Space Princess: Cat-Scratch Fever
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Mind Control, NonConsensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, Workplace, Science Fiction, Space, Furry, BDSM, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Spanking, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Squirting, Voyeurism, Public Sex,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In the far-flung Edhae system, passenger shuttles ply the friendly spaceways between worlds and space stations. Staffed by a pair of comely stewardesses and the factory-issue Automatic Captain that supports them, Flight ECS-727 seems mundane at first: but criminals have targeted someone aboard, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. It's up to catgirl Nuku Vitani to stop them, but she'll have to face torrid erotic perils to prevail... much less come out with her job intact.

Recording Initiated, Standard Date 4286.62. Location: Port Xaanin branch of the Sapient Resources Office for Consolidated Edhaean Transport Services. File: Incident Report for Flight ECS-727, debrief of Stewardess Nuku Vitani as witness to an attempted hijacking of a CETS interplanetary gravitic shuttle, and to answer complaints of alleged breaches of our dress code and customer service guidelines. The Office of Legal Counsel has confirmed monitoring by telepresence.

Resource Officer Biggins was the sort of man who faded into the background of any room he stood in, even if he was the only one there. It had something to do with the slate-grey suits he favoured, with his bland and pallid features and mannerisms, like he had been designed by someone, somewhere to be unobtrusive. The same could not be said of his guest.

She arrived late, which he’d been told to expect. Stepped into the small interview room with the air of slumming royalty. Thie girl was Ustani, and young though she was – just over the age of majority by her people’s way of reckoning – she was fully possessed of the feral majesty that seemed born into them. And she was riveting in every way.

Her moderately-sized frame was trim and taut under its short coat of silvery, black-striped fur, showcased to full effect by her stewardess uniform; the sheath of lustrous black neotex clung like a second skin, showing up the nipples on her perky little breasts, and its daringly low-cut back allowed scope for the graceful tail that waved out from the base of her spine. Her wedge cap perched at a rakish angle on her long black hair, which was bound back and styled in the kind of grand bouffant that was all the rage, and she balanced in her high-heeled pumps with such unconscious, effortless grace that he felt sure she could manage a dead sprint in even the most impractical footwear. Her humanoid features were fine-sculpted and regal, her shining green feline eyes taking in her surroundings with a lofty disinterest. The only sign of any kind of nervousness or anticipation she betrayed was that her fan-shaped ears twitched a little.

By damn, he found himself thinking with reluctant admiration. Aloud he tried for something sterner: “Miss Vitani, thanks for joining us. You’re a little late.”

“Am I?” She looked at him as if just noticing he was there. But then he was used to that. “Well, I don’t suppose this should take all that long, should it? You must be, uh, Biggs?”

“Biggins.” He gestured to the little table at the centre of the room with a chair on either side of it. “Officer Biggins. Please take a seat.”

She looked surprised. “That really necessary? I mean, you can just give it to me and I’ll be on my way, I’m fine with that if you are. I don’t want to, like, stand on ceremony or anything.”

He blinked. “Give what to you?”

“You know, the commendation or bonus or whatever. Like, it’s awfully nice for you guys to put yourselves out but I don’t need some big thank-you speech, I was just in the right place at the right time, you know?” She looked around the room as if wondering whether someone else was going to jump out from its corners. “You said ‘us’?”

“Ah. Er, yes. The Office of Legal Counsel is monitoring us from Edhae IV by telepresence. Say hello, OLC?”

The bored voice of a lawyer on a distant planet answered from the room’s hidden audio pickups. “Yes, Port Xaanin, OLC confirms monitoring, we’ve covered that. Let’s get on with it.”

Nuku Vitani frowned in puzzlement. “Office of Legal Counsel.”

“I really think it’s best if you take a seat.” She did so hesitantly, and he followed suit as he tried out a little small talk on her. “You’ve had a decent rest station-side, I hope? I’m told things got pretty ... strenuous in the last leg there.”

“It’s a space station,” she shrugged, crossing her impossibly long legs. The frown hadn’t left her face. “I’ve been on worse. Look, with all due respect, Officer Biggs, can we cut to the chase here? What exactly is this?”

