Diary of a Rapist
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Mind Control, NonConsensual, Rape, Slavery, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Harem, White Male, White Female, Anal Sex, Analingus, Oral Sex, Water Sports, Big Breasts, Small Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Many women and men have rape fantasies. Scientific sex researchers have confirmed this. This is a story of extreme Male Dominance and utter female submission. The sex is down and dirty. It is told from the male perspective. This story begins with completely new material, followed by a thorough re-working of my two earlier stories "My First Rape" and "My Second Rape" plus new material. Nevertheless, actual rape is not like the fantasies. I do not advocate rape or condone it.


This is a story of extreme Male Dominance and utter female submission. The sex is down and dirty. It is told from the male perspective.

Reader reaction to my previous erotic fiction would suggest that only a minority of readers will enjoy this type of story. Consider yourself forewarned.

Many women and men have rape fantasies. The reality of rape is much different from the fantasy. The author does not condone rape.


This story begins with completely new material. After that it includes a thorough re-working of my two earlier stories “My First Rape” and “My Second Rape” plus a lot of entirely new material.

I am not a bad man. I am kind to small children and animals. I am good to my mother. I give to charities. I pay my taxes. All in all, I am an upstanding and law-abiding citizen. Except for one thing. One rather small, inconsequential thing.

I am a rapist. A kidnapper and rapist. A rapist who captures his victims, uses them sexually in the most depraved and degrading ways, and then enslaves them for life. I use these cunt slaves in ways that no sane woman would ever consent to voluntarily.

And not just adult women. Girls, too. Girls as young as 14-years-old. Why limit myself to 14-year-olds? Because the first girl I ever saw naked when I was a teenager was that age. As a slave-owner, I had considered going younger than that by two, or four, or six years. But then I thought better of it. I decided that the age of 14 years is my lower limit for rape and slavery.

Women and girls would normally resist me. They would refuse to do what I demand. But I take care of that little thing. Their resistance. I eliminate it. Along with their free will. And their freedom. I convert them into brainwashed sex slaves who are incapable of refusing me anything. No sex act is too degrading for them, or too humiliating, or too painful, or too disgusting for them to perform. When I command my slaves, they must comply with my wishes. They have no choice; no capacity to resist. Each and every one of my wishes becomes the law of their lives. My sex slaves could no more resist my wishes than they could fly. My merest wishes are like the heavy boot of gravity pushing their beautiful faces into the mud of my dirty desires.

When they look up from that mud, their pretty white faces soiled with brown cakes of mud, they smile. They thank me for using them. That’s the other part. I make the bitches feel happy when they please me. Following my commands gives them satisfaction. A good sex slave loves her Master, the man who is her Owner. My slaves worship and adore me. They always thank me for using them.

You see, I don’t simply rape a woman and then let her go. Oh, no, no. That would be too dangerous for me, and not nearly as satisfying. When I kidnap and rape a woman or girl, I do it for good. I keep her forever. For life. She becomes my permanent, full-time slave property.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I haven’t told you yet how I came to this happy estate of life as the Owner of beautiful female sex slaves. It wasn’t easy. It took a lot of hard work, much careful planning, some strategic cooperation with likeminded men, and a hell of a lot of money.

I am a very careful man. A very thorough, detail-oriented, educated, and intelligent man. Those qualities were what allowed me to make a fortune. That fortune granted me the freedom and the resources to plan my kidnappings, rapes, and enslavements in exquisite detail.

You might wonder why, since I’m rich, I would not settle for simply paying for high-priced prostitutes to satisfy my extreme sexual urges. I tried that. I traveled overseas where I employed the sexual services of the most expensive, beautiful, and adventurous prostitutes on earth. They pleased me, but only briefly. Their beauty was cold. Their sex acts were, too. The whores were engaging in a transaction. When it was over, they would leave. They could leave. They were never truly under my power, no matter what kind of playacting they might do for the enormous amount of money I was paying them. A part-time playmate slave who can walk away with a small fortune for her troubles was never really a slave to begin with.

