See No Evil

by wandrer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, Reluctant, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, TransGender, Fiction, Cuckold, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Oriental Female, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Double Penetration, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Big Breasts, Small Breasts, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Gabriel acquires one of Matam's fetishes during a day of housecleaning, only to discover far too late that he himself is starting to change to whatever he sees that he desires... ---- Old school story codes: tg, tf, be, ff, mf, humil, best, magic

Gabriel sat back down at his desk with a huff. His quick shopping expedition had been successful, and he finished hooking up the VCR to his computer using the equipment he’d grabbed, brow furrowed as he played with the various wires. After a few moments, he reached over and turned on the music, humming to himself as he continued to work.

It was weird being in the house without his wife - he’d been away a few times in the last year or two for work, but he couldn’t recall the last time he’d been home alone for a whole weekend by himself. On the one hand, the quiet time to himself was nice, and he’d been getting a lot done. On the other, it was surprisingly lonely. She’d be back the next day, however, so he thought he might as well put the time to good use.

He slipped the first tape into the VCR and pressed “play”.

On the screen popped up an image that made his cock twitch in his pants. The large-breasted girl on screen (Charlie, he recalled her name was) was sucking on a very large cock that had been shoved through a glory hole. She knelt, happily slurping on the anonymous cock in front of her, her pretty face with short dark hair bobbing up and down in the obviously amateur footage.

Gabriel had forgotten how much he liked these videos.

He’d decided to use the time with his wife gone to clean out his office, and upon stumbling on the box of videotapes that had been sealed for several years, he decided today would be a good day to digitize all of them once and for all, and throw the tapes away. No sense in risking their discovery. Plus he hadn’t watched them in years, but once upon a time, he’d loved watching and rewatching these tapes.

Now he downloaded most of his porn, of course - much of it far more deviant than these - but still, as he watched the girl shift to slip the cock into her wet pussy ... these held a special place in his heart.

And elsewhere, he thought, as he shifted his jeans to accommodate his increasingly hard cock.

Clearing his throat, he reminded himself that he had some things he wanted to get done. He could be distracted later. He turned from the image on the screen and began to empty out the shopping bags - various cleaning supplies and storage containers emerged, a box of garbage bags...

Finally, a small item fell into his hand, and Gabriel lifted it with a chuckle.

He couldn’t say what had compelled him to buy the thing from the funny little man standing outside the computer store. The short fellow had cheerily offered to sell him a “fetish”, displaying a tray of small statues and other trinkets ... junk, really. But something about the little man with his wide-brimmed hat and questionable command of the english language was amusing to Gabriel, and he felt sorry for him, obviously just scraping to get buy. So he’d grabbed five dollars and reached down to grab an item at random.

“Ah ... interesting choice, sir,” the little man had said sagely as Gabriel lifted the statue from the tray, “Will make you like what you see today! Strongly suggest watching good movie when you get home ... maybe something with strong, rugged hero ... smart and wily! Like Indiana Jones!”

Gabriel gave the man a weak smile. He couldn’t tell if the little guy was really bad with the language ... or just nuts.

“Uh ... OK ... sure, I’ll do that,” Gabriel said, backing away, “Thanks, um...”

“Matam,” the man said brightly, “Remember - Indiana Jones!”

Gabriel had nodded and hurried back to his car.

As Gabriel took a look at the little statue again now, he shook his head. Who knew what the heck the little guy had been talking about.

The statue was an odd little thing ... a little statue of a man, with abnormally large eyes, opened wide. It was actually a little bit disturbing to look at - just oddly enough proportioned to be subtly wrong, but not wrong enough to be funny.

With a sigh, Gabriel tossed the thing into his junk drawer. One more thing to clean up later, but for now he had bigger fish to fry. He turned to the piles on the floor with a look of resolution on his face. On the screen, Charlie began to make noises indicating she was close to cumming from the large cock inside her through the glory hole.

And in the drawer, the eyes of the little statue began to glow red.

