Calling Dr. Titz! [1]: Charms to Soothe a Savage Breast

by Steven Seven

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Hypnosis, Mind Control, Rape, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Daughter, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, Group Sex, Harem, Anal Sex, Analingus, First, Oral Sex, Scatology, Big Breasts, Doctor/Nurse, Small Breasts, Porn Theatre, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Dr. Titz is the world's greatest expert on the female breast. Dr. Titz is a "breast man" with a particular fetish for extremely large breasts. He has developed a technique for vastly expanding normal breasts to prodigious sizes without implants. Dr. Titz also has the Perm, a device that gives him complete mind control of a woman, making her a willing and eager sex slave. At his vastly profitable medical firm Better Unlimited he is surrounded and served by many beautiful, big-titted sex slaves.

The tropical sun in the clear blue sky was lightly toasting the vacationers who lounged on the white sand beach or frolicked in the turquoise surf. Dr. Titz watched them from the back seat of his chauffeur-drive limousine. He paid particular attention to the women. He focused on their breasts. Some were very small. Even at this distance, Dr. Titz could distinguish a 30-inch A-cup from a 32-inch B-cup. He watched as the women walked, bent down to pick up a towel, or frolicked in the waves. He paid particular attention to the women who had larger breasts of 36-inches and D-cup, or above.

Dr. Titz also assessed the young girls whose young breasts only beginning to bud. He saw the ones who barely had any breast bumps, but paid particular attention to the ones whose breasts were precocious in their size. Dr. Titz nodded his approval at these lucky girls who would soon be bearing unusually fine mammaries.

As the world’s greatest medical expert on the female breast, Dr. Titz had a professional interest. But he also had a personal interest. Dr. Titz is what is commonly known as a “breast man”. He had a particular fetish for female breasts. He was especially fond of women with very big breasts. That’s why he went into his medical specialty: the care and enhancement of the female breast, including expanding breasts to prodigious sizes without using implants.

Dr. Titz had been fascinated by breasts as far back as he could remember. He even recalled sucking at his mother’s breasts as a child. He loved breasts. And he knew all the different names for them: Tits, titties, tig ol’ bitties, boobs, jugs, melons, cans, hooters, dirty pillows, gazongas, yabbos, tig bitties, knockers, mammaries, fun bags, honkers, headlights, baps, meat puppets, ta-tas, naturals, boobies, guns, bahama mammas, balloons, bawagos, blinkers, bobambas, bodacious tatas, bombs, bosom, bosooms, boulders, Bristols, bubatoes, bups, bust, busts, Cadillac bumper bullets, casabas, chest, chuberteens, cones, gedoinkers, doorknobs, floppers, fried eggs, fugis, gams, gazangas, jungle tits, golden bazoos, golden winnebagoes, mounds, mountains, marshmallows, Maguffies, milk bags, grenadoes, headlights, hogans, honkers, itty-bitty-titties, jalobes, bazongoes, bazookas, bazooms, bazoos, ninnies, nips, nupies, pair, nice pair, penis squeezers, beamers, starter buttons, tads, handles, tatas, tittyboppers, bee stings, jiggers, jobes, rolling hills, cupcakes, cushions, dairy section, highbeams, hinyackas, knobs, love apples, love monkeys, luscious scoops of flesh, twins, love warts, watermellons, wazoos, whoppers, winnebagos, yabos, mambas, mammas, mamms, massive mammaries, mazabas, mellons, milk factories, Mcguffies, mosquito bites, perkies, pillows, pimples, pink chewies, rack, set, smosabs, stacked, torpedoes, towel racks, udders, and more.

Hans Titz was the youngest member of his family in America. His ancestor had come from the German city of Titz in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. His great-great-great-grandfather, who was also named Hans, became the first immigrant from the family to come to America. When he landed at Ellis Island in New York harbor, the family name was Ottovordemgentschenfeldenkraiss. Ancestor Hans decided to change the name to something shorter and simpler. So he used the name of his native village, Titz. That became the new family name. Ancestor Hans had no idea that the name Titz sounded like a part of the female anatomy in English.

The current Hans believed that his ancestor’s choice of the new family name had been an inadvertent act of genius. The current Hans Titz loved tits. He had gone to medical school with the secret intention of getting to see and touch women’s naked breasts as often as possible. He was a whiz in class, easily earning top marks. But it was the clinical side, where he actually touched female patients, that gave him his reason for being in medicine. Dr. Titz loved the look and feel of breasts, especially when they were unusually large or engorged with milk. When he eventually went into private medical practice, he installed hidden cameras to record every naked breast that came to him.