“Biggins. Yes, the direct approach is probably best for all of us,” he nodded. “Well, you’re probably working out that you’re not here to be awarded a medal or a bonus. We’re at an early stage of this whole process, I have to work out the question of consequences in light of your testimony. Right now we’re putting together an Incident Report, so this is your chance to get your perspective and your defense on the record.”

“Defense.” She sat up straighter, her attention suddenly a lot more focused. “Defense from what?”

“Uh, you did read the summons the company sent you?”

“I kind of skimmed it, to tell you the truth.”

“I see. Well ... long story short, CETS is lodging an administrative complaint against you for dress code and customer service guideline violations.”

There was a long silence.

“You have got to be joking.” Vitani finally spoke with flat disbelief. “I saved their shuttle. We’re all clear that’s what happened, right? I saved their fucking shuttle.”

He winced at the profanity. “A lot seems to have happened. That’s what we’re here to talk about.”

“Riiight.” The Ustani beauty’s expression was hardening. “Should I be, like, hiring a lawyer or something here?”

“Office of Legal Counsel are your lawyers, as a CETS employee,” Biggins told her. “That’s why they’re listening in right now. This was all in the summons.”

“Okay, then.” She looked up to the air, where the disembodied voice from Edhae IV had seemed to originate. “So what do my lawyers recommend I do, here?”

“Your lawyers recommend we get the debrief over with sometime this century,” came the bored reply. “Some of us have places to be.”

“Is that a fact.” There was a subsonic growl of anger in her voice now. “Well, gods know I’d hate to cut into your wanking time. Thanks for that incredibly helpful and impartial counsel.” She drummed her fingers on the tabletop, frustrated, caught off-balance. Her little finger-claws had come out a little and made tap-tap-tap noises on the table’s surface. Presently she said: “I don’t suppose I’ve got much choice here.”

Biggins shrugged. “I can’t compel you to stay. You could always walk.”

“And lose my job on the spot. Right?”

He could only shrug again.

Vitani sighed in irritation. Drummed her finger-claws a little more and eventually said: “Alright, then. Whatever you have to ask me, go ahead and ask me.”

“Very good.” Biggins said to the secretary AI monitoring them: “Scrivener system is directed to engage text transcript from this point on. Miss Vitani, I need to make sure you understand that copies of this transcript will be provided to you, OLC and to the company. Namely, to me.” She gave a reluctant nod. “Good. Let’s get started, then.”

Sapient Resource Officer Biggins: I’d like to take us back to the beginning, here. I mean the beginning of this particular circumstellar flight. That would be point four-eight of the current standard date unit.

Stewardess Vitani: If you say so. Still getting used to the whole “standard date” thing.

SRO Biggins: Right. And this would have been your eighth flight with the company?

S. Vitani: I’m not keeping track. If that’s what the records say, then sure.

SRO Biggins: But you’d describe yourself as familiar with CETS rules and regs.

S. Vitani: Yes, I know my job if that’s what you’re asking.

SRO Biggins: Would you say you enjoyed the work?

S. Vitani: I’ve had fun. I mean it’s not exactly ... uh, not sure how you say this in Anglic, mxuni yawa krr’angha [AI: Ustani idiom detected, translation suggests equivalent phrase “the end of my rainbow”] but I can’t complain.

SRO Biggins: For what it’s worth, your previous flights showed solid customer and co-worker ratings. Maybe a little work to do on tact, but Sapient Resources had you solidly middle-tier among the new hires.

S. Vitani [smiling wryly]: “Solidly middle-tier,” huh? Well, what girl doesn’t want to hear that. Is there a question here?

SRO Biggins: Of course you remember Passenger 96 on this flight. Dahlia Sparrow.

S. Vitani: Huh. Yeah, I thought that’s where you were going.

SRO Biggins: Do you recollect any, er, friction with her during the trip before the incident began?

S. Vitani: Mmm. [long pause] Guess I’m gonna have to be blunt here, aren’t I? Like, you probably have lie detectors written into the AI, right?

SRO Biggins: Prevarication detectors. But yes, it’s the same basic idea.

S. Vitani: Right then. The blunt way to put it is that she was a grade-A bitch from the moment she turned up in the matter-caster chamber. But I’ve dealt with worse, it was nothing I couldn’t handle.

SRO Biggins: Maybe you can recall for us just how and when you first formed that impression. [gestures around at interview room] This room is fitted with neural pattern detectors and engram imaging. If you clear your mind and focus on the memory, the AI can read it directly into the record.

