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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, Mind Control, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Revenge, Humiliation, Rough, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Fisting, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Body Modification, Prostitution, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A librarian ends up with one of Matam's fetishes that makes her crave things that are bigger and...bigger. Old School Keywords: mc, tf, ff, humil, drug, mf, nc, magic, petplay, bestiality, stretching, fisting

Tracy walked out of the library and shivered in the cold. Winter had finally arrived, and with a vengeance at that. The small woman wrapped her scarf tighter around her face and began to trudge off towards her apartment.

She was enjoying her first year in the masters program to become a librarian. The quiet space in which she spent most of her time suited Tracy just fine ... she’d never been the most social of girls to begin with, and had seemingly gotten shyer as she’d gotten older. The library was the perfect environment for her - no loud talking, and a nice formal barrier between her and the people she saw on a regular basis.

As she rounded the corner, lost in thought about her test the next day, she ran into a small ... she thought it was a man, but he was so tightly bundled in scarves, coats, and what looked like three hats and two sets of earmuffs, she couldn’t really tell. Only the blinking eyes in the middle of the cloth revealed there was a person under it all. He was even shorter than Tracy’s tiny five foot one body.

The man was carrying a tray filled with small statues, and now sounds of muttering came from the cloth as he wobbled back and forth, trying to keep them from toppling to the snow-covered sidewalk. One of the tiny figures did a pirouette in time with his own, and then flew into a snowbank with a soft, wet sound.

Tracy’s hand flew to her mouth in horror at her having caused him so much trouble.

“Oh, I’m so sorry! Here I’ve got it...”

“Mmmph! Nmmmph!” came a muffled sound from the scarves, as Tracy pulled off a glove and reached her hand into the snow. She turned to look at him in confusion, as the sounds were clearly some sort of strong negative.

“It’s OK,” she said as the man pulled his scarf down to speak more clearly, revealing a lined, leathery face of some indeterminate asian origin.

“Here - I found it ... you can have it back. I am so sorry...”

She opened her hand, revealing the small figure, covered in snow. The small man’s mouth had opened to say something to her but as he looked down to see the figurine, a look of almost pain washed over his lined face. Then he looked up into her eyes, and the expression was replaced by one of sadness. He sighed.

“No, miss, it is I who am very sorry. I am usually much more deft than that. Sadly, it appears that the fetish has chosen you.”

Tracy blinked in confusion. The man smiled gently, then nodded at the statue in her hand.

“No, no ... I couldn’t,” stammered Tracy.

The man smiled again, and nodded his head.

“It is a gift. I hope that you will enjoy it.”

Tracy smiled, stuttered out a thank you, and then walked on.

The man looked after her and sighed again.

“Though I fear you will enjoy it a bit too much. I had certainly not intended it for you. I am very sorry, sweet little woman.”

He looked down at the statues with a scowl.

“None of the rest of you pull anything like that today, you understand?”

The statues sat, silently.

Shaking his head and pulling up his scarves, Matam continued down the street, shivering.

Tracy burst into her apartment building, sighing happily in the heat that rushed over her. It was cold out there! As she pulled off her hat, freeing her short black hair, she looked down at the statue the man had given her. Then giggled and blushed furiously.

The figure was of a tiny, pretty woman, naked. She was holding her hands out in a clear “it’s this big!” gesture, and clearly from her expression, “it” was very big, and she was very happy about it.

Tracy giggled again, as she dropped opened the door to her apartment. She was pretty shy about sex, and it was clearly a sexual little statue. Tracy wasn’t entirely sure what it meant ... though she had a guess, and it made her flush even more.

As she stepped into her apartment hands grabbed her from behind, and she let out a yelp! Large arms wrapped around her small body, and before she could say anything, one of the hands slid down over her jeans and slid between her thighs.

“Ohhhhh!” Tracy sighed deeply. The rush of pleasure that went through her was a shock ... she hadn’t realized she was so easily turned on. The fingers began to stroke her crotch through her jeans and she moaned, reaching one hand back up to touch the man who was molesting her.

“Welcome home,” a low voice breathed in her ear. She turned with another sigh, and kissed her boyfriend, Craig, deeply.