Dr. Titz loved big tits. The bigger, the better. But alas and alack, there were far too few big breasts in the world. Dr. Titz admired the gumption of women who had their breasts enlarged with surgically implanted fakes, but he detested the results. Fake breasts felt wrong beneath the touch of his sensitive fingers. They looked false too, as any trained eye could easily tell.

So Dr. Titz made it his mission in life to find ways to make breasts grow without using implants or injections of filler material. He worked like a demon, day and night, for years to develop a breast enlargement treatment using his own special protocol of drugs, hormone injections, and low-intensity electro-magnetic stimulation. When he finally achieved success, Dr. Titz proudly applied for approval by the American government’s Food and Drug Administration. But it never came. In fact, he was legally forbidden to use his breast enlargement treatment inside the United States. That’s when Dr. Titz relocated to the tropical island paradise where he opened the clinic he has since operated with great success.

There turned out to be even more advantages to his new location than Dr. Titz had imagined in the beginning. As it turned out, the government of this tropical island nation was very easily influenced by the application of cash payments to open palms. This opened the door to a second project that Dr. Titz had never dared to try back in the USA: personality modification and attitude adjustment treatments. It was one thing to make a woman’s breasts much larger than Nature had intended. It was quite another thing to get that woman to give him, or any other man, unlimited access to her breasts for the sake of male sexual satisfaction. Dr. Titz had developed a treatment that rendered women completely compliant with male sexual desires. His treatment turned any woman into a willing and eager lover. It bonded her permanently into devotion and relational attachment to any man that Dr. Titz linked her to. She became his love slave.

Dr. Titz discretely advertised his breast enlargement treatments far and wide, inside certain circles. Customers who could afford it came to him from around the world. Dr. Titz was much more secretive about his personality modification and attitude adjustment treatment. He referred to these obliquely as a Perm. Dr. Titz would not accept patients for a Perm treatment until he had verified certain information about the women involved and the men who intended to pay for them to get it. Dr. Titz did not want to abet human traffickers. Other than that, the most important information Dr. Titz sought was whether the guy could afford Dr. Titz’s outrageously high fees for the Perm treatment. Only a few could do so. Doing business with these very rich men provided Dr. Titz with showers of cash that he safeguarded in several shell corporate bank accounts in friendly countries around the world. Providing breast enlargement treatments had made Dr. Titz financially successful. But providing his Perm personality modification and attitude adjustment treatments had made him incredibly wealthy. His net worth, most of which was hidden in secret bank accounts, was now higher than the entire national economies of some small nations, including the island nation where he now lived.

During the car ride past the beach, Dr. Titz mused about how he came to be so fortunate in life. As his limousine glided almost silently away from the beach road and into the wealthy neighborhood where his clinic was located, Dr. Titz smiled in satisfaction. The clinic did not stand out in any way from the mansions in this extremely elite neighborhood. The main building itself looked like just another billionaire’s tropical mansion. It was hidden from the road behind tall hedges. Additional steel fencing and alarm systems offered stronger protection.

At the front gate, only a house number and intercom system were visible. The remotely operated gate opened to admit Dr. Titz’ limousine. Security cameras everywhere in the mansion compound kept everything under surveillance. Armed security guards and highly trained dogs patrolled the property.

The gate opened automatically for Dr. Titz’s limousine. The car drove up the long looping driveway past meticulously manicured lawns and gardens. A swimming pool and tennis courts were visible just past some gardens and small out buildings. Several more out buildings were visible to the other side. The main building was a two-story mansion with white walls and a red tile roof. A small golden sign was attached to the wall next to the front entrance. It was the only indication of what this place really was. The sign said “Better Unlimited.”

That was the name of Dr. Titz’ clinic. He joked with his closet friends that a more accurate name would be “Bigger Udders.” Since his friends were all customers of his, they could only smile and agree.

The limousine pulled up in front of the main entrance. The chauffeur, a beefy man with close-cropped sandy blonde hair and a military bearing, immediately leapt out of the car and trotted around it to open car door for Dr. Titz.

“Thank you, Roland” said Dr. Titz. “I understand today is your son’s birthday?”

Roland smiled at his boss. “That’s right, doc. He wouldn’t be here if not for you.”

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