A Day in the Life of the Master
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A glimpse of one day in the personal paradise of the Master (see "Welcome to My World"). The Master populates his world with made-to-order, genetically-engineered sex slaves of surpassing beauty and stupendous breasts. He programs his gorgeous women and girls (ages 14-34) into ideal sex slaves who want what he wants them to want, apparently of their own free will. This day includes Amber, already known from the story "A Girl Named Blowjob". Extremely dirty sex! Read the codes!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Mind Control   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   Group Sex   Harem   Orgy   Anal Sex   Analingus   Lactation   Oral Sex   Scatology   Water Sports  

The morning sun was just beginning to light the sky. The early birds were chirping in the trees. Through the open window, he could smell the flowers in the garden. A soft breeze moved the window curtains. The Master looked around him at the 6 women and one 14-year-old girl who had shared his bed for the night. To his left and right, positioned so that their breasts and nipples were within easy reach of his mouth and hands were 2 women with enormous breasts. Like nearly all 500 of the females in his Harem World (and an equal number in Womb World where his bitches aged 33 and above oversaw the exo-womb births and then cared for and taught his next generation of slave girls), the women in his bed had been genetically engineered to have extremely large breasts. These two bitches had bust lines of over 60 inches each, with breast cup sizes of LLL. Their pale white skin and large, pink nipples were exquisitely beautiful. Two more women with similarly large breasts were positioned near his hips, so that if he turned on his side toward either one of them, the women could suck his dick. At the moment he lay on his belly, and beneath his hips, lying in a special recess within the mattress, was another large breasted woman who had been sucking his cock for the past 2 hours. Meanwhile, under his head and serving as his pillow was the large, soft, white ass and exquisite pink anus of another large breasted woman. Altogether, these 6 women were his main sex slaves for the preceding night. But they were not the only bitches in bed with him.

Snuggled up close to his left side was his newest 14-year-old girl of the month, Amber. During a 14-year-old girl’s first month with him, the Master tried to keep her close to him most of the day and night. Not only did this give him the pleasure of using and abusing her frequently, but it gave the new little bitch the opportunity to learn more about the blowjob-buttfuck-blowjob lifestyle that was now her fate for the rest of her 20 years living in the Master’s harem.

The 2 pairs of big-titted bitches to his left and right were arranged for maximum efficiency. Imagine 6 women arranged in 3 parallel lines, with 2 women in each line. In the outer 2 lines, to the Master’s left and right, the women were arranged head-to-head. Their heads almost met at the middle of each line, and their feet were either at the top or the bottom of each line. The top 2 bitches positioned their breasts so the Master could easily suck them. Each woman’s head was approximately aligned with his chest and her breasts aligned with his mouth. The bottom 2 bitches were in position to suck his cock when he lay on his side.

The 2 women in the center line were arranged differently. One lay on her back with her head under the Master’s hips and with his dick in her mouth. Her legs extended downward in the same direction as the Master’s. However, her legs and lower torso were lodged in a small hollow under the mattress. Her head and breasts were in an open slot in the mattress, arranged so that she could suck his cock and he could grab her breasts. To facilitate the breast grabbing, she wore a special push-up, open-cup bra that positioned her enormous breasts to either side of her head.

The other woman lay on her belly, with her ass under the Master’s head, so he could use her ass as his pillow. He could also lick her anus or shove a finger or two up her ass at will. Sometimes, however, instead of having an ass pillow the Master preferred a tit pillow. In this case, the woman could be positioned in either of two ways. In one way, she lay on her back in a special slot and while wearing a special open-cupped bra, such that her breasts pooled into a pillow shape. In the other position, she sat in a deeper slot and was held in place by straps (while she might sleep) with her breasts horizontally, with nipples facing toward the Master’s feet. Although the Master could not easily get to her nipples from this position, he could use the udders of the massively-titted bitch as a tit pillow, just as he could use her from the other position.

Little platinum blonde 14-year-old Amber was snuggled up against the left side of the Master’s chest. He could look down at the top of her head and smell the fragrance of her ice-blonde hair. Just above her head were the 2 enormous tits of the upper woman to his left. He could suck, squeeze, bite, and otherwise use those tits at his whim. Although Amber’s body blocked the cock-sucking access of the woman to his left, he could order Amber to move at any time. Or he could make Amber suck his dick. Both options worked very well.

One of the first things everyone does upon waking is to relieve a full bladder by urinating. During the night, if a woman or girl had to urinate, the Master gave them blanket permission to go to the bathroom and do it. But while the Master was awake, women and girls had to ask permission to leave his bed for any reason. What’s more, the Master himself almost never left his bed to urinate. Instead, he urinated in the mouths of his women and girls. They drank his piss. His bitches were his urinals.

Since Amber was still in training, the Master decided that she and the big-titted woman near his left hip would take turns drinking his urine this morning. “Good morning, bitches!” the Master said.

“Good morning, Master” said all of his bitches, while the last one, who still had his dick in her mouth, merely tried to say the same but her words came out in a charmingly garbled form.

The Master knew the names and the entire life histories of every one of his bitches. Most often, however, he did not call them by their unique given names, but by names he assigned them on the fly, and which he changed frequently. At this moment, he was referring to all of the big-titted bitches in his bed as Big Tits. This might have been confusing, except that he always looked at them or touched them when ordering them around. He usually had his hands on them or his dick in them, so the bitches always knew who he was referring to.

“Amber, I want you and Big Tits down to my left here to drink my urine for breakfast. Get down there, put your heads next to one another, and open your mouths” the Master commanded. Perhaps these instructions would not have been specific enough to cause the bitches to assume precisely the bodily positions that the Master had in mind, except for the fact that all of his women and girls had spent many years watching his porno videos and studying how to do things the way he likes them and training since elementary school—and in the case of the older bitch, in junior high school, high school, and junior college. All of their schooling, their early home life, and the social environment in which they were raised were specifically designed to teach them how to do what the Master wanted them to do, and to do it in precisely the way he wanted it done.

When the little girls in Womb World were growing up, before they were delivered to the Master on their fourteenth birthday, they attended elementary school where they learned all of the basic elements of being a good sex slave for the Master. Their schooling involved studying and acting out everything, using full-size models of the Master so the girls would be ready to move into precisely the right positions at the right times. Their school teachers – and their “birth” mothers – trained them in these routines every day. The girls were taught all of the major positions and the commands the Master employed to order them around. The girls learned the speeches they should give in response to the Master’s standard questions and actions. In short, they learned what to do and what to say so the Master could reliably obtain the results he wanted from his slaves every time.

