18 August 2007
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Wife Watching, Bestiality, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Public Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - On this day, Karen continues her desire to be walked like a sexy dog in public and introduces Lilly to Dan. With Wendy and Tina's help, Karen has a surprise for Lilly. Later on, Dan cheers on his five girls at a charity wet T-shirt contest.


Dan and Karen Hayward

Wendy Campbell

Doctor Carla Mackenzie

Brenda Hayward

Lilly Fletcher, a friend of Karen’s from the Hen House.

Sarg and Major

Numerous men in the park

Bobbie, stripper at the Go Go Club

Jerry, host at the Go Go Club

Henry (Thor), security at the Go Go Club

Numerous men at the Go Go Club

Dan woke up with his upper body cuddled against Wendy, a hand, as usual, caressing her bare breast. His waist was turned slightly and he smiled to the familiar warm sensation around his cock and his hand felt the up and down movements of Karen’s head.

“This has got to be the best alarm clock in the world!” he smiled.

“And ours is waking up to you eating our pussy,” she kissed the head and moved to his side, “Come and get dressed, this is going to be a day full of surprises for us.”

“You’ve made breakfast already?” he asked, his nostrils detecting the wonderful aroma of bacon, eggs, and coffee.

“I tried my dildo in my pussy and Dan, I’m ready. I need you to love me now. Please make me your wife again,” her eyes beginning to water. He cupped his hand behind her neck and kissed her long and tender.

“Can I watch?” Wendy asked, turning over and stretching her lean looking body.

“Besides Dan, I need to thank you the most. How you could put up with the way I treated you, I didn’t even like the way I treated myself.”

“That’s easy, honey because I love you,” Wendy leaned up touching her lips to Karen’s and lowered her down on top of her. They enjoyed sensual kisses then Karen and Dan shared her nipples.

“You and I will make plans for our own special girl time for me to thank you.”

“You’re thanking me every day for being alive and waking up next to me each morning,” Wendy said, kissing each nipple.

“Dan, I want us to make love at the very spot of our first time,” Karen revealed, “We’ll have time to then I have other plans for us.”

“You have always loved fucking outdoors and the risk of getting caught,” he fondly remembered and they laughed.

“And we have a few times,” she smiled hugging her lover close to her breasts. They enjoyed a hearty breakfast then Karen and Wendy put on their lowest tops and shortest skirts.

The day was expected to be another warm one and several people were taking advantage of the slightly cooler mid-morning. The car parked, they spread out the comforter on the ground.

“This must be the same place we first fucked, I can still see your cum stain on the grass,” Karen joked, pointing to a clump of grass blades higher than the others.

“Your cum is supposed to fertilize women, not the grass!” Wendy kidded and they laughed.

Dan was proud as could be centered between his two sensual looking girls. Their revealing figures, as usual, drew many a wandering eye from men and woman as they strolled along the pathway. Karen and Wendy further added to the naughty atmosphere by walking hand in hand and sharing more than one sensual kiss and feel of the other’s breast.

Karen led them back to their area and not caring who saw, made each other naked. Long and tender kisses were shared then she knelt so her mouth could make her man’s cock fully hard.

Dan had her lay down and he and Wendy took turns using their tongues to moisten her bare pussy. Long sought lust was about to be fulfilled as Karen motioned Dan between her legs. Knees bent to accept her lover, she guided his cock, the only cock she loved back to its home.

Dan settled lightly on top of his wife and holding her close to him body began a slow and gentle fucking,” Yes, my love, I am finally healed. Please, I know you can last a long time but I need you to take me, to make me your wife once again.”

Wendy smoothed the skin of her two lovers as Karen’s body accepted the loving thrusts of her husband. Soon, overcome with pent up emotions, she began to weep. “I’m so sorry Dan for what I did to you and what I put you through. I don’t know how you could have ever stayed in love with me.”

