Jeff's Friend Gerty
Chapter 1



“Hi Joyce.”

“Oh hi Gert, how are you?”

“Oh fine, same old same old ... work is o.k. won fifty in Bingo last night.”

“Oh that’s good.”

“Joyce, does Jeff still work with electricity? Like for houses?”

“Yes he does, he has a good job as an apprentice electrician, why?”

“Well it’s getting warmer and I’d like to get the ceiling fan in the parlor working, it hasn’t worked since I bought the place.”

“Well, I am sure he’d be happy to at least check it out, when’s a good time for him to drop by?”

“Anytime, Joyce.

“Gert, let’s try to hit up a Bingo night soon huh?”

“That sounds good.”

Five o’clock

“Hi Jeff, how was work today?”

“O.k. Mom, hadda go to Fall River and hook up a circuit for a twelve ton a/c unit., then on the way back we had coffee at Hickey’s diner in Taunton, I got you a few pieces of danish for your coffee break tomorrow.”

“Well thank you so much, and speaking of electrical, I offered your services to Gert.”

“You want me to service Gert?”

Mom looks at me with her mouth open, yet it seems there is a spark in her eyes. I have no problem with that idea, I thought to myself. Gert has been the source of my erotic fantasies for quite a while now.

“How is it Jeff that you can take something someone says and make it sound twisted?”

“Probably because I want to be a bit of a funny guy or wize-ass, what’s wrong with Gert?”

“She told me she has a ceiling fan on the fritz and wants to get it working.”

“Mom, why is it that Gert’s not married?”

“I never asked her ... Jeff, do you have the ‘Hots’ for her? You do don’t you?” Mom asks with a widening smile.

“I love the way she dresses, a skirt and well filled blouse with a ruffled v-neck, and her patent black heels, her little black half- round or half-square glasses on a chain of pearls and I really like her personality.

“You like her and those half-glasses a lot don’t you?”

“Why do you ask it like that Mom?”

“Well, you said her half-round and half-square glasses, most people would have just said her glasses, not geting into the style of them. Is it me or do you have a thing for her glasses, since you really take notice of them?”

“I wondered about that at times. Gert seems like she is so laid back or mellowed out, yet those glasses, with the light glimmering in them as they sit half down her nose or hang across a good size bosom from the fem’nin neck chain give me the idea she is very knowledgeble.”

“You really pick up on things, Jeff. She studied pyschology and history so far as the ‘Nineteen twenties’ as well as majoring in business. it is interesting how you can be a wise -ass yet really pick up on something about a person.”

“Gert knows all about it, Jeff”

“All about what?”

“She asked me one time if I knew why her glasses are so spotless at times. I saw you a number of times cleaning them with your t-shirtand told her.


“Yes and I happened to mention that any woman he was with who wore glasses for reading would find them constantly clean an sparkling.”

“When was this?”

“Oh about four or five years ago.”

I always loved it when she came over to visit Mom, sometimes she left her half-glasses on the coffee table but she’ll be in the kitchen and I’d clean them for her and try them to see if they are spotless.

There was a day when she left her glasses at Mom’s and her car would not start, she had her car towed to the garage and Mom left to do some shopping. Gert called and asked me if I saw her glasses around. I did look and I saw them on the coffee table and she asked if I could bring them over. Of course I told her I would. I just didn’t tell her how I kissed and licked them, then finding myself quite hard, how I came all over them, no I didn’t mention that, and at the time I did not think she ever knew and if she did, would she tell me what she knew about me and my fetish?

“I could go there now Mom, that be alright?”

“Sure, that’s good.

So I do and Gert answers the door looking very nice. She’s wearing a black pleated skirt with a two inch wide patent black belt, her blouse is as always nicely filled with a pair of forty two D’s with a ruffled v-neck, patent black heels and a beaded neck chain of small pearls for her half-glasses which so often hang across her boobs and the way the light sparkles in them, well it gets me so hard and this time is not any different. Gert has two pair of glasses that send my fantasies soaring, I don’t know why really but her black half-round or black half-squarestyle get me so hard.

“Hi Gerty. Mom told me you have a fan on the fritz?”

“No one’s called me Gerty in a long time.”

