Pamela's Panties

by HAL

Tags: Ma/Fa, Humor,

Desc: : Just a very short story about a man in an office who finds he can see a woman's pants. Should he tell her?

Shit! Shit! What do I do? Just sat down at this desk and looked up and I can see her pants! At least it’s Pamela! Not Mrs Blogson or Jeanette; no, no, that’s not the point. I can see her little black lacy knickers; her lovely little – NO! Stop, she’s a work colleague, you can’t start ogling her panties. I mean it isn’t my fault. She’s wearing a short skirt anyway but its ridden up. Hardly my fault I can see them, but I shouldn’t be able to; she wouldn’t want me to; what do I do?

I’ll try and not look diagonally across at her. Max, opposite me on this block of four, he can’t see can he? No; his view would be blocked by the steel chest of drawers beside her desk. Ha! Drawers! That’s what I can see. Stop it! Actually from that angle even without the drawers, he’d just see her legs right up to her thighs. But Max would know what to do anyway; he’s cool. He’d not be phased by this. And Maxine is opposite, but there is a modesty screen on these desks so even if she had to plug her laptop in she’d not see. Not that she would be excited anyway, but she might think to tell Pamela. Just me then I think, because I can see between the chest of drawers and the modesty screen and there are her bare legs rising up to her teeny weeny skirt which has ridden up her thighs and so I can see her little lacy pants and fuck! I can even see a little bulge at one side, is that? Is that part of her, what do we call it? Her slit. Yuck, awful word. I mean I can’t say “Hey Pammy, your slit’s showing” can I?

Maybe that’s the answer a jocular shout over at her, like it’s nothing. No, she’d be hugely embarrassed wouldn’t she? Wouldn’t she? I could go over. I mean if she was a man I’d just go over and say “Hi, barn door’s open mate” and he’d look quizzical and then light would dawn and he’d smile and say “Cheers mate” and zip up. No harm. But can I do that to a girl? A woman? Any woman? What do I say? “Hi, umm you’re showing more than you mean to” “You what?” “You’re showing your underwear” “You looking at my tits?” “No, your panties are...” No, no; that way is a peeping Tom reputation at best and a verbal warning for stalking or something at worst.

Could I tell one of the other girls? Then they could go over? “Hi Nadine, go and tell Pam that she’s showing off her knickers will you?” “What so you told the whole fucking office you little pervert?” Anyway Nadine would want to see too. She’s as less-y as they come, she’d get hot looking at Pam’s panties I bet. I bet she’d fuck Pam if she could. I would, actually the whole office would. We could queue up and tie her to the desk and take it in turns and ... woooo! Where did that come from? An office gang bang? We are meant to be professional colleagues and I’m thinking I wouldn’t mind pinning her down on the desk and pulling down those self-same panties and fucking her raw. There I go again! Stop! I’ll concentrate on work and not look that way. What about another girl? Lucy? Too straitlaced. Terry? She’d just say “So what? Fuck off”. Who could I tell?

I mean what if she realises later and says why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you email me? Email! That’s it! I could email her and tell her. But all the office email is kept on record, somewhere in the bowels of the office computer would be a message saying “Pam, you’re showing off your knickers” I can’t do that! She’d be furious, she’s got a temper I know. I remember when Paul Sweet was here and came on to her, she cut him into strips and fed him to the dogs. I’m not surprised he left really. Okay, he was a douchebag, so he probably deserved it. I don’t want to get the rough edge of that tongue if I can avoid it. That’s the problem too.

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