I wanted real slaves. Permanent slaves. Women or teenaged girls who belonged to me, body and soul, and could never get away. I wanted to own these beautiful bitches and to use them as I pleased, at my whim. I wanted to do whatever I wished with them without limits. And I wanted them to thank me for using them, for enslaving them. I wanted my female sex slaves to appreciate their slavery and to love their slave Owner. No whore could do that for me.

Owning real sex slaves is a tall order, I know. It requires taking control of a woman’s mind, not only her body. Brainwashing, some would call it. Attitude re-adjustment is another name for it. Soul-stealing is a much more accurate term. I wanted to own my slaves in their entirety – body, mind, and soul.

Finding a way to do that required a lot of research on my part. In the process of conducting that is research is how I found out about the other men who shared my proclivities. We agreed that we each wanted women for ourselves, personally, and ourselves alone. We were not interested in turning women and girls into sex slaves for other people. We wanted to create them for each of us separately. We each wanted to have our own harem. It didn’t take long to figure out that the best way to do this was to pool our resources. We were each in it for ourselves alone, but we could not really accomplish our lofty goals individually unless we helped the other fellows collectively. So that’s what we did.

We sponsored secret scientific research into mind control techniques. New drugs, re-purposed old drugs, genetically-engineered micro-organisms, and special new medical devices were created for our exclusive use. The most startlingly effective breakthrough to result from this research was a device. We named it the Neurodominator. It could re-wire the neurons of the human brain without surgery. When used in combination with certain drugs, the Neurodominator could implant new beliefs, behavior patterns, and speech patterns in a person. In other words, we could turn a normal woman or girl into a willing sex slave. She would think and feel and do whatever we wanted her to.

The early model Neurodominator suffered from a number of glitches. It did not always work correctly. I found this out with the first woman I kidnapped. I’ll say more about that a bit later.

Let me tell you a little more about my secret cabal of sex slave owners first. We had to trust one another, but also be careful not to trust too much. We avoided revealing our true identities if we possibly could. My semi-anonymous friends were men who had as much to lose as I did. They sought anonymity as much as I did. None of us wanted to let others know too much about us. And we did not want to know too much about one another. We used various code names for our loose network: the birdwatchers, the rock collectors, the astronomers, and many more. We had rules of conduct, mostly about security, but about also about maintaining our trustworthiness. We could forgive minor infractions of some rules. But not when it came to the two main rules. We demanded secrecy and loyalty. No man would betray another. No man would poach another man’s women. Traitors and poachers would be eliminated swiftly and without mercy.

We did our utmost even to maintain our individual privacy. No real names. Wearing masks and disguises. Keeping our distance until the critical moment. Generally, we preferred to let a man kidnap his own woman, while we helped with logistics and so forth. Ideally, only the man who was taking possession of a girl would ever touch her. She was going to be his property for life, so he alone should lay hands on her.

Before I kidnapped my first cunt, I had done a lot of research. That’s how I stumbled upon this loose network of men who were interested in taking complete possession of women and girls, turning them into obedient sex slaves. Trying to determine who you could trust in this dark endeavor was always our top priority. The best way to do that was to test a man with greater and greater challenges, until he was given the final test: helping one of his brothers in a kidnapping operation. I had done my part before I took my first slave. I provided material support and movement of resources. I even saw the masked man carry off the beautiful woman he had selected to become his personal property for life. I never saw him again. But I got the message through our secret network that he was very happy with his new property.

Then it was my turn to get the goods. Before I kidnaped my first cunt, I followed the well-honed planning strategy that our network had developed over many years. After working out my own personal plan for this mission, I was helped to acquire my target and take her away. I won’t go into details. Let it suffice to say that my semi-anonymous friends did their part to make sure I got away with my kidnapped prize without a hitch. I still own her to this day.

I will now tell you how I came to choose Sabina as my first slave.