“Just call you Gert?”

“Gerty is fine.”

I wonder why after a long time, she wants to be called Gerty. Could it be that she really likes me too? Maybe she likes the idea of us being close, since I am going to get her fan going? As I said, Gert’s half-glasses are hanging across her lovely 42D’s This pair is the half-moon style, I have my eyes fixed upon them and Gert has to take me out of the trance.

“Like what you see, Jeff?”

“Yes and I like those too.”

“What else are you looking at ... Jeff?”

She asks with a wry smile, like she knows I love her boobs, but now it’s ‘Yes and I like those too. ‘What else is he looking at? She has to wonder.

“Want a coke?”

“How about me checking the fan first, but if it is o.k. I’d like to get your opinion on something afterwards.”

“Sure.” Replied Gert, with a feeling her fan would soon be spinning.

Gert’s in the kitchen doing dishes since the dishwasher won’t work. Were someone listening, they would hear Gert talking softly to herself.

“This is so nice of Jeff to work on getting my fan going. I know what it is Jeff was looking at, he really likes my various style of half-glasses and I can blow his mind with them, I can give him a few pair, not to keep but to enjoy and I’ll tell him to write down what he does with them, I’ll say, ‘Jeff I think you could be a good writer, how about taking care of things with my glasses then writing about it, any scenario you want, your thoughts, everything.”

“You sound so sure about getting it going, you know that?”

“Gerty, these fans are made to work forever, so it is most likely notgetting any power.”

So I set about working on her fan which was controlled by a wall switch. The fan does have a pull chain as well, probably for three speeds. I removed the switch cover and pulled out the switch and with a “Wiggy” I checked to see if there is voltage present and there isn’t any.

“No juice Gerty.”

“Juice? I thought you wanted coke after the fan was fixed.”

“Hahaha, That’s rich Gert, I mean no power. Juice is slang for electricity, which in this case, there isn’t any.”

I go down her cellar to check the fuses and notice the antique wiring known as knob and tube. Gert has a damn nice pair of knobs that’s for sure. I am getting hard thinking about them and how I’d love to slip my pepperoni up betwixt them and screw them till the nipples scream for more.

Knob and tube is where the wires run in pairs separated by a few inches and run through tubes through the studs or joists. I find the problem, some clown tried to wire a lamp socket into the wiring by putting it in series rather than across the line and since there is no bulb in the socket, the power stopped there and could not go any farther. I made the needed change and Gert’s fan wil now spin and frankly I hope she gives me a spin.

Here I am in this woman’s cellar, a twenty-five year old guy who for whatever reason has a bit of a crush on Mom’s friend Gert, a lady who must be in her late fifties, a warm woman who I think would make a great wife. My wife. What is it about her half-glasses and beaded chain? I think it is her fem’ninity I like. Looking back, when in High school, some of the girls I knew talked like truckers, It didn’t sound good at all or to me anyway, and the way they would dress, naw I am realizing I like a woman to be feminine and Gert fits the bill quite nicely. I remember Mom telling me that Gert studied the history of the nineteen twenties, has pyschological smarts and good business sense.

I have given this matter a lot of thought and although it is just a fantasy, I think that, like a joke, there is always a kernal of truth to it

I am back in her living room and turn on the switch and the fan begins to spin.

“Oh Jeff, thanks so much!”

I know she is sincere. Gert’s black half-square glasses are hanging across her ample boobs and as she walks towards me, the light of the room twinkles in them, sending spurts of juice down to my groin.

Since the weather is quite warm I took off my bikers shirt and Gerty wraps her arms around me and plants a juicy kiss on my lips. I open my mouth and our tongues dance. She gives me such a good squeeze her beaded chain and half-glasses leave their outline in my skin and at the same time things below the equator are growing.

I have my arms around Gert and I am pulling her to me, I know I am hard and to my surprise she wraps her arms around me too and is pulling me into her as well. Gerty takes her right hand and I feel it down at my crotch.

“Damn Jeff, that thing is big.”

“You like it Huh?”

“Yes I do. Nothing skimpy about that.”

“I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel, Gert.”

“Want that Coke now, Jeff?”

“Yes and I’d still like to talk to you about something.”

