Breaking Point
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Cousins, Cream Pie, First, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Pregnancy, Squirting, Nudism, Slow,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Domini has an advantage over his fellow nerd-like friends: his older, piping hot redheaded cousin Fiona is staying with his family for a few months...and she has this annoying habit of walking around naked...Domini finds himself entranced only by his cousin, his passion and lust for her increasing with her seductive teasing. Are the two teenagers just playing around, or will the cousins engage in a much deeper, forbidden relationship?

My cousin Fee, older than me by a year and half, has always been on the limit-pushing, rule-breaking, convention-hating, daring side. She’s broken every rule I can think of and then some. And she does it with such casual confidence, such a blasé attitude, that it makes you wonder if she’s actually not doing anything wrong at all.

Let me tell you about Fiona. She’s an averagely tall girl, about five foot seven, weighing a hundred and twenty-five pounds. Wavy red hair brushes her shoulders. Her body is slender, curved, and pale as buttermilk. After time in the sun, her bikini-clad body is speckled with unashamed freckles which she celebrates--even on her long, toned calves, soft rounded thighs, tender asscheeks, and the tops of her breasts.

Fee isn’t ashamed of her body in the least. She’s not shy at all, in fact, and has no qualms whatsoever about walking around in either a bikini, or part of a bikini, or even completely naked in front of me, my parents, and my friends.

My parents, being the generous and loving couple they are, don’t discourage Fee at all, except when distinguished guests may arrive. Then they convince her to put some proper clothing on. I’ve never even seen Dad look at Fee lustfully once. He only looks at her platonically, normally--which makes me feel slightly guilty for my wild fantasies and burning desire for my cousin.

I bet you’re wondering why Fiona even lives at our house, right? It’s because her parents--my mum’s brother and his wife--are field biologists in exotic places, like Africa and Indonesia. They travel all the time with enthusiasm. Fee sometimes tags along, especially in summertime, but this year she’s decided schooling comes first--so has been taken in by her loving aunt and uncle. Oh, Fee.

She’s the reason I have a major thing for redheads.

God, all the times I’ve furiously jacked off imagining her naked, or even recalling the few times I’ve spied on Fee masturbating. She’s really hot doing it, by the way. Lying back partway on her bed, spreading her thighs--sometimes I imagine myself between them--and then gingerly using one finger to prod herself to begin with, then slipping a few fingers into her pussy, and then eventually her whole hand is rubbing that tiny pink clitty just as urgently as I’m stroking my cock on the other side of the wall watching her. By this time Fee’s breathing is hard and ragged, and sometimes small desperate moans escape her parted lips, cheeks flushed a healthy red. Leaning forward slightly, biting her lip, she cries out quietly, eyes squeezing shut and toes curling inwards as she rocks with climax, juices flooding out of her and onto the bedsheets.

That’s usually about the time I cum.

Fee has spoiled me for any other woman. Before I’d seen her masturbate, I would watch porn videos with redheads similar to her masturbating and being taken, and that usually got me off. But since then, it doesn’t even interest me. None of the girls in or out of school do. All I can do to jerk off is imagine my gorgeous cousin ... on her knees, on her back, from behind...

It never got really bad until she started to tease me. Before that, I’d only imagined her naked, maybe seen a few videos that still managed to satisfy me. But when I was watching something on the big TV downstairs, or maybe playing a good game, Fee would saunter in half-naked or the sort casually, as was her habit, and bend down to fetch something from near the TV. I know she was teasing me because she’d always crouched down before, practically curling up--and she never did it when someone else was around. To add onto my suspicion, she would glance over with hooded eyes to gauge my reaction to her derriere and sometimes pussy, when she was completely naked. Usually, my face would be burning red as I avoided looking her straight in the eye, a nice tent building in the front of my cargo pants. This reaction seemed to satisfy her.

That was when I started to watch her masturbate and was forever spoiled to other women.

The second thing happened at a sleepover with my friends. Three of my close pals, Ralph, Tyler, and Eric, were over for some serious gaming, junk food splurge, and then movie marathons deep into the night.

We were all sitting in a circle on the basement floor playing parcheesi when Fee waltzed by, naked as the day she was born. Noticing my friends, she stopped in her path.

‘Oh hi, ‘ she smiled, waving cheerily, and then began on her bosom-bouncing walk again--to the nearby bathroom, where she flopped onto the toilet, didn’t shut the door, and peed.

Like I said, Fee couldn’t care less about society’s “rules” on nudity.

‘What the fuck?’ Ralph muttered. All my friends were staring after her dumbly, with growing tents in their own pants--and the way they were looking at her was beginning to piss me off.

‘That chick must be stupid, ‘ Eric said, shaking his head and going back to the cards. ‘Actually, Fee is very intelligent, ‘ I replied smoothly. ‘She’s got an 97 average in all of her courses.

Now, being a bunch of nerds, such numbers shouldn’t faze us. But my friends’ jaws hit the floor quite resoundingly at this statement of fact.

‘No kidding?!’ Tyler gulped. ‘Wow! Those boobs and such brains. Man.’

‘Cut it out, will you, ‘ I snapped. ‘Stop ogling her.’

‘Fine, fine, ‘ he muttered, half grinning like an idiot.

‘A guy can dream, ‘ Ralph added.

‘Yeah, wet dream, you loser, ‘ Eric sneered. ‘Bet you’re still too afraid to even touch yourself without thinking hair’ll grow all over your hands!’

‘Am not!’ Ralph protested.

Did I mention that despite being academic geniuses and computer whizzes, my friends are about as socially and sexually mature as grade threes? Yeah. They may get girlfriends some day--but will they know how to have sex when the time comes? Probably not. In their minds, sex is only an unattainable fantasy.

Anyway, we continued with the game and Fee went about her way. But later that night, when I went upstairs in my pajamas for a glass of water, the house dark and quiet, I found Fee studying in the kitchen. Nude.

‘Oh!’ She rose from her chair quickly as I entered the room.

‘Domini. I have to say thank you for defending me in front of your friends earlier. It’s really sweet of you to tell them not to judge me at first sight.’ She smiled widely, her eyes closing as she did so, and then started forward with arms opened wide for a hug. Unsure what else to do, I opened mine too and stepped into Fee’s embrace. Through my pajama top I could feel the lovely soft, squishy press of her breasts against my chest and the outline of her nipples. The skin in the small of her back was incredibly soft. When she pulled back slightly, Fee said quite seriously, ‘I know you’ll always look out for me, Dom.’ Her gaze was solemn as she bent to kiss my cheek. ‘Goodnight!’

This was how, two minutes later with the water forgotten, I found myself standing in front of the toilet, fisting my rigid cock and pumping up and down the hard length of it, and grunting when, only a few minutes later, my cum streaked in a slight, creamy arch into the toilet bowl.

One movie night when my parents went to bed early, Fee and I were sitting together watching, and she laid her hand very purposely on my thigh. Thankfully she was about as covered up as she got, in a full bikini.

But her hand slipped to the inside of my thigh, and when the movie got slightly steamy, Fee shuffled her own thighs together tightly, proclaimed coldness, and asked to me to pause the film. She came back a few minutes later with a soft blanket which she draped over her legs and waist, and then, as the film resumed, I heard the slight squishy and familiar noises of Fee’s self-pleasuring from right beside me. In a frightening part in the same film, Fee grabbed my hand--her other still busy--and when I heard her gasp, saw her back arch a little, and knew that she was cumming, she squeezed my hand very tightly.

Stiff as a board, I watched the main character die as Fee gathered her breath.

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