by Mystic47

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Derek and Mandy, brother and sister liked to get stoned together. One night they found out that is not all they like to do together.

She came home late and stoned. As she slowly maneuvered around the furniture she confessed to her brother, “Man Derek, I am really fucked up. Patty and Gwen and me smoked some really good weed. I need a shower, good night.” He watched his sister weave through the room thinking she looked like she was having fun.

The TV volume was low to keep from waking his parents so he heard when Mandy took her shower. After about ten minutes the bathroom door opened and shut and Mandy came back into the front room. She was wearing a short pink microfiber robe with her hair wrapped in a towel. “That felt good, what’s on TV?”

He checked out his sister’s sexy legs, the way the thin material of the robe molded to the crevice of her ass and then answered “I’m watching a movie about some people lost on an island. There are five guys and two women, things are getting tense because all the guys want to screw the women but they won’t let any man fuck them.”

“Smart girls” Mandy said as she flopped down on one end of the sofa then stretched her legs the length of two cushions, a foot rested on her brother’s thigh. He sneaked a quick peek at her thighs but they were closed so the view wasn’t very interesting.

Mandy’s head rolled to the TV and she got absorbed in the back stabbing and conniving among the group of men trying to get laid by the women who were more focused on survival. He asked his sister, “Aren’t you going to bed, I thought you were tired?”

“Maybe later, I’m still enjoying myself.”

“You want to step outside and do another joint?”

She threw him a 1000 watt smile, “You have one?”

“Yeah, half a blunt, we can share.”

The siblings rose from the sofa then went out to stand in the front yard, it was after midnight so the neighborhood was quiet, deserted. Mandy and her brother smoked the joint dead, her high, which had been waning, surged to lift her to the clouds again, she was enjoying the second buzz of the night. She and her brother briefly bantered about how she was dressed, that the robe would allow a cool breeze to cool her legs, and other parts. His sister stepped her legs apart then commented, “Yeah, sometimes I need to cool it down.”

He commented on her two friends, “Too bad Patty and Gwen aren’t here, we could all get stoned.”

“Well maybe next time we’ll get you good and fucking bombed.”

“The fucking part sounds good, those two are hot.”

“God you ass, they’re my friends, stay away, I want them to like me.”

They returned to the front room and turned their attention back to the TV to see what kind of shenanigans the gay guy was up too. Nobody knew he was gay except the women so they were kind of friendly with him which pissed off the other men, they thought he was getting screwed by one or both. Mandy again stretched her legs the length of the sofa, resting her right heel on Derek’s legs. Without thought or subterfuge the brother put his hand on his sister’s ankle and absentmindedly rubbed it while both were engrossed in the program.

The pot had relaxed the girl significantly but the touch of her brother’s fingers gently sliding on the skin of her foot relaxed Mandy even more. The fingertip caresses were so gentle that she bit by bit succumbed to the whisper soft massage. As her lower leg pleasantly tingled she lifted the left foot across his leg, she wanted him to treat that foot as he was the first. Still not thinking purposely about her he started to pay attention to both feet which caused Mandy to snuggle into a sofa pillow and slowly lose concentration on the movie.

He placed his right hand over her right foot then while rolling her toes between two fingers his left hand drifted up her leg where he was kneading the muscles of her calf. Mandy had used an after bath lotion so his hand was moving almost frictionless over her skin. Brother and sister were mostly intent on the movie but slowly both were becoming aware of what he was doing to her. He began to slide his hand up and down her lower leg, caressing the muscles gently. His sister reacted to the feel of his touch, she sighed deeply then her focus shifted more from the movie to the warmth growing where he touched. She shifted her right leg slightly which caused her knees to separate, her inner thighs were exposed from knees to where the robe lay. The move offered him a view that was magnetic and provocative. A fight between the gay guy and the big macho bastard was forgotten as he paid more attention to his sister and the feel of her skin under his fingers. She tried to focus on the action while he stroked even higher, above her knee as far as the hem of the bathrobe. After the gay kicked the shit out of the bigger man Mandy closed her eyes and reveled in the sensation of her brother feeling up her legs. She stretched and flexed her toes as a brief shiver rippled her thigh muscles.

Emboldened by her acquiescence he turned his full attention to Mandy. The light strokes of his fingers became more firm as he pressed the palm of his hand on her. He began to slide his hand over the curve of her leg so that it was moving back and forth on her silken skin, his fingertips caressed the underside of her leg then would slide back up when he rocked it back. She shivered again. The movie lost her interest as she concentrated on the deliciously erotic feelings her brother was causing. Their kinship quickly became a non issue as she enjoyed his caresses. Mandy stirred enough to reach over her head and click off the table lamp at the end of the sofa. The only light in the room came from the TV which was enough to see her breasts which became half exposed when the soft cloth slipped open to a broad V when she moved. Her nipples were still hidden but the firm mounds of bouncing flesh still attracted his gaze.

