Missy Katie's Surrender
Chapter 1: Bree Had Been Changed by Her Sister's Submission

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Teenagers, BiSexual, Fiction, Incest, Sister, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Light Bond, Spanking, Anal Sex, Analingus, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Water Sports,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: Bree Had Been Changed by Her Sister's Submission - After witnessing part of Katie's sorority initiation (read 'Katie's Initiation' in this same Series), Bree was left with a profound change in how she viewed her older sister. What happens when Katie comes home for a visit? How will their relationship change?

Bree & Katie

After witnessing part of Katie’s sorority initiation (read ‘Katie’s Initiation’ in this same Series), Bree was left with a profound change in how she viewed her older sister. What happens when Katie comes home for a visit? How will their relationship change?

Pushing back her damp pixie length blonde hair from her forehead, tucking a wet strand behind her ears, Bree contemplated her reflection. The mirror, covered in steam from the girl’s just completed shower, showed the young girl’s face in an oval cleared of water vapor. Smiling, eager to get to school, she was glad that she had the complexion of a baby, and had little need to anguish over every little imperfection.

Tonight was Robin’s sleepover, and though she had not hung out with her much, Amber and she had been friends forever. Having recently moved to this side of Jackston, Bree was still getting to know the girls at Templeton, though she had a hunch about Amber. She seemed to be the best friend she never really had.

Case in point. Last night, they had talked long into the night, chatting via text long after shutting down the chatroom and crawling into bed. She had told her ‘some’ of what had happened with Katie, her sister, concentrating more on how submissive and obedient she had seemed. The way she had seen Katie behave was so unlike everything she had thought she’d known about her. She just had to talk with someone about it.

B: You should have seen the look in her eyes, I swear, at that moment, I think she would have done anything.

A: No shit, that’s like ... unreal. And she really?? you know...

B: I swear it. She licked me like it was her last meal...

A: Wasn’t it weird? You know ... your sister?

B: Kinda, but, after everything that I had watched, I didn’t really care ... it felt so good

She had not told Amber about Samson, or how it ended with the dog, but she had shared most of the things she had seen, and how the other sorority girls had behaved

A: I wonder if they will still be doing that when we go off to college ... not sure I could do it!

B: I hope so. I plan on it. I will do anything to get to be the one in charge eventually, even if I have to start at the bottom!

A: More than your bottom I think ... giggle

B: Def

B: See you tomorrow ... will be fun ... see how far we can get them to go

A: Ya, I know! ... Cya

(This slumber party was first told by Robin as part of Robin and Jax’s story - Chapter 5 and 6 -- herein lies Bree’s version - it’s the same story - just slight variation in perspective)

School dragged on like it is want to do anytime there was something exciting happening in the evening. Bree joined the three girls over lunch, and they all chatted excitedly about the party that evening. They discussed what sort of things they thought would be fun, and wondering what exactly Robin’s brother was going to get them for food and snacks.

When Robin’s brother showed up after school to carry the girls home, Bree piled into the back seat quickly tossing her small bag onto the floor and eagerly squeezing in with Amber and Cyndi - Robin rode up front with her brother. The girl’s chatter drove the older boy crazy, though he seemed to be contentedly smiling the whole way home, never really engaging any of them in conversation.

Once they got to Robin’s house, a line of girls paraded behind Jax as he led them into the house and crossed over to the large television entertainment room. Couches had been pushed back, a table moved out the way, and two mattresses lay side by side on the floor. Jax turned to his surprised sister, and her friends, stating “I figured you girls would be more happy with a larger space. I have chips and dip and other snacks on the dining room table. I have already ordered pizza in and feel free to order any movie or show you want to watch ... Oh! And there are drinks in the fridge, help yourself. Now I am going to head to my room and get out of your hair.”

Looking around they could see all the stuff he had laid out for them ... even candy. Looking in the refrigerator they found several types of soda, and one other thing ... There were some fruity alcoholic drinks as well. Spotting those, Bree grabbed one... “Ohhhh ... these are really good, and he said our drinks were in the fridge and to help ourselves.” She was not sure how ‘cool’ Robin was with alcohol and stuff, but it sure looked like these were for the girls to use ... and she figured, easier to just take one and see, rather than ‘discuss it’.

