replied, "Thank you Susan, I can't tell you how badly my body is saying, "fuck her, fuck her" but for now I must decline. I will hate myself forever."

She leaned over and kissed my lips softly letting her tongue dart out to meet mine and then she whispered, "If your body wins out during the night, and you decide it is OK to "fuck her, fuck her" my invitation will still be good."

Then we were at our floor and we each went our separate ways to our own rooms.

In the room I took a cold shower immediately. Then I called Tami and told her every detail about my evening with Susan, she had met Susan on several occasions. I also told her about my getting even more excited thinking about another man making love to her. As I told her all about it I got this enormous erection.

Then Tami asked me if I was hard, was I masturbating, how bad did I want to "fuck Susan," how would I fuck her first, who was the man I envisioned fucking her (Tami), how did the man fuck her (Tami), and other questions.

As I answered each of her questions thoroughly I could tell she was masturbating, as was I, and soon she came as she said, "Oh shit baby, I would love to watch you fuck Susan." That got me off too.

When we both had calmed a bit Tami said, "I love you darling. I want to thank you for your loyalty. It sounded really hot, and I am not so sure were the tables turned that I would have been as strong as you. That had to be really hard on you, no pun."

I smiled and said, "I don't think I would mind if you did baby. I not only could understand it if you went to bed with someone on a trip, I find the idea hot as hell. The idea of watching you and another guy fuck and suck is hot for me and has me hard again Tam. If you were on trip it would be difficult to arrange for me to watch I guess but the idea of you telling me all about it afterwards, all the juicy details about what went on is damn near as hot."

There was silence on the phone for several seconds as we both reflected and then I heard my beloved Tami's voice whisper very huskily, "Darling go fuck her, Go fuck Susan now. Go fuck Susan and then you can tell me the details when you get home."

I couldn't believe my ears, I said, "Are you serious Tami? You really want me to go fuck Susan"?

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