Danger! Widow Ahead
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Violent,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The widow was completely innocent. At least that is what her story seemed to indicate. The danger was that I might not be able to prevent her from making me victim number four.

When I put the ad in the local newspaper, I didn’t expect much response because I was admittedly three sheets to the wind when I dictated it over the phone to the clerk at the other end. I hated the way my voice tended to slur all the vowels whenever I had a few too many.

The manager of my office building had made it quite clear to me that I would have to come up with enough dough to pay my back rent before close of business on Friday and here it was Thursday and I was deeper in hock than ever before. The wrinkles on my forehead grew a little deeper and I poured a little more hard stuff in my coffee to ease my worries.

The phone rang and I hesitated for a moment wondering if it was just another bill collector trying to squeeze a little bit more lemon juice from my wrinkled wallet.

“Andrews Confidential Inquiries ... This is J.R. Andrews, we guarantee your privacy in all matters of a personal nature.”

There was a slight pause on the line and then a breathless female voice whispered real low like she was trying not to be overheard by someone that frightened her standing in close proximity. Then, her first words hit me like a ton of bricks and I sank down onto the black leather sofa that doubled as my emergency crash pad. Of course, that was only when I was too late on my rent at my apartment building to think about showing my face to my uncompromising landlord. The words brought me back to reality and I knew that my problems were minor in comparison to the worries of the world around me in so many unadvertised situations.

“Mister Andrews, you don’t know me, but my name is Sin, short for Cynthia and I need help desperately before I go crazy with guilt. I want you to know I never murdered anybody and it is all a bunch of lies.”

I could hear her seductive breathing on the other end of the line and speculated about what she had just told me. It sounded like she was sincere but when the word “Murder” is used in a sentence like that, it paid to be super cautious before taking any job no matter how desperate I was for an infusion of immediate cash.

“Your ad said you were willing to do almost anything for five hundred bucks and I have it waiting for you right here just to listen to my proposition.”

It sounded like the real deal to me but you never know with all these creeps that run around just making trouble for perfect strangers. They probably sat at home laughing at their stupidity and marveled at how some folks tended to believe their spiel of lies like it was given to them with a straight face in church on Sunday. I wasn’t particularly religious and all, but I did believe in a Creator that put the whole thing together, even if it did seem a bit far-fetched. I did the only thing I could do under the circumstances.

“Just give me the address, honey, and make sure it is in small bills because I don’t want to get stuck with funny money and have egg on my face when I go to spend it later on.”

I could hear the indignation in the woman’s voice as she raised her voice and gave me a piece of her mind.

“I assure you, Mister Andrews, my money is printed by the United States Treasury and there is a lot more where it came from, providing you show me some results.”

It sure sounded a lot more promising than just sitting on my butt waiting for the building manager to show up and start scraping my name from the door, so I high tailed it over to the ritzy part of town to discuss Sin’s problem with her face to face. I left the car sitting right there in the alley because I was almost on empty and refilling the tank would have to wait until I had some green stuff in my wallet from this weird and unusual proposition. I didn’t like to get involved with anything related to a murder investigation because my license was already suspect from a couple of nasty cases that had resulted in multiple body bags being shipped off to the coroner’s office with me as a person of interest.

The apartment building was one of those built before the depression things that used quality construction materials that couldn’t be used any longer because it would make the project unprofitable. The Italian marble in the lobby was real and the concierge with the silly moustache looked up at me with distain written all over his delicate cologne drenched face.

“Do you at least have a card, Mister Andrews?”

I dug one out of my wallet, even though it was a bit dog-eared and had a spot of ketchup on one corner. The guy sniffed with contempt at my offering and pushed it onto a silver tray with one gloved hand like it might have some sort of foreign disease hidden in the ink. In all honesty, it didn’t bother me at all because the lobby was air-conditioned and that was sort of unique at that time when the only air conditioners were of the window variety. Apparently, the builder had gotten permission from a patent holder to use the same sort of equipment they were putting into the movie theaters to blow cool air into an entire building with built-in vents and ductwork.

The elevator was extremely gaudy and looked like one of those French things that coasted in for a perfect landing on the correct floor. The operator was a guy that looked like he had been in the Spanish-American War and got a direct hit from a mortar shell. Still, he was perfection personified when it came to landing that thing right on the line of floor seven and smiled showing me an almost toothless mouth that was better left closed.