The brother adjusted quickly to the dim light by becoming more adventurous. He abandoned her toes to bring that hand to Mandy’s thighs and started massaging her muscles with both. Caught up in the soothing rub down Mandy shifted once again, giving her brother even more leg exposure. He looked up the length of her legs to see the end of the robe lay across her upper thighs he could see the split of her body. Mandy was clean shaven, she had no pubic hair. Up to this point he had been fairly casual about fondling his sister but the position of her legs, the view of her pussy and her acceptance of his caresses forged his prick into a steel ram. It grew long and hard in his jeans, cramping as it outgrew the space it was in. He shifted his ass to get more comfortable then returned his attention to his sister.

It took only a short minute more before he had eased up her leg until the side of his hand was smoothing on the soft succulent folds of her sex. Mandy raised her arms and laid them on the sofa arm with her fingers laced together over the towel covering her hair, she pulled a knee up, offering more space for him so he pressed his luck and her sex. As his hand moved up and down her crack it was getting wet from the fluids she was seeping. There was no longer doubt in his mind she was turned on and enjoying what he was doing. He twisted around until he could bring both hands into play between her legs then with one he cupped her cunt and the other rested on her pelvis. He pressed two fingers into his sisters wet warm hole while he sought her clit with the thumb of the other hand.

Mandy arched her back and gasped a sharp breath. Her eyes were closed but her body was in motion. She was reveling in the sensations radiating through her from the center of her lust. His fingers were long and the tips of them were pressuring her g-spot and the thumb on her clit was driving her up a mountain of pleasure toward a rapturous peak.

Mandy pulled a leg off her brother’s lap then dropped her foot to the floor which caused the junction of her thighs to widen allowing him more room to fondle her. She was beginning to spasm, sharp jolts of sexual charges were shocking her repeatedly causing her to yip short bursts of ecstasy. She grabbed a sofa pillow at his side then moved it over her face. It would not be a good family gathering if she woke up their parents. She wrapped her arms over the pillow and continued to bark her pleasure.

He fingered his sister for another minute or so until she arched her ass high off the sofa, his fingers drove into her as far as he could then Mandy’s ass started to shake. The position of her arms caused the robe to open more so her stiff nipples peeked at him as she vibrated. The pillow muffled her climatic outburst as her cunt began to drip her orgasm. His fingers and hand were covered with her discharge when she loosened enough to relax back to the sofa. Mandy moved the cushion from her face and stared up at him with shock and awe. She was speechless; she had nothing to say that would convey the mixed feelings she was experiencing. She just had a quick strong orgasm which was great but he who caused it was her own fucking brother! She sat up on the sofa, pulled her robe closed then put a hand on his cheek. Mandy couldn’t decide if she should slap the crap out of him or give him a kiss. She opted for a hand stroke on his face then left for her room. She wasn’t aware of or even thought that Derek could be turned on, that his balls felt like smoldering fireplace coals.

He was frustrated as he watched her leave. He was damn near crippled in the crotch and his sister acted as if she didn’t care. He put his fingers to his nose for the scent of her then licked her fluids from them; his cock convulsed and he came in his pants.

The short intense interlude wasn’t mentioned by either so Mandy’s brother eventually stopped being pissed at her for the mess in his pants that night. At first he was irate that she didn’t take care of him after he fingered her to a climax but within a couple of days their relationship became normal again. As for Mandy, she remembered the night vividly but wasn’t keen on repeating an erotic encounter with her own sibling. For sure it felt good at the time but she wasn’t planning on a replay, it would be too weird.

Their parents were attending a performance of Phantom of the Opera when Derek came home from his part time job. It was Friday night and he had plans to hang with some friends but when he came into the house he heard the delightful peal of feminine laughter from his sister’s room. He tapped lightly on the partially open door then stuck his head in, “Hey, who’s here?”

Mandy jumped at the sound of his voice, spun around to face him just as two more girls looked at him. Patty and Gwen. Wet dreams for sure. The sight of the two sixteen year old girls sent his nuts on an immediate flight of fantasy, he would fuck either of them, both of them, in a heartbeat. After a short wary stare at her brother Mandy relaxed, “Fuck Derek, you sounded just like dad. I just pulled this out of my closet and thought he would see it.” She held up a small black zipped ear bud case.

