Keep Your Job

by Eva Comaroski

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Blackmail, Reluctant, True Story, Cheating, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Sharing, Humiliation, Polygamy/Polyamory, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Revenge, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Although these times are difficult, I can say we are highly privileged since my husband works for one of the largest lawyer firms in our country. Before that, we moved from place to place trying to find a place to settle down and start a family and we could never find anything. [...]

Although these times are difficult, I can say we are highly privileged since my husband works for one of the largest lawyer firms in our country. Before that, we moved from place to place trying to find a place to settle down and start a family and we could never find anything. He was lucky, one day, to be rang up by one of his colleagues he went to college with who upon hearing about our difficulties, took him in and offered him a position with all the conveniences of every day life that we once hoped to have together. The firm fully funded our honeymoon and we spent three gorgeous weeks in the Bahamas, walking the beaches and cuddling under the stars all night.

I always thought my husband married me for the beauty I was blessed with when I was born. I am an averagely tall girl with dark eyes and dark long straight hair that I like to keep past my shoulder blades. I used to be very slim when I was much younger but over the years I grew up to be meaty, having a soft yet sturdy body with stout, strong legs and a firm and rather large bottom. My breasts have never been big, round in nature which have been gifted enough to maintain their firmness throughout the years even after our marriage.

After returning from our honeymoon, the routine settled in and we moved into a flat and started to make a living for ourselves. I felt proud to have married my husband and glad that we had made a living for ourselves. We started to try and have kids but the recent economic situation came down hard on the firm my husband is working for and sadly enough, our plans had to be postponed. However, we were still happy because we were making a living in these difficult times.

One day, my husband came home, pale in the cheeks and a little uneasy and after cuddling with him and trying everything I knew to make him tell me what was wrong, he told me that the situation is getting worse and that cuts have started to put most of his new colleagues out of a job. He asked me what to do and after long talks we came to the conclusion that it might have been a good idea to invite his boss, his college friend, to dinner with us. We thought that the friendly gathering and a nice evening would help my husband out, to keep his position and and release the tension.

I prepared all the best food I could come up with. I called my mom back home to get her famous apple pie receipt and spent an entire day preparing dinner and cleaning the house. The next day, after I drank my coffee in the morning with my husband and he arranged the dinner invitation that day, I left to fill a bath with soap bubbles and finally disrobed to slip inside the milky water and to relax amongst the foam. I put my head back and my long hair on my chest and started washing it slowly, dragging my long fingers along the straight strands of hair, while lifting my leg to place my foot on the tap and adjust the flow of water with my toes. After the foam started clearing a little, I reached to my left and grasped the razor in my hand and lifted my soap covered legs to rest them on the sides of the tub. I felt myself with one hand and sighed deeply, enjoying the beautiful scent of the rose aroma I had concocted in my tub. I started to gently shave myself, feeling any remaining hair with the tips of my fingers and leaning towards the tap to shake the razor clean. I touched myself one last time, to feel the nice, smooth texture of my skin. After I checked my legs the same way to make sure they are smooth, I let the razor float freely on the water and slid a hand between my thighs, brushing my meaty petals to the side and slipped a finger inside myself, puckering my lips a bit and then opening my mouth as I gently started to soap my flower. When I considered it was clean enough, I put my legs back into the water and pulled the plug with my toes and stood up to turn on the shower to wash away the rose petal soap. I cupped my breasts in my hands and massaged them a little, holding them up to the shower head and watching the water and soap trickle down my body.

I got out and walked to my room while drying myself with a towel. It was getting late and while going through my clothes, I decided that the satin long cocktail dress my husband bought me during our honeymoon would go nicely with a pair of strap sandals I had bought a while ago. I put them on and while sitting in front of my mirror I slowly started to apply my makeup. I trimmed some extra hair from my brows with my tweezers, running my finger in powder, I applied a pleasant and least aggressive tone to my eyelids. Since my lips are almost always flushed, I decided against lipstick but I dipped my little finger in a neutral cream and worked it slowly into the textures of my lips to give them a modest soft glaze. About the time I rolled my hair up, I heard the doorbell ring and threw a last look at the mirror to make sure everything was in order.

The thing that struck me first about my husband’s boss, was that he was rather short compared to us both. While he shook my hand I noticed that his fat little fingers were covered in hair which probably went all the way up his suit. He had a short yet carefully trimmed beard and a pair of gloomy eyes that made me restless the first time our gazes met.

We sat down and I started serving them both the food I cooked. My husband’s boss was quite enjoying the food, gurgling down wine while my husband tried to entertain him, but he said very little and kept wandering his eyes over to take a look at me. At one point during the discussion, he took over and cut my husband short, telling him that sadly the jobs are now being redistributed and that he is unsure whether anybody would be able to keep their workplaces. He looked straight at me and said that he understands that we are trying to found a family but that the times are rough and they require sacrifices to be made. My husband had gone silent and was just telling him that he is doing his job well and that he gave the company everything he could offer. It was a rather embarrassing moment and I kept staring at my plate, unable to say anything as my husband took a beating. I knew that all we had built will be taken from us again and that we will probably have to move out and was already making plans in my head until my husband asked him directly what he wants from him. His boss laughed and cleaned his beard briefly with his hand from the food I thought I prepared for nothing and then he raised a hand to point at me with a wicked grin on his face.

My husband exploded, jumping to his feet and started yelling at his boss, telling him to leave, who did nothing but sit down and just stare at me as he had done for the rest of the long evening. His boss chuckled and got up slowly, looking over his shoulder as he reached for the door walking slowly and told my husband that starting tomorrow he will be jobless. I knew I had to do something, since that perspective would not only put my husband out of a job but throw us back in debt from which we would never be able to recover. I stood up and walked to my husband, i hugged him and told him I love him and that it is a small price to pay and that regardless what happens, he is still my husband and the only one I want to be with for the rest of my life. I took a step forward, balancing myself on the heels of my sandals and looking at him, I swallowed deeply and managed to utter just a few words.

“Sir, please ... Wait...”

He turned around to look at me and while he turned his grin turned into a laugh. My husband sat down on the couch, covering his face in his hands. I knew he was hurting but I loved him very much and I knew that I had to do my best to keep us together and put down some foundations for our family.

His boss walked all the way up to me, almost turning his pace into a waltz of success and planted himself right in front of me, glaring up with his beady eyes into my face. I could feel his coarse breath hitting my chest, as he sucked the final remains of food from his teeth and looked up at me.


I tried to look away, avoiding his gaze as I started to mumble...

“We, we ... We can...”

He suddenly gripped my chin with his hairy hand, turning it around briskly and cutting me short.

“Look at me when you’re speaking woman!”

I opened my mouth to speak again, feeling perspiration beads forming on my brow and neck as he rested his crude hand on my left shoulder and started to stare down my body. I was not able to move as I felt his hand dig into my collarbone, I brought my hands together in front of me and started to fidget and would not dare to take my eyes away from him. I could see my husband on the sofa, now moving backward and forward, his face covered and red but I knew I had to do what is best for us. As his boss was staring me down, I retook control of myself and managed to mumble a bit more.

“I think something can ... Can be arranged Sir...”

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