She stood, trembling, as the large man - Craig was over six feet tall and quite solid, and towered over his tiny girlfriend - began to pull off her layers of clothing. She was still painfully shy about her body, and painfully nervous when it came to sex. Fortunately Craig didn’t seem to mind - he enjoyed undressing her and taking charge.

He grinned down at her as she breathed shallowly while he pulled her blouse free of her jeans. She was a little shocked - usually it took a fair amount of foreplay to get her started, but her body was burning with desire right now.

Craig lifted her blouse over her head, revealing her smooth upper body. Her skin was white and soft, and her tiny breasts barely formed bumps on her chest - she had never worn a bra, and was extremely self conscious of her a-cups. As always, Craig made her feel better about her body, as he looked hungrily down at her small breasts. Her pink nipples poked out impressively right now, in her arousal, and she gasped at the jolt of pleasure as Craig ran large rough fingers over them.

She found herself trembling as he unsnapped her jeans, and slid them over her slender hips and ass, and then, as they slid downward, he let out a sudden gasp.

Tracy, who had been standing there shivering in arousal and excitement - more than she’d ever felt this quickly - blinked and looked at him, with a stab of self-consciousness and shyness.

“What? Craig, what’s...”

Her voice trailed off as she followed his eyes downwards, and it was suddenly obvious what had given him pause. As her jeans had pulled away from her crotch, they revealed her simple gray panties ... which were currently almost black with the wetness from her pussy. She was literally dripping with arousal, a clear line from her panties dribbling into her jeans, which were starting to soak through. The gentle scent of her pussy - never particularly strong, but there was so much of her juices now - wafted upwards.

A shiver went through her ... and she felt her arousal grow.

She stared, horrified, at the stain on her panties declaring her readiness ... and was even more horrified that she felt herself getting more aroused by the second. The arousal battled shame and embarrassment as she looked up at her boyfriend.

“Oh god, Craig,” she said, voice shaking, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me ... I...”

She paused ... Craig sported a lopsided grin as he looked down at his small girlfriend.

“Wow ... it usually takes half an hour to get you even a little wet ... not sure what happened today, but I definitely like it...”

“You’re ... you’re not grossed out?”

Craig laughed, and in answer, lifted her small body off the ground in his thick arms, eliciting a yelp of surprise from Tracy. He carried her into their bedroom, as she found herself panting with lust. He threw her on the bed, ripping off her wet panties as he did so, and she gasped as she felt the cool air on her moist cunt, her black fur wet and curly from her pussy’s dripping.

She found herself tingling in anticipation as Craig lifted her small legs up and back, spreading them wide. Normally she’d be self-conscious about being splayed for him like this (she would only do missionary position - this was the closest they’d come to other positions he wanted to try, as yet), but she was so hot and ready for him that all she could do was wait, tensely, as he leaned forward, his hard cock brushing briefly over her slit...

She let out a high-pitched yell of pleasure as his cock thrust into her, sliding in more easily than it ever had before. Grunting, Craig began to thrust into her wet pussy, while Tracy clawed at his back.

It felt amazing, she could feel his cock sliding in and out of her, while her pleasure and need built, and built...

She whimpered, as somewhere through her haze of lust she realized something wasn’t quite right. Her need kept ratcheting higher with each thrust ... but she felt like she was getting further from orgasm, not closer. Worse, Craig’s cock ... she could feel it sliding in and out of her, but it didn’t seem to be spreading her apart as pleasurably as it usually did. It wasn’t like Craig was small - he was about average, from what she’d read - and she was incredibly tight. Usually. But right now, he just wasn’t big enough to...

With a grunt, Craig stiffened and she felt his cum spraying inside her, warmly. She bit her lip to suppress a sob of disappointment - she certainly didn’t want Craig to know that she hadn’t cum, that she was still so horny ... and that she felt like she needed something ... more. Bigger.

With a final moan, Craig collapsed forward, his heavy body falling onto her, and he lay there, breathing heavily for a few moments. Finally he lifted his head and smiled down at her. She smiled back, trying to hide the ache still within her.

“That was ... great. How you doing?” Craig gasped out.

“Great ... great,” she whispered back.

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