A Bit of Rough for Sylvia
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Coercion, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Uncle, Niece, Humiliation, Rough, Spanking, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, First, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Voyeurism, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young Sylvia has a lot to learn but she is willing to do whatever it takes to be a proper young female no matter how degrading the assignment in her period of training.

Sylvia Silk was not the sort of girl that got upset when boys were rowdy and acted like they were the lord and masters of the universe. In fact, she reveled in the way they gave out orders and made her do things that she would be far too shy to do of her own accord.

She was a bit on the smallish side all things considered, but her upper body development had reached the promised land of double D perfection and her nipples were a land of enchantment when contemplated in full naked glory. Her southerly regions hid a nicely trimmed little reddish patch of thick, curly bush covering her camel’s toe of sensitive feminine folds primed for immediate combat with any and all stiffened resistance of a masculine construct. Any discussion of her plump twin cheeks of intimate desire must include the fact that her tiny sphincter stood guard over her tightly clenched and perfectly puckered star that promised entrance to a paradise seldom experienced in an earthly environment. It was a fact that her rear door regions were fully functional virgin territory unlike her feminine folds that had experimented with various sized penises to determine the depth and stretching limitations of her vaginal assets. In all honesty, Sylvia would be the first to admit that her lips and mouth were the primary entryway for all things masculine because she didn’t associate such foolishness with “actual sex” in any manner whatsoever.

Sylvia had used her flexible and extremely cooperative mouth to give solace to a number of male fellow students whilst still in school and she had continued her oral ministrations with countless teachers, tutors and married friends of her father and her two uncles, John and Peter. John was solely interested in members of his own gender for matters of sexual conduct and she, quite rightly, did not consider him as a candidate for oral favors under any circumstance. Peter was another story. He was unhappily married, with no less than five children of assorted ages and his wife was the sort that frowned on anything sexual that did not involve the “missionary” position and a proper use of hygiene at all times. Since her uncle Peter was quite often “in his cups”, it was quite simple to open him up and take him between her lips before he actually realized what was going on. Of course, after taking up residence inside the wet and wonderful confines of Sylvia’s lovely well-brushed and daily flossed mouth, Peter was unlikely to respond to any guilty urge to terminate the depraved operation of spending his sperm inside his pretty niece’s mouth in glorious spurts of tingling release with his hands firmly planted at the back of her lovely head to insure proper leverage and satisfactory draining of his captive cock.

Peter Silk was a middle aged man with a beer belly that took years to perfect and his stores of manly juices were a burden to him because his wife was a devoted Catholic and she did not like the idea of using a condom in her missionary positional moments of weakness. He felt that five little ones were quite enough in doing one’s duty and had no intention of adding to the brood for fear of diluting his financial resources beyond the stretching point of comfortable living with all the conveniences of a modern society at his fingertips.

The convenience of a pretty niece with a willing tongue was just the sort of solution he needed to keep his juices flowing in a way that met his requirements for manly pride and ego and he made use of Sylvia’s active tongue whenever possible. His wife was aware of his obsession with his depraved spending in their niece’s pretty mouth and she had even peeked when he blasted her sister’s child right in her snotty face with his offerings on several occasions. It made her feel quite superior to see the girl on her knees and tried her utmost to conceal her envy of her husband’s ability to get his “cookies” off in such a degrading and humiliating manner. It was the sort of thing that she could never do without distressing guilt because of her strict upbringing in a religious house that valued prayer and abstinence more than covert furtive fumbling of nocturnal coupling in a strictly “for pleasure” category.

When Sylvia caused a dish of sentimental value to be shattered in the kitchen, the envious wife suggested to her husband that he give the girl a proper correction in front of the entire family just like he did with their own girls when they made a mistake that warranted corporal discipline. At first, Sylvia was reluctant to play the embarrassing game and lower her bloomers, but she saw her aunt and her cousins waiting expectantly for her cooperation and she decided to not disappoint them.

It was an experience that stayed in her memory forever.

The spanking was only a warm-up for the one-on-one sodomy that usually followed. Her early reluctance eventually changed into compliant acceptance of her fate and she grew to appreciate the lessons her uncle enjoyed with a gusto that belied his age and passive nature.

Uncle Peter’s peter was quick to establish a beachhead in Sylvia’s tempting heart-shaped bottom at those times when discovery was least likely and she soon exhibited a certain level of satisfaction that was akin to pleasure. She saw the entire process as a sort of apprenticeship in love-making that insured her proper feminine response to moments of opportunity in the game of carnal courtship.

Her rambunctious cousins, Rudolph and Hans were strictly Aryan in their attitude to social interaction, but they were more than happy to allow Sylvia access to their treehouse providing she pay the proper “toll” each time she climbed the ladder. They were more than happy with her oral and anal submissive cooperation in such matters and even shared her with other boys visiting them in their lair. It certainly made their treehouse a place of desirable interludes for the young lads with adventure on their immature minds. Somehow, the aspect of heavy-duty spanking became more of an entertainment feature of treehouse life and Sylvia was put to duty more often than not nicely bent with skirt pushed up over the sturdy table they used for card playing and eating of snacks. She would grasp the worn wooden corners with her strong long fingers and offer up her backside for humiliating pounding by the fun-loving boys happy to have a naked female posterior to degrade with their probing hands and juice-filled shafts. Of course, they just played at actually “doing it” to her backside and would just spray her milky white skin with their teen-aged spunk laughing the entire time. Even Sylvia could see the humor in it because her cheeks were often decorated with long lines of white sticky stuff and must have looked particularly obscene when viewed from the rear. Her cousins gained a certain reputation for furnishing great fun in their tree house adventures and a great deal was due to Sylvia’s submissive nature and ever-present smile of pleasure.

