An Alien Abroad
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Aliens,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I was the alien. I was asked to help by some visitors, they being 'blobby', they couldn't help on a world of bipedal, DNA-like organisms. There was a catch - this new world had lost their interest in procreation, at least the 'men' had. I was to start a new fashion for sex.

“How much do you want to understand?” The alien captain shimmered slightly, I knew they had a job maintaining a body image that looked human. I smiled.

“You can revert if you like, I’m getting used to talking to amoebae”

He smiled, and slid into a kind of off-white blob shape. His words now entered my mind with no pretence of a mouth speaking them.

“Thank you, that’s so much more comfortable. We made the right choice with you. One earlier candidate was so terrified he ran straight into a wall! I feel a bit guilty about that.”

“In answer to your question, I did biology at university. I’d like to know more”

“Okay. They have broadly the same DNA structure as you, there are some differences. We may have to genetically engineer you slightly to be compatible.

My face told the obvious story, but then he could read my panicking mind anyway.

“Nothing to worry about, we can reverse it after. You won’t be aware of it. No anal probes” There was a kind of laugh in my brain “We’ve read the reports from some of your crazier people. There are a few other changes we’ll need to make on the way, like teaching the language. We can do that all while you are in statis – you might call it stasis?”

“Can I ask a question? What if I say no now? What happens? Do I get found as a result of a terrible accident or disappear or something?”

“You humans are so negative! No, we’d wind your mind back 7 days and give you generic memories instead. You forget everything about this and go back to work”

“Woo! Just like Men in Black”

“Sort of, too many holes in their plot though. Want to know a secret? In the crowd scene where they all get their minds zapped, the girl two from the left at the back was one of us. It was sooo funny having an alien playing a human in a film about aliens. But I digress”

Who knew that aliens could waffle on about inconsequentialities just like humans?

“They are one of 12375 identified species with diploid DNA like genetic engineering design. What?” the captain gave a mentally audible sigh

I was itching to ask more questions, but I shook my head and indicated he (he? She? It? How can you tell?) should continue.

“The immediate problem is this is a small culture which has developed rapidly, surrounded by less developed “nations” that can be brought up to their level if they trade more, fight less, and survive. That’s where you come in.

They have reached that morality level; similar to your Victorian Age, where sex becomes unfashionable. But it isn’t the women, it’s the men. They have decided that inserting their intramittent organ into a woman; sorry, intramittent organ is -”

“Penis, yeah, like I say, I did biology”

“Okay, well, they think this is a bit disgusting; like a lot of women did in Victorian times; some men do it under sufferance, some, ummm, jack off into a tube and give it to the woman to insert; the latest fashion is to squirt the semen onto a chair and let the woman sit on it.”

“Does that work?”

“Not very well, the woman has to have no underclothes on obviously, and she often has to scoop it up and insert it. Interestingly this has spawned a sub-culture. It is quite common for a maid to deliberately sit on the chair, similarly uncovered lower down, in the hope that some sperm remain to enter her. It has worked just often enough for girls to be willing to try it. The advantage of both the non-invasive techniques is that the single ejaculate can be shared by women. Quite often sisters will try and share a willing man.

It isn’t that the men don’t want to father children nor that they don’t enjoy sex, hand jobs I think you call them. Many even enjoy male penetration, but somehow the idea of entering a woman has become taboo!”


“It gets more interesting. Male sperm is the only way to get male children”


“Ah, but females have the ability of pathenogenesis. They can trigger an egg to split as a haploid and then rejoin to become diploid, but of course only as a female. We don’t know how or what triggers it. Theories are time of the menstruation cycle, phase of the moon, current best guess seems to be female orgasm, it seems that erotic self-pleasuring can result in pregnancy. Nothing proven yet”

“If they can do that then why do they need males at all?”

“That’s what we thought at first. Even more when we realised the child was not a direct clone. The haploid egg chromosomes engage in some kind of chromosome recombination to produce changes in the resultant offspring. But, but!” I was trying to interrupt “the result is still just that woman’s DNA; so in hundreds or thousands of years each woman would effectively spawn separate sub-species or even species.”

“Ah yes, I see, so the male DNA is necessary to keep things mixed up”

“Technically any other person’s DNA, male or female, but sex is the only natural way to achieve that. That’s how we noticed the problem. The balance between the sexes started to change. New births are now 89.4% female. The Girtine Index indicates that –”

“The what?”

“The Girtine Index, sorry, it’s named after one of your species, she published a paper in 1999 showing that when a dimorphic sex species (she only considered them, there are plenty of other versions though)” I made a mental note to ask about this later too “reaches a percentage of 17.9% of one of the sexes the population is in danger of permanent decline. At 7.21% there is no way back. The mathematics is complicated so I won’t bore you, but we checked it and it’s correct. No one on Earth picked this up, but we were very impressed. We tried it on another group, dinosaurs, and it brilliantly explains their demise, nothing to do with asteroids, it was a disease that reduced the breeding success, for female offspring that time. So we named the index after her; used it a few times to flag up problems.”

“What do you want me to do then?”

“Ah, well the population, the civilised population, is 10 million, as I say, increasingly skewed to female. We need you to sire as many as possible, but more importantly to show that male – female sex is actually fun. ‘Pour encourager les autres’, is that right?”

“You want me to have sex with as many females as possible? Well, depends what they look like I suppose, but yes. Yes I think I may be able to help”

We need to go back a bit, let me introduce myself, Don Johnson, middle-aged, job I can do from home, heterosexual – I guess that was an essential given the job being offered, generally unadventurous. I mean I’ve motorcycled across Europe but not walked the Hindu Kush. You judge. Anyway, read on.

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