Now, following the Master’s command, Amber climbed over Big Tits and laid her head on the woman’s head, cheek to cheek. Both opened their mouths and looked up at their Owner. The Master pointed his dick first toward the big-titted bitch’s mouth, keeping his dick just far enough away from her lips that he could swiftly move it and redirect the flow of his urine into Amber’s mouth. Then he began to urinate. As the mouth of Big Tits reached its capacity, the Master switched his dick direction and urine flow into Amber’s mouth. While he did so, Big Tits closed her mouth and gulped down his urine. When Amber’s mouth was near full, he switched back to Big Tits and Amber swallowed his urine. After the Master had completely voided his bladder, and his bitches had drunk his urine, the bitches said “Thank you for urinating in our mouths, Master. It’s such an honor and a joy to drink your urine!”

“Good bitches” the Master said with a smile. “I love using your mouths as my urinals. You’re good piss-drinking whores.”

Sometimes the Master used the word “piss” but most often he preferred to use the word “urine.” He always clued his bitches into which word they should use. They simply had to listen to him and follow his lead.

The Master wanted all of his urine to be drunk by his bitches, but he did not like interrupting the flow when switching between their mouths. So inevitably, some urine would splash on the faces of the bitches and, in the case of the big-titted bitch, onto her body. After the Master finished urinating, he order the big titted bitch near his right hip to move down and lick the remaining urine off the faces and bodies of the 2 bitches who had just enjoyed the great honor of drinking his morning piss.

After the Master finished voiding his bladder into the eager mouths of his piss-drinking bitches, and commenting on their performance, he rolled over on his back and commanded the big-titted bitch at head level on his right side “Blow me, bitch.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master” she said with an eager smile. She levered herself up on her elbows and then pulled herself into position to suck him, dragging her massive breasts with her. The Master marveled at how these bitches dealt with the dozens of pounds of tit flesh they carried around all the time. All of these big-titted bitches all suffered from back aches and other minor troubles caused by macromastia (very large breasts) and gigantomastia (gigantic breasts). But none of them suffered any of the severe illnesses that existed in the Earth world where he had grown up. In this new world the Master had created, there was no breast cancer, or any other type of cancer. There was no heart disease, diabetes, or obesity either. Perfect health was now possible with the technologies at his command.

Extended life span too ... for him at least. The Master’s body was constantly renewed and super-potent. He ejaculated at least 12 times per day on an ordinary day. On extraordinary days, he could come more than twice as often. Ejaculating 25 times per day happened about once per month. During the year-end Christmas holiday period, on some days he ejaculated 50 times per day, or a little more than twice per hour. His bodily vitality and health were perfect. Only after several centuries would any signs of deterioration begin to appear. When that happened, the Master would simply transfer his consciousness to a new body. He created new bodies for himself using the same high technology that granted him control over everything in his entire universal domain, including both Harem World and Womb World.

As the big-titted bitch sucked his dick, the Master ordered the 2 big-titters to his left, including the one who had just drunk his urine, “Give me your knockers, bitches.”

Smiling, they happily complied, saying as they moved their breasts into place “Thank you, Master.” The Master smiled back at them. He liked to be thanked for doing whatever he wanted to do with his bitches. No matter how he used them, no matter what he did to them, no matter what he made them do, they always had to say “Thank you, Master.” And that they did.

With one big-titted bitch blowing him, 2 big-titted bitches feeding him their tits (which he sucked and bit), one big-butted bitch serving as his pillow, that left 3 big-titted bitches plus Amber still free to be assigned some role in the morning’s mini-orgy. One of those free big-titted bitches was in the slot in the mattress where she had lain under the Master and sucked his dick. The Master ordered that bitch “Lick my anus.” Soon after he said that, she had wiggled into position. He felt her spread his butt cheeks with her hands, and then he felt her nimble tongue lick his asshole. He ordered the 2 remaining big-titted bitches to stand up near the foot of the bed where he could see them. He commanded them to fondle their own tits. The Master did not have to explain this in detail, since all of the bitches were trained so well. All he said was “Bitches, stand and fondle.” They complied immediately, standing at the foot of the bed and fondling their enormous breasts according to the scores of precise movements that the Master had approved and all bitches had been trained to perform. They fondled their tits in an erotic, dancing motion that suggested how much they wanted to please their Master, and emphasized that their breasts belonged to him as his rightful property.

These bitches performed a breast ballet. They followed a precise choreography of movements, sometimes lifting their breasts from beneath, sometimes spreading them apart, sometimes holding them together, sometimes flopping them up and down, and so forth. One thing they never did was to cover their nipples. The Master disliked seeing his nipple property covered by a bitch’s hands. Such a move was absolutely forbidden.

This left only Amber unassigned. “Little bitch” he said to her “stand-squat-spread.” The Master was testing Amber to see how well she had learned this standard performance, in which a girl or woman stood athwart the Master’s body, partly squatted over him (being careful not to fall) and spread her butt-cheeks so the Master could see her anus and, if he desired, lick or finger it.

Now, with Amber’s pink anus winking at him, a big-titted bitch expertly sucking his dick, 2 big-titted bitches holding their massive breasts so that he could suck the nipples or bite them, another big-titted bitch licking his anus, and a big-butted, big-titted bitch pillowing his head with her exquisite ass, and 2 big-titted bitches fondling their own breasts at the foot of the bed where he could watch them, the Master was approaching orgasm. He grabbed the head of the cock-sucking bitch and forced it close as he thrust his cock deeply and swiftly down her throat. He sucked and bit each of the four nipples before him, going swiftly between them. Then he called out “I’m cumming! I’m cumming in your mouth, you big-titted piece of shit! Eat my cum!”

The Master’s women were his slaves in body and soul. They were literally slaved to him as one mechanical device is engineered to be slaved to another. As he approached orgasm, so did they. Their orgasms would not come simultaneously with his, though, but shortly thereafter, so that their urge to serve his pleasure – and thereby achieve their own pleasure – would not be met too soon. Only after he finished ejaculating into the mouth of the woman who sucked him, and had finished sucking and biting hard on the tits of the 2 big-titted bitches who nursed him, would he allow the rest of the women and the 14-year-old-girl, to experience some magnitude of orgasm.

The Master controlled the magnitude and the duration of the orgasms enjoyed by his slaves. Since his best orgasms came from getting his dick sucked, that is also what produced the best orgasms for his women and girls. Since he got almost as much pleasure from sodomizing his bitches, they also enjoyed having him fuck them up the ass. Likewise, they enjoyed having their tits sucked and bitten because he enjoyed doing it, and they drank his urine and ate his shit for the same reason. His control over their pleasure gave him the master control that conditioned their behavior, turning them into perfect sex slaves.