Dan comforted her releasing emotions, remembering that she’d experience periods of regret as part of her healing process. He reassured her with soft words of encouragement and kissed away her tears.

“Yuck, I’d sooner taste your cum on your lips than my tears,” she said and more laughter helped to make it right again. Wendy also wept silently with the thoughts of her true lover and what they could have missed in the years ahead.

On and on they continued as if it was their first time. Short sharp breaths were exhaled as the two lovers reached the pinnacle of loving, releasing sensual sounding climaxes in unison.

Wendy cuddled into her lovers and kisses were gratefully shared. The erotic outdoor scene was completed with Dan and Wendy sharing his cum from Karen’s pussy.

“Now, this is living, thank you both!” she smiled. As her lover’s each sucked on her nipples her eyes took in the deep blue sky and the unusual sight of a full moon in the daylight. “The beautiful days I would have missed... ,” her thoughts trailed off.

“We’ll have just enough time to go home, shower and change for meeting Carla.”

Dan, Karen, and Wendy sat in Dr. Mackenzie’s office waiting for their appointment. “See you again in two week’s time,” she said to the patient leaving her office, “Hi Karen, I’ll be with you three in a few minutes.”

Karen noted Carla’s choice of business attire and was disappointed. Though her white high-neck cotton top accented her full breasts and black slacks covered slim legs, she wasn’t dressed in revealing clothes like she hoped for.

She adjusted the opening of her own top allowing more cleavage to show for Carla in hopes of attracting her enough to have sex with her.

Several minutes later, Carla opened her office door, the dark wooden paneled door hiding her body from them. They walked into the large room and she closed the door behind them. Karen smiled to a blushing Carla who had quickly changed her clothes.

“You surprised me and remembered my suggestion,” she grinned of her choice of clothing.

“I was nervous as hell changing into such revealing clothes for you but had to think it is needed to help with your therapy,” Carla said making sure enough cleavage was showing.

“We appreciate you dressing so sexy for us,” Dan agreed.

Carla was now wearing a beige coloured blouse that was buttoned unfashionably low. Two golden necklaces hung in the valley between two breasts that sought attention and a short hemmed light brown skirt that revealed slender looking legs. Her blouse tucked into the waistband of her skirt, caused the material to hug her breasts and protruding nipples supported by an obvious cupless bra.

“If I’d known how sexy looking your body is, I would have jumped your bones weeks ago,” Karen joked, “Wendy and I love to wear sexy underclothes at work to feel better and of course, very naughty.”

“Please, have a seat,” Carla offered, adjusting the opening of her blouse to offer more skin to their eyes and sat behind her desk. As usual, Dan sat between his two girls, holding their hands.

Karen took in the beauty of Carla’s body from the waist up. “How am I supposed to enjoy looking at your wonderful body if you’re sitting behind your desk? You usually sit on the chair near us.”

“You’re right, my choice of clothes for you shouldn’t effect where I sit,” Carla moved to the empty chair and positioned it to face the sensual looking trio. She sat and crossed her slim legs preparing for their latest discussion.

“You look so beautiful but can you uncross your legs? I want to look up your short skirt,” Karen asked.

Carla’s heart quickened to Karen’s sensual request. Both feet on the carpeted floor and legs slightly spread her white cotton panties were now in view. Karen and Wendy weren’t bashful letting their posture relax allowing their bare pussy to be viewed by Carla.

Carla began the conversations asking for an update on Karen’s condition. She responded by saying how she was feeling much better and emphasized the point by saying she and Dan finally fucked and it happened in the park at the very spot they first made love over twenty years ago.

Wendy carried on mentioning how much she missed having her lover by her side and Carla seemed to be treating two patients at once. Carla replied the healing involved the whole family and suggested that a session or two with their children might be helpful for them also.