First time out I wanted a young woman, not a young girl. She had to have big tits. Really big tits! And she had to be either a blonde or a redhead. Pretty, but not necessarily gorgeous. Her big tits would make up for any shortcomings in her facial beauty. Pretty enough was good enough. I found Sabina in Minnesota. I located her through the Internet. Not through some dating website. I used a sophisticated search strategy that involved tapping into high school and college databases, corporate databases from companies that sold large size bras, medical databases of women that include data on their breast sizes, and even information brokers who sell data to those other organizations. I obtained photos and other data. Then I used special software to search through the photos and other data files to find every bitch who met my criteria on age, skin color, hair color, beauty, and breast size. That last criterion was the toughest: breast size. There was no single uniform manner for recording that information in all cases. I had to do some guess work and apply some specialized computer learning algorithms to tease out the information I was looking for.

It took months of data-crunching to winnow down the pool of potential cunt slaves with really big tits. Basically, I was searching for young white women with bust measurements of 40 inches or larger, whose bra size was DD or larger. My search identified 1,150 young women who met my criteria. Through a combination of machine sorting and personal examination, I reduced my final cunt count to 150. Then the toughest choices had to be made. Any one of the original 1,150 would have made an acceptable sex slave. And I would have happily taken all of the 150. But I didn’t have enough dungeon space for that many bitches. So I went back to the drawing board, so to speak. I obtained and re-purposed commercial software originally intended for supply chain management. I used it to figure out which cunts would be easiest to kidnap. Transporting kidnapped cunts to be raped and enslaved turned out to be not so different from bringing fresh meat to your dinner table.

Which brought me to my final group. I called them the filthy 15. According to my best estimates, I could kidnap any one of those 15 cunts and bring her back to my lair for rape, enslavement, and delightful degradation. I agonized over which cunt to rape and enslave first. This was for keeps. I would have to live with my choice for many, many years, since I had no intention of ever letting the girl get away. Once she belonged to me, she was going to me mine for life.

I finally chose Sabina. She was 18 years old. Not too bright, she was not going to college. She stood 5 feet 2 inches tall, with long golden blonde hair, blue eyes, a sweet smile, and a pretty face. She had a smooth, peaches and cream complexion. Sabina’s breasts were a spectacular 42-inch FF-cup. Her waist measured 23 inches, and her hips 32 inches. She had a steady boyfriend named Carl. He would miss her, no doubt. But he was a handsome young man. He’ll find another girl.

Sabina’s disappearance would look like an accidental death. Her car would sink in river with the windows down. Her body would never be found. But after a long enough search, her kin would give up hope of finding her alive. She would be listed as missing and presumed dead. No one would ever know for sure.

Except me. I would know for certain. Sabina would become the first piece of cunt meat in my harem of sex slaves. And she would never leave it. I captured Sabina late one night when she was coming home from a visit to a cousin who lived in another state. She was wearing a pair of skin-tight pink yoga pants and a loose-fitting white blouse that bulged from the hidden mass of her 42-inch FF-cup tits. My friendly co-conspirators disposed of her car while I injected Sabina with a sedative. I bound her hand and foot, blindfolded her, injected her with a sedative, and placed her inside a hidden compartment in my vehicle. I attached the Neurodominator to her head and switched on the device. Then I injected the young woman with a mind control drug to weaken her will, and a genetically-engineered micro-organism that would prevent any diseases transmitted by fecal–oral contact. I wanted Sabina to stay healthy during all the dirty sex fun I had planned for her.

I removed the blindfold from Sabina’s eyes but left the mouth gag in place. I placed a pair of headphones over her ears and secured them so they stayed put. The Neurodominator was the master device in charge re-wiring the bitch’s brain. It could operate both the pleasure and pain devices as needed. But so could I.