“We can talk at the kitchen table.”

I follow her bountiful hiney and nice hips into the kitchen and as she gets me a glass of coke on ice, with her back to me, I walk to her and with my arms round her, I feel her lovely melons. Gerty is breathing a bit heavier as I tweak her nipples.

“That feels quite nice Jeff.” Says Gert with even heavier breathing.

“So what would you like to talk about Jeff?”

“Is it strange for me to ‘have a thing for older women wearing half-glasses? and beaded neck chains? Your half-glasses and beaded neck chains?”

“No Jeff, not at all, you might not even know why you like them so, but it is harmless and actually rather sweet.”

“To tell you the truth Gerty, I know why I like them so much.”

“Oh really?” Gert sits up a bit more, she wants to know why I like her glasses and beaded chains so much.

“Yes I gave it a lot of thought, I know I like you very much, the way you dress, your personality, The glasses and beaded neckchain depict a fair amount of femininity, and todays girls, to me anyway have all the fem’ninity of a concrete curb stone, the way they dress and talk, not my idea of a girl.”

Gert is smiling, I guess she knows I think of her as a real lady.

“Thankyou so much Jeff,, I would not knock younger girls, they have not learned about class and nice dress and talking nicely.”

“Is it natural for a young guy to like the breasts of a woman more thantwice his age?”

“So you are a breast man?”

“Well I do like your shapley behind too but yes I like breasts very much.”

“So Jeff, that’s what you meant when you said, ‘Yes and I like those too?”

“I was talking about your sweet little half-glasses, how nice they look down your nose or hanging across your breasts with the light of the room seen in them.”

“You are a bit romantic, did you know that Jeff?”

“No I didn’t, but thanks for telling me.” I’m pleased that a lady over twice my age thinks I am romantic.

“I know they do something for you Jeff, that they have for some time now. I’d leave them in the livingroom at your Mom’s and when I got them, they were not only spotless but sparkling too, thanks very much for your sweetness.”

“Yes Gert, that’s true, then one day you put them on a very feminine neck chain and I’d never have a chance to...”

“Cum them again for me?”

“Well yeah Gert.” The straight out truth sort of set me back a few feet.

“I remember that day Jeff, I thought I put them in my purse, Joan and I left at the same time, she to go shopping and I to do some errands. I had car trouble. When I finally got home I called and you looked around for my glasses, then brought them over. It was a very nice time wasn’t it? You did that because you so wanted to be closer to me and in a symbolic way you were.”

“That’s pretty much the size of it Gert, I was wrong for doing that but those glasses had gotten to me in ways I never really understood.”

“Jeff, you were not wrong for doing that, You knew there was something about me and my glasses you really liked and to be honest, I like that you did that too. So many guys do things with skin magazines but this is much nicer as it has to do with your feelings about me and I know that since my glasses have really turned you on at times, It means I turn you on as well.”

“Yeah Gert and it is sweet, I’d be working on something and a picture of you would come across my mind, you dressed so nice and sitting at the end of your nose or across your boobs are a pair of glasses, twinkling at me and it made me wonder, ‘Why is it she’s not married?”

“Your Mom told me a while ago when I was over there. I mentioned that my glasses are always spotless when I leave and she said, ‘It is so sweet that Jeff likes to keep your glasses clean, did you know he did that?”

“So you knew it all this time I was cleaning your glasses for you?”

“Yes Jeff and you know something, what you were doing, it made me realize you are older than your years, it gave me a tingly feeling at times and I really liked that, when you had a nice time, with my half- glasses, you were happy, you could not believe how lucky you were to have Gert’s sweet little half-round glasses and you knew that for whatever reason, they got you hard, and you enjoyed doing what you did with my glasses, didn’t you? What did you do first Jeff?”

I could tell she liked the idea of me romancing her glasses, so I told her.

“I started out kissing and licking them, then I got’em spotless and went back to smooching them, when I felt hard I started to drag them all over down there, those smooth half-round glasses over the top of my cock and under my balls and how nice it was when I thought that maybe someday you could like doing that for me, that was right at the time I blew a few good ropes of man sauce all over the lens of your sweet halfs and I began to wonder what it would be like to have you as my wife.”

