Underage Marilyn Takes It Up the Ass

by Steven Seven

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Mind Control, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Sister, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, Group Sex, Harem, White Male, White Female, Anal Sex, Analingus, First, Oral Sex, Scatology, Water Sports, Big Breasts, Small Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: What happens when an adult man buttfucks a 14-year-old girl? This story is from my serial "Enslaving My Wife and Her Sisters" Ch 2. That serial is about a college student who finds a book enchanted by a beautiful, sexy spirit named Anastasia. She grants him unlimited wishes, including all the women and sex and anything he wants. He wants his teen sister-in-law Marilyn who has the same milky white skin as her sister, but has a devastatingly big, beautiful, shapely bottom-a classic bubble-butt.


This story is excerpted from my ongoing serial “Enslaving My Wife and Her Sisters” which is my most-downloaded ongoing story to date. What’s that serial about? It’s about a college student named Steven who finds a book enchanted by a spirit named Anastasia. She offers him a choice: either three wishes, or unlimited wishes. What’s the catch? For unlimited wishes, he must become her consort, and he’ll slowly become a sorcerer. What’s the attraction? All the women and sex and anything he wants. What’s the downside? The more magically powerful he becomes, the less he’ll fit into the mundane world. This excerpt was adapted from Chapter 2

My wife Gloria has two younger sisters who were always hanging around our apartment. Kate was 17 and Marilyn was 14. Kate was a petite, blue-eyed blonde with a pretty face and a tight but shapely ass. Mari, as she was called by the family, was a brown-eyed brunette. Although not as cute as Kate, Marilyn shared the same milky white skin as both her sisters. Plus Mari had a devastatingly big, beautiful, shapely bottom. Little Marilyn’s big ass was by far the most attractive of any of the girls in the family. I wanted to fuck both of my sisters-in-law from the first moment I met them. Now that I had the magic spirit Anastasia on my side, I intended to fuck them both, one at a time. I had a plan.

I planned to do the 14-year-old first. I’d never had a girl that young before. In high school, my first girlfriend and I were both 18 when we first had sex. That seems like so long ago now. My wife Gloria and I are in our mid-twenties. We’re graduate students. The idea of me having sex with her youngest sister is such a turn on! Gloria never would have gone along with it if my spirit consort Anastasia had not put a spell on her. Anastasia gave me complete control over Gloria. Now Gloria is in my thrall. She is my obedient sex slave. I call her Big Tits. She calls me Master.

Last night I told Gloria my plan. She, of course, accepted it without any objection. She would do her part to help me fuck her youngest sister Marilyn.

Anastasia would do her part too, of course. She was already at work inside Mari’s mind and body, preparing her for me.

It was Friday morning. My wife Big Tits and I were having breakfast. My wife’s phone rang. It was her sister Mari, saying that she wanted to come over after school. The 14-year-old always liked hanging out in our apartment. This time Mari wanted my help with her science homework, but she didn’t want to ask me directly. She felt I might be more forthcoming if her request was presented to me by my wife, her oldest sister. So my wife made a point of speaking to me loud enough that Mari could hear. I agreed to help the teenager with her homework. My wife passed along the good news.

After the phone call had ended, my wife smiled at me. “It’s going just as you said it would, Master” she said.

“Mm-hm” was all I said.

“Master, may I ask you a question?” Gloria said.

“Sure, Big Tits. What’s your question?” I replied.

“I know that I failed you as a wife before I understood my true place. I didn’t suck you off and swallow your cum with gratitude. I should have done that any time you told me to. Instead I was a reluctant blowjobber. I hated swallowing. I’m so sorry for that. I don’t think I’ll ever live down the shame of my failure.” Gloria sniffled and wiped a tear from her eye. “B-but I was wondering ... I mean, I really want to know: What is my proper relationship to you, Master? What should I have been doing all along. From the very start.”

I walked over to Gloria and cradled her enormous tits in my hands. “You should have been giving me access to these as soon as we are alone. Every time. You should have bared your breasts and offered them to me for my pleasure. All the time.” I hefted her tits up and down, making them bounce a bit. “You see, Big Tits, you made the basic error that pretty much every cunt makes. You thought that I wanted you for my wife because you were my romantic ideal.” I laughed. “Far from it, whore! Let’s face it, you’re not all that pretty. Sure, you have beautiful white skin and lovely grey eyes. But it’s these” I said as I hefted her breasts again “that really make you special. Your 42-inch E-cups tits are spectacular.” I paused for a moment. “But let’s be clear. When I say ‘your tits’ I really mean MY tits on your chest. I own these tits, bitch. You just carry them around for me. I am their rightful Owner. I own them just like I own you. But it pleases me to sort of alienate you from your own tits. I think of you as property that I own. Which is truly the case. You should think of these tits as property I own that I have entrusted to your care. You take good care of my property on your chest. You keep these tits clean and healthy and ready for their rightful Owner to use them any time.”