Then I began the drive to my rural home. It took over two hours to get there. Sabina would regain consciousness before then. I was prepared for this. I had a microphone inside the compartment where my prize was hidden. She couldn’t speak clearly. But I could hear her stifled screams and thrashing about. I could even make out a few garbled words. That’s good. I needed to be able to hear when she tried to speak.

Now it was time. I watched as the Neurodominator switched on the computer to show Sabina her first training video. She listened through headphones. The training video consisted of many pornographic video clips I had edited together into one long piece. The videos showed women serving a single man by performing every kind of sex act that pleased me. Sometimes that man was me and the women were high-priced prostitutes. Other times the women were porn actresses and other men were in the videos. I edited out their faces. Most of the videos included sounds from the women. There were squishy sounds, and moans, and gasps, and guttural noises, and gagging sounds, and the sweet sound of women begging to be used by the man. In addition to those sounds, there was a narrator describing how a female slave should address her Master. This long training video was highly repetitious, and it played over and over again in a continuous loop.

Sabrina could not avoid watching it and listening to it. She heard her slave instructions repeated over and over again. She could not fail to remember the lessons she saw and heard. Most important of all was the narration. Listening to the narrator, Sabrina my slave-to-be heard her Master’s voice for the first time: my voice.

I drove for hours. As the miles rolled by my under my wheels, Sabrina’s sexual reprogramming was going on inside the hidden compartment of the truck. We finally arrived at my remote homestead late at night. I went to the back of the truck and opened the hidden compartment.

“Hello, Sabina” I said. “I am your Master. I own you now. This is the greatest day of your life. What do you say to your Master, bitch?”

Her voice was weak and soft. “Th-thank you, Master” she whispered.

The bitch had learned her first lesson!

I knelt down and kissed the pale white skin of the blonde teenager’s face. It felt incredibly soft. “Good girl, Sabina” I said. “You just passed your first test.”

“And what are you?” I asked.

“I am ... I am your sex slave, Master” said Sabina hesitantly.

“That’s right, bitch” I said. “Now I am going to blindfold you again. Then I’ll take you to your new room. I’ll give you something to eat. Then you can wash up. What do you say?”

“Thank you Master” the 19-year-old said in a dazed and confused way. The Neurodominator and the drugs had made her thoroughly compliant.

I applied the blindfold, removed her ankle cuffs. Then I helped her out of the truck. I lead her into the house and downstairs to the basement. I pressed a hidden release and one wall slide away. Behind it was a tiny room with a bed, a couch, a small table with bench seat bolted to the floor, a small refrigerator, a large video screen, a sink, shower, toilet, and some open-sided storage shelves.

I shackled one of Sabrina’s legs so she was connected by a long chain to the wall. She could walk around inside the room, but not leave it, even if the door-wall was open. I removed her blindfold and her wrist cuffs.

“Now I am going to feed you” I said. “Then you will clean yourself up in the shower over there. I’ll watch. There are clean clothes for you on those shelves. Put on a pair of panties and a bra that fits. Do you understand, bitch?”

Sabina nodded, seemingly afraid of saying anything. I walked over to a small refrigerator and removed a sandwich, some raw vegetables, and a bottle of water. I handed them to Sabina who accepted them eagerly. “Eat and then shower and then dress as I told you. Don’t worry about having to shower with your ankle chain on. It’s ok. Now, what do you say, bitch?”

“Thank you, Master” the teenager said.

I used a remote control to turn on the video system. The porn training videos began playing, this time including many new ones that Sabina hadn’t seen before. I left it running. I put it on silent. She could not turn it off. The closed-circuit video cameras and microphones throughout the room would monitor Sabina constantly.

I directed Sabrina to the small table and had her sit down next to me on the bench. I gave the girl her dinner. Sabrina ate hungrily. She drank the water. Then she spoke for the first time without any prompting from me. “Master” she said “I need to pee.”

I pointed to the toilet. “Go over there and use the toilet. You don’t have any secrets from me, bitch.”

