Girls Not Allowed
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Coercion, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Humiliation, Spanking, Analingus, Exhibitionism, First, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Alice desperately wanted to visit the tree house. It wasn't fair that only boys could go there. Maybe if she asked her older brother Wally, the bully, he would make an exception for her. She was willing to do almost anything to get her way.

The tree house was built for Wally’s older brother Paul.

It was a foregone conclusion that Paul would not be using the tree house anytime soon since he was off in some God forsaken place called Korea on the other side of the world. His uncle Tommy had warned Paul it was not a good idea to join up in the National Guard because the pricks down at Armory didn’t know shit from Shineola and thought all enlisted folks were numbers in a log book with no rights at all. Of course, Paul just laughed and told Uncle Tommy that the big World War was enough war to satisfy everyone and another one wouldn’t come for at least fifty years. Then the Communist tanks started rolling down the highway into the south and those Commie bastards started using women and kids for target practice.

Wally figured the tree house was naturally his now because of him being the next in line on the male side of the Kennedy offspring and nobody seemed inclined to argue the point because they were too busy trying to make ends meet to put food on the table and buy gas for the car that gave them a little sense of independence at a time when most people had no inclination to go anywhere.

His younger sister Alice was infuriated at his irritating attitude and tried to scratch out his eyes when he threw all her dolls out onto the dew-laden grass down below with the admonition,

“No girls, no dolls, and no tea parties in my tree house because it is only for us guys.”

If the truth be known, Wally, whose real name was “Walter”, was a bit of a bully, but he never saw that side of his nature. In fact, he considered his attitude to be normal and proper, all things considered. He had the certainty of belief that all girls were more trouble than they were worth despite their female private parts that they used to get boys all hot and bothered with dirty thoughts about making them give up their goodies without unnecessary fuss. Wally had not done “it” with any girls as yet but he was looking at magazines and talking a bunch of lies with the other guys about his fictional past experiences and convinced them that they were missing out on some sort of sexual revolution that might just pass them by if they didn’t get started hitting on any available girl with the power to make them complete and able to brag about their own success with the other gender.

Some of the girls were more than willing to bend over in a dark hallway for the enthusiastic boys but most of them were less than happy about their superior attitudes and insisted that they show their proper respect for female sensitivities before they would allow them to pull down their panties for the final test of manhood.

Wally was a bit upset that the other guys were all getting this girl and that girl and all he had was a peek show with his sister Alice when she went to take a shower or got ready for bed at night. He knew that Alice was fully aware of his shameful peeking, but they both pretended it was purely an accident and ignored their mutual excitement at instant arousal with instinctive attraction. In a way, he didn’t think it was a taboo thing because Alice was adopted into the family and she had an Italian shade of skin with dark hair that didn’t fit in with the rest of the Kennedy’s and their Irish red hair and freckles. Wally liked the fact that Alice had olive tinted skin and long black hair because he knew from his peeking that she had a beautiful little black jungle between her legs that needed some exploring sooner rather than later. He was certain that she had not been fooling around with any boys because she was basically the shy type and was a bit of a “tomboy” in her own right.

“Wally, you just got to let me up into the tree house because I am your sister and it is family property. I promise to follow orders and not to bring any dolls up there if it bothers you that much.”

He pushed her on the swing in the back yard and pondered her words. After all, she was “family” in a certain sense. Still, he hesitated until the thought hit his brain that this might be the opportunity for him to learn all about the female mystery once and for all and it was unlikely that Alice would ever tell anyone about his taking of liberties with her person because they had the sanctity of being related at least in name if not in actual blood.

“OK, Alice, but you got to wear your jeans and keep your hair up in a tight bun underneath your cap so you look more like a boy and people don’t get the wrong idea.”

Alice agreed joyfully and that afternoon he followed her up the ladder to the treehouse watching her heart-shaped bottom swaying only inches in front of his face. Needless to say, he was fully aroused by the time they sat on the floor up high in the tree hidden from the rest of the world and panting with the exertion of the climb.

He reached out and pushed a wisp of hair from her face noticing that she blushed at the touch of his fingers on her skin.

“Whatcha doing, Wally?”

He could tell from the nervousness in the tone of her voice that she felt on shaky ground because he was supposed to be her brother and not touching her face or looking at her business when she had all her clothes off before getting in the shower.