S. Vitani: It can, huh? [dubious] Sounds fancy.

SRO Biggins: It’s a time-saver, trust me. Care to give it a go?

S. Vitani: Might as well, I suppose. Clear my mind, huh?

Office of Legal Counsel: Shouldn’t be a chore for you, I’m guessing.

S. Vitani: Hoi, easy with the smart remarks there, Office of Leching Constantly. When I want your input I’ll rattle your cage, okay?

SRO Biggins: Um. Right. Interviewee requests that OLC confine participation to necessities of observation and specific requirements of counsel.

OLC [audible yawn]: Fine by me.

S. Vitani: Okay, where was I. Clear my mind ... right. Clear my mind...

[Nuku Vitani Memory File Alpha]

From the moment Passenger 96 materialized, she looked like trouble.

Passengers on a CETS shuttle came, in Nuku’s limited experience, in two basic types. The first was the standard-issue business passenger, men and women in sober gear bound between the system’s four inhabited planets or various planetoids and moonlets. This was most of them. Generally polite if sometimes a little clueless, not too much trouble if you knew how to handle them right. The other type, thankfully a lot rarer, was the rich travel-brat; endlessly entitled, convinced that no rule really applied to them, thoroughly assured that their shit didn’t stink. Which an Ustani of all people would have been able to tell them wasn’t true, if they were capable of being told.

Passenger 96, it was clear from just looking at her, was one of those who wouldn’t be told. She was admittedly gorgeous: one and a half meters of smooth golden-tanned pulchritude with a top-heavy hourglass figure in a blue-and-white floral print mini-dress and thigh-high powder blue synth-leather boots, with flashing dark eyes and long chestnut hair piled high in a beehive. Now, Nuku of course wasn’t the type to resent another woman’s beauty, far from it, she was sure her fellow-stewardess Pearl could attest to that. But this chick was the kind of gorgeous that knew it – not with an Ustani’s natural, healthy, hunterly self-confidence, but with a snotty narcissism that announced I’m all that and you’re not.

Still, the catgirl beamed at their guest with what she was pretty sure was flawless professional friendliness from her station on one side of the ‘caster chamber’s entryway. Pearl matched the expression from her station on the other side, and if possible her human crewmate was even more convincing about it, her buxom little form fully at attention and her almond-shaped eyes lighting up with welcome. They chorused together with long practice: “Welcome aboard! Thank you for flying the friendly spaceways with Consolidated!”

Dahlia Sparrow didn’t spare a glance or a smile for either one of them. She had a cute little carry-on dangling from one hand – colour-coordinated with her outfit, natch – and her boarding pass in the other. She waved it at them perfunctorily as she walked past without a word, for all the world as if they were garden gnomes.

She was the last of their twenty-odd passengers to board the first leg of the flight. As she vanished into the cabin, Pearl and Nuku exchanged a knowing look and rolled their eyes. There was nothing for it, a customer was a customer. They went to work.

Nuku couldn’t help it: when her mind got a hold of Dahlia Sparrow it was like a paka with a bone. Her memory leapt seamlessly from that moment into other flashes of interaction with the infuriating Passenger 96 as the flight got underway.

First, there was the way she buffed her nails and looked everywhere but at them as the pair of stewardesses gave the safety presentation, showed the ways to the escape pods and how to activate the drop-down safety field generators in the compartments above their seats. Dahlia’s whole demeanour suggested the universe held her in much too special favour for her to need to know any of it. Nuku tried not to glare at her out of the corner of her eye, tried not to grind her teeth – this was just the sort of jerk who could endanger others if something really did happen, it had been drilled into her on her training shifts – and mostly succeeded. But only mostly.

Then – after the Automatic Captain had given its pre-launch patter in its factory-issue mellifluous drawl – there was Dahlia just about sending the shuttle’s environmental control systems into lockdown when she plunked her carry-on bag in the vacant aisle seat beside her, pulled out a nano-vaporizer, tucked a bottle of wera root essence into the applicator and made to activate it.

Nuku had to descend on her and actually snatch it out of her hand. “I’m very sorry miss, no vaporizers in the cabin. We try to keep the atmosphere standard for all our passengers.” She couldn’t resist throwing in: “It was part of the safety presentation.”

