Missing My Boring Meeting

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Interracial, Oral Sex, Water Sports, Big Breasts, Foot Fetish, Prostitution, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I was on the way to a team meeting being held in the nearby hotel complex. The lift came for me - I was heading to level 3 but it took me to the penthouse where I was greeted by a naked young lady holding two pills (Viagra and Cialis) and a glass of water. She offered me a better alternative to my meeting. Did I choose her offer - fuck yes !!

I was already 10 minutes late for the whole of staff meeting that was being held on the 3rd floor of the Waldorf Executive Hotel and Suites complex. I ran into the lift foyer, pressing the UP button and waited impatiently. The boss would not be impressed by me sneaking into the room late.

I wasn’t alone in the lift foyer. There was another guy - a well-dressed elderly gentleman. He was also waiting nervously for the lift to arrive. He seemed very jittery, pacing back and forth whilst I just remained stationary.

Then we were joined by two uniformed police officers who stood on either side of the other guy, placing a hand under each of his elbows.

“You need to come with us” they said firmly.

He glanced back and forth between the officers, and just hung his head, looking at the floor. He allowed them to steer him out of the lift foyer, leaving me alone ... still waiting for my lift.

“What the fuck did he do?” I muttered to myself.

The lift chimed, and a door opened. I quickly stepped into the lift, and the door closed as I was attempting to press the level 3 button. It wouldn’t light up, with the lift already ascending well past that level.

The lift seems to have a mind of its own, as I watched the numbers climbing towards the penthouse level. It slowed as we approached the top level, and finally came to a stop. The door opened - I stepped out to be greeted by an amazing sight.

In all my 60 years I had never seen such a sight. I’d dreamt about something like this but never expected to actually experience this.

Right in front of me was a young and petite naked Eurasian lady. All she wore was a pair of strappy high heels, and she had what looked like a glass of water in her hand.

“Oh ... oh sorry ... I think I took the wrong lift” I stammered unable to take my eyes off her.

She had long straight black hair, a very beautiful face ... a lovely set of full and firm breasts on a thin, short and curvy frame. Her pussy mound had a small patch of fluffy black hair.

“It depends” she started to say. “If you want to go back downstairs and get the right lift ... then you probably have caught the wrong lift”.

“But if you want to stay and experience something special ... then you caught the right one”.

I was a little confused, and looked it too.

She took pity on me and explained further.

“That guy in the lift foyer was my client for the afternoon ... but it looks like he has been detained unexpectedly ... or may he was expecting it, but just not right now”.

I gave a nervous laugh which she joined me in.

She continued. “I’m all paid for ... and I was looking forward to having some fun this afternoon”

“Would you like to take his place?” she asked as she walked closer ... close enough to kiss me gently on the lips.

I grinned and nervously nodded.

“Good ... my name for today is Amy ... you look much more interesting than him anyway” she commented.

She held out her hand. It has two pills in it. I recognize them both - Viagra and Cialis.

“Take these ... and let’s get comfortable” she asked me, handing me the glass of water.

I took the pills. Hang the fucking meeting.

She took my hand and led me across to the lounge area where she started to unbutton my shirt. When partly unbuttoned, she slipped a hand inside onto my bare chest, finding one of my nipples.

“Goody ... I like a man with hard large nipples”. She tweaked them for a while before unbuttoning the rest of the shirt buttons, and pushing the shirt off my shoulders allowing it to drop around my waist. It hung there - it was still tucked in at the waist.

Both her hands went to my nipples, pinching them between her slender well manicured fingers, soon followed by her lips and teeth. I ran my fingers through her long dark hair while she sucked and licked them.

After a couple of minutes she dropped to her knees in front of me, carefully undoing my trousers - belt first then the zipper. My trousers dropped to around my ankles with my shirt falling on top of them. All that remained were my undershorts.

They were tented by my hardness.

“What have we got here?” she asked running her hand along the ridge in my pants. She grasped me through the thin material.

“I need to see this” she commented before snagging the waistline with her fingers and pulling them down. My cock caught on them momentarily before popping free and bobbling about inches in front of her face.

“He’s very beautiful ... and big. I don’t get to see one like this very often”.

She wrapped her small hand around the base of my cock, her fingers having no chance of encircling it. She played with me for a few moments before helping me to completely remove my clothes, including my shoes and socks.

Standing again, she hugged me ... pressing her lithe sexy body against mine, trapping my cock between us. We kissed for the first time. She had very soft lips, and a very inquisitive tongue. Her hard little nipples grazed my chest as we hugged.

My hands slipped down onto her firm little asscheeks - I grabbed at them, pulling her hard against me.

When we finally broke the kiss she said “Hmmmm ... I think that I’m going to enjoy your company this afternoon”.

“Let’s get more comfortable”. She took me by the hand and led me towards what looked like her master bedroom. It was light and airy, and dominated by a massive bed. We climbed up on it, and laid facing each other.

“I love older men ... they are much more respectful than younger ones”.

We kissed and cuddled ... with her hand wrapped around my cock.

“I want to suck you for a while ... then you can fuck me ... I want you to fuck me with this beautiful weapon” she whispered.

She wiggled down on the bed until her face was level with my cock. With her hand around the base, she directed the head between her soft lips, licking and lightly sucking it. Soon she was working on the top few inches, bobbing her mouth up and down on it.

“Fuck ... fuck that’s good” I moaned.

I watched her intently as more and more of my cock disappeared into her mouth.

“I will cum if you keep that up” I warned her.

She gave me a firmer suck and then released my cock. She climbed up onto my thighs and positioned herself with my cock standing tall in front of her tummy. The head was almost level with her belly button.

“Condom?” I asked.

“Only if you want one” she replied then added “I’m clean ... and my client paid big money to fuck me without one this afternoon. Besides I want to really feel this monster inside me.”

“Without” was my simple reply as she repositioned her pussy with its tight entry on my cockhead.

She slowly lowered herself onto me. There was some initial resistance before her pussy opened up slightly to admit my fatness.

“Fuck that’s tight” I groaned.

“Yes ... fuck me ... fuck me with your fucking cock monster” she wailed.

“Fill me with your rod. Fuck me ... fuck me ... oh my fucking God” she squealed as her orgasm started to impact her. My progress was halted for a moment - her pussy was holding my shaft in a vice-like grip.

I waited until she relaxed. When she did, I could still feel her pussy spasming around my shaft. She started to move up and down ... sending me deeper inside.

“Aghhhhh fuck” she screamed again with another orgasm wracking her body. Progress was halted again - she had her eyes closed as she rode out the waves of pleasure which had their epicentre at her partially stuffed pussy.

I pulled her down for a kiss as I waited for her to release me again.

Breathlessly she moaned “That’s never happened before ... I hardly ever orgasm with a client ... I have to fake it most times”.

I smiled at her, and drew her back into a lengthy kiss ... with my hands in her hips encouraging her to resume her downwards journey. With ever so slight movements she started fucking up and down again.

I sped up the impalement by thrusting up suddenly ... burying me completely in her.

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