After the Master ejaculated orgasmically and his bitches also came, they all relaxed together in a heap of satisfied flesh. The Master enjoyed the warmth and aroma of the female bodies that surrounded and embraced him. He enjoyed the lingering joy of his dick still being gently, slowly licked and sucked in the mouth of the big-titted bitch who had given him such a good blowjob. He delighted in the large-nippled breasts that remained so close to his mouth that he could suck them at will. And he reveled in the fact that he owned all of these females and could use them again, at any moment, in any manner he pleased. The Master and his sex slaves drifted back to sleep in the warm glow of post-orgasmic bliss.

About an hour later, the Master woke. His dick was still in the mouth of the big-titted bitch who had sucked him off and swallowed his cum. The Master was sucking on one nipple of an enormous breast. And his 14-year-old bitch was snuggled up against him. The Master used his mental control system to signal the Matrons that he was ready for them to bring in the rest of his 14-year-old bitches to him for their morning inspection.

A few minutes later 24 naked 14-year-old girls entered the room, accompanied by a dozen Matrons. Among these young girls, 14 were platinum blondes with the fairest hair, with skin color that ranged from pale pink to alabaster, bright blue eyes, gorgeous faces, and pink nipples and anuses. Each girl would present herself for the Master’s inspection and possible use. Another 6 were golden blondes, with pale pink skin color, bright blue eyes, gorgeous faces, and pink nipples and anuses. The remaining 4 girls were redheads, with skin color that ranged from pale pink to alabaster, bright blue or green eyes, gorgeous faces, and pink nipples and anuses.

The Matrons lined the girls up shoulder to shoulder, so that the Master could see them all at a glance. “Who owns you, little bitches?” the Master asked. They answered in unison “You do, Master. You own us body and soul. You are free to do anything you want with us. Your slightest wish is our command. Our only desire is to please you. Please use us like the lowest whores on earth, we beg you.”

The Master never tired of hearing his 14-year-old bitches make their morning pledge of allegiance. Next, the girls would come up to him one by one. Each one would suck his dick first, which is the standard way for all of his women and girls to give him a complete “Hello.” After she had sucked him for a short time while looking him in the eye, the Master would command the bitch to rise. He would then kiss her, getting his tongue all the way into her mouth. Then he would examine her breasts, first by looking at them, then by sucking and squeezing them. Next he would have the girls lay back on a raised platform or table so that he could easily examine her cunt. He would sniff it and taste it, briefly. Then he would move on to the far more important part of her anatomy: her ass. The girl would either get on her knees with her ass facing him, or lay down and spread her butt cheeks for him. The Master would examine her ass closely. Then he sniffed it, and licked it. Finally, he would insert one or two fingers into her ass and probe her rectum. Removing his fingers from her ass, the Master would smell them, then either put them directly into the girl’s mouth to be sucked clean, or before doing that, insert his fingers into her cunt to partially clean them there and soil her cunt before inserting his fingers into her mouth.

Since he had perfect control over biology in the Master’s World, and could ensure perfect health, there was no danger of illness from feces or urine. The Master could make his sex slaves drink piss and eat shit without any concern for their health. The girls would always be fine.

While the Master was examining the first girl after she blew him, the next girl would already be blowing him. In this manner, his dick would always be inside the mouth of a 14-year-old girl while he examined other 14-year-old girls. This was the case with the first girls through the 24th, and then with the 25th girl – who in this case happened to be Amber, the 14-year-old bitch he had been using all night. When the Master inspected Amber, his 25th 14-year-old bitch, one of the Matrons would blow him.

On most days, the Master then chose one girl from the batch 14-year-olds and sodomized her in front of the group. He then chose another 14-year-old to suck his dick clean afterwards in an ass-to-mouth blowjob. The Master would cum in that bitch’s mouth. And while he was doing the buttfuck-to-blowjob with those two bitches, he also engaged the other 14-year-olds by arranging them in connecting chains. The Master would lick the anus of one girl, who would then lick the anus of another who licked another, and so on. That chain of ass-lickers would be 4 to 5 bitches long. The Master would also finger the assholes of two more bitches, who would then lick the anus of another who licked another, and so on. That chain of ass-lickers would also be 4 to 5 bitches long. Finally, one bitch each would lick his feet. Another chain of 4 to 5 bitches would lick the anuses of the foot-lickers. When it came time for ass-to-mouth, the Master would briefly disconnect from the chain so he could insert his dick into the ass-to-mouth bitch. Once his dick was inside her, he would reconnect with the other bitches. The bitch he had just sodomized would then lick his anus. When the Master came in the mouth of the ass-to-mouth bitch, all of the other 14-year-old bitches would soon have orgasms of their own. So by sodomizing one bitch and getting an ass-to-mouth blowjob from another, the Master then generously gave orgasms to nearly all the other 14-year-olds.

The Master reserved something special for 14-year-old who had slept with him the night before. Since she was in her first month in Harem World, the Master wanted to use her intensely. So he set her the task of clean up duty for young assholes. The Master had her lay next to him and lick the asshole of every other 14-year-old bitch there, beginning with the one he had just sodomized, and ending with the one who had sucked him off. After she had tasted those 24 holes, the Master kissed her deeply, probing the inside of her mouth with his tongue, savoring the flavor of her mouth as enhanced by the taste of so many young, pink anuses.

Now it was time for morning wash-up. The Master led the way into the enormous bathroom, where there were sufficient bathtubs and showers and sinks and bidets and toilets to accommodate dozens. The bathtubs and the showers were glass-sided, so that the naked bodies within them could always been seen. The Master chose several women and girls to enter the shower with him. These bitches, having been well-trained, knew how to coordinate their actions to wash the Master’s body. A couple of bitches were chosen by the Master for blowjob duty. They knelt before him and sucked his dick, taking turns as the Master moved from one position to another. A couple of big-titted bitches stood on elevated platforms so that their breasts were always accessible to the Master’s mouth and hands without him every having to bend or contort himself.

After washing up, everyone toweled off. The Master, of course, did not towel himself off, for the most part. He allowed his bitches to do that to his body, except for his head, which he toweled off himself. As he finished drying, the Senior Matron approached him. This bitch was responsible for coordinating the actions of the other Matrons who oversaw the care of the Master’s precious 14-year-old bitches. The future of his harem depended on those little girls, so the Master was deeply concerned that those young bitches get the best possible care and attention, so he could use and abuse them more joyfully.

