Army Captain Language Barrier Ordeal

by Mad Gerald

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Desc: Sex Story: A peace keeping officer is attacked by a bunch of criminals

I am a translator with the UNHCR in macedonia. I've done all sorts of jobs here. Two days ago I was called to one of the nearby refugee camps to help an army captain who was having some problem with the Macedonian police. When I got there I had problems finding him as the camps are a mess of makeshift tents, trailers, boxes, you've all seen the pictures on tv it's a mess.

Anyhow after about an hour I managed to get there. Imagine my suprise when the Captain was a woman of about 5'10", a brunette with strong features. She wore British army combats, her sleeves rolled up to reveal her strong tanned arms. She was a big girl. Her dark brown hair cropped into a bob, as I approached from behind I admired her hour glass proportions. 'God it was ages since I'd had a shag'.

She was gesturing and arguing loudly with a Macedonian police man there were another four stood about. There were no other british troops about. I went over and she turned to me.

"AHH there you are at last, you took your time" she looked mightily pissed off, I smiled "It's difficult you know the score, these places are a maze, how can I help?" my smile wasn't returned.

"Captain Jill Sheldon 4th armoured. I came here to visit a family who I befriended when one of our doctors treated their daughter here two days ago. I can't find them, then these bastards turn up and start roughing up the other refugees here" I looked about at the policemen, they looked pretty unkempt and nasty to me, not the sort to upset when your a westerner alone.

"I think we should leave, come back with some help yeah?" she shook her head, pulling her face.

"No you translate for me, you tell them this is unacceptable yeah?"

"I think we should just leave" she looked even angrier.

"Listen! you talk to them for me, just translate that's your job yeah! you tell them what I say then we can leave OK!"

"Ok, whenever your ready" I admitted defeat.

She grabbed the policeman's arm that she had been speaking to and spun him around to face her.

"Tell him who I am!" she ordered. I obeyed. In the local language.

"This is Captain Sheldon British army, she wants to speak with you sir" I translated.

"So! tell her to fuck off back to Britain, stupid bitch" he stated grinning.

I looked at the Captain she hadn't understood a word.

"He says he wants you to leave" I told her. She looked furious.

"Tell him I'm not leaving, Tell him I want his name and the name of his fellow officers!"

I told him, he looked at the others and then back at her, a grin crossed his thick features again.

"Tell Captain Sheldon she is to shut up and fuck off or we show her how to fuck off yes!" the others laughed.

"He still insists that you leave Captain" I told her. she stared at me.

"Right tell him I'm not leaving until he either leaves or gives me his and his men's name's!" I couldn't believe how stubborn she was. I translated it for her. The policeman smiled and sighed,

"The Captain doesn't understand our language at all no?" I shook my head, his hand went to his pistol and rested there. Behind him the others already had their hands on their own Kalashnikovs. I was unarmed, the Captain only had a pistol in her holster, probably unloaded. I Swallowed.

"We are bandits with stolen uniforms, here to steal from these people, yes? You trick her to go into alley between tents behind us, so we can rape her fat ass or we kill you and the Captain now. Yes?" my mouth went dry with fear, I glanced at the policemen behind him they all had trainers on. My mind raced.

"What did he say man!" she insisted. I was frozen, I knew they would, I had no choice.

"We kill you both, and fuck her anyway, yes?" his face was like stone.

"He says his commander is through there. He is the one you must speak to" my voice faltered as I lied.

"You see, tell them whose boss and you get somewhere, come on!" she turned and walked toward the alley, The policeman grinned "You follow, behave and you both live yes" I nodded dumbly.

He and two others followed her as she strode toward the alley, two more pushed me forward from behind. Captain Sheldon got into the alley almost to the end before she realized it didn't go anywhere. It was full of rubbish and filth, old clothes and cardboard. She stopped and began to turn around her hands on her wide hips.

"This doesn't go anywhere!" she complained. The Policemen were now between her and me, Two rushed forward to grab her arms. barrelling into her, she cried out in suprise and was thrown forward, crashing into the rubbish and filth, She was a powerful woman and she heaved up and succeeded in twisting over partially on her left side as they landed, the guy on that side punched her in the side of the face.

At the same time she brought a knee up and rammed it into his abdomen, he gasped and doubled up, he managed to keep hold of her arm though. The one behind her twisted her arm right up her back, making her arch her back in pain.

The other recovered quickly from the blow to the abdomen and punched her viciously in the face. She reeled back with the blow, the other grabbed her short hair with his free hand and wrenched her head back.