Karen went on to explain their visit to Carla’s cousin, Dr. Janet Dunn was very successful. Wendy was given a full examination and found to be in perfect health, inside and out. Janet placed her on a regime of diet, vitamins and hormonal injections to improve her body for invitro fertilization. Wendy joked that she and Karen had fun providing Janet with a sperm sample from Dan.,” It was hard resisting the urge to swallow all his great tasting cum.”

Dr. Dunn said Dan has plenty of good healthy sperm and a new sample will be cleansed for their treatment. Carla hoped their attempt to become pregnant with twins would be successful and reiterated that Karen will experience the whole pregnancy along with Wendy.

Karen turned the conversation more sexual saying she and Dan were going to try her role playing as a sexy bitch dog available for fucking. Carla’s heart rate couldn’t help elevating as Karen related other sexual interests she had including the desire to continue fucking the family dog.

Karen walked to Carla, having her stand, “I take pleasure in enjoying the taste of a woman’s pussy as much as I love fucking cock. I know the women in my family love being in bed with me but I also need to know I’m also attractive to other women.”

She placed a hand to her soft face and leaning closer lightly kissed her. Carla didn’t object as Karen’s fingers unbuttoned her blouse and pulling it out from her skirt. Carla hesitated, knowing she shouldn’t go any further. She had to stand firm on the conviction that her actions were in the best interest of her patient’s recovery.

Carla unfastened the few remaining buttons on Karen’s blouse and mirrored her response of caressing the other’s bare breast. Blouses removed, Dan, Karen, and Wendy eyed her full breasts and semi hard nipples. Karen continued the seduction of her lover by lightly licking then sucking on each nipple. Carla instinctively caressed her head to her breast as if feeding one of her children.

Karen guided Carla to the couch with Dan and Wendy making room for them. Her head resting on the padded arm of the couch, Karen sat sideways to her. She leaned over and sampled her nipples again then shared soft kisses. Karen’s hand wandered from Carla’s breasts down her flat stomach to the growing warmth between her legs. She smoothed the palm of her hand over her fabric covered mound then found the elastic waistband.

Dan and Wendy watched Karen’s fingers outlined under the soft fabric, touching her wiry hairs. Legs instinctively slid wider to accept her lover. Karen then sat up and raising the hem of Carla’s skirt, slid her moisture stained panties down her slender legs.

“You have a beautiful looking pussy,” she smiled as several fingers easily entered her. Karen looked at her new lover as she gently fingered her hole. She repositioned her body and Carla couldn’t help watching the first woman to ever taste her pussy.

A hand resting on her side then caressing her breast, Carla sighed softly to Karen’s exploring tongue and fingers. Wendy was also growing more aroused and using Dan’s lap as her seat, she had him finger her pussy for Carla to see.

“Your pussy tastes wonderful and I haven’t even made you cum yet!” Karen remarked. Carla’s chest rose and fell with quickening breaths. Karen knew she had her lover fully aroused and would agree to her other requests.

“On our next visit, Wendy is going to eat your lovely pussy then on the next one, my Dan is going to fuck you. I love watching my husband fucking other women. You’re going to let my husband fuck you a part of my healing, aren’t you, Carla?”

She knew she shouldn’t but couldn’t resist, “Yes ... but it doesn’t have to wait for two more visits,” she sighed looking at him, seeing his fingers moving in and out of Wendy’s pussy.

Wendy was so tempted to join Karen. She would make sure their next visit included eating Carla’s pussy.

Carla could no longer resist the passion of a woman’s tongue on her pussy. A moment later she covered her mouth and released the strongest climax she’d experienced in a long time. She glanced at the closed door, surely her next patient must have heard the moans of a woman cumming. Karen moaned her own pleasure lapping up her unique flavour.

Carla took several moments, trying to compose herself. Since they’d seen mostly naked, she changed back into her other clothes. They finished off their session in a professional manner but Carla was already circling Karen’s next two appointments on her calendar book.

She said goodbye to them and looking in a mirror hoped her blushing cheeks would soon return to normal.

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