Pushing the Boundaries at the Rub'N'Tug

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Grant is a regular client of the local up-market rub-n-tug. His favourite is 18 year old Chloe, and she likes him... bending the rules at times and allowing him to tongue-fuck her. On this occasion, a frontal body slide went just a little too far.... his hard cock is poised at the entrance to her pussy. He waits for her to decide - move away or embed it deep inside her. and bugger the rules and boundaries of her workplace.

We stared at each other - not sure what to say or do.

My name is Grant and I am sixty years old, and my companion is Chloe who was just eighteen years old. We found ourselves face to face - she was laying on top of me.

We were both naked, only covered by an ample coating of massage oil.

Chloe had been giving me a frontal body slide, sliding her petite body up and down on mine, with her firm B-cup breasts rubbing against me.

The predicament was that my long fat cock was really hard, and on one particularly pleasant slide my cock had popped between her thighs ... with its head becoming nestled between her pussy lips right at the entrance to her tight little pussy. I could immediately feel its heat on my cockhead.

The impulsive reaction would have been to take advantage of the situation by pulling her pussy down onto my cock. That may landed me in enormous trouble.

I had already taken some liberties with this sexy young long-haired blonde.

Pussy play was an option that I had chosen - with my fingers sliding within her tightness. But tongue-fucking her youthful pussy wasn’t one of the options on the menu. She had tasted amazing - she did nothing to stop me ... she just laid back and enjoyed the orally induced orgasms.

Fucking her with a bare cock was going well beyond the services provided by that up-market massage parlor.

Neither of us moved an inch.

My name is Chloe ... well, not really but that’s what my clients know me as.

Grant was my current client ... and one of my favorites. He treated me well, and tipped me generously. I bent the rules when I allowed him to tongue-fuck me - I loved the orgasms that he coaxed from my body.

But I was in a predicament at the moment - his beautiful long fat cock was poised at the entrance to my youthful pussy, sitting between my very wet lips.

I had it within my powers to slide forward and disengage his cock from my pussy.

But I didn’t.

I’ve only had a few sex partners since losing my virginity at the age of 16. All have been close to my age - and almost without exception the experiences have been lack-luster.

“Was I actually considering allowing this older guy to fuck me ... fuck me on the massage table at work?” I thought to myself.

“This was a sackable offense” I reminded myself.

The age difference between us was enormous - that should have been the number two reason why us fucking wasn’t a good idea. But on the other hand, it had its benefits - he wouldn’t want a relationship with a girl who was young enough to be his granddaughter - would he?

But the feeling of his cock poised to enter me had me having wild thoughts. I had had him in my hand just moments earlier - he felt so hard yet so soft, and so fucking big. He was much bigger than any of my previous sex partners.

I’d also given him a covered blowjob during a previous visit - I loved the power that I had over him with his cock in my mouth.

I stayed there with his cock poised to enter me.

Chloe surprised me when she didn’t slide up and release my cock from its position between her pussy lips.

“Was she actually considering allowing me to fuck her?” I asked myself.

I could feel the heat of her pussy on my cockhead.

She was watching me intently for my reaction.

This was the first time that I had found myself in this situation. I had received body slides from others in that and other massage parlors, and I’d not been placed in this situation.

I knew that we had bent the rules when I’d licked her pussy. We should have used a dental dam to provide a barrier between us - but we had done it without.

Other girls had limited pussy play to just the lips area, but Chloe had encouraged me to slide my fingers into her depths. She had smiled when I had licked my fingers clean of her juices.

I slipped a hand around the back of her neck and drew her into a passionate kiss. She responded with some gusto.

“Oh fuck ... This man sure knows how to push my buttons. I’m so turned on” I thought to myself

I already wanted his tongue back in my pussy ... would I ever be able to just fuck him once?

I’d been disappointed with my previous sex partners, but I lived in the hope that they would get better. Grant had shown me a whole new and different world ... just with his tongue.

Now I was on the cusp of another massive adventure ... with his huge cock poised to enter me.

He was waiting for me to make the first move. He could have taken me but he was waiting. I liked that in him, but hated that it would be my decision alone.

I knew that his cock would stretch me and fill me like nothing that I had experienced before. Even my biggest vibrator was small compared to this fleshy monster.

His hand was now on my ass, feeling it, and running his fingertips down between my ass cheeks ... just a feather-like touch across my asshole.

“Would I allow him to fuck my ass?” I asked myself.

“Hold on ... he hasn’t fucked my pussy yet ... and I’m contemplating having him in my ass!”

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