The Senior Matron knelt before him and placed her hands under her huge breasts, holding them out to the Master like sacred offerings. “Heavenly Master, please tell me, your faithful slave, how you would like your little bitches to dress today?”

Smiling, the Master reached down and grabbed one of the huge breasts by its pink nipple and a handful of flesh. He yanked the tit upward. Stepping closer to the bitch, he pushed his dick toward her mouth. She immediately responded by taking his dick in her mouth and sucking it, all the while looking her Master in the eye.

“Well bitch” the Master began “lacey bras and translucent panties during breakfast. After that, white translucent school blouses and tartan miniskirts. After school, let’s have them wear half-tops and hot pants that show the bottoms of their little tits and their big butt cheeks. I love those bulbous little girl butts. In the evening, we’ll get back to just translucent panties. Footwear will be comfortable pumps. Got it, bitch?”

Without removing her Master’s dick from her mouth, the Senior Matron said in garbled fashion “Wef Mafweh.”

“Good bitch” the Master said. Then he dropped her tit, which fell heavily against her chest. He put both hands on her head and shoved his cock down her throat. “Good bitch” he said again.

The Master could literally read the minds of his female property, as well as detect their emotions and their bodily responses. He knew that the Senior Matron was delighted that he was throat-fucking her. She felt completely loved and wonderfully rewarded by his abusive treatment of her. This was exactly how the Master wanted her to feel.

For the most part, all of the Master’s women and girls said and did and felt exactly what he wanted them to. If they ever fell short of that by becoming confused, or unhappy, or failed to follow what he wanted from them precisely as he wanted it, the Master could override their autonomy and puppet them. He could make them think and feel and say and do whatever he chose. He only had to do this briefly in order to restore the bitch to her true life path. She would quickly pick up the pattern he had laid down. She would begin thinking and feeling and doing exactly what he had initiated for her. Then she would no longer be confused or unhappy. She would do and feel exactly as her Owner wanted her to.

Having such thorough knowledge of, and control over, all of his female property gave the Master the satisfying certainty that resistance by his bitches was utterly impossible. He could safely use and abuse them to his heart’s content, and they would always be happy and grateful for it. They were perfect slaves, perfect sluts. Nothing was too disgusting, painful, or degrading for them to do if he wanted it. They were always grateful for the opportunity to serve him. They were always pleased when they could please him. Their only goal was to make him happy.

The Master finished throat fucking the Senior Matron. As soon as his dick was out of her mouth, she looked up at him with genuine love and devotion “Thank you for gag-fucking me Master! I’m so grateful. I will do everything you instructed me. Your slightest wish is my command!” she said. Then she bent down and kissed his feet before backing away on her knees, rising to her feet, and going off to pass along the Master’s commands to the rest of his female property present.

The Master did not have to tell the Matrons how to dress. Unless he issued special orders, they always dressed in lacey white bras that lifted and separated their tits in order to make their enormous breasts as prominent as possible. They also wore translucent white panties, which the Master ordered as standard for all his bitches. The Matrons wore white, low-cut blouses that exposed maximum cleavage. And they wore extremely tight, short grey mini-skirts that clung to their shapely asses.

The Master wore a button-down black shirt with a silver pattern, and dark grey pants that were open at the crotch. He wore a codpiece over the open crotch which could be opened with a single motion of either hand. On his feet, he wore boots with wide tops, easy to get on and off.

After dressing, the Master, along with his adult women from the night before, his 25 14-year-olds and the full 26-member Matron Corps (one Matron for each 14-year-old plus one Senior Matron) walked into the breakfast dining room. The Master and his 57 bitches entered the large chamber, which could be used for other meals or snacks as well as for breakfast. It was sunny, airy and brightly welcoming. French doors were open to the garden outside, and vases of flowers were placed on every table inside. The room was arranged with a main table at the head, and four lesser tables perpendicular to it. The tables all had glass tops. This was the Master’s standing order for all tables. He wanted to be able to see the laps and legs of all his bitches. He also wanted to see the women or girls who knelt under the table to service him. At least one beauty was always under table ready to suck his dick. Usually he also had at least two more who were available to care for his feet until the bitches were called up for their oral service.

Breakfast was prepared and served by the sex slaves who were assigned to these duties. They too had been the Master’s 14-year-old newbies at one time. Now they were young women from 18 to 24 who served in the Master’s household as cooks, waitresses, chamber maids, and similar functions. The Master used and abused them at will, of course.

The Master sat down at the main table. Immediately, one of the servant girls under the table removed his codpiece and took his dick in her mouth. Two other bitches removed his boots and licked his feet. To his left and right, large breasted women sat in special chairs that were designed so that their breasts could be kept at all times within a few inches of the Master’s head on either side. All he need do to suck or bite tits was turn his head slightly either left or right.

Breakfast this day consisted of fresh fruit salad, fresh cinnamon rolls, and coffee. Small glass containers filled with top-quality sinsemilla cannabis buds were also on the Master’s table. As the Master ate and drank, he occasionally took a pause between chewing and swallowing to turn his head toward a tit and suck the milk out of it. The bitches to his right and left were Major Milk Producers who lactated prodigiously. The Master could always suck milk from their tits. Indeed, these bitches were so honored and turned-on to be serving as the Master’s milk maids that their milk “let down” spontaneously, dripping from their nipples drop by drop. The Master did not have to suck hard in order to get a healthy milk flow from them. If he wanted increased flow and did not feel like sucking harder, he could order these big-titted bitches to squeeze their own breasts and thus express milk more prodigiously.

As the Master ate food, sucked tits, he would gaze around the room at his 14-year-old bitches and their Matrons. The girls chatted happily with one another, or listened with rapt attention as one of the Matron told them stories of how the Master had sodomized her, or shat in her mouth, or throat-fucked her, or bit her tits until they were black-and-blue, or pissed down her throat, or—best of all—came in her mouth. The Matrons also offered tips on dressing and grooming and cooking and cleaning and other things. But what always captured the girls’ attention most completely were descriptions of having sex with the Master. This is what they lived for. And it is what the Master wanted them to live for.

After breakfast, two-dozen of the 14-year-old girls (all of them except Amber, who would stay with the Master for her first month) went off to school. A dozen of the Matrons accompanied them. Meanwhile the other dozen Matrons plus the Senior Matron met with the Master in his nearest office, one of many offices he kept. The office was a wood-paneled room that looked something like a 19th century British upper-class study. It had a large desk, several chairs, bookshelves, and oil paintings. But these painting did not have typical 19th century British subject matter, such as fox hunting or pastoral views. Not at all. These paintings were all life-sized depictions of the Master in orgiastic delight with various women and girls.