Sabrina nodded her head dully. “Yes, Master” she said. She walked over to the toilet, pulled down her pink yoga pants and then her panties. I saw the 19-year-old’s golden cunt bush for the first time. I think she would have been embarrassed under any normal circumstances. The Neurodominator and drug combo had removed that feeling. Sabrina sat. I heard the tinkling sounds of her pissing. When she was done, she wiped herself with toilet paper, flushed, then walked to the sink and washed her hands. The chain attached to her leg rattled as she moved. She then walked back to the table and sat down on the bench next to me.

“What’s next, Master?” my blonde, big-titted slave asked.

I grabbed the girl and kissed her passionately. She returned her Owner’s kiss with equal passion.

“Strip” I said.

“Yes, Master” Sabrina said. She removed her white blouse, revealing the pink bra beneath it. Reaching behind her back, she undid the bra hooks. Soon her 42-inch FF-cup breasts were hanging free. I grabbed and sucked and bit the young bitch’s tits with great joy, making sure to leave some good teeth marks that would be certain to turn into lovely black-and-blue badges of sexual exploitation by morning.

Finishing with her tits for the moment, I said “Stand up and take off your pants. Then lay down on the bed. On your back.”

Following her Master’s commands, my slave Sabina rose and began pulling down her pink yoga pants. I reached down and unlocked her ankle cuff, removing it and the chain. Sabrina stood naked. The buxom blonde exposed her pussy and ass. She walked over to the bed. As she knelt down on it, her enormous breasts hung down and swung side to side. Lying down on her back, her breasts pancaked on her chest, then hung to either side like giant water wings.

As she was walking, I was removing my own clothing. In a matter of moments, I was naked.

I walked over to the big-titted blonde. She was completely under my power. I could take her at my ease. I began inspecting my new property from toe to head. Her legs were a little on the thick side, but nicely shaved. Moving up to her pussy, I delighted in the smell and soft blonde pubic hair around her pink vagina. I tasted the teen’s cunt. She moaned with pleasure as my tongue explored her cunt and clit. Moving up further, I kissed her soft tummy. Then my exploration moved on to her chest. I took her tits one at a time once again, sucking and biting them with utter freedom to use and abuse the bitch’s tits for my pleasure, and mine alone. Even though I didn’t care at the moment how she felt, it was clear that she was enjoying my abuse of her tits. The harder I sucked and bit them, the more she moaned and cooed and ran her hands through my hair.

“Roll over on your belly, bitch” I said. “I want to inspect your ass.”

Without a word, Sabina rolled over. Her butt was not large, but her pinkish white skin was clear and free of blemishes. I kissed each butt cheek. I moved down to the crack between her cheeks. My kissed both cheeks up and down. Then I went to the crack between Sabina’s butt cheeks. Taking a butt cheek in each hand, I spread her pure white buttocks. Sabina’s was a bright pink wrinkled star. I kissed and licked it. Then I began darting my tongue into her asshole.

“Roll over onto your side” I commanded. She obeyed. I positioned by penis in front of Sabina’s face. She stared at my cock. “Look at me, bitch” I said. Sabina turned her gaze away from my dick. “I am going to rape your mouth, bitch. I am not going to be gentle. I am not going to hold back. I am going to rape your mouth brutally. You may not like it. I don’t care. The only reason you exist from now on is to provide me with pleasure. I will take my pleasure from your body any way I please. Do you understand, bitch?”

Sabina looked me in the eye. She had the calm look of the thoroughly brainwashed. “Yes, Master” she said.

“Good. Now I’ll rape your mouth. I’m going to cum in your mouth and you are going to swallow my cum. Right bitch?” I said

Sabina looked at me evenly with calm blue eyes. “Yes, Master” she replied.