“What’s that?”

“Pot, we’re going to the back yard to smoke some.”

Patty spoke up “You want to come with us?”

Mandy started to protest but quickly closed her mouth, she didn’t really want to toke up with her brother just then but she couldn’t rescind Patty’s invitation. Derek answered “Sure, I have to change from my grubby work clothes, I’ll be right out.”

They sat on the lawn, the four of them in a circle facing each other, legs crossed at the ankles so their knees were touching the knee of someone on each side of them. Derek was sitting between Patty and Gwen, directly across from his sister. The small open spot of grass in the middle of the circle was littered with a small baggie of pot, a brass pipe and four cans of Arizona Tea. Gwen and Mandy were wearing skirts so as the girls talked and laughed Derek was getting some excellent up-skirt views, the two were either unaware they were flashing panties or they didn’t care. Patty was wearing loose legged summer shorts so she too was giving him an excellent view of black lacy crotch cover. As the four got stoned his prick began a metamorphosis to an erection.

Derek knew for sure Patty was eyeballing the swelling in his pants. He would catch her checking him out, she would quickly avert her eyes but the small smile on her lips would linger for him. Gwen didn’t seem to be interested but his sister Mandy kept watching the unspoken interaction between her brother and Patty. She could tell they would be fucking their asses off if she and Gwen were somewhere else, it was interesting watching the non-verbal signals between the two. She thought briefly of getting Gwen to go somewhere with her so Derek and Patty could have some time alone but it was a fleeting thought, it really wasn’t her problem, he could jack off later if the pressure got too much.

The two friends stayed about an hour then had to leave. After the goodbyes Derek and Mandy went their separate ways, Derek to watch TV, Mandy to her room. Derek was aroused and felt thwarted but didn’t want to take care of his problem alone. He laid on his back in front of the TV and fantasized about Patty, his cock remained semi-hard.

He heard when Mandy took up her guitar and began to practice an Adele song. She wasn’t too bad, a bit off tempo and she kept backing up to where she lost the rhythm. The bedroom door muted her voice and the music so he went back to watch and listen while she practiced. He opened her door and stuck his head in, Mandy looked up, smiled then went back to strumming. She was sitting on the end of her bed cross legged wearing a loose light gray top open enough across the neck her left shoulder was bare, he could see no bra straps. The top covered her to her waist but she wasn’t wearing anything but a pair of blue and white Calvin Klein panties below that. Since she didn’t tell him to go away he stepped to her bed then sat on it with his back on the headboard. Mandy glanced up at him unconcerned about her state of dress, “I can’t get the notes right.”

“Sounds good to me, you have a good voice.”

“Yeah, well you’re stoned, what do you know?”

Derek laughed lightly, “Maybe if you weren’t stoned your fingers would work right” he teased.

His sister smiled, “Maybe I need more, go get your stash, we’ll blow the smoke out the window.” Five minutes later the siblings were sitting on the floor at Mandy’s window sash passing Derek’s mini bong back and forth. “I saw Patty ogling you in the yard, that girl could get instant hot for you.”

“Too bad I couldn’t have gotten her alone for a few minutes.”

“A few minutes? Are you one of those get on, get off, get out kind of assholes?”

“Shit! I can keep it up for hours, girls beg me to stop after I fuck them crazy with a dozen orgasms.”

His sister chuckled, “How typical. You’re the best lay a girl could ever get. You must have a great sex life when you’re bragging to your friends.”

He poked her in the ribs causing her to chirp and squirm, “I don’t have to brag to my friends, their sisters and girlfriends do that for me.”

She laughed out loud, “Man, you got some fucking ego, what the hell are you hiding in your shorts? A magic fucking wand, a hot steel ninja sex sword or something?” She got up and returned to her bed, picked up her guitar and started strumming again. “My brother has a magic wand, he waves around it for women. When they don’t fall over and scream ‘fuck me!’, his sperm go down the drain aswimmin.” Mandy giggled at her own cleverness, “What do you think Derek, a number one hit?”

He didn’t comment on her impromptu lyrics but as he joined her on the bed said, “You’re pubes are sticking out around your panty leg holes.” She looked down at her crotch then with a finger pulled the panties over to cover the short dark hairs peeking out.

After she did both sides she looked up, “Better now?” She didn’t seem embarrassed at all for the random hairs or how she hid them again.

She was fingering the strings slowly, causing random plinks and hums as they talked. The conversation got less personal but the cyclops eye at the end of Derek’s prick could see through cloth so it was watching Mandy’s pussy. The longer Derek sat across from his sister the firmer his prick got then after maybe 15 minutes he was again sporting a solid erection. Mandy looked into his lap, “Geeze, Derek, you got a boner again?”