As Bree returned with a cooler in her hand, Robin had to come look at the fridge. It was true. Next to the sodas and other chilled treats, there were 12, now 11 coolers, obviously placed there by Jax. Unsure about this, never having really drank alcohol before, she nevertheless nodded - “Oh, of course, Jax is cool ... we always get to have something on the weekend” she said, trying to sound cool in front of her friends.

With a slew of ‘All right’s, and Woo Hoo’s’ the others each grabbed one. Amber handed one to Robin, as the girls moved into the prepared room, and, after organizing their bags briefly, sat down and chatted while they all had a bit of wine cooler to drink ... everyone trying to act all cool and nonchalant.

Bree looked at Amber, nodding, letting her know that anytime would be a good time for their plan to kick in. Amber had told her earlier what she had discovered about their shy little Robin. Turns out, she liked to go commando under her skirt. It was some sort of online dare or something. Bree had suggested that they use that as a way to get Robin, and possibly Cyndi, to go along with everything Bree and Amber came up with. All their discussions about Katie and her initiation had filled the two girls, Bree especially, with lots of ideas and things they wanted to try - they just needed some willing victims, er, participants.

Amber waited a bit, not wanting to be to brash and quick. After a short bit of talking, and a bit of alcoholic courage, Amber stood up. “Don’t know about you guys, but I’m not staying in uniform all night ... not ready for my PJ’s ... but if you don’t mind ... I’m ditching this skirt”. The whole time she was talking, she was unclasping and dropping her skirt to the floor, revealing her slim form, still short of full womanhood. Her pale blue panties fit smooth and tight across her hips.

Bree quickly nodded agreement, standing up, “Yes ... good idea ... let’s all...” and pulling Cyndi up to join her, soon two more skirts were being lowered to the floor. Robin looked stunned, looking now at the smirking face of Amber.

“Come on, Robin ... what’s taking you so long... ?” Amber teased, and Bree added her own encouragement. Cyndi simply watched, smiling shyly ... Whenever it was not Robin being picked on, it was usually Cyndi, she also being rather quiet and easy to badger.

Standing up slowly, Robin sighed and tried to protest “But ... I’m...” But before she could explain, Amber had moved over, and, swifter than it took to form a thought, had loosened Robin’s skirt and pulled it off of her hips.

Robin was bare assed naked. No panties.

As she stood there, naked from the waist down, Robin blustered “I uh ... tried to tell you...” The girls gathered around, teasing and pointing a bit at her, before sitting down and wanting to hear all about why she went to school without any panties on.

Robin explained a bit about some mysterious Dare website - and once she’d gone commando once, she sorta dared herself to do it again. The girls, very excited and energized by Robin’s confession, decided that they should do something like that too ... Maybe they could find some more interesting dares for them to do.

Bree was surprised at how quickly Robin relaxed, finishing off her wine cooler, and began to sit comfortably amongst them, even though she had no panties on.

“We should do more Dares ... but let’s just make our own, we don’t need the website ... Come on it will be fun ... Jax won’t bother us will he?” Bree asked, looking at the other girls. Cyndi looked a bit nervous, but hearing Jax’s name, she just blushed, think that it didn’t really matter all that much to her if he did bother them!

Amber, as planned, was all over the idea, and with a significant look at Bree, she piped up “Oh, yes, perfect ... um ... Let’s go alphabetic ... That way everyone gets a turn to dare whomever they want ... and hmm ... if that person backs out ... what do you guys think we should do to them... ?

Cyndi said, a bit diffidently, “If that person backs out, first make sure everyone agrees that the dare had been fair ... not like go stand in traffic ... But if the other three agree and you still chicken out ... then ... lose a piece of clothing for the sleepover?” Seeing the others nod in agreement, Robin a bit more reluctantly than the others. Cyndi smiled to herself, glad to have been able to contribute. Usually Amber just bossed the rest of them around. But then Bree asked...”What if they are already Naked...” she said, glancing at Robin, obviously scheming...

Amber replied “Well, then it’s spanking time!!” and they all giggled a bit, though everyone was actually getting a bit ... wiggly as they imagined, someone, not themselves of course, being naked and bent over the arm of the couch getting a spanking from the other three...

