My Workplace Fuck Buddies

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Workplace, Cheating, Cream Pie, Foot Fetish, Size, Small Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He was sixty years old. Leanne was a fifty year old colleague and a golfing widow (for a month). They came together when she offered her massage services. They hoped to hide their new sexual relationship from their work colleagues but Julia saw through it all, and wanted some for herself.

My name is Trent and I am an IT professional. I have been working with Leanne for the last six months - she was my project manager. I felt a little outnumbered - I was the only male in a team of six persons.

I don’t have to work - I am sixty years old, and quite wealthy courtesy of some astute investments. Leanne was fifty years old, married for thirty years to Roger, and the mother of two girls who are both in their twenties and married.

I am paired up with another married lady. Her name is Julia and she is twenty-eight with two small children, boys aged five and three.

I found myself working quite closely with Leanne - I had performed a project manager role many times in the past, and she looked to me for guidance and advice. We had a lot of sessions behind the closed door of her office - strictly work sessions ... much to my disappointment because I was attracted to her.

One of these sessions happened on a Friday afternoon - she was complaining to me about Roger. He had taken off on a month long trip with his golfing buddies - to play a series of golf courses across the USA.

I was seated at her computer working through a project plan with her when my back spasmed quite severely. It doubled me over on pain.

“Are you getting some treatment for that?” she asked.

“Not at the moment” was my reply. I then explained the raft of treatments that I had unsuccessfully tried so far.

She pondered my information for a moment, and then she made a suggestion “You need a nice relaxing massage ... one that works on all those tight muscles”.

That was how I came to be naked, and face down on the massage table in her bedroom.

“That feels so good” I murmured as she worked on my lower back - she had dispensed with the modesty towel across my ass, leaving me totally naked. I had a hardon - trapped between my belly and the massage table.

She worked on my back for a couple more minutes before she gave my ass a smack saying “Turn on over ... I’ll do your front now”.

“Ummm...” I stammered.

“Oh don’t be shy ... I have seen many naked men in my time when I did this for a living ... seen one ... seen them all” she explained with a laugh in her voice.

I thought to myself “Maybe not one like mine” as I slowly turned over.

My cock popped up and stood tall when it was set free from under me.

“Oh...” she gasped.

“Seen one ... seen them all” I teased her as it bobbled about.

“You could have warned me” she playfully retorted, and surprising me when her soft hand grasped it near its root. She slowly stroked it up and down, spreading the massage oil still on her hands to the shaft. It was soon glistening.

My hand slid off the table and grabbed at her firm ass. She was wearing a short white skirt, and a pink top that clung to her ample bust. I pulled her closer to the table.

Leanne surprised me when she bent over, bringing her face closer to my crotch ... examining my cock closely.

“Suck me” I whispered.

She looked at me with a sparkle in her eyes. She hesitated ... a line would be crossed if she did as I asked.


Bending over a little more, she licked the shaft - up one side, and down the other. Then she popped the head between her lips ... sucking just the head.

“Oh fuck ... more please” I moaned.

She interpreted my request as asking for more depth - she swallowed a few more inches and sucked harder. She had her eyes closed, concentrating on the task at hand ... with my balls in her hand.

My hand went under her skirt, finding naked butt cheeks and the thinnest of strings between them. I pawed her firm ass as she sucked me with increasing gusto. Within minutes she had me gasping “Stop ... stop ... you’ll have me cuming ... and I want to fuck you first”.

She looked up at me, cock still embedded in her mouth ... and she winked at me. It was a cheeky look.

“You have too many clothes on ... I want to see your beautiful body ... I want to play with it ... and worship it” I told her as I battled to prevent my cock erupting in her mouth.

She popped my cock free of its oral torture chamber.

“You think I have a beautiful body ... I’m old and uninteresting” she commented.

It was time for me to be serious ... just for a moment.

“You have a very beautiful face ... one that has made my coming to work a pleasure for the last few months. I know that under those clothes will be a beautiful body”.

“Take your clothes off now ... do it now please” I urged her as I moved to sit on the edge of the massage table. She stepped back a little ... and after a moment’s hesitation she pulled the top off over her head, revealing a white bra which covered a full set of breasts with hard nipples.

She waited ... she saw me smiling, so she unhooked the bra at the back, holding it loosely against her chest.

“Let it drop” I urged her.

She let it go ... it dropped to the floor.

“Wonderful ... beautiful ... just the right size ... and my god I love your nipples”. They were long hard and rosy red in colour, surrounded by a slightly raised dark pink areola.

She smiled back at me.

“More skin” I urged her cheekily.

“You are incorrigible” she told me with a laugh in her voice.

Nonetheless she placed a hand on either side of the skirt, and slowly pushed it down off her hips until it dropped to the floor leaving her in just a small pair of white lacy panties. She stepped out of the skirt, and then did a slow 360 degree turn to show me her shapely ass.

“More” I urged her.