The carpet in the hallway was better than what you would expect in a five star hotel and that was unusual because these apartment buildings tended to opt for lower quality goods for furnishings and décor in common areas just to keep the cost of operational maintenance down to manageable levels. I noticed that all of the doors were of the thick metal variety with frames that would be almost impossible to jimmy even with Fire Department tools. It looked like a big negative to me because the building also did not have the sprinkler system that almost all commercial property was required to install ever since a terrible fire downtown that cost over a hundred lives.

Before the elevator doors could close, a sleek looking dame with a skinny little dog wearing a diamond studded collar walked with a distinctive seductive sway to the elevator without a single word or the slightest indication that she was aware of any other human beings around her. Her only focus of interest was in the ratty looking little dog that was shivering in the air conditioned lobby.

“Mommy is so sorry, babykins, she forgot to put your sweater on. We will get you nice and warm upstairs and we can get your snack put out by the maid just as soon as you get warmed up a little bit better.”

The middle-aged woman was quite a dish for a broad her age and her backside was so tempting that I moved to the back of the elevator to avoid reaching out to test her flexibility in those delicious looking heart-shaped cheeks. I saw her give me the once over, and I saw what looked like a flare of lust in her deep blue eyes but I kept silent because I didn’t have the lay of the land yet and besides, I was there for bigger and better things like getting my palms around some cash for this new assignment no matter how dangerous or how distasteful. It was a “dog eat dog” world and it looked like I needed more help right now than little babykins with his beautiful owner.

She got off on the same floor but walked away from me swinging those tender hips in a way that let me know further inquiries were definitely on the table. I took note of the name on her door that indicated the apartment was solely occupied by a Ms. Simone. It was French sounding and I was partial to almost anything French from perfume to condoms and the thought of nailing a real French high class broad with hips that seemed too good to be true was enough to make me start conniving a way to explore that exact possibility. Right now though, I had to stay focused on business and closing the deal for improving my cash assets without further delay.

I was shown into the apartment by a uniformed dark-skinned maid. She was a bit overweight but it looked pleasantly plump in the tight uniform and she had a little rhythm to her movements that made me think we were headed to a dance floor for a quick dance lesson involving lots of close up contact. It was all sheer speculation on my part and I looked wistfully at her disappearing buttocks as I took in the wall to wall books lining the library walls like fallen soldiers slowly fading away into oblivion. I had no inclination to look at any of the titles because I knew instinctively none of them were my kind of story. My favorite written word was in the cheap magazines with the lurid pictures of half-naked females on the front page and the shocking headlines that usually made them best sellers before a single page was turned.

The view from the window on the seventh floor was of the huge park and the buildings in the distance. It was nice in a postcard sort of way and I figured it was a big improvement over the bricks of the laundry on the other side of my alley at home. I kind of allowed my brain to go into standby mode and was surprised to hear someone clearing their throat right behind me. I seldom allowed anyone to approach me without sizing them up for possible threats and this was a rare moment of vulnerable carelessness at a time when I should have been more alert and more aware of my surroundings.

Sin was all lace and lust and I knew right away we would be good in bed together from the way she used her tongue to wet her ruby red lips with a casual swipe that sent a shiver of anticipation up my devious spine. I knew she was fully aware of her sensual aura and I smiled with what I hoped was reassurance that I was not ready to leap on her with carnal intent until we were at least properly introduced and we had entered into a contract of sorts to help her out of her immediate problem.

It seemed a fair trade.

Sin would solve my cash flow problem and I would make her murder rap disappear like a magician with some sleight of hand dexterity and good old-fashioned legwork to solve her problem with the legal system.

“Mister Andrews, I didn’t get an opportunity to fully explain my problem over the phone. I hope you can help me to get out of the mess. I assure you I am completely innocent and am a victim of circumstances just because of coincidence and bad luck to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

I watched in complete fascination as her pretty lips formed the words and each time she opened her mouth wide enough, I got a fantastic look at her beautiful pink tongue forming the vowels that made each word a message of lust and longing and containing a promise of carnal bliss at the end of the road if I was able to perform the miracle she so desperately needed.

She gave me the particulars concisely and I wrote it all down in my ever-present little notebook that guided me on my detecting missions better than a GPS with full instructions. I left the apartment with the distinct impression that if I was successful in getting Sin off the hook I would be rewarded with a lot of much needed cash and perhaps a taste of Sin to take the edge off my nasty obsession with her fascinating flanks.

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