Something else different about this office compared to a 19th century British room was the presence of a bed large enough to accommodate a dozen or more people. Like all of the Master’s beds, it included a recess for a cocksucking bitch, and various other indentations, compartments, raised sections and other deformations from a flat plane that were designed to position the Master’s bitches so that he could use them most easily and thoroughly.

The Master and the Matrons undressed and got into the bed. He directed one of the Matrons into the cocksucking slot, and another into a position that allowed her buttocks to become his pillow, and 2 more into tit-sucking positions. The remaining big-titted bitches assumed special recessed seats so that their tits rested in slots of the bed where the Master could grab them or roll on top of them like tit mattresses, while the Senior Matron knelt on hands and knees with her tits dangling near his head.

“How are my little bitches doing?” the Master asked. “I want an oral report now and a full video and written report with analysis and commentary before the end of the day.” Even though the Master already knew far more about every detail of what all of his women and girls were doing and feeling and thinking every moment of every day than the females themselves, he still demanded that the women he put into positions of responsibility give him reports on the areas to which they were assigned.

The Senior Matron gave her oral report while the Master sucked and bit and squeezed her dangling tits. She said “All 25 of your little bitches are doing well, Master. As you’ll see later in the full report, 23 out of 25 are making good to excellent progress on learning cooking and cleaning skills. All 25 are improving in their reading and writing ability, particularly with respect to the letters they are writing to you. I am so grateful that you like their latest batch of letters, Master.”

Each of his 14-year-old bitches was required to write her Master a letter every week. They thought of these missives as love letters to their Master, who was also their adoptive father, so they addressed him with equally facility as Master and Daddy. However, the Master thought of these letters as status reports, because they showed how well each bitch was growing in her role as sex slave.

The Senior Matron went on: “The girls continue to improve in their capacity to withstand your oral and anal abuse. Inspections of their mouths, throats, anuses and rectums show no permanent damage. And the girls continue to show constant enthusiasm for being used and abused by you, Master.”

“Good bitch” the Master said. As a reward to the Senior Matron, he bit and sucked her knockers even harder.

With a sigh of pleasure, the Senior Matron resumed her report. “The little bitches continue to react positively to drinking your urine and eating your shit. They enjoy it, and their bodies have rapidly adjusted to taking in your waste matter as special food. Consequently, the girls have become enthusiastic beggars for drinking your urine and eating your shit. They love being your toilet bowls, Master.”

The Master smiled. “I’ve noticed that my little sluts are becoming expert little perverts. They keep begging me to treat them like the lowest whores on earth. And they become ecstatic when I do!” The Master laughed. “My Matron bitches are doing a very good job. As a reward, I’m going to sodomize you all and let each one of you give me an ass-to-mouth blowjob. You’ll be eating one another’s shit off my dick, not your own.”

All the Matrons spoke up simultaneously in a cacophony of rapturous thanks and appreciation and love for their Master. Finally, the Master interrupted them. “Good bitches. Let’s get down to it. I’ll start with my fat-assed butt pillow. Prepare to get sodomized, you piece of shit.”

For the next hour, the Master engaged each of these bitches in blowjob-buttfuck-blowjob play, with plenty of tit sucking and biting as well. He began by licking their pink anuses while they were still clean. After he had sodomized them, he made the bitches lick one another’s anuses clean. However, in the joy of the orgy, after he had reamed a bitch’s anus until it was gaping, he would occasionally take delight in inserting his tongue through her gaping pink anus and into the bitch’s rectum.

After he had buttfucked and gotten ass-to-mouth blowjobs from all the bitches and he had cum in the mouth of one lucky bitch, the Master laid back with all the bitches and took a short nap. They napped with him, snuggled close so that their tits and asses and mouths were always available for his use.

After the Master and his slaves woke, they walked into the adjacent large bathroom and cleaned up. Then they dressed. The Matrons went off to their duties, while the Master lit up a joint and smoked it as he strolled out of his mansion and down the street. As he puffed on the sinsemilla cigarette, the Master gazed around. The pleasant street was a combination of suburban neighborhood and up-scale village. Some side streets led to more urban streetscapes. Those urban aspects were cunningly hidden by trees and small buildings so that their different ambience did not clash with the suburban splendor.

Whenever a woman or girl sees the Master, she immediately stops and places her hands under her breasts in a gesture that indicates she is aware that her breasts are the rightful property of the Master and she is merely their stewardess. She is poised to remove her outer clothing and bra to present the Master’s breast property to him as soon as he signals his desire for it.

This is the protocol for women and teenaged girls 16 and over who have some substantial tittage. Girls 14 and 15 years of age display a different gesture: they turn their backsides to the Master, raise their dresses or pull down their shorts, and then pull down their panties. They bend over and spread their butt cheeks, showing their anuses to the Master. When they do this, they also turn their heads to look behind them at the Master, waiting for his signal that he might want to sodomize them, or at least shove a finger or two up their asses or cunts.

The Master acknowledges the women and girls he encounters during his walk. Since he is not in a hurry this day, he commands the women “Fish your tits out of your bras.” He grabs, squeezes and flops around every tit. He sucks and bites a few.

With the young girls, he sniffs every anus and then fingers each one. He then fingers their cunts with the same fingers he had previously shoved up their asses.

The entire built environment of the Master’s Harem World includes many, many small platforms over varying heights, like mini-staircases, so that girls can step up and bring their asses to the level of the Master’s head, making it easy for him to sniff and finger their anuses. Women, too, can step up so that their breasts are at the level of the Master’s mouth.

During his walk, the Master tarried this way with 8 women and 3 teens along his path. His destination this morning was the office of the Master Club. He owned that Club, of course, as well as its namesake Master Club magazine. The club and magazine were inspired by the glory years of the old Playboy magazine and club on old Earth. The Master’s version of the magazine and the club were far superior to the original versions back on his home world. The old version of the magazine featured many photos of beautiful women over many decades, but not once did any photo spread feature a woman baring her anus to the camera. By contrast, every photo spread in the Master’s superior version of magazine featured many shots of women displaying their anuses. The old magazine never featured sex. His superior version of the Master Club Magazine always featured him having sex with the women and girls in it. Not every photo was of sex acts, however. The Master liked to use Master Club Magazine as one of his personal catalogues of women he owned. So, unlike the old Earth magazine, which featured only 3 nudie spreads, one long one in the middle, and two shorter ones divided between the first and third quarters of the magazine, the Master’s Master Club Magazine was 80% photos of naked women and girls. The entire magazine was about 120 pages long. That meant 96 pages of nudie pics and 24 pages of other things. Those pages were divided this way: 12 pages of advertisements for high-end products and services, including sexual services aimed at an audience of one: him. The other 12 pages were composed of one interview and several advice columns on how to be a Master Club Magazine Bunny or Playmate, which were specific roles that some of the Master’s many sex slaves would fill in his harem.

