Mother and Daughter at the Motel

by TheWatcher58

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He was 18 years old, and employed by Celia the motel owner to do maintenance work around the motel. The work eventually included servicing her under-used pussy, and unbeknownst to Celia he was also looking after her teenage daughter Angela's pussy too.

It had started as a celebratory hug and kiss on the cheek, but had rapidly exploded into a full-on passionate kiss and hug.

I was one of the participants - my name is Joel and I am 18 years of age. The other participant was my boss Celia - she is married and 35 years old with a 17 year old daughter Angela.

We were celebrating the completion of a rebuild of one of the motel rooms at the Lazy Rest Motel.

Celia and her husband Rick owned the twenty room motel. The room had been trashed by one of her guests about three months earlier. Much to Celia’s horror, her insurance company refused to pay the full amount of the claim, leaving her short of the funds needed to rebuild the room.

This was where I came in. I had been working at the motel on a full-time basis for the last six months. I was having a year off between the end of school and the start of my university studies. Celia had employed me when her husband decided that he wanted to return to long distance trucking.

Celia was far from pleased with his decision - he was away for weeks at a time, and this meant that none of the regular maintenance jobs were getting done. So that’s how I came to be employed.

When the insurance company refused to pay the full value of the claim, I suggested that I had the skills and the tools that could rebuild the room - my father had left a fully equiped workshop at home when he had died a couple of years ago.

So that was how Celia and I came to work closely together on the room rebuild. The insurance money paid for the materials, with me doing the labouring for the cost of my wages.

The kiss was hungry - I suspected that Celia had been without loving ... and sex for weeks on end.

She was a very attractive woman - tall and slim with curves in all the right places. She had medium length dark hair, tied back in a ponytail on most occasion, and a very beautiful face, which of late had been smiling more often as we approached the end of the rebuild.

I found her clear blue eyes the most enticing part of her face - they just sparkled when she was happy.

I must say that her soft, full and hungry lips mashing against mine were running a very close second at the moment.

My hands had slipped from her waist down onto her ass as I pulled her tight against me. I could feel her firm breasts pressing against my bare chest - I had been working shirtless. She was surely feeling my growing hardness pressing against her.

Celia had just returned from her gym session so she was wearing a lycra crop top, and mid-thigh length bike shorts. She had kicked off her sandals at the door, not wanting to mark the new carpet that had been laid the previous day.

With the intimacy developing between us showing no signs of abating, I decided to attempt to undress her. The top was my first target - I slipped my hands up from her ass, snagging the bottom of the crop top and lifted it, peeling it up and over her head.

“Joel...” she murmured before I silenced her with a continuation of the kiss. Her firm and bare breasts with their hard nipples were pressed against my chest. One hand returned to her firm ass, and the other slid between us to cup her breast.

That momentary resistance disappeared with her arms wrapping around my neck, puling me hard against her. I could hear her feint moans as her excitement levels built.

Having cupped her breast, and felt its firmness and shape, I replaced that hand on her ass again. With both hands on her ass, I lifted her ... and carefully carried her to the bed, placing her gently on her back.

I reached out and snagged the sides of her bike shorts ... and slowly pulled them down ... finding that she wore no panties under them. I found a neatly trimmed bush, and a clean shaven set of fleshy pussy lips guarding the entrance to her mature pussy.

Discarding the shorts on the floor, I positioned myself between her legs, having spread them apart to make room. My face was close to her pussy. I examined it closely - it was very beautiful. I could see that it was already wet.

I glanced up to see Celia watching me intently.

I ran my tongue along the ridges of each pussy lip, picking up some of her moisture.

“We shouldn’t be doing this” she whispered.

I responded with another firmer lick, one that slightly parted her lips ... and opened up access to a growing abundance of her tasty juices.

“Hmmmm ... tasty” I commented before resuming my licking.

Her head flopped back onto the bed as the sensations grew within her body.

My tongue traversed the full length of her pussy slit ... from her already erect clit to just short of her asshole. I repeated that journey many times, with the occasional tongue thrust into the tight entrance of her pussy canal.

“Oh ... oh god” she groaned as her arousal levels soared to new heights. She was close to her orgasm. With a couple of flicks of the tongue to her clit I had her cum erupting all over my face - she was a squirter. I licked and swallowed as quickly as possible ... not wanting to miss a drop.

“Sorry ... sorry ... I should have warned you” she gasped.

I looked up at her ... she was again watching me intently.

“I loved it ... you taste amazing” I reassured her.

“You do?” she queried.

“Of course ... it was unexpected but wonderful just the same”.

“Rick hates it ... he won’t go near my pussy because of it” she somewhat sadly explained.

I looked up at her with a big smile on my face, and replied “His loss ... my gain. Are you up for some more licking?”

She smiled and nodded her head. My tongue was already back between her pussy lips before she could say another word. This time I concentrated on her clit whilst sliding a finger into her tightness. I worked it in and out for a while before adding a second finger.

“Oh ... oh ... oh fuck ... I’m gonna cum again” she gasped.

A little more depth of finger-fucking, and a couple more licks of her clitty, had her orgasming again ... drenching my hand and face this time. In amongst her screams of joy, I could hear some laughter - she was enjoying herself immensely.

With her cum just starting to wane, I hooked my fingers inside her in search of her g-spot. Her immediate reaction told me that I had found it, with her pushing her hips harder against my hand.

“Fuck ... fuck ... oh fuck” she wailed. My fingers were trapped inside her with her pussy grabbing them tightly. I just watched from my very close vantage point as her pussy convulsed and spasmed through a massive cum and its aftermath.

When her pussy released my fingers, I slowly withdrew them. They were covered in her cum so I licked them clean. Celia was resting on the bed, temporarily exhausted. I slipped back off the bed, and removed my shorts ... freeing my ultra hard cock from its prison.

It bobbled about as I climbed back onto the bed, positioning myself between her thighs.

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