The removal of her panties was just as theatric as the rest of her undressing. I watched intently, stroking my very hard cock. With the panties gone, I got to see a neatly trimmed bush on her mound with her pussy lips totally revealed in that hairless area.

I slipped down off the massage table to stand beside her. I leant towards her, and kissed her gently on the lips. She turned into me, and wrapped her arms around my neck whilst my arms went around her waist ... and slipped down to cup her firm ass cheeks.

Her breasts and nipples pressed into my chest as the kiss deepened with our tongues dueling each other.

I picked her up and seated her on the edge of the massage table. I parted her thighs and stood between them, pulling her to the edge. I made a movement to kneel, and pay oral homage to her delicious looking pussy.

“No ... no ... please fuck me ... before I change my mind” she begged me.

I stayed on my feet and stepped closer to her. She grasped my cock, and placed its head between her wet lips at the entrance to her pussy. I could feel wetness and hotness on its head.

“Fuck me now” she urged.

I pushed forward whilst pulling her onto my shaft. It slid slowly into her, feeling all the little undulations of her pussy sheath as it slid deeper.

“Oh god ... oh fuck” she moaned ... wrapping her legs around my waist, and her arms around my neck.

“Fuck that’s hot ... and tight” I groaned as I slowly fucked in and out. I had one hand around her waist pulling her into me, with the other cupping and squeezing her full breasts. We kissed again, lips mashing in a bruising coming together.

She was moaning and groaning into my lips, and when they parted she gasped “So good ... so good ... keep fucking me ... don’t stop”.

The table had been setup in her bedroom so nearby was a big comfortable bed. I slipped my hands under her firm ass, and picked her up, carrying her over to the bed and carefully depositing her in the middle.

Kneeling between her thighs, I lifted her legs and looped them over my shoulders, locking my arms around her upper thighs. Her ass was now off the bed, with my cock buried to the hilt in her spasming pussy.

I fucked her with short and sharp lunges into her super hot depths. She was quickly building towards a huge orgasm - I had been pushing her higher and higher without tipping her over the edge.

That tipping point came when I took her toes between my lips, licking and sucking them. She went crazy ... delightfully so, exploding into a massive wet orgasm with her cum juices streaming down my shaft.

That was too much for me too ... my cock erupted inside her, pumping her full of my precious cum cream. One ... two ... three ... four massive squirts followed by a series of small ones until my cum supply was temporarily exhausted.

I held her in that position whilst we both sucked in some deep breaths.

“My god that was good ... wonderful ... thank you” she whispered.

I smiled, and replied “You are most welcome ... it was a pleasure and an honour”.

I finally released her legs, allowing them to turn to the bed. I slowly withdrew from her pussy ... and to her surprise I went down on her ... I just love creampies, expecting to love the mixture of our cum juices.

“I’ve ... I’ve never” she gasped as I licked and swallowed the juices as they trickled out of her.

We continued that fuck and creampie experience all through the weekend. I left early on Monday morning to go home and dress for work.

Working together and not letting onto the other team members that we had taken our relationship to another level was going to be a challenge.

“You’ve done it with her ... I know that you have ... it’s written all over your faces”.

That was the accusation that Julia made in the quiet of the piano lounge where we were sitting listening to the gentle piano music.

I was paired up with Julia on a project, so we worked quite closely together. She was a plain Jane type person - she dressed down at work and flew below the radar when it came to being perved on or hit upon by the males in the organisation, including me.

However her transformation into this beautiful swan outside of work was a revelation. I was having a quiet drink in the bar on the ground floor of my apartment complex when I spotted Julia and her girlfriends in a private area of the bar. I had to look twice such was the transformation.

She caught me looking a few times but didn’t come to speak to me until their little party broke up about 11pm.

Julia was married with two small children. I found out later that her husband had taken the children to his parents place for the weekend, leaving her at home to attend the hens party at the bar.

She was quite petite - with short dark hair and a body that had missed out when the curves were handed out - she was quite flat-chested. Tonight she was wearing a strappy gold coloured dress that fitted her quite loosely on top, and clung to her ass on the bottom. She was wearing strappy high heels that added about 4 inches to her height.

“Let’s have a drink” she suggested when she joined me at the bar.

I could tell that she was already buzzing from the drinks shared with her girlfriends.

We collected the drinks, and found our way into the piano bar where we sat together in a love seat. This was the closest that I had ever been to her. When sitting down, I noticed that her top gaped open, giving me a wonderful view of her bra-less almost non-existent tits and their hard little nipples.

That little peek got me interested.

We talked, with Julia becoming quite animated, with frequent touches ... and more opportunities to peek at her braless breasts. She must have caught me a couple of times, but she didn’t do anything to stop her dress gaping open.

It was easy listening music, music that you could dance to ... so I suggested that we dance. She thought that was a great idea, and soon we were dancing cheek to cheek with her lithe body plastered against mine.

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