Own and Use: the Master's Manual of Sex Slave Ownership and Use

by Steven Seven

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mind Control, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, MaleDom, Harem, Anal Sex, Analingus, First, Lactation, Oral Sex, Scatology, Water Sports, Big Breasts, Small Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is the "Owner's Manual" for the lucky man who owns hundreds of female sex slaves in the high-tech personal paradise known as My World inside the Master's World Universe (see the serial "Welcome to My World"). The Master populates his world with made-to-order, genetically-engineered sex slaves of surpassing beauty. He programs them into ideal sex slaves who want what he wants them to want, apparently of their own free will. They range from 14 to 34 years of age.

Own and Use: The Master’s Manual of Sex Slave Ownership and Use OR “My bitches and How I Exploit them for My Pleasure”


This essay is from the MASTER’S WORLD Universe. Here is the basic background of that universe:

“A man has futuristic, hyper-tech powers, including the ability to read minds and to exert absolute mind control over others. He possesses a hidden planet in another dimension that has been customized into his personal paradise. He is Master of everything and everyone there. The Master populates his World with his made-to-order, genetically engineered, female sex slaves. He creates them according to his exacting specifications and mentally programs them into ideal sex slaves who perfectly match his personal desires. He makes them want what he wants them to want.

Introduction The joy of living in an adamantine, super-sexed body and owning hundreds of gorgeous, compliant female sex slaves cannot be underestimated. No ordinary human male could conceive of how amazing and delightful this life is, unless he had had a taste of it himself. Since it is exceedingly unlikely that such a man ever would have such an experience, I will use this manual to address that man, telling him how things are for me, and some of what I plan for the future.

My life was made possible by the development of advanced science and high-technology. By means of these, I enjoy physical immortality, and complete control over all biological systems within my body and My World. My World is an artificial construct in a hidden location in outer space, in another dimension, beyond the control of earth government meddling. I have sufficient resources of matter and energy, and self-contained, self-repairing robots of all sizes, to remain here indefinitely. Everything needed for life and health are here within my control.

My World has the capacity to house up to 10,000, but currently houses only myself and 500 parahuman female sex slaves. These females look like beautiful women, but are in fact cyborgs or androids, whose bodies consist of both biological and technological components. My parahuman female sex slaves are semi-autonomous, because they can function without oversight according to their design parameters and programming. Each one was designed according to my specifications of beauty. Each one wants what I want her to want. Each one thinks and feels and does what I want her to, and takes her joy and pleasure from that. Each one lives to serve me. My slightest wish is her command. Whatever pleases me is what she wants to do, apparently of her own free will.

Her will is only semi-free. If any of my parahuman female sex slaves deviates from what I desire from her, I can immediately assume mental control over her and bring her back on track. I can read her thoughts and emotions and sensory states, literally seeing things from her point of view. Then I can change her thoughts and emotions and even her sensory states, so that she returns to the true path I intend for her. If something goes amiss in this real-time re-programming, I can take mental control over her entirely, turning her into a puppet that can only say and do what I intend. This has the effect of establishing a new pattern that she will then take on as a template for her own future semi-autonomous thinking and feeling and acting.

By these means, I was able to quickly train up dozens of women at a time. Since their programming—genetic and psychological—already predisposed them to thinking and feeling and doing exactly what I want, it took only a little occasional real-time re-programming to guide each one into the path of excellent slave behavior. The need for outright puppetting was quite rare. With most women, it occurred at most once or twice in lifetime. With very many women, it never occurred at all. Over the generations of refining the women in My World, the need for puppetting gradually disappeared except in the rarest of cases.

While my bodily existence is immortal (with bodily backups and replacements as needed), my women (parahuman female sex slaves) enjoy a lesser form of episodic immortality. My World is divided into two major realms, one in which I live every day with 500+ parahuman female sex slaves, and the other from which these females emerge and into which they return, after their time of active service to me is over. I call the world where I live Harem World. The other place from which my females arise and to which they return is called Womb World. After Womb World they enter the Hall of Eternity where their selected memories are stored and their bodies are discorporated until the bitches are re-instantiated in new bodies in a form of engineered reincarnation.