The Master Club included the premier restaurant and entertainment business in the Master’s Harem World. It served the finest food. Its waitress, or Bunnies, were the prettiest cunts. And it had the best music, the best nude dancing, and the most comfortable rental rooms for sexual occasions.

The Master planned to visit the Master Club first, and then go upstairs to the Master Club Magazine editorial offices. He entered the Club and immediately the women began fawning over him as their boss, in the specific way they had been trained to do. Every one of them bared their breasts and exposed their asses, either by removing the parts of their Bunny uniforms that covered tits and ass, or if the woman was a Playmate (a Master Club Magazine whore) she removed all of her clothing and went down on her knees, mouth open and licking her lips, whispering “Please let me blow you, Master.”

The Master grabbed and squeezed every breast, fingered every asshole, and briefly inserted his dick into every waiting mouth. Occasionally he even fingered a cunt. After this greeting period, he entered the Club Management Office and went straight to his President’s Office. The staff who ran the Club, came quickly to him with the latest information about the Club’s operation. They showed him pictorial lists of who was working there that day, as well as pictorial lists of women who had made reservations to come to the Club for lunch or dinner or for the after dinner strip shows and nude dancing. The Master encouraged the women of Harem World to come to his club, and to bring their adopted daughters, to help the young bitches see some of the jobs they might have after they turn 18, including Master Club Magazine editorial jobs, and jobs as Club Bunny, Playmate, and stripper/nude dancer. The strippers were women with the largest breasts, who displayed the art of wearing gigantic bras, fishing their enormous breasts out of those bras, then artfully removing the bra altogether, after which the strippers would perform various acts with their gigantic knockers, including swinging them like pendulums, doing jumps so the breasts would flop up and down, nude dancing, and so forth.

After reviewing the worker lists and reservations lists, noting which women on each he most desired to use this time around, the Master turned to the Club Manager and Assistant Manager. “We need more young girls visiting this place as a sort of career faire. I want you to arrange school trips from the junior high, high school and junior colleges. At least one per week. My 14-year-olds are still very young. I’ll bring them here myself.” The Master paused, a smile slowly coming over his face. “In fact” he said with glee, “let’s set up a sleep over here for my 14-year-olds and all of the bitches who work here, from all shifts. We’ll do it on a Friday night through Saturday lunch. When the regular lunch crowd comes in, I want them to see that an orgy had been going on all night with me, my 14-year-olds, and all the women who work here. Then we can invite the lunch bitches to join in.”

The Manager and the Assistant Manager were delighted and excited to hear this. “Yes, Master!” they said, practically in unison. The Manager said “We’ll get right on it. We’ll arrange the school trips, and notify the entire staff that everyone works Friday night through Saturday lunch. They’ll be so excited!” The Manager and the Assistant Manager then rushed off, giggling and talking excitedly about the upcoming orgy.

The Master then left his office and took the elevator to the top floor. Inside the elevator, he was accompanied by one Bunny and one Playmate that he had grabbed from the crowd in the office. The Playmate blew him and he sucked and bit the tits of the Bunny during the elevator ride.

As he rode the elevator, the Master mused about his great good fortune, in doing what he was doing and being what he was being. Master Club Magazine was his personal master publication. It gave him great joy to live the life of a real playboy that was far more grand, deep, and spectacular than even the original playboy founder, Hugh Hefner, had lived on the Master’s home planet, Old Earth, where Hefner had invented Playboy Magazine and the Playboy Club and proclaimed the Playboy Philosophy. The Master could do things that Hef would not even dare dream of. And in living this life the Master had created for himself, he went far beyond the wildest dreams that he had had as a twelve-year-old boy, when he had first found a Playboy Magazine and masturbated to it. Over the years, he had gotten to see pictures of every Playboy Magazine monthly Playmate, and had singled out the several dozen he most liked. These bitches were among the templates for first bio-engineered female sex slaves he had synthesized using this high technology. He had even improved them in many ways, with larger breasts and bigger butts. He now owned the bitches he used to masturbate to. Now they served him as sex slaves with unending devotion and perfect sexual performance.

When the elevator doors opened, he took the two bitches with him into the Editorial Office of Master Club Magazine. As downstairs, so too upstairs, the women who worked in the Master Club Magazine Editorial Offices bared their tits and asses, or stripped naked, for their owner and boss. He ordered them all into the Executive Conference Room, which was a large space that held a long, glass-topped conference table, many display screens, a large bed, and many types of furniture designed to facilitate various sex acts. At the head of the conference table was the Boss’s Chair, which had many ancillary seating spots so that the Master could suck tits, finger assholes, and get blowjobs while engaged in his work as Editor in Chief.

Once the entire staff had gathered in the room, the Master received a brief report from each woman. After her report, he sucked and bit her tits, and fingered her asshole, and then allowed her to blow him while he received the report of the next woman and treated her similarly.

After these briefing reports were over, the Master ordered the Photo Editor to display the photo shoots of this month’s bitches for the magazine. Unlike the old Playboy Magazine, which featured one centerfold woman in a 4-5 page spread plus foldout, and a couple of minor nudie shots in the rest of the magazine, the Master’s superior Master Club Magazine featured 6 Playmates (who might also be Bunnies at the Club), each of whom got a 16 page spread plus foldout. Many of those 16 pages would be solo nudes of the woman. However, 4-6 of those pages would feature shots of the Master having sex with the Playmate.

There were about 100 photos to choose from for each of the 6 Playmates. Now 600 photos is a lot to review. But the Master only needed to glance at most of them to see they were not suitable. He was able to quickly choose the 16% of each photo set for the spread and foldout. The foldout shot was always one in which he was having sex with the Playmate, usually a blowjob, sometimes a buttfuck, very often a blowjob immediately after a buttfuck (with the Playmate’s gaping asshole showing that she’d just been sodomized). All of the photos were ultra-high resolution, color faithful and highly detailed. These foldouts were especially important, because young girls would tear them out of their copy of the magazine and put them on their bedroom walls, just as, in the Master’s youth on Old Earth, boys and young men would do the same with centerfolds from the original Master Club Magazine. In the Master’s World, young girls would masturbate (anally or orally or vaginally with a Master-dildo) while gazing at these large photos of the Master having sex with beautiful women.

