Team Is Family
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Drunk/Drugged, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Crime, Mystery, Sports, Cheating, Revenge, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Safe Sex, Violent,

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Coach has built a swim team that is based on a deep respect and devotion to one another. Team members both old and current and even new are bonded by a strong sense of family. When one is injured the family takes action.

Our school is not a Division 1 school, we are Division 2. That means that our sports are not the top tier, but we do pretty good. Around the nation, Division 2 schools can be large State universities and small colleges. I am a swimmer and I swim at a Division 2 school. I will never make an Olympic team for the U.S. but I love it and the lessons I learn from the day to day training and the philosophy of the coach will be with me forever.

My school requires all freshman to live on campus in the dorms. So that is where I live. My roommate and I get along, but her thinks that I am out of my mind. Shit, I am a swimmer! You know? I am up at 5:00 AM, Monday through Saturday, so I can get to the pool by 5:30 AM. I am stretched and warmed up before I get in the water at 6:00 AM. I stare at the black line that runs along the bottom of my swimming lane for two hours and then by 8:30 AM I am in the cafeteria and shoving huge amounts of food in my face before heading off to my first class at 9:00 AM.

During my lunch hour I study on Monday and Wednesday and on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I am in the weight room before I grab a quick snack and head off to my next class. I get out of my last class or lab at 2:30 PM and I am back in the pool at 3:00 PM and train for another hour and a half. By 5:00 PM, I am back in the cafeteria slamming down lots of chocolate milk and eating anything that doesn’t move. Then I am in the library or study hall at my dorm until it is time to go to bed.

Saturday night is the night we all get together and go out. The guys and the girls on the team hang out together, because no one else can put up with our lifestyles. We don’t dare go out on Friday night because, as our coach says, “Don’t be a stud on Friday night if you can’t be a stud on Saturday morning.” I have seen guys come in on Saturday morning, hung over and just shot to hell. The coach has a special training lane for those poor souls. It has never been pretty.

The guys and girls on the team that are Sophomores and higher are eligible to live in an off campus house that several swimmers bought a few years ago. The swimmers that bought it graduated about eight years ago. They are the landlords and while they are swimmer friendly, they don’t put up with any destructive behavior. We use our housing allowance to pay rent and it is a pretty good deal. We had the use of a school van, owned by the athletic department, and so they swimmers pile in and head off to practice each morning.

The building is not actually a house; it is an apartment building with eight two bedroom apartments. There is a laundry room in the basement and a good sized common area for studying. This set up allows us to live one of the coaches’ mottos. “Team is family”. Part of the family concept extended to the freshman, who were always welcome at the common area of the house and the laundry room. We went there to study and to get help from the upperclassmen.

Once a year we had potential recruits come for campus visits. The NCAA has rules about on campus visits and our coach had his own rules that were more strict than theirs. The recruits were assigned to an Junior team member so that they bonded with someone that would still be in school during their Freshman year. They were shown the campus, the class rooms that corresponded to their major interest. They were taken to the cafeteria and of course the pool and weight room. They were taken to the swimmer house and generally made to feel as they were a part of the family.

This year one of the girls was a bit of a wild girl. Her name was Tina Workowski, but we called her Tiny T. She was a little thing, but was a High School All American from an all-girls Catholic school in Ohio. Her specialty was the longer events, the 500, 1000, and 1650 yard freestyles. When she came to the campus she was given the standard tour and was put up in one of the visiting student dorms.

On Friday night after we had a team dinner and some team building functions everyone said good night and hit the sack. After a bit of time Tiny Tina snuck out of the dorm and went for a walk. During one of her tours she had heard about a frat that was having a party. So she walked around asking students about the frat house and ended up walking in the door and passed herself off as a transferred Freshman.

She started off sitting off in a corner, drinking and watching. Eventually some of the brothers took notice of her and began to chat her up. She was cool to their advances and was in the process of shutting them down when one of them brought her a fresh drink. He told the other guys to get lost and sat with her. She talked with him and drank until she started to feel really sleepy. Soon she was unconscious and the guy was taking her upstairs.

Once her got her into his room, he undressed her and called four of his friends f to come to his room. They walked in the door to the sight of a young naked unconscious girl spread out on the bed.

“Oh damn! Theo got a new one.”

“Let me at her.”

“You shut the fuck up. I got her first.”

Theo dropped his pants and whipped his dick to an erection. While he was getting in place one of the other guys called sloppy seconds and moved to pinch and suck on her small tits. He began leaving hicky’s all over one and then the other. Another frat boy called thirds and placed himself at her head and stuck his dick into her mouth.

Theo took a rubber from his night stand and rolled it onto his erection, placed the head at Tina’s small opening and pushed. He met resistance.

“Holy shit boys, she’s got a cherry!”

“Wait!” The fourth guy halted the fun. “Before you bust her, let me see. I ain’t never seen a real cherry.”

Theo backed off and the fourth guy reached in and took Tina’s puffy vulva and spread it open. He then pressed on her labia and opened them wide exposing the barrier that proved that Tina was a virgin. He moved up close and touched it with his finger and poked at it.

“Wow. It covers the entire hole except for a little tiny opening.”

“So you done?”


Theo positioned himself again and with one hard push he began the rape of Tiny Tina. He fucked her hard and fast until he filled his rubber with sperm. He then pulled out and went to the bathroom to dispose of the evidence. The second guy, pushed his erection into her bleeding vagina and when he was about to start the second thrust, Theo grabbed him and pulled him back and out.

“You fucking idiot! She was a virgin. She is probably not on the pill. If you get her knocked up, her parents and the police will get DNA samples from everyone in the house and you will be fucked. Put on a god damn rubber. The same with the rest of you and you better hurry, she might be coming around.”

The second guy rolled on one of Theo’s stash of rubbers and entered Tina. Her fucked her until he came. The third guy still had his cock in Tina’s mouth and was stroking himself. He began to feel the pressure building in his groin and pulled out. He rolled on a rubber and moved between Tina’s legs and sank into her bloody, leaking pussy.

When he finished he moved and looked at the last guy who was rolling on a condom and smiling.

“No sloppy anythings for me. I’m gonna fuck her ass.”

He grabbed a pillow and lifting the small girls body he shoved it under her hips. He placed his cock at her pucker and pushed hard. He could barely get it in so he pulled out and jammed it into her pussy getting it wet. He pulled out and set himself at her anus and pushed. He popped in and pushed again. He pulled and pushed until he was balls deep, After pumping about a dozen times he filled the rubber and pulled out.

“Ok, let’s get her dressed. Don’t leave any clothes, don’t take an trophies. When I was talking to her she said she was here visiting with the swim team.”

“Fuck! She is in high school?”

“Don’t worry. Those swimming pussies never party. They won’t even know where she went or what she did.”

Theo loaded Tina into his car and drove over to the swimmers apartment. He and one of the guys picked her up and quietly laid her at the front door. They quietly got into their car and drove away.

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