My Son Richard
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Daughter, White Male, White Female, Cream Pie, First, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Through an odd set of circumstances, I saw my son naked. This is what happened next!

I glanced at my watch wondering why my son wasn’t home from school yet, when I head the front door open and slam and feet walking noisily up the stairs with another door opening and a slam so hard, the whole house rattled.

I took the same trek up the stairs, knocked and went in his room to see him undressing and throwing everything all over the room, now in his underwear and he headed to the bathroom.

“Richard! Is there a problem?”

“Geez Mom, knock first,” he responded pulling the bathroom door closed.

‘I did,” I said through his bathroom door, “Is something wrong?”

He bolted out of the bathroom, naked, causing me to turn away. I did notice he had an erection, and quite the adult sized ... boner for being only sixteen.

“Yeah, something is wrong ... mother. Take a look, this is the dick of your only son. The only sixteen-year-old in my entire school not to have a girlfriend!”

‘What are you talking about, Richard?” I asked wondering if he was ever going to put on any clothes? This might be a ritual he goes through walking around his room, so I was hesitant to scold him.

“I take PE, like everybody else, and we always shower before we leave for our next class. I had Math after, today. Yesterday, for some ungodly reason, I get an erection during the shower and the guys all kid me about it.”

“So, today, after playing some basketball inside, I refused to take a shower, just changing clothes and headed to my next class. The teacher said I stunk and I needed to have a talk with the principal, which I did, then I was sent home.”

He walked over to his back pack, unzipped it and pulled out a paper saying to me, “Here, this is for you to read and sign. Can I take my shower please, Mom?”

“Don’t be such a drama queen, Richard,” I said as he walked into the bathroom again and started a shower.

Sitting on the edge of his bed, I read the note:

“Mrs. Charleston, if your son Richard cannot shower at school, he cannot take PE and will be given an Incomplete for the year. This will make it necessary for him to take PE as a summer school course, or it will affect his ability to graduate with his class.”

I walked into the open bathroom door, and sat on the closed toilet seat, good boy!


“MOM, I’m in the shower, washing myself!”

“Shut up for a minute. I let you rant and rave, so answer me a few questions?”

He had stopped, holding himself even though his shower door was just regular tempered glass.

“Go ahead.”

“Is this about showering with other boys, it’s OK to get an erection, honey. Is there a boy you like?”

“I’m not gay, or bisexual, I get erections because of girls. I don’t remember who I had been thinking of yesterday, but it happened. It hadn’t happened before at school, and the guys were taunting me, like ‘Who’s the lucky girl, ‘ and other shit like that.”

“Is there a girl you like?” I asked as casually as a mother can.

He turned around and continued washing and I heard him utter, “The only girl I know is Jeri (his sister) and you, Mom.”

“So, you are saying it was either Jeri or me you were thinking of that caused your erection. Is that what you are saying, Richard?”

“Geez, Mom, leave me alone, please?”

‘We’ll talk more about this, after dinner ... we have to, Richard.”

“OK, leave!”

He came down into the kitchen, getting behind me and saying, “I’m sorry I was so mad. How can I help with dinner?”

What a good boy.

‘Set a table for four, please Rich.”

“Sure thing ... I prefer you call me Richard if you don’t mind. I like it when you call me that. The teachers and the girls don’t call me that, anything but, Richie, Richie-poo, Dick, Dickie and some of the guys taunt me by calling me Big Dick Charleston.”

“From what I saw today, that is more accurate, Richard.”


Jeri, his little sister who turns fourteen in a week bounced in to ask what dinner was.

“I’ll take this one, Mom: Dinner, the main meal of the day, typically eaten in the evening or midday!”

‘You are such a tool, Richie,” she said to his clever retort and left the kitchen.

He added, “She should not be allowed to reproduce. Don’t we have some cousins that live in the Ozarks, we could send her to?”

I shouldn’t have, but I laughed at loud. He could be charming when he wants. After seeing his hard, strident dick, I have been thinking some very unmotherly thoughts.

Dad, aka Robert, came home promptly at six-pm and dinner was on the table and a quick shout of ‘DINNER’ upstairswas all it took for us to eat together as a family.

Robbie, that’s what I call him, works at the New York Stock Exchange during the day. He lives, eats and loves watching FBN to keep an eye on the after-markets and the Non-USA based Markets.

After dinner, he watches FBN until he goes to bed ... He loves Lou Dobbs!

If I want relations, he does the job, with enough romance as he needs. That sounds pathetic ... it used to be much more.

He is a fantastic provider, making gads and gads of money, so I don’t need or want to work. I did when we first were married, but he was already making low six figures. I had money to do whatever, and we had ... have two wonderful children: Richard and Jeri.

After the incident in Richard’s room, I admit I am suspicious of my new bubbling feelings for him. I’m not sure if its raw lust or something more.

With my husband asleep, I got up and knocked on my son’s door.

I heard him respond, so I opened the door, with the letter from the principal in my hand.

I sat on the edge of his bed, he was under the covers looking quite like a lost little boy instead of the very adult male I now knew he was.

“Honey, I suggest that you stop PE, replace it with a studies class of some kind. We’ll figure out what to do. I’ll have a note for you by morning. You won’t have to take any more showers at school, OK?”

‘Wow, that’s awesome, you’re awesome! I’m really, sorry I told you my secret. You are the most amazing mother in the world. Thank you for not telling Jeri or Dad about my meltdown.”

“I’m very proud of my son, for being so honest.”

“Good night, Mom,” he said.

I leaned over to give him a kiss on the forehead, but he adjusted and it turned in to a remarkable kiss between a mother and son.

“Good night, Richard!”

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