“Oh.” Dahlia looked at her as if seeing her for the first time. “Sorry. I’m used to shuttles with auto-filter fields. Didn’t mean to overrate your sophistication.”

That one had really gotten under her fur for some reason. Nuku had to admit she’d been seething as she handed the exasperating brat’s vaporizer back to her and stalked away. In retrospect she didn’t know why that remark had irked her so, it wasn’t like the shuttle’s tech specs reflected on her ... but there it was. Somehow Dahlia had managed to make it feel personal without betraying the slightest emotion.

And then of course there was the first time Nuku came around with the food cart. It was a matter compiler on wheels, all the customer had to do was give their order and Nuku would repeat it into the device’s microphone pickup and hand over the results with some cutlery and smile. But of course Dahlia proved to have a way of making even this simple exchange intolerable. She looked over when Nuku reached her, looked at the cart like it was some kind of waste recycler, curled her pretty nose just a little.

“You don’t have anything non-synthetic, do you?”

Nuku grinned as hard as she could. She was determined to make this, at least, go well. “Our matter compilers are top of the line, miss. Better than the real thing.”

“Come on.” Dahlia tried to coax her. “Loosen up a little. You guys don’t have a stash in the back? I would kill for a decent glass of Ondska Mörk right now. I can make it worth your while.”

“Accepting bribes is against company policy, miss.” Through gritted teeth. “The cart makes a fine non-alcoholic Hjälska Bublande. The atomic structure was licensed special from Jördisk Vingård’s ‘58, I can personally recommend it.”

“Oh, honey.” Those three syllables spoke volumes of disappointment, as if Nuku has “personally recommended” someone’s urine. Dahlia looked at the cart again and then at Nuku and said: “Look, you mind if I ask you a personal question?”

I absolutely mind. “I suppose it depends on the question, miss. But these are the friendly spaceways, I’ll do my best to answer any question in a friendly spirit.”

“I mean, don’t take this the wrong way, but ... what the fuck are you doing here?” Nuku hadn’t been able to keep the surprise off her face at that, but Dahlia either didn’t register it or didn’t care. She went on blithely: “Like, they could program that thing to trundle around and spout ad copy on its own, right? If that’s all you have permission to do, well ... what exactly do they need you for?”

Nuku held her smile in place with bloody-minded determination. “We believe in the personal touch here at Consolidated, miss. Let me know if you change you mind about ordering.”

She was proud of the restraint in that response, but her grip on the cart had been shaking as she wheeled it away.

SRO Biggins [monitoring transcript]: Wow. She really did frustrate you, huh?

S. Vitani: Maybe a little, I guess. [short pause] Okay, a lot. Grade-A bitch, like I said. But I was handling it.

SRO Biggins: Yes, well, dealing with someone who doesn’t pay attention to instructions or treat you with respect would rile anyone.

S. Vitani: I know, right? That is so right, Officer Biggs.

SRO Biggins: Biggins.

S. Vitani: Hm?

SRO Biggins [with a sigh]: Never mind. Anyway, it was good to see your response to the situation was on-brand.

S. Vitani: It’s the job, like I said. I know my “Authentic Interactions” handbook back to front.

SRO Biggins: I believe you. So: she was maddening, you were dealing, the flight was otherwise normal. You want to take us to the point where all that changed?

S. Vitani: Well ... it would have to be when we came to the third leg of the flight. When, uh, Passenger 95 came aboard.

SRO Biggins: One Yaskoda Thev. That takes us to point five-one.

S. Vitani: Or, like, just after. Am I doing the memory thing again?

SRO Biggins: If you don’t mind.

S. Vitani: Sure, okay. Well, let me think ... if I look for the moment, it’s...

[Nuku Vitani Memory File Beta]

She didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary about Yaskoda Thev when he first boarded. He was quiet, with dark skin and shy eyes, but he gave a friendly nod to the stewardess’ chorused greeting and seemed a nice enough fellow. Handsome in a strait-laced data specialist sort of way – Nuku was already getting a feel for the type in this system, skinny guys with dark suits, nimble fingers and satchels full of assorted compu-ware.

It was a little while later when she began to really notice something unusual about him. There was just an ... air about him. A style, a quirk of demeanour. Something that made it really pleasant to be near him, that made you want to go out of your way. That made it feel good to do things for him.