Next the Master reviewed the advice columns. Master Club Magazine was the highest of high end magazines in the Master’s porno publishing empire. So the advice columns were about orgy etiquette, giving parties when the Master was in attendance, the best type of bra to wear if a bitch suspected the Master might want to piss on her bra-encased tits so that she’d have a urine-stained bra as a souvenir, and so forth.

Then the Master reviewed the interview. The Master Club Magazine interview varied from month to month. Often it was an interview with a particularly successful bitch whose success was based on the Master’s evaluation of her. She would share the secrets of her success with the reading audience, so that they might learn and do likewise.

After approving these articles, the Master moved on to reviewing the ads. The ads were for bras, panties, home furnishing sex items, perfumes, and various services, the latter mostly aimed at the Master himself. These services included businesses he owned, such as Blowjobs Unlimited, Buttfuck Babes, Tit-Cows, Underage Girls (his own property, of course), Urine Drinkers, Big-titted Shit Eaters, and various other minor services. Those top-five named services each got either 2 full-page ads or one double-page spread. That left only 2 other pages. Each of those pages got many smaller ads for such things as gourmet foods, bra repair, babysitter services (the Master often hired a babysitter just so he could fuck her up the ass and make her suck him clean) as well as a variety of oddities, including “fan fiction” books in which women and girls wrote their fantasies of having the most degrading kinds of sex with the Master imaginable. Many of these books had the women and girls becoming total toilet bowls, begging the Master to shit in their mouths, and servicing his other needs 24/7 until the bitch passed out from exhaustion. These books were quite popular with a portion of the Master’s harem. This was a portion that the Master loved deeply and tried to accommodate whenever he found the time. The Master was delighted to read all of the fan fiction about him, often secretly arranging to meet the bitches who wrote this stuff so that he could degrade and abuse them according to their fantasies (which were always also his as well, even though the bitches did not realize that he had implanted these thoughts and desires in their minds). These secret meetings were filmed in their entirety and then artfully edited before being sold as porn for public consumption.

After the Master had finished this work, it was time for lunch. The Master grabbed a half-dozen bitches from the Master Club Magazine Office to accompany him, and they went out to a restaurant down the street. As they prepared to leave for lunch, he told the office staff who were not accompanying them that they were to come to his palace for dinner. They were ecstatic to hear this, and thanked him profusely. They were all smiles as he walked out of the office with the half-dozen lunch bitches.

There were several excellent restaurants on the block, aside from the Master Club itself. The area was a business district similar to parts of Manhattan. But again, everything was designed so that, while these few blocks looked like a bustling downtown, just a short distance away were suburban streets and bucolic rural areas.

The Master chose an Italian restaurant named Mama’s Table. Even though the food was genuine Italian and Italian-American fare, the waitresses all looked Swedish and Celtic. The Master preferred blondes and redheads. He had no use for women who had has own dark hair and brown eyes. All his women had white skin as he did, but of even lighter hue.

In every restaurant, a special section was set aside for the Master and his guest bitches. His special tables had a royal throne for him, and various seats for the women who would accompany him so that their bodies would be in the optimal positions for him to suck their tits, or finger their assholes, or for the women to give him blowjobs. And there were also special positions in the furniture so that enormously-titted bitches could lay their gigantic breasts on the seat of his throne and he could sit on their tits.

The Master ordered a hearty meal of spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread and salad, along with bottles of wine for himself and his bitches. His Master Club Magazine employees were thrilled to be dining with him. He let them take turns giving him blowjobs. And he fingered each bitch’s asshole and made her suck his finger clean. He also sucked all of their tits, and bit each tit several times, making sure to leave black and blue bite marks for their girls to show off as souvenirs.

After lunch the Master called for a water pipe and some hashish. He smoked contentedly as he received blowjob after blowjob. After a while, the wine and the hashish having done their work, he called for all 6 bitches to prepare to drink his urine. He pissed in ever bitch’s mouth.

The Master then left the table and walked into the back room, where he maintained a complete bedroom. His bitches followed eagerly, quickly putting themselves into one of the standard arrangements: one bitch in the blowjob slot, one in the butt pillow or tit pillow slot, and the other 4 bitches in knocker usage or side blowjob spots.

The Master lay down, inserting his dick into the mouth of the bitch in the blowjob slot. He bit the butt cheeks on the bitch in the butt pillow slot, then spread her cheeks and licked her anus for a few seconds, before inserting a finger into her ass as far as it would go. He wiggled it around, then removed it. He gave it a sniff, then shoved it into her cunt to wipe it clean. Having combined the shit and cunt smells, he pulled his finger out of her cunt, sniffed it again, then put it into the mouth of the big-titted bitch to his left while he began sucking her massive tits, first one, then the other. After a few minutes of this, he pulled his finger out of her mouth. While still sucking her tits, he came in the mouth of the bitch in the blowjob slot. Then he snuggled his body into a comfortable position, with a tit in his mouth and his dick still in the blowjob bitch’s mouth, and he gently dozed off to sleep.

The Master woke an hour later, refreshed and ready for more use and abuse of his sex slaves. “Time for blowjobs, bitches!” he announced joyfully. “I want blowjobs from each of you, with presentation of asses in sequence so I can lick each anus before I fuck it. Then I want dirty ass-to-mouth, shit-eating blowjobs from every one of you worthless pieces of shit.”

The women stirred with excitement. Blowjob-buttfuck-blowjob! This is what they lived for! They knew that the Master would grant one lucky bitch the great honor and joy of cumming in her mouth. This was the height of joy for every bitch. And the Master knew that, too.

The women moved smoothly through their appointed rounds. They had been doing this, or training for it, for their entire lives. Once the Master gave the command as he had just done, everything then went like clockwork. This always delighted the Master to no end. He loved being able to give a single command and have his sex slaves move through their paces in perfect synchrony without any further direction from him. They sucked his dick and, at his option, took it all the way down their throats, or were made to gag on his organ. He licked their anuses and bit their butt cheeks with abandon. When he sodomized them, he could choose to insert his dick gently into their asses or shove it in violently, with the joy of freedom to rape. And the bitches who were neither sucking his dick nor offering their asses for his use and abuse were deployed so that their tits were always in the right position for sucking and biting.