In the course of events, The fun-loving redhead determined the necessity to find gainful employment in the middle of the small community whilst searching relentlessly through a series of retail stores for a suitable position that would not cause her panties to become twisted or her lipstick to be smudged like the poor factory girls working on the assembly line next to the railroad track. She was hired as “fitting room” service girl in a reputable clothing store that promised good and prompt service and reasonable prices. Sylvia listened carefully to the instructions from Mister Ames, the floor walker and watched her co-worker Maria show her how to smooth out the wrinkles in both male and female undies before testing the fit of the trousers or skirts on sale for a current sale. She learned how to “switch” the customers to a more expensive line of clothing in a logical manner and make them think it was their own idea to break their budget for the purchase.

At first, she was a little shy about putting her hands and fingers up close and personal on the men’s underwear but knew they seemed more inspired to purchase additional items when she gave them a liberal dose of her inquisitive hands in the right places. The women were just as easy to read because they were either reluctant to allow her access or eager to have her go places only a lover might find a delightful side-trip in the partially undressed situation.

For some reason, she became skilled in the presentation of bra merchandise and was extremely gentle in her handling of the female customer’s various sized boobs knowing with a sure instinct exactly where they liked to be cuddled and held in a firm grip or a soothing pat or pinch of her fingers. It appeared that the older patrons were more attentive to an accurate and caring “fitting” of breast enclosures and that they appreciated her “hands-on” style that sent them bright-eyed and breathless to the cashier to check out their purchase.

The floor walker, Mister Ames, was a married man but they had no children since his wife was more interested in matters of a religious nature than in foolishness in a horizontal position on top of their King-sized bed. He had gotten used to the “only on Christmas or birthdays” routine and seldom bothered his skinny spouse with a slight moustache above her thin lips. Hers was a mouth that had never been touched by either lipstick or male appendages during her entire life.

Certainly, she had no intention of learning new tricks at this late stage of her somber, God-fearing life.

Mister Ames led Sylvia into the curtain covered dressing room and turned her around so that her back was facing him in the tight quarters. It reminded her of the tree house with the closeness of the boys to her person and feeling their happy little stiffness on her thighs and back. She could feel the hardness of Mister Ames on her thin pleated skirt and wondered if he had the same thoughts like the boys just before they started to rub their business on her bare bottom right in front of the others up in the treehouse. In a way, she was glad they were completely alone in the fitting room and she knew there were no cameras inside the place because they had a terrible lawsuit from woman that claimed “invasion of privacy” with the store detectives watching her undress right down to her knickers and bra. She grabbed hold of the hooks used for the hangers on the wall and steadied her torso for her coming carnal incident.

“Mister Ames, for an older man, you certainly have a stiffness that must be a treasure to your happy spouse.”

The middle-aged man chuckled and pushed Sylvia’s pleated skirt up and tucked the hem inside her white leather belt tightly cinched on her hour-glass waist. She could see her white panties in the side mirror and knew he could see her wetness in her feminine slit area that advertised her complete complicity with his ardent advances. She looked over her shoulder and saw him lining up his shaft to enter her heated crack.

It was quite different than the boys. For one thing, it seemed considerably larger and for another it was already dripping wet with the sticky pre-cum that her uncle spewed with regularity inside her already wet mouth.

The boys and her uncle were more than satisfied with simply spurting their stuff on her soft white cheeks. On the other hand, it looked like Mister Ames was determined to either test the tightness of her tiny rear door or actually enter into her nubile femininity with absolute finality. She prepared for the “real deal” and pushed back to get full penetration from the gentleman’s happy appendage. She knew it would be done in the same way that the animals on the farm covered their love interests with instinctive lust and a need for the elusive “tingle” that made everything else meaningless in a world without love.

The touch of his love-stick on her pucker informed her of his anal desires and she simply bent over and grabbed hold of the beam in front of her to keep her balance and spread her legs widely for his accurate entrance and quick taking of her female dignity in a manner better suited to animals rather than human life forms. She hoped nobody would discover them linked in such a disgraceful and humiliating manner right in the middle of the busy store with customers and clerks all around them. He entered her quickly and she did her best to stifle her groan of happy submission at his manly embrace. Mister Ames had her good and proper and she knew he would not stop until he had spurted all of his juices up deep inside her gut where the sun did not shine. One of his hands was pushing her silly bra out of the way and he rolled her suddenly hard little nipple with his delicate fingers. She could tell he was not used to hard labor from the softness of his touch and she desperately wished that was not the case because she loved to have rough hands with hard callouses rubbing her all over in her sensitive spots with little regard for her comfort or personal dignity associated with the female mystique.

It was done swiftly and she trembled with feminine submissiveness on the end of his still hard member.

They quickly rearranged their clothing went their separate ways hoping the store cameras did not pick up anything that would give away their sinful actions behind the closed curtain that shielded their church-learned guilt.

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