Nuku realized in short order that he wasn’t just quiet. He actually seemed unable or unwilling to speak, but not in an unfriendly way. When she brought the food cart around, for instance, he had to pantomime wanting a bottle of water, making “parched” motions at his throat. And she’d found herself going back to the stores in the galley—they did have some non-synthetic reserve supplies, after all, which she was willing to delve into for customers who weren’t rude about it—and fetching him a chilled bottle of carbonated comet water. The compiler could have done it but she always noticed what it produced was a touch on the warm side, something about the energy expended in the compiling process.

She caught Dahlia eyeing her when she brought the bottle back, of course, but she just ignored the woman. Let her stew, she figured. Who knew but maybe she’d work out on her own why Nuku was willing to go out of her way for someone else and not her? Still, Nuku felt positive it was no coincidence when, right after that, Dahlia started hitting on her new neighbour.

It started with just conversation. It was all one-sided, of course, but that wouldn’t bother someone like Dahlia, indeed – she found herself thinking spitefully – a man who couldn’t answer back had to be some kind of dream come true for her. They were on that leg of the flight where most of the passengers were napping now, or had media units over their eyes and were watching holos. So the cabin was quiet and anywhere she was, she could hear the constant murmur of Dahlia’s voice.

And it was stupid stuff, too, that’s what really got to her. She heard the bitch start a sentence: “Do your remember your dreams? You know, I had this one the other day where...” Nuku had been doing some cleaning in the galley at the time, mostly to keep herself occupied and not at all because it was near their seats at the rear of the cabin, and she had wanted to storm over there and shout: “He doesn’t care about your dreams, you fucking twat, that’s the kind of conversation airheads make!”

Of course, she didn’t do that. She just kept pacing around, keeping herself occupied with little tasks, trying to tell herself Dahlia’s petty little scheme wasn’t going to get to her. After all, it wasn’t like she was sexually attracted to the guy, right? It wasn’t like those kind eyes of his made her pulse pick up, it wasn’t like he made her tingle down between her thighs when he looked at her, it wasn’t like she found herself imagining how those nimble fingers would feel running the fur at the small of her back ... right?

She could feel Pearl’s eyes on her. Her fellow-stewardess wasn’t in the habit of bustling around and doing busywork, she was lounging on the other side of the cabin’s back row now and trying to get some nap time in herself, things would get busier again as they approached Port Xaanin. But Nuku caught her gaze at a couple of points and could tell her colleague was worried about her. The catgirl just shrugged it off and gave her an I’m-fine sort of grimace, gestured over at Dahla’s seat and mimed blah-blah-blah and rolled her eyes and shook her head, like she was just bemused by a shitty customer. Because that’s all it was ... right?

Wrong, of course. And she came to realize it as she watched Dahlia starting to cozy up more and more intimately to her seat-mate, step by step.

First, Dahlia pushing up the armrest between them and snuggling up against Thev’s arm as she stroked it, pushing those big, supple breasts against him as she said, all breathy: “It’s funny, I just met you but I feel like I really know you ... y’know? Like I can tell you anything. It’s not like my dad back home, try to ask him a single thing that isn’t about world-engineering and he’s just fucking clueless, it’s amazing how people can brilliant in one way and just totally clued out in every other way, don’t you think?” Basking in his kind, bemused gaze as she babbled on heedlessly.

Then, the sexy brunette snuggling in closer, one leg practically straddling his thigh as her little mini-dress rode up to expose the generous swell of her ass. Nuku finding herself frozen half-way into “cleaning” the media unit on one of the unused seats a few rows forward as she caught a rearward peep of Dahlia’s furry mound and moistening slit – the shameless bitch wasn’t even wearing panties! She was stroking a finger down Yaskoda’s chest now as she murmured: “You know, I normally go for muscular guys? But now I’m thinking maybe I was missing out. It’s so much more about what’s in somebody’s soul, you know, what you can see in their eyes. Don’t you find that?” Thev still looking tolerantly bemused, but there was telltale sweat breaking out on his brow.

Nuku nearly dropped the media unit as she saw the lump growing in the front of his pants. She could feel the heat in her madly-twitching ears, her tail arching up almost vertically, its tip curling in an unmistakable tell—to someone who knew Ustani, anyway—as a wet, molten, tingling ache started to rise against the gusset of her neotex panties.