“Oh Jeff.” Gert says with a lot of feeling in just those two words. Gert’s face is wreathed in a happiness I have not seen before.

I had actually surprised myself, I simply voiced thoughts I already had, maybe not on a concious level, or being aware of these thoughts but those thoughts were with me at times, I know that.

It was quite nice romancing them wasn’t it?”

“One of my fantasies to be frank about it, is to spend the night exploring your body and dragging those glasses all over your bosoms and I have ideas I think you could really like.”

“I knew some time ago you liked me Jeff and there were so many times I wished you were older, well you are older now, so how about me taking you to dinner for fixing my fan? then spending more time together, walking old railroad tracks, going to antique shops?”

“You mean we could be a couple?” I asked with a very happy feeling.

“Well yes, Jeff, if you’d like the idea of us hangin’ out together.”

“Yes Gert, I love the idea.”

“There’s just one thing you will always have to do for me, and that’s to make sure my sweet little half-glasses as you like to call them are spotless. Do you like that idea? and I am going to get more of these so you’ll have to make sure they are all spotless and sparkling. I know that when you see the light of the room twinkin’ in my glasses as they sit half-way down my nose or hang across my boobs, the eroticness, your mind see’s, sends a nice bit of voltage down to your loins and to be quite frank about it, I like a hard frank.”

I can’t believe it! Gert wants to start doing nice things with me. This is so nice, the lady I have had fantasies about wants us to be a couple.

Gert takes me to a well known Italian joint and I sit across from her. She has her black half-square glasses hanging across her ample bosoms and the light of the room sparkles in them. I order a beer, salad and bread sticks, Gert orders a glass of wine and a salad and we enjoy being together as we drink and munch on salad and bread sticks.

“So Jeff, you wonder what it would be like to have me as your wife?”

“That has crossed my mind at times.”

“So you don’t worry about the age difference?”

I know what Gert’s getting at, me being around a lot longer than her, provided I don’t juice myself to death. I’d rather live and love a woman with all my heart than to worry about the future.

“Gert, I would love it if we start doing things together and if in a year or two, I still feel about you the way I do, which I know I will anyways, I think getting married would be great.”

I think Gert likes the way I think, she seems to be looking at me with more meaning.

“I already asked Mom, ‘Mom why is it that Gert’s not married?”

“You aked your Mom that?” Gert asked. “What did your Mom say?”

“Jeff ... do you have the hots for her? You do don’t you?”

“Do you have the ‘Hots for me Jeff?”

“Had’em for quite a while to be frank about it.”

The waitress just brought over our dinner, Gerty has the eggplant parmesian and I get the four cheeze macaroni with a sausage and two meatballs. Gert reaches over and with her thumb and forefinger strokes my sausage then puts a meatball on both sides of one end of my sausage. I know what Gert wants to do later and I could not wait to get back to her place.

We are eating a great dinner and Gert says, “Jeff, I think you could be a pretty good writer of erotica.”

“Oh, and why is that?”

“The way you described what you did to my sweet half-glasses as you like to call them, I bet you could make a woman wet and squishy down there, a feeling I could really enjoy, so how about doing that... ?”

This could be a great hobby, writing about my fetish for Gert’s glasses, her reading it and getting so squishy she likes it then later doing something for me, yes this is so good.

“I’ll give you a few pair to do things with, you could write how you romance them, how you kiss and lick them, when you start getting hard, try to remember what is in your mind at the time you cum all over them, did you have the radio on what time of day, anything that you feel would make a good story, and Jeff?”

“Yes Gert?”

I will be very honest with you, if you get me hot and squishy there, who knows what kind of things I may want to do to and for you? Can you imagine me wearing my half’s and with my patent black heels pulling on your cock, I have seen the way you look at me and it is very fetching, I notice how you look at my sparkling black heels. I have a pair with ankle straps, that makes them ‘Fuck-me pumps.”

We finish a great dinner and are too full to bother with desert. I know Gert has something in mind for later on. We are at her place and she says,

“Jeff ... how would you like me to play with your sausage and meatballs? Would you like that? Would you write about it after? That way when you are not around I can read it and have my nice times as well.”

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