He reached down and adjusted his erection so it wasn’t cramped sideways which caused a big tent in his pants. Mandy watched then offered, “That must hurt all jammed up like that, take your pants off.”

Relieved that he had her permission to free the beast he got to his knees, opened his button and fly then fell back and pulled his Levis down his legs. Mandy grabbed the cuffs and helped him pull them off then threw them to the floor. Derek sat back up, dressed just as she was, shirt and briefs only. “God, that feels better” he sighed.

Mandy started to giggle, “What the hell would mom and dad say if they walked in right now? You and me in our underwear and you with a big damn hard-on. I bet their eyes would pop right out like a cartoon.”

Brother and sister bantered and laughed lightly about their state of dress and the condition of his prick then Derek got bold enough to pull it through the pee hole of his shorts. He sat with his knees wide open, his erection straining and bobbing in open air. Mandy didn’t seem concerned as her brother exposed himself, she watched with amusement while he adjusted his hard prick then commented, “Not bad, I’ve seen smaller.” Since his balls were still covered she added, “Do you have any nuts hiding in there?”

Her brother smiled largely, reached past his hard prick then scooped his nads and pulled them through the hole too. His entire package was protruding from the opening of his shorts for his sister’s inspection. Once he was settled and his organs in full view he told Mandy, “You too, pull your panty crotch to the side so he can check you out.”

Unconcerned with kinship, embarrassment or impropriety Mandy did as he requested. She pulled the thin band of cloth away from her pussy so as she sat facing him her cunt was winking at his cock. He noted out loud, “You need to shave again, last time you didn’t have stubble.”

That was the first time either had mentioned the episode on the sofa but she didn’t flinch, “Yeah, I need to, it kind of itches.”

“Want me to do it for you?” The question was a jest but his cock didn’t think so, it swelled even further as the idea floated through his mind.

Mandy stared at her brother for a few long moments, “Are you serious?” She laid the guitar aside then went to her knees facing her brother, “What if you cut me?”

“I’ll do the mom thing, you know, kiss it and make it feel better.”

“I’d never let mom kiss it.”

“Yeah well I’m not mom.”

Mandy smiled, her pot clouded mind gave her permission to let her brother trim her cunt hair so she said “Come on, lets do it.” As she voiced her permission, her tummy fluttered with butterflies.

Surprised that she had said yes he asked “Now?”

“Well yeah, better now because I’m in the mood, 20 minutes from now I might not be.” They scrambled off the bed and dashed as a pair of playing children to her adjoining bathroom. His stiff cock was bouncing as they ran.

She turned to face him while he filled the bathroom sink with warm water. He pulled out her razor and the lotion enhanced gel then asked her “Ready?” She looked at him with smiling eyes and nodded. Derek pinched the sides of her panties then pulled them off her hips. When they were at her ankles she stepped out of them, her face was kind of red, his cock thumped in sync with his thudding heart.

Mandy stepped back and sat on the closed toilet lid and spread her legs wide, she was completely exposed for her brother. He’d been screwing girls for a couple of years so he wasn’t seeing anything new but looking his sister’s pussy caused his nuts to start boiling. The dark hair over and around her crack was just a shadow but long enough to be itchy. He looked once more into her eyes and saw determination “Okay, shave me” she offered as a whisper.

He filled his left hand with her shave gel then with shaky hesitation daubed a bit on her pubis, just over the top of her pussy. With two finger tips he gingerly smoothed the creme over the triangle patch of stubble. Mandy was shifting nervously, her legs moving “Quit moving around, hold still” he cautioned her. Derek put the blades of her razor against her skin and lightly stroked away the hair on her lower belly. It didn’t take long to shave the open expanse of her body but the sides of her lady lips and the insides of her thighs were also hairy. He rinsed the blades then “Spread your legs, I can’t do anything like that.” Mandy leaned back, slid her butt forward then spread her legs even wider across the toilet seat. Her pussy was so far open he could see the pink hole into her body. Her brother’s balls were aching.

Derek smeared shave gel over his hand again then pressed it to her pussy. Mandy jerked away from the first touch but rolled her butt forward again while he rubbed the stuff over and to the sides of her slit. He noticed the insides of her right thigh vibrate briefly as he took the razor and very carefully began to shave his sister’s sex, light smooths strokes took the short hairs off evenly. He got as much as he could but her position didn’t let him get it all from her legs. “Stand up, I have to do the inside of your thighs” he directed.

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