Bree looked at the other three, Amber in her light green lace trimmed panties, Cyndi sitting in her white pair that was adorned with some sort of tiny flower dotting the front area, and the bare bottomed Robin, and suggested “First a warm up though ... Someone has to go get us 4 more coolers ... dressed exactly as they are right now ... Oh, and Robin, you need to go ask your brother to not come down without warning ... If he asks why, just make something up ... But you better hide around the corner of his door, as ... well, no skirts allowed for the rest of the sleepover!”

Nodding agreement, Amber said...”Yeah ... Cyndi, you get the drinks ... and Robin ... hop to it ... we don’t want to be bothered for a bit...”

Bree agreed, “Perfect ... Cmon Cyndi ... this is nothing compared to the dares ... Just to get us going, OK?...”

The two girl’s got to their feet, Cyndi to get them all a new bottle of booze and Robin to go ask her brother not to come down. By the time Robin had returned all her friends already had opened their second drinks and had started to sip at them. They looked at their hostess expectantly and when she reported that: Jax agreed to stay in his room, and if he did come down they would know before he arrived. Amber waited until they had all gotten settled and Robin had already opened up her second bottle and took a sip. “I get to go first” she said. She did a show of looking over all three girls, but then she turned her head to look at one of them and said “Robin”...”I want you to do a sexy dance for us ... and it has to be good, and you don’t get to stop until we all agree that it was good”.

This sort of dare was safe enough that they didn’t have to take a vote whether it was fair or not. As the girl climbed to her feet Bree quickly spoke up. “Hold on, since I am second I will give mine out right now. Cyndi I want you to sexy dance also, with Robin. I don’t mean copying her move or dancing next to her I mean dancing with her, as if one of you were a boy dancing with the other ... got it?’ Amber just glanced at Bree and grinned. Cyndi scowled a little, but didn’t really feel like losing some of her clothes at the very beginning so she stood up also.

As the two started dancing, almost from the get go, Bree was eager to get them to start listening to her and her instructions, even without a dare. She really wanted to see if one or both of them were like her sister. She still had not quite figured out exactly WHAT made Katie like she was, she just knew that there was something, buried deep, that sometimes yearned to let someone else take over. “No, you have to move your hips more. You have to touch each other how else would you dance with one another?” she told them both, getting them to move closer together, to touch, to get used to touching...

Encouraged by their obedience, she tried telling them “Cyndi slide your leg between Robin’s and sway your hips some. Robin bend your knees more ... a little more ... a little more ... yes just like that.” With Cyndi’s leg between her legs and Robin lowering her hips as Bree ordered, it was soon apparent that Robin’s bare sex was resting on Cyndi’s thigh. Neither of them stopped, even when it was clear they were dancing and touching very closely. After several minutes Bree and Amber let the two dancers stop.

Cyndi wanted some payback so she said “Bree kiss Amber”. However, before Cyndi could explain exactly what she wanted, Bree leaned over and pecked Amber on the cheek. “Hey, no fair I wasn’t finished” Cyndi complained. Bree shook her head, again asserting some dominance “You didn’t ask me to wait for you to finish and since I completed the task before you said anything else you turn is over” This put a scowl on the Cyndi’s face. It was clear that while she agreed with that rule, but she didn’t like that it was used against her.

Now it was Robin’s turn and she dared “Amber, take off your panties and go get Bree another drink. “Hey how is that different than me chickening out on a dare, and having to take something off for the rest of the sleepover?” Amber complained. Spotting another opportunity (even if it was with her friend Amber), Bree quickly answered, “Because after you get me my drink, you can put your panties back on.” An ‘oh’ look came across Amber’s face and she thought about it a little bit, and then nodded.

Amber rose to her feet and hooking her fingers through the waistband of her panties she just tugged them down to her ankles. All the girls could see that Amber shaved her pussy bare. “I just like the way it feels” she said, catching their looks.

Acting as if being naked from the waist down was normal, Amber just strolled to the other room, opened the fridge and got out another cooler for Bree and another for herself, then came back, opening it and handing it to her friend.

Amber stood a moment, the warm alcohol adding to her already considerable daringness, and she toyed with the idea of not getting redressed, but decided to save that for later ... Slipping her panties back on, she sat back down and took a drink while she pondered her next dare. Whispering quickly with Bree, she plotted her next dare.

“Time to get one of them naked Am ... they will do it, I know” Bree told her giddy and eager friend.

“You think? Wait - “ she said, pausing while she shook her head as Cyndi tried to get in on the conversation, “If you are sure ... I mean ... I trust you I guess...”

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