Vicky's Encounter

by Warthog

Caution: This Slut Wife Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Wife Watching, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Slut Wife Sex Story: Mike was late to his date with his wife Vicky. But he saw her leave with two strange men. He followed.

Mike was late and Vicki was beginning to get angry. Vicki's husband had told her not to be late and now he was thirty minutes past due. Vicki tried to think of where Mike might be. He had gone over to a friend's house that afternoon and was supposed to meet Vicki at the club at eight. She had called home and there was no answer. Vicki decided to sit at the bar for another ten minutes. If Mike didn't show she would head home.

Just as Vicki was about to ease off the bar stool and leave, she heard a man say, "Hi, can I buy you a drink?" She looked and found his eyes looking straight at her.

Vicki blushed as he took in her long silky legs and curvy figure. She smiled and said, "Thank you, but... I was just about to leave."

The handsome man said, "Please don't leave. I was hoping to find a beautiful woman to talk to and if you go I'll miss my chance." His smile was magnetic.

Vicki wanted to leave but she hesitated. She said, "Now come on. This place is full of beautiful women."

The man didn't take his eyes off Vicki as he said, "What other women?" He was certainly charming but Vicki had been waiting for her husband and now that he had stood her up she just wanted to go home.

"Actually, I was waiting for my husband," Vicki said.

The man's eyes perked up and he said, "There you go. I'll buy you a drink and keep you company while you wait."

Vicki's excuses had run out. Finally she smiled and said, "OK. I'll have a drink with you while I wait."

The man flashed that wonderful grin, extended his hand and said, "That's great. My name is David."

"Vicki," she reciprocated. Vicki looked David over. There was something familiar about him. She asked, "Have I met you before. You look familiar."

David smiled and said, "Do you watch baseball?" Vicki nodded. David continued, "I play a little ball." Vicki finally recognized David as a well known major league baseball player.

Vicki had forgotten that her husband Mike had stood her up. She was very excited to meet a baseball player face to face. Vicki was a baseball fan and had commented on occasions how cute David was. She was surprised that she didn't recognize him sooner. It was probably the fact that he was in street clothes. Vicki was used to seeing him in his ball uniform. They chatted over drinks for some time. Vicki filled David in on her teaching career and David told her several baseball tales. She was thrilled to hear the stories. It made her feel special to know things that other people didn't know.

During a lull in their conversation, Vicki noticed that another twenty minutes had passed. It was hard to believe. The time had passed very quickly in the company of this charming man. She thought about heading home but she was enjoying herself too much. Vicki wondered what had happened to Mike. A little worry crept into her mind.

Vicki was startled out of her thoughts by a man who was talking to David. She looked at him and recognized him immediately as another famous baseball star. He was giving David a hard time about something in a friendly jovial way. Vicki realized from the conversation that his team had beaten David's team earlier that day. David was taking the ribbing from his friend with a smile.

David said, "Vicki, this is John. John, meet the gorgeous Vicki."

John slapped David on the back and said, "David sure knows how to pick the ladies." He added, "You are a very beautiful lady, Vicki."

David said, "I just met Vicki a little while ago. She's waiting for her husband."

John's grin disappeared as he said, "I see. Well, you're still very beautiful." John's grin returned as Vicki blushed. She noticed as John started his inspection at her feet and slowly shifted his gaze up her long legs. He lingered on her short black leather mini-skirt before looking over her large breasts and her very attractive face. John admired her beautiful blond hair for several moments.

"So where is that man of yours," John asked.

Vicki, still dazed by John's eyes on her body, suddenly realized that he was talking to her. "I'm sorry. What was that?" she said.

John repeated the question still admiring Vicki's beauty. Vicki looked around and said, "Ah... I don't know. It isn't like him to be this late."

John said, "I'm sure he'll be here soon." He added, "How about a dance while you wait?" Before Vicki could answer, John looked at David and said, "You don't mind, do you David?" David put up his hands in surrender as though John was the victor and Vicki was the prize. "How about it," John prompted Vicki.

Vicki hesitated and then accepted the invitation. Upbeat music was playing as they started their dance. Three songs later they took a breather. David had ordered another round of drinks and was sitting at a table. John and Vicki sat down and were thankful for the drinks. They were a little out of breath and very thirsty. David ordered another round as they drained the glasses. Vicki was having a great time. The look on her face was bright with no sign of concern about where her husband was. As it happened, Mike had arrived just after David had. When he saw Vicki talking to the man he decided to stay out of sight and just watch.

David, figuring that it was his turn, asked Vicki to dance. She didn't hesitate one moment this time. She popped up out of her seat causing her braless breasts to bob a bit in her silky blouse. Both men noticed this event and Vicki was aware that they had noticed. Her nipples hardened at the thought of these two men appreciating her body. She walked to the dance floor, hips swaying seductively. Both men watched with great interest as Vicki's ass wiggled. They were not the only men watching. Several men nearby noticed the hot blond strutting her stuff as did the man in the shadows, her husband.

David and Vicki began dancing to a slow tune. He kept his distance for a few moments but gradually began to pull Vicki close. He put his hands around her narrow waist as she put her arms around his neck. As the dance went on, their bodies touched. David appreciated the two firm mounds pressing into his chest. Vicki could feel the rather large lump against her belly. Either David was well hung or he was excited. Both possibilities excited Vicki. The dance ended and they danced a fast number before returning to the table. John had the drinks waiting.

Vicki downed another glass and began to notice the tingling of modest intoxication. John asked her to dance again. Vicki was again on her feet and looking forward to another dance. They danced an upbeat number followed by a slow dance. John and Vicki were in each other's arms immediately. Soon he had his hands on Vicki's ass as she pressed her breasts and mound into his body. She could feel his member straining to get out. She knew it was her that it was interested in. She found herself very interest in it. She was aware that her thoughts were not consistent with a married woman but they were just dancing after all. There was no harm in a little harmless rubbing.