Hastily, she went stalking toward the fore-cabin to “review the bathroom supplies.” She couldn’t deny her arousal by then, but it was paired with frustrated rage. Bitch! she was practically snarling to herself as she rummaged through the supply cupboards, barely seeing anything in front of her. She’s only doing it because she knows I’m into him! That ... utter ... bitch! Being into him shouldn’t have mattered, of course. But it did.

Not long later, she had moved, as if purely by chance, to one of the fore-cabin bathrooms that had a line of sight on seats ninety-fix and ninety-six. And after a token period of pretending to work she found herself peeping out through a crack in the door.

What she saw nearly made her gasp aloud as one hand flew to her mouth. There was Dahlia—

[Engram imaging terminated by subject]

SRO Biggins: What’s the matter?

S. Vitani: I don’t have to ... remember all of this, do I?

SRO Biggins: Getting your perspective on these events is the whole reason we’re here, Miss Vitani. That includes the inappropriate events, which after all are what underlie the charges.

S. Vitani: Well, is kind of embarrassing, you know? And kind of ... private.

OLC: Legal counsel reminds the client that privacy protections apply to what she does when not on the job for Consolidated.

S. Vitani [grimacing]: I appreciate the backup there, Office of Lewd Contrarianism. You’re a real saint.

OLC [deadpan]: Pleasure to help.

S. Vitani: I’ll bet. So no choice, huh?

SRO Biggins: Like I said earlier, you can walk away at any time.

S. Vitani: Except I can’t. Okay, then. All super big of you, Biggs.

SRO Biggins: It’s ... it’s Biggins. The name is Biggins.

S. Vitani: That’s what I said, isn’t it? What’d I say?

SRO Biggins: Forget it, okay? Let’s just continue.

S. Vitani [sighs]: Fine. Whatever, boss-man. Clear my mind ... this is me, clearing my mind...

[Nuku Vitani Memory File Beta re-initialized]

What she saw nearly made her gasp aloud as one hand flew to her mouth. There was Dahlia, dress bunched around her hips as she ground her hot pussy along Thev’s thigh, with one hand behind his head as she drew him into a passionate kiss. Nuku could hear her moaning as their tongues delved and swirled around each other, and her other hand had fallen into his lap, where she was working determinedly at his flies.

A moment later that industrious hand was delving greedily into his trousers, and coming out with a solid eight inches worth of throbbing, turgid chocolate-coloured treasure. Nuku could hear a little purring sound of desire coming from deep in her throat as she watched Dahlia pull back from the kiss and give her wide-eyed paramour a saucy wink. Then she brought her hand up to her mouth, spat into the palm and reached back down to reclaim his veiny tool, working at it wetly as his hips jerked with the pleasure of her ministrations.

Yaskoda Thev seemed torn between looking wildly around him to see if anyone was watching – and losing himself in the dark eyes of his paramour, and in the sight of her delicate hand wrapped around his dick. She tugged it with slow, luxurious strokes, down to the base and then all the way up to the circumcised tip, rolling her wrist a little when she reached the apex to envelope the whole head of him in her slippery palm before she stroked back down again ... and up, down ... and up, lunging in to claim another ravening kiss and suckling at his tongue as she wanked him as sluttily as she could manage.

That bitch, Nuku thought again, but the purring from her throat got even louder despite her best attempts to stifle it, the wet heat in her own cunny growing swiftly unbearable. She couldn’t tear her eyes away now if her life had depended on it, and in a moment she was yanking up the hem of her own tight neotex garb and rubbing her honey-dripping slit through it. She could feel the nubbin of her clit engorging, feel her gash quivering, aching for more direct stimulation, her nipples stiffening and jutting almost painfully against their tight covering.

Dahlia was breaking off the kiss again, moving from astride Thev to subside back into her own seat. Nuku found herself craning, opening the door a little more as she looked around the intervening seats and saw that as Dahlia moved, she was letting the prick go for a second ... the better to flip up the hem of her mini. Damn...