I grabbed the buxom blonde’s head and pressed by dick to her lips. She opened her mouth, extended her tongue, and invited my cock inside. I pressed my dick against her soft tongue. She began licking it. I pushed into her mouth. She closed her lips around my dick and began sucking. I started thrusting in and out of her mouth. She pumped her head in pace. We were like a team. I fucked her mouth and she cooperated, like a good slave should. Soon enough my dick was bumping against the back of her throat. Sabrina gagged. I pushed in further. She gagged more. I pushed the head of my dick down her throat. Sabrina struggled, but I held her head tightly as I said “I’m going to cum down your throat, bitch!” She let me do it. I pounded her mouth and throat as I ejaculated into Sabrina’s oral orifice. Load after load of my cum spurted into the 19-year-old’s mouth. She swallowed it all.

When I was done, I did not release her head. I kept my hands on Sabrina’s head, with her blonde hair knitted between my fingers. “Good bitch” I said. “Good slave. Now we’re going to rest her for a while. My dick stays in your mouth until I decide to pull it out. Understand, bitch?” I asked.

Sabrina looked up at me. Her blue eyes were watering from the brutal face-fucking I had just inflicted on my slave. With my dick still in her mouth, she tried to say the words “Yes, Master” which I understood even though they were garbled.

We lay together and I spent the rest of the night using my new slave. After resting a while, I fucked her cunt next. At 19, she was still barely used, even though she was no virgin. Her pussy was sweet and tight. I fucked her hard. I made her cum in waves of orgasms. I didn’t cum, though. I was saving myself for her ass. I let her rest for a half hour before I took her anally.

I used a good amount of lube, because I found that Sabrina was an anal virgin. When I pressed the head of my dick against her pink anus, she was not ready to be entered. So I fingered her for a while, to stretch her anus. After a few minutes, I could wait no longer. I pressed the head of my cock against Sabrina’s 19-year-old anus. Then with a quick shove, I got the head inside. Sabrina jerked and cried out. “Shut up, bitch!” I said. “Your Owner is taking his property!”

I entered the young woman’s asshole slowly but relentlessly. She writhed and grabbed at the bed. “Take it, whore!” I yelled. “Take your Owner up your virgin asshole!”

I began thrusting in and out. Sabrina stopped struggling and began moaning. This is what I had hoped for. The Neurodominator was supposed to program a woman to become sexually responsive to anal intercourse. Our earlier tests had not always been successful with that. But it seemed to be working now with Sabrina.

I fucked the buxom blonde’s asshole faster and faster, harder and harder. She began to orgasm. Sabrina’s anal orgasms were proving to be at least as powerful as her vaginal ones. The more I pounded her asshole, the more ecstatic she became. Finally, when I was ready to cum, I commanded her “Sabrina, when I cum inside your ass, you will have the greatest orgasm of your life!”

Sabrina said in a breathy but eager voice “Yes, Master!”

I went over the edge into my own orgasm. “I’m cumming, bitch! I’m cumming up your ass!”

Sabrina yelled “AAAAHH! Master! Master! AAHH!” as her body shook with an incredible orgasmic wave.

We lay together, sweaty and spent. My softening cock slowly slide out of the teenager’s thoroughly raped rectum. Moments later, my cum and the trapped gasses began leaking from Sabrina’s spasming anus.

And that’s how I raped my first slave.

Using the Neurodominator, Sabina had been brainwashed, enslaved, and turned into the personal, private little whore. I became her Master. Yes, I “broke” Sabina. Now she had so little will of her own that Sabina needed to be ordered around. She needed me to tell her what to do. She craved being sexually exploited and used by me. The more I used her for my pleasure, the more she liked it.

I now owned Sabina completely, body and soul. She worshiped me as her Master and Owner. But there was a small problem. Sabina had not been too intelligent to begin with. The Neurodominator had reduced her intelligence even further. Sabina was physically healthy but mentally deficient. Her IQ had dropped from 95 to 85. So I had my sex doll slave alright. What I didn’t have was a person intelligent enough to have anything remotely like an interesting conversation with.

Oh, well. I decided to try and do better with the next one. In the meantime, I continued to exploit Sabina for all she was worth.

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