She was mid scream when the one she had kicked punched her again, and again. She visibly slumped her legs which were kicking relaxed. She was knocked out for a moment. They threw back on her front and with practised ease one gripped and dragged her elbows back hard. The other quickly bound them together tightly.

They dragged her over onto her back, One wrenched her combat scarf from around her neck and rammed it into her slack mouth. They held me against the wall of the tents a pistol to my face. The two busied themselves undoing her belt and trousers.

They were wrenched down her legs to her combat booted ankles, each grabbed a knee and dragged her limp legs wide. One of them got between her knees and dragged her combat jacket up out of the way.

She wore white briefs covering her hairy pussy mound. He hooked his finger into the gusset and wrenched them to one side. I could see her cunt, covered in thick brown pubes, her thick lips closed. He yanked his trousers open and freed his cock.

As soon as it was free he pushed it to her pussy. The other leant over her and gripped her white thighs and pulled them wider. Then he heaved his cock into her dry cunt. He pushed down on top of her and thrust viciously into her forcing it in.

Time and time again he heaved until eventually it was home. She groaned and stirred as he started to fuck her. He swore and cursed as he fucked her, moaning that her cunt was too tight, the others jeered him on. His butt was pounding in and out now occasionally her legs jerked as he rammed deep, He dragged his arms up and gripped her shoulders.

Levering himself up, He started to really fuck her then. Now he had lifted up I could see her face her nose was bleeding as was her lip, her head bounced and lolled about as he fucked her, her eyes closed. He sped up and then heaved into her deep and with a loud grunt came in her. She groaned and and gave a feeble kick with her trapped legs.

He pulled out and climbed out from between her open legs. Semen strung from his cock head to her open cunt lips. He grinned "She has not been fucked for a good while, that was good, her cunt is like a fist!" they all laughed.

The other got between her thighs and with his cock standing rigidly out from the front of him, reached down and wrenched open the front of her combat jacket, she had a olive green T-shirt on underneath. He pulled a knife from his belt and slit it, then he tore it open to the neck.

The Captain had quite hefty tits clad in a plain white under wired bra. He gripped it at it's narrowest point between her tits and tried to stretch it up off them, either it was too tight or her tits too big and stiff, but it wouldn't come off so he cut it in the middle.

He threw the two halves over her arms and watched as they settled. Two fat white mounds, crowned with wide coral aureole and semi-erect teats. He licked his lips and began stroking and fondling them. He pulled each nipple hard and flicked them with his finger tips.

The Captain came too and began staring about wildly. She tried to lift her legs but he was knelt on her combats which were still between her ankles. She started to shout into the gag, all that was heard though was muffled complaints.

She tried to pull and free her arms to no effect. Although she put on a good display of agitated tit wobbling for her assailant. He grinned down at her and then rammed his fingers into her cunt making her wince and grunt. He withdrew them and showed her the semen stringing between his fingers, then he wiped it on her white belly.

Her eyes went wide as he showed her, you could see realization that she'd already been raped sweep across her face just before he bent his cock down and thrust up into her still gaping cunt.

She winced and kicked as he forced into her. She was wrenching at her arms and trying to dig her feet in to push off it as he forced her to take it.

Then when it was in he gripped her tits in both hands and began milking them to his face. sucking and biting her pink nipples as he fucked her struggling ass. He fucked her with deep hard blows never retreating very far out of her.

She turned her face away, saw me her pained eyes fixed on mine. Then she screwed them up tight and began struggling again as he fucked her. He let go of her tits and gripped her hair instead and held her head down while he licked and kissed the side of her red face.

He rammed her harder and harder and then with her legs kicking and dancing a bizarre dance he shot his load deep into her. He stayed on top of her letting her feel every deep hot throb as his seed emptied into her violated cunt.

The leader that had been talking to me stepped forward "Hurry get off her, You hold her shoulders! You get her legs, twist them over and hold them. I'm going to fuck her up her fat pompous british asshole." One grabbed her shoulders and forced them down. The other that had just raped her forced her ankles together and twisted them over bending them, so her ass was facing the leader.

She strained to be free. "Leave her alone don't do that to her! that's enough!" I burst out, One of my guards hit me across the face with the pistol.

"Shut up pig!" I was ignored by the others.

I watched helplessly as they fought her legs over and held them. Her backside was ample, two big stiff cheeks. as they forced her legs up and bent them her hairy cunt came into view, semen oozed from it, and down the back of her thigh. The leader knelt down in front of it and patted her flinching flank.

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