The girl’s sexy tits heaved under the thin floral fabric – from the way her big nipples had grown visibly hard, it was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra any more than Nuku was – as she splayed out her firm young thighs and showed off her hairy cunt. She didn’t care to preserve her modesty from prying eyes, and why should she? Everyone was napping or “working” or wrapped up in their own private media-streams, weren’t they? The spoiled little rich bitch acted like she had not a care in the world as she reached down with her right hand to begin stroking her pussy, twirling her fingers around the fat button over the glistening entry to her channel as she spat into her left palm and reclaimed Thev’s prick, wanking it rhythmically in time with the motions of her fingers against her clit.

“You went and got me all hot and bothered,” she was saying now, her breathy whisper still loud enough for keen Ustani ears to hear. “This is what I like to do when a sexy guy gets me all horny and wet down there ... what do you think? Do you like it too?”

Thev looked down at Dahla’s fingers toying with the fragrant petals of her snatch, then at the soft hand, pale around his prick, masturbating it with effortless skill, as if he was dreaming.

Watching Dahlia frig her own hot, tight pussy as she jacked that big cock was sending Nuku into an agony of lust. There was no helping it; she had to get off. Stifling a little snarl of passion now, she delved her hand right into her panties as she watched the searing tableau play out, feathering her shaking fingers over her aching clit, teasing them along her syrupy slit the way Dahlia was doing with her pussy now. And as she watched the hot bitch thrust a finger into her velvety depths, she couldn’t stop herself from doing the same.

“Mmm-hmmm,” came the moan through Nuku’s gritted teeth as the muscles of her cunt gripping the invading finger, suckling it like ... like...

... like a mouth sucking a cock.

Which as she watched in disbelief, was just exactly what Dahlia suddenly leaned over to do for Thev.

The horny slut was wriggling around nimbly, canting her hips and her naked pussy right at the wall – its simulated window was displaying a piped image of the stars beyond – as she leaned sidewise into Thev’s lap. Her lips were full, red, unimaginably wanton as they parted at the head of his prick, making him twitch as she bathed it in her hot, passionate breaths. Dahlia licked her lips, her dark eyes full of avid desire as she slipped a second finger into her cunt, wet sounds coming out of her slick love tunnel as she started to fuck it in earnest, and swooped in to take that cock in her mouth.

Nuku thought of herself as someone who knew at least a little bit about sucking dick, and a few other things besides; she’d been no slut but no blushing innocent either back on Ustan, and the interstellar hitch-hiking that had brought her to the Edhaean system had necessitated training up certain skill sets and indulging certain pleasures that might have shocked even the virile lads back home. Still, she had to admit Dahlia’s technique impressed her. As she polished Thev’s knob with her swirling tongue, she didn’t lose track of keeping her hand in motion on his shaft, corkscrewing it in perfect synchrony with her tongue as she slopped her bright spit all over his shaft and fucked her own cunt with rising vigour, writhing and moaning around the flavourful meat as she became a virtual one-woman band of sexual delights.

You bitch, thought Nuku again as she watched her, but there was an edge of admiration colouring it now as she stuffed a second finger in her own sopping twat to match Dahlia’s pace, biting her lip as she watched the blowjob get hotter and heavier. You ... you magnificent bitch... “Mmmm ... mmmm-hmmm...”

Dahlia groaned and her eyes rolled back in her head as she stuffed more and more of Thev’s glorious mahogany-toned meat into her salivating mouth. Her hips were writhing, the hot bitch cramming her cooze with three fingers now as he started to buck his cock gently, matching her hungry cock-sucking rhythm as they worked in tandem to get more and more of his turgid shaft into her. She made wet gurgling, gagging sounds that had to be audible to more than just Ustani ears, but right at that moment Nuku didn’t care; she was in a fever, stretching her own snug twat with a third finger as she struggled to match Dahlia’s pace yet again, feeling her creamy gash quiver in anticipation as her palm slapped her clit and she watched the gorgeous cocksucker relaxing her throat to get the flavourful man-meat past her gag reflex.

Thev’s mouth opened in a silent “O” of pleasure, his hips jerking at the sudden delight of being throated. That was something Nuku had never done before, and the sight of Dahlia working so much of that impressive prick into her mouth and down her gullet made her giddy with lust. She found herself imagining what it must be like, the pressure and the sheer mass of it, and her fingers picked up their pace in her cunt in perfect tandem with Dahlia’s now. She envied the busty sex toy with a feral, boiling ferocity as she watched Thev’s nimble fingers reach down and begin to caress her heaving breasts – clearly sending bolts of sizzling pleasure through the horny girl as she wriggled and moaned and gurgled around his cock, swallowing it fervently and caressing it with her throat muscles as she finger-banged herself with a rising fury, racing toward the peaks of ecstasy now.