The song ended much too soon for both Vicki and John. They walked back to the table and sat down. David informed Vicki that he wanted another dance but would give her a little while to rest. Another drink and Vicki was asking David to dance. A surprised David gestured her to the dance floor. Vicki's walk had become very exaggerated. She was obviously showing off. The men admired the way Vicki's high heel shoes made her legs and ass stick out. Vicki had not bothered to pull her short skirt down after getting up and it was riding very high on her thighs.

The first tune David and Vicki danced to was a fast tune. Vicki was really shaking it now. Her tits bobbed in her snug fitting blouse and her skirt continued to ride up as she raised her arms high in the air. Those onlookers close to Vicki could now make out the bottom of her ass cheeks. On one occasion she bent her knees slightly allowing those seated nearby to catch a brief glimpse of her naked pussy. She hadn't bothered with panties either. The next dance was another slow one and David couldn't wait to get Vicki close. She was looking forward to it as well. David pulled her close and put his hands on Vicki's ass. The tips of his fingers were below the hem of her skirt and he could feel her soft and supple ass cheeks. Vicki was hugging David tight, her focus on the tremendous bulge pushing into her tummy. Vicki began to grind her pubic mound against the bulge. It got even bigger. Vicki couldn't help it anymore. She found David's mouth and planted a very wet kiss on him. As they danced and kissed, Vicki could feel her juices begin to flow. She whispered into David's ear, "Lets go somewhere."

David whispered, "What about John?"

Vicki said, "Bring him along."

They left the dance floor right away. As they walked to the table Vicki noticed the stares. It was then that she realized that her skirt hem was high enough to expose her pussy. She quickly pulled down the hem and was escorted by both men out of the club. They took John's car to a nearby hotel where David was staying. Once in David's room Vicki began where she left off. She put her arms around David and gave him a long wet kiss. She probed his mouth with her tongue. He reciprocated. When the kiss ended, she immediately went to John and gave him the same treatment. No words were exchanged as the men watched Vicki slowly remove her blouse and skirt.

Vicki walked over to David still in her heels and knelt in front of him. Moments later she had exposed his very large cock and was trying to stuff as much of it in her mouth as she could. Vicki could feel the wetness between her legs begin to form rivulets. She felt them on her thighs. Vicki wanted to get fucked bad. She had forgotten about Mike. She was now simply a wanton woman not a wife. David's cock was hard as a rock and about ten inches long. Its girth was substantial. Vicki wasn't sure it would fit her pussy, but she was going to take it regardless. She got up and turned to offer her pussy to David. She put her hands on the dresser as he fingered her pussy and tasted her juices.

David knelt down and lapped at Vicki's pussy causing her to moan. Two minutes later she orgasmed spilling clear sticky juices out of her pussy. David lapped up what he could, but most of it dribbled all over his chin. David stood up and rubbed his large cock against Vicki's drenched pussy in an effort to lubricate the shaft. He teased Vicki with it for several moments causing her to be extremely frustrated. She moaned for David to fuck her. She wiggled her ass to try and capture the giant cock teasing her opening. Finally he put it in her. David went slow allowing Vicki to accommodate the large tube in her cunt. In moments he had buried himself to the hilt. Vicki moaned loudly and came. David could feel the heat released around his tightly gripped shaft.

John had watched the action to this point. When David began to stroke Vicki's cunt, John got out of his clothes. His rock hard nine inches seemed to pull him to Vicki's face. She immediately took the big tool into her mouth and began to suck it as David fucked her pussy. John grabbed Vicki's tits and began to squeeze them as she sucked him. David and John fucked Vicki for several minutes before cumming within seconds of each other. John filled Vicki's mouth to overflowing while David sent his load deep into Vicki's womb. All three collapsed onto the floor in exhaustion.

While Vicki was taking two very large cocks into her body, Mike was frantically trying to figure out what room she was in. He had managed to follow the trio to David's hotel, but lost them when they went inside. After working on the bellman he found out what floor David was on. It cost him a C-note for the information. The hotel was large and each floor had over one hundred rooms. He rode the elevator to the ninth floor and began to walk the halls listening for something that might give him a clue as to where they were. He would figure out what to do after he had found them. At this point he had no clue what he would do.

After a few moments of rest, Vicki wanted more cock. She crawled on the bed where John had gone and began to lick on his shriveled cock. David got up and went to the phone. John asked what he was doing. He said that he was calling room service. Vicki ignored the conversation and continued her work on John's growing cock. Two minutes later there was a knock at the door. David opened the door and let three men in. They were colleagues of David's.

Vicki was aware that someone had just arrived, however, she kept concentrating on the hard cock in her mouth. When David called her name she turned her head and noticed the three newcomers. They were removing their clothes and she knew that it meant she was going to be gangbanged. Her pussy began to drip at the thought. David introduced the men to her but she was so lost in lust that their names didn't even register.

Mike heard a door close around the corner but was too late to see David's three colleagues walk two doors down and enter David's room. He now knew he had the right hall but still didn't know the room.

Once undressed the newcomers began to stroke and squeeze Vicki's body. She begged them to fuck her. One obliged, and roughly pulled her pussy onto his very thick cock. She was very wet with David's cum and her own juices. The thick cock slipped in without much effort. Again Vicki was taking two cocks. The men pounded her through another orgasm before John shot his second load into her mouth. She sucked up the goo just in time to have another super sized cock shoved into her mouth. She sucked it into her mouth without hesitation. A minute later her cunt was again filled with sperm. She continued to work on the cock in her mouth.

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