“I like your dark hair, Alice. Come over here and look out this window. You can see all the way over to the Adams house. Sometimes, the oldest Adams girl, Veronica, gets undressed and I watch her the same way I watch you in the shower or just before you go to bed.”

She looked over her shoulder at him and he molded his heated body to her tight-fitting jeans and wrapped his arms around her shoulders allowing his hands to fall naturally down to her budding breasts like the touch of a boyfriend getting acquainted in the last row of the movie house on a Saturday night. It was something that she wanted badly but she had a knight in shining armor in her mind and not her annoying older brother Wally with his nasty attitude toward all girls and his way of pinching and teasing her until she was almost to tears.

It only took a few moments of flesh pressing virginal skin to make Alice as compliant as an accomplice in a felony crime. She spread her legs to allow him to explore between her cheeks and felt his fingers touch her in her private place that she knew was a mortal sin. It didn’t matter to her now because she was past the point of no return and she didn’t even protest when he opened her zipper and guided her jeans down to her ankles before tugging her panties down to her knees.

For an instant, Alice hesitated because she was still a virgin and this seemed the wrong way to lose her cherry. Then, the excitement of the moment overwhelmed her and she pushed her ass cheeks back into Wally’s groin and felt his knob enter her feminine folds right at the opening of her vagina and slip inside with very little effort. She was so wet already in shameful anticipation that she dreaded the opinion of her older brother about her willingness to copulate with so little reluctance to go all the way. The little bump on the road was the quick shredding of her hymen and she forgot all about it just as soon as his thick salami of a cock was buried deep inside filling her with the promise of an orgasm soon to follow.

She leaned down on the open window frame.

There was no glass and no screen.

The weight of Wally’s bulk on her back was formidable but she enjoyed it immensely. He pressed deeper inside her and she was forced to lean into the window like a fish skewered on a hook of young boy cock. His impulsive humping grew a bit frantic and she appreciated his enthusiasm because it excited her into a series of little orgasms that she tried her best to hide from his knowing eyes.

He was flooding her now and Alice grew a bit desperate because it was so much that she knew instinctively it would backflow down the insides of her legs wetting her jeans and making her look like she had an accident usually reserved to a much younger person. She was pleasantly surprised to have Wally clean her off with a huge beach towel left there from some forgotten long-ago expedition to the seashore. The corners of the tree house were littered with sea shells from the beach outings. They were collected with glee, and then, discarded with disinterest not unlike some overly handsome randy lad’s treatment of the female gender. For some strange reason, Wally felt a sense of closeness to Alice because she was generous with her female honey and he knew her panting explosions of nubile happiness were totally sincere and not some trick to entice him into some silly declaration of love or devotion. He had no doubt that in that sense they were like two peas in a pod sucking pleasure from their partner with no inclination to deceive or hide their true feelings.

He bent down and kissed Alice’s pretty cheeks all over and even licked her still heated crack with his inspired tongue making her giggle with that lilting laugh that made him want to put her over his knee and spank her for being a naughty girl. That was a thought that found a nice warm place in his mind and he held it there until that time arrived for him to show her what bad little girls needed to keep them on the straight and narrow. It was amazing how innocent she looked standing there all zipped up and sisterly ready to obey his orders no matter how demanding or demeaning to her personal dignity. He drew her inside his arms and pressed her lips open with his greedy tongue feeling the wetness of her soft, sweet mouth. It was obvious that Alice had not had much practice in kissing. He was of the opinion that girls probably did a lot of kissing of each other just to hone their skills but if Alice was an example, it proved his theory worthless. Still, it was nice to explore her virginal oral cavity and taste her wet female saliva knowing that she would soon be taking his Roger Dodger between her sweet lips to make him hard for instant gratification. It was far too early to be suggesting such a drastic up close and personal practice and he knew she would have to be broken in gradually in little stages of forming a complicit bond for oral loving. He had a distinct desire to see her eyes looking up at him with her mouth stuffed with his long hungry rod but the name of the game with Alice was “slow” and he was wise enough to be patient and wait for her libido to catch up with his own depraved thinking when they were alone together and able to cement their physical relationship into a single union of like minds and greedy fingers searching for the trigger to the ultimate “tingle”.

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