Gabriel let out a small grunt as his warm cum sprayed all over his stomach and chest, a few splatters hitting his neck and arm. He watched the screen as the curvy woman with her huge breasts - Wifey, as she was known on the internet - licked the cum of her husband’s large cock off her face, making happy noises as she did so. Gabriel couldn’t take his eyes off of her, just like he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off of Charlie sucking cock after cock in her glory hole vids earlier ... or the two teens in that home video he’d loved, the smaller one screaming as the older girl dominated and fucked her senseless ... the tiny, petite redhead being gang-banged by multiple guys, cumming loudly around the cock in her mouth as two more filled her cunt and ass ... or the cute, curvy blond licking cum out of a bowl like a dog after ten different guys had jerked off into it...

Gabriel gasped, blinking away dizziness. He’d cum for the fifth time in several hours. He hadn’t even thought that was possible for him.

He couldn’t seem to stop himself, which was frankly quite embarrassing. Each video he put in brought back a pile of memories, and he found himself sitting down to watch it after swearing he was going to stop, work on his office...

Instead, he found himself staring at Wifey, giggling as she scooped cum off of her ample tits and slurped it off of her fingers happily, while her husband played with her large nipples. Gabriel let out a small moan of his own ... the cum tasted really good, so salty and warm...

He blinked, then jumped up with a yell of disgust, his stomach turning over. He’d been licking his own cum off of his fingers, scooped up from his chest where it had sprayed all over him! What the fuck was he doing?

Gabriel walked out of his office, stomach still queasy, to go take a shower. He had to get out of there ... he’d clearly been jerking off way too long! He couldn’t believe he’d been doing something so completely disgusting. Ugh.

He didn’t notice that he was licking the rest of the cum off of his lips the whole way to the bathroom, periodically making small “mmm” noises.

“Mmmm ... I missed you,” Annie said, cuddling up against Gabriel in bed. Her soft body with her large breasts nestled up against his chest as he curled an arm under her.

“I missed you too,” he said happily, kissing the top of her head, her red hair tickling his nose.

He’d been ecstatic when Annie had come home, as it finally forced him to leave his office and get away from those damn videos. Gabriel wasn’t sure what the hell had come over him yesterday. He’d gone back to his office after showering, and had found himself right back at it. He couldn’t seem to stop himself from watching the videos as he copied them. He’d probably cum twelve or thirteen times by the end of the day - maybe more. He couldn’t even imagine how that was possible.

Even worse, he’d found himself doing strange things - things he’d never even thought about before, even with his own seriously depraved mind. He’d licked up his own cum several more times, and though his stomach rebelled, he’d found himself captivated by the taste. A couple of times, he’d come out of a masturbatory haze to find himself with a well-lubed toy that he’d tried to get his wife to use on occasion in his sore ass. And once he’d done both, having lay on the floor and jerked off into his mouth on his back while he came with the toy sliding in and out of himself.

He’d gone to bed feeling extremely confused and completely disgusted with himself.

But when he’d woken up in the morning to Annie’s cheerful yells ... he felt totally normal. The previous day’s activities seemed like a dream. He’d have been convinced they were, if not for the digitizing device still hooked to his computer. He’d avoided even looking at the videos, and was tempted to delete them, but he’d at least thrown away the tapes, finally.

The rest of the day had been blissfully uneventful, and he was enjoying being in bed, cuddling with his wife. Nice and normal.

Annie made a small happy noise, and suddenly slid one hand over his chest. Gabriel tried to suppress a grin at Annie’s standard prelude to sex. She usually slid a hand through his chest hair, then slowly over to move a finger across...

Gabriel yelped loudly as his whole body pulsed with pleasure as Ann’s fingers slid over a nipple.

“Well,” Annie giggled in surprise, “someone’s a little sensitive tonight. I take it you missed me?”

Gabriel just moaned as she began to pinch and pull on his lift nipple, rolling it between her fingers. He’d always been a little sensitive for a guy, but ... nothing like this. Jolts of pleasure shot through him, almost like he was cumming already. When she lowered her warm mouth to his right nipple, he let out a small sob, completely incapacitated by the sensation flowing through him.

“Wow, that is fun,” she said with another giggle, and threw the covers off of his body.

His cock was rock hard and sticking straight up.

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