Womb World features the systems that bio-manufacture my females, from DNA through blastula and other pre-birth stages, including a number of months in an exo-womb machine. My women do not bear live young, nor were they born from a living mother. All of my females were manufactured according to my specifications.

Since my purpose in creating my parahuman female sex slaves is to use them for my pleasure, there is no point in prolonging the time of their preparation. Therefore, their growth inside the exo-womb is accelerated and their brains are programmed with synthetic memories and “natural” skills. When a female emerges from the exo-womb, she has the mind and body and knowledge of a pubescent girl except that she also has the sexual proclivities of nymphomaniac, the skills of a top-notch whore, and the dedication of a romantic who loves me and only me.

The girl spends the next several months in live training in Womb World. During this training period, she is tested to make sure that all of her bodily, mental, and emotional systems are functioning properly. She is exposed to pornography of me having sex with women and girls. She is taught in school how to be a good sex slave. And at home is taught by her “birth” mother how to become a good slutish whore and submissive sex slave to me, her Owner, when she finally meets me. Almost all of this is a repetition of the very things contained in her synthetic memories. The purpose of repeating it all is to test the little bitch. When she emerged from the exo-womb, she already had synthetic memories of pornography and schooling in the sexual and domestic arts, as well as possessing “natural” skills and abilities for sensuality and sexual performance that only the most skillful earthly prostitutes and nymphomaniacs possess. And the little bitch is still merely a 14-year-old child!

On the date of her “birthday” she is sent to Harem World, where I take her sexually and use her in every and any way that pleases me. She will spend the next 20 years of her life as my sex slave in Harem World. Then, when her 34nd year draws to a close, she will return to Womb World.

Back in Womb World, the woman will be given a little time to re-adjust, all the while being carefully monitored to make sure that her adjustment is smooth and without incident. When she is deemed ready, she will be assigned a freshly birthed girl, who is apparently just about 14-years-old. The woman will be the adoptive “birth”-origin mother for the girl. Both she and the girl will receive synthetic memories that suggest that they have always known one another in Womb World. Both of the bitches, mother and daughter, will recall the daughter as a baby in her mother’s arms (which never happened). The mother will recall feeding her baby daughter from a bottle, while her own enormous, maternal breasts were hooked up to breast pumps so that her milk could be extracted and given to me, her Owner. I get every drop of tit milk. My baby bitches get formula from a bottle.

Sometimes these synthetic memories for that pair, and for other mother-daughter pairs, will have gaps or inconsistencies. These are accommodated by the overwhelming psychological need of all concerned to believe in the central dogma that all things work to the good of women and girls who dutifully serve their Master. The gaps are filled-in by the mother and daughter themselves out of their deep need to believe in everything I want them to believe in.

I am their Master. They call me Master at all times, unless I instruct them to do otherwise. I call them whatever I choose to call them in any moment. One of my pleasures is to call them dirty names, and to change their dirty names frequently. In every case, they start out with a given name, like Alice, or Barbara, or Carol. But those name are deemed to be inferior to any name I spontaneous give them, such are Asshole Bitch, or Buttfuck Blowjob, or Cunt Face, or Piece of Shit.

After the daughter has been sent to Harem World, the birth-origin mother can finally retire herself. She undergoes a life review, in which her best memories and skills and mind states are stored. These will be available to her in her next incarnation, as well as being installed in any other females of my choosing for their next lifetime. By this process of selection and replication, every generation of parahuman female sex slaves is better than the last: more skillful at performing sexually, more adroit at non-sexual service, more submissive and compliant, and more beautiful in every way. And so my bitches rise ever higher toward the asymptote of female perfection.

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