The Master plowed through them all, mouths and asses and mouths again, all the while sucking and biting tits with joyful violence. His teeth left black and blue bruises on the bitches’ enormous breasts, which served as their badges of honor, showing to one and all where they’d been and what had been done to them. Immediately after this fuck fest and in the photos and videos that were made constantly and then edited for distribution by the Master’s automated systems, the bruised breasts, stretched anuses, gaping rectums and drooling mouths would be broadcast for all to see and enjoy.

When this fuck fest was done, the Master did not bother to wash. He told the bitches to clean themselves in the adjacent bathroom. He put on his clothes and walked out of the restaurant, heading down the street to the editorial headquarters of his publishing empire.

The Master was the publisher and editor-in-chief of a host of magazines, two newspapers, and a book publishing company. The editorial offices of all of these (except for Master Club Magazine, his flagship magazine) were located in The Buttfuck Building, an architectural marvel that looked like a big female ass being sodomized by a giant dick. It was quite impressive. Women found it highly erotic. So did the Master.

He entered the building and was immediately the center of attention. A half dozen women were in the lobby. The all turned to him and placed their hands under their breasts in offering. The Master walked up the to the receptionist, yanked her tits out of her bra, then opened his codpiece and demanded a blowjob to clean himself after his previous sex episode after lunch. He announced to the other bitches present that there would be a general editorial meeting in the main conference room in half an hour. He told them to go spread the word. They acknowledged his command, thanked him for it, and scurried off to do as they had been told. The Master smiled as he grabbed the blowjob bitch by the head and shoved his cock deep down her throat.

When he was done with her, he pulled his dick out of her mouth and she gasped for air. Quickly composing herself, she thanked him for his abuse. He smiled and pinched one of her nipples, twisting her breast in the process. She winced. “Thank you, Master” she said with sincerity. He kissed her and said “Leave your desk duty to someone else and come upstairs with me, bitch.” She looked surprised and happy. “Yes, Sir, Master, my Owner, my Lord! Thank you so much for this privilege!”

They got into the elevator together. He forced her to her knees and began face-fucking her again. She happily cooperated by deep-throating him.

When the elevator reached their floor, the Master and his bitch got out. He tore off her dress (without damaging it) then had her walk slightly to the side and ahead of him so that he could shove his finger up her ass while they walked. She was very pleased at this. “Thank you for fingering my asshole, Master” she said with a smile.

They entered the main conference room and settled in, the Master in his command chair, the bitch on her knees blowing him. The Master quickly reviewed all the relevant magazine and book production data displayed on several computer monitors while getting a blowjob. He sent out a command to the bevy of bitches who follow him everywhere at a discrete distance, ordering 2 gigantomastic bitches to come up immediately to service him with their lactating breasts. Since the meeting would not start for another 22 minutes, the Master wanted to fresh breast milk as a refreshment. He also wanted some big tits to bite and play with. The gigantomastic bitches arrived 5 minutes later. After greeting their owner and begging to be used, they placed their enormous breasts on the tit-holders to the right and left of his chair, so that their nipples were is close proximity to his face. He could suck or bite them with minimal effort.

The Master finished his review of all the relevant publication data just before the editorial bitches entered the room together as a phalanx of cunts, begging to be used, offering their bodies to the man who owned them body and soul. By their Master’s hand wave gesture, each bitch gratefully took her assigned seat at the glass topped table. The bitches wore only their standard office underwear of white lacey bras, translucent panties, and stockings. When it was a bitch’s turn to give her editorial presentation, a large display screen showed the presentation slides, while the bitch stripped naked and lay on a raised portion of the table before the Master. The raised portion included a rotatable platform, like a “lazy susan” from Old Earth. The Master could turn the platform in order to access whatever portion of the woman’s body that pleased him. He usually squeezed and bit the bitch’s tits before shoving one or more of his finger up her ass, and them making her suck his fingers clean. Each bitch only got a minute or two on the table, but she was extremely grateful to have enjoyed even this brief gift of her Master’s abuse.

The 14 editorial bitches had made their presentations and enjoyed their abuse at the Master’s hands and mouth. The meeting took 2 hours. When it was over, he told all the editorial bitches that they had done a good job with the suites of magazine titles they edited. He told them to thank the bitches who reported to them from the various editorial teams. Finally, he told these 14 cunts that they were invited to his palace for dinner tonight. They and the other female guests would eat at his table and spend the night with him in his orgy bedroom.

Upon hearing this, the girls grew ecstatic. They thanked him profusely, over and over, and begged him to allow them to kiss his feet. He allowed them. Then he told them to go and clean themselves, since he hand dirtied their assholes and their mouths. The bitches thanked him and then went off to do as they had been fold.

It was now after 4 in the afternoon. The Master sent the blowjob bitch receptionist to wash up and told her to come to the palace for dinner. She smiled with unending gratitude. Then the Master took his pair of gigantomastic bitches and went to the elevator. On their ride down, he had one bitch on her knees blowing him while he squeezed and suck the gigantic tits of the other.

On the ground floor, they exited the elevator and the building. The Master lit up a joint and strolled the streets back towards his palace, squeezing tits and fingering assholes along the way.

The Master entered the palace grounds, its vast lawns and flower gardens shining in the sun, its many fountains spurting gaily. The Master spotted some teenage girls swimming naked in one of his pools. He undressed and called them over for a quick series of blowjobs. There were 6 girls, all 16-years old, 5 blondes and one redhead. He sucked and bit tits of the bitches who were not actively blowing him. He also fingered each of their assholes, and made the bitches suck his fingers clean. Then he got in the pool with them to frolic for a little while. After that, he showered and dressed for dinner.

There were 24 bitches for dinner. Each girl or woman had her personal story. During the cocktail hour before dinner, the Master listened to each bitch while biting her tits and fingering her asshole. His dick was constantly getting sucked by one or another of the bitches.

Then they sat down to dinner. In addition to his 24 guest bitches, the Master had 100 servant bitches handling all aspects of the dinner, including the gigantomastics who provided their gigantic tits for him to suck or sit on or rest his feet on.

After dinner, the Master and his guests went out into the gardens to enjoy the evening air. The Master lit up a joint and call for music. A choir of teenaged girls sang for the Master and his guests for nearly an hour. Then the Master and his bitch guests strolled through the gardens for awhile.

Returning to the palace, the Master stripped each of his 24 guests and took them all to the orgy bed. For the next several hours, it was blowjob-buttfuck-blowjob with continual tit sucking and biting. The Master came twice into the mouths of 2 lucky bitches. Then he feel asleep with his dick in one bitch’s mouth and his mouth still sucking the enormous knocker of another bitch. During the night he awoke every couple of hours and had sex with more bitches. This went on till dawn.

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