Then Thev released Dahlia’s breasts ... and reached over to slip those clever digits down over the brunette’s wet, pumping fingers. And a moment later, sliding in on the river of her juices, his fingers were joining Dahlia’s in stretching out her greedy little gash. She bucked and gave out a high, muffled squeal as she suddenly found five fingers instead of three fucking her slutty cunt.

Mmmm-hmmmphhh!” Dahlia’s cock-stifled cry announced her plummet over the edge as her juices splashed and squirted around the tandem rifling. She crammed his cock even deeper in her throat than before, then pulled up and clear of it as she went on grinding and squirting and poised her mouth in front of his rampant, pulsing cockhead, her hand making one more wicked, corkscrew-twisting trip up his meat.

He was dripping with sweat, his mouth wide with silent ecstasy as his prick bucked and began to spurt thick jism, the pearly fluid bubbling out of him like an erupting volcano and sluicing down over his shaft. Dahlia’s mouth chased it, her lips wrapping wantonly around him as she lunged in and swallowed him right to the root, doing her level best a suck up and swallow all that slimy cum as her quim spasmed around their combined fingers. With his free hand Thev pushed gently down on her head, holding her in place as he savoured the amazing sensations that her tongue and throat were giving him as she tried to suckle and lick him clean.

It was too much for Nuku. She was damned if she wasn’t going to match Dahlia right to the finish line, and she curled all five of her fingers together now and jammed them home, her clit bursting with the waves of pleasure as she erupted all over her hand in that moment, her juices flooding her panties and her graceful leg muscles trembling as she cupped her free hand and mewled into it with the repeated eruptions of juddering bliss that eventually left her fingers thoroughly coated in her own creamy spend, her whole body rigid with desire as if a current were running through her.

Even as it abated, she knew it for the most incredible climax she’d experienced in ages ... but that it couldn’t possibly, she thought with resentment even as her head spun and the aftershocks washed through her, be a match for what just happened to Dahlia. You bitch, she thought again with an echo of her earlier anger as she saw the girl was coming back up off of Thev’s prong now, letting his load play around her tongue before she swallowed it down and licked her own juices off their fingers, first his and then hers. It made Nuku have a wanton urge to lick her own juices up, too.

But suddenly someone was up and moving in the cabin beyond and the spell was broken. Someone was coming toward the washrooms and Nuku had to turn and hastily wash off her hand in the sink, frantically yanking her panties back up and her dress back down with shaking fingers. The bathroom door was opening just as she’d managed some semblance of pulling herself together, and she managed a sweet smile at the nonplussed businessman she saw facing her as she breezily assured him: “All yours, sir,” and stepped out past him like nothing had happened.

It was a near thing. And she knew that there were droplets of her cunny juice all over the bathroom floor; she knew she’d left it smelling like sex, a smell that even Terragenic humans couldn’t mistake. Her ears were twitching in embarrasment as she went bustling back out into the cabin, trying to look busy.

Dahlia and Thev had yanked themselves back into array in record time, too. A slight droop in Thev’s flies was all that revealed that he’d just tucked away his wet prick, and Dahlia was slouched against the wall beside him as if pretending to nap ... the sole giveaway being that there was still a dollop of jism bubbling wetly down her chin.

Nuku had to wonder if that was an accident, though, because a moment later Dahlia’s dark eyes flickered open and met hers. And the girl actually gave her a naughty wink as she reached up, gathered up that sticky fingerful of cum and popped it into her mouth, swallowing it with evident satisfaction.

The catgirl had looked away, her ears on fire as she realized that the insufferable brat had known she was watching them. Suddenly her belly was clenching and her pussy was pulsing against the gusset of her panties again, and she realized that finger-fucking herself as she had watched had only whetted her appetite, primed her for more. A vivid image of spunk fountaining out of Thev’s bucking, beautiful organ flashed across her mind’s eye.

That was the moment she knew she had to have it. That was the precise moment she had spiralled out of control, and her tug-of-war with Dahlia Sparrow for Thev’s meaty member began in earnest.

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