Gloria smiled. “Thank you, Master” she said. “That helps a lot. I understand better now. What about the rest of my body?”

I laughed. “Bitch” I said “think of yourself as a mouth, a cunt, and an asshole. Three fuck holes. Plus a pair of tits. That’s all you are, really. Yes, I will use you in other ways. And I will enjoy your company, when you do what I like. But you have no other value. I don’t care about your likes and dislikes. I don’t care about your career, or your hopes and dreams. I may ask you about them from time to time. But they are really irrelevant. You exist for one reason and one reason only: to serve me. I am your Master, your Owner, your Lord. You will worship me by servicing my cock with your mouth morning, noon, and night, or whenever I demand it. You will constantly be looking for new and better ways to serve me. You will always be available for me to fuck your cunt or your asshole. And you will always suck me clean afterward. Always.”

Gloria brightened considerably upon hearing this clarification of who she was and what she was good for. “Thank you, Master” she said. “It helps me so much to understand the purpose of my life. Thank you for explaining it to me.”

I smiled and gave her a quick kiss. “Look, bitch” I said “it’s really very simple. The only reason you exist is to give me pleasure. Your every thought and desire should be to serve me better and better.”

Gloria relaxed and smiled. “That is so true, Master. You are all I think about, now that I have assumed my proper station in life as your slave. I think about you all the time. I am always looking for ways to serve you better.” She paused for a moment and shook her head. “I wish I had known this all along. My life would have been so much better if I had always devoted every second of it to serving you.”

“Well, Big Tits” I said “you’ll have the rest of your life to make up for the sins of your past.” I fondled her breasts. “Take off your blouse and bra then get down on your knees. I want you bare-chested when you blow me.”

Gloria smiled radiantly. “Yes, Master! Thank you, Master!” she said as she began to pull off her blouse and undo her bra-strap in the back. She let her lacey white bra fall to the floor. Then she followed after it, dropping to her knees. Eagerly, she unbuckled my belt, undid my pants button, pulled open my zipper, pulled down my pants and my underwear. She then bent forward to take my cock in her mouth without touching it with her hands. Gloria sucked worshipfully at my cock. In a matter of seconds, she had sucked my cock into a strong erection.

I grabbed her mane of thick, wavy brunette hair. As she bobbed her head back and forth on my cock, I helped her by pulling her head closer to my crotch on each forward motion. This forced my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, bumping it against the back of her throat, and making her gag a bit. Pretty soon, my cock went down the bend where her mouth gave way to her throat. The head of my cock entered my slave-wife’s throat with every thrust now.

“Oh, yeah, whore” I said. “That’s the way, Big Tits. This is what you live for. This is the purpose of your life. This is the meaning of your existence. Suck your Owner’s cock, whore. Give me your mouth. Your tits” I said, reaching down to grab a breast, which she helpfully lifted up towards me using her free hand. I grabbed her tit by the nipple and yanked on it. “Yes. Your tits. And your cunt. And your ass. This is why you exist. This is the meaning of your life.”

I let Gloria do most of the work. She sucked and sucked and deepthroated and gagged. She kept up the pace until I could feel myself closing in on an orgasm.

“Here it comes, bitch” I said. “Here it comes! Your Owner is going to come in your mouth!” I thrust my cock faster and deeper into my wife-slaves’ mouth and throat. “That’s it, bitch! Yes! Yes! Yes!” I said as my orgasmic ejaculations erupted with volcanic force. “Eat my cum, whore! Eat it, whore! Bitch! Whore! Bitch!” I yelled as I shot my cum into my wife’s eager mouth and throat.

When I was finally finished, I gazed down at Gloria’s face. She was looking up at me worshipfully. Her grey eyes were watering from the abuse I had just inflicted on her mouth and throat. All the gagging had brought tears to her eyes. But they were tears of joy, because I had ejaculated in her mouth. That’s what she lived for. It was proof positive that she had succeeded in pleasing her Owner. Her Master had called her all kinds of dirty names. Proof again that she had served her purpose of letting him use and abuse her for his pleasure. Gloria was totally fulfilled, even better than she would have been if I had merely fucked her cunt.

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