The Stealthing of Lina
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Revenge, MaleDom, Pregnancy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Old boyfriend on a booty-call tries out the latest trend - stealthing, and so secretly takes off his condom to own the bitch.

Dan stared for several moments at her fine ass to size it up, perhaps for the dozenth time this night. Lina was walking in front of him past the cash register to the exit, wearing impossibly tight jeans. The meal he’d just paid for here had been good, not great, but good, and appeared to have satisfied Lina enough not to complain about it. She did that often, which was partly why they had broken up after more than a year together. A girl as sexy as her could get away with a lot of complaining.

She stopped to wait by the door for him. “I’m ready,” she announced with a look that said more than the words.

Sensing earlier, that the evening was perhaps a booty-call, his dick had been semi-hard since meeting her here. They spoke often, and hooked up every now and then, just for the sex. She had always considered him the best in bed, and that was why she claimed they had stayed together so long. He couldn’t argue with that fact. Seeing her heated look now, made him step just a bit quicker to get the door open.

“Is there going to be a cover charge?” he asked softly as he held the door for her.

“Yes!” she practically hissed at him. “Not taking something just for you.”

He chuckled at her comment, knowing she really did mean it to be demeaning. That was Lina’s way. She was clearly going to demand he wear a condom, and so he allowed his eyes to secretly roll back into his head for a moment, just to savor the thrill this knowledge promised. Stealthing, was something he had always wanted to try with her. Completely irrational, he knew, but absolutely irresistible.

His friends had jokingly mentioned it some time ago, not with respect to Lina, but with another woman. Jeb had asked Paul if he had stealthed his girlfriend, Mina, yet. To which Paul grinned wide in reply, and then claimed the deed had been done more than once. His details of the these stealthings had been more then Dan would have thought Paul capable of admitting to. Not that Paul was a prude, he just wasn’t the type to say pussy or fuck in public much.

“Tissues and towels—are the key.” Paul had claimed. “Get her lathered up with the condom on—missionary style! Eat her pussy good though first—then she won’t know what fucking juices are down there.”

Paul would then screw the hell out of Mina, he explained, until she didn’t know where the fuck she was. Then he would forcibly roll her over, and pull her ass up by the hips to positioned her doggy style. That was when he normally made the switch.

“You need to do it fast—and without that snap you get from a balloon.” Paul had continued. “Sink your cock in quick—to the balls. She won’t notice if you’ve been riding the hell out of her.”

“No problem,” Dan’s other friend, Jeb, commented with intense interest.

“Put the wet condom in a towel you already have on the bed—then FUCK—nothing like it!” Paul exclaimed.

“And you fucking blow in her?” Jeb asked incredulously.

“Every damn time!”

“Crazy,” Dan muttered.

“Hey—they got pills if she’s knocked-up! You just ask her with a straight face—you fuck someone else without a condom, bitch?”

“Bitch!” Jeb laughed, and Dan couldn’t help but join in.

“Hey—it’s our fucking right as men—isn’t it? Babies are their problem—fucking knock ‘em up—worry about it later.” Paul announced forcefully. “Twice the risk—twice the fun!”

“I hear that!” Jeb replied.

Dan then had to ask, “So you then do what with the condom?”

“Well—you cum in her first!” Paul declared. “With Mina, I grab a fistful of hair when I’m riding her doggy-style, then force her head to turn away from the towel. Blow my load deep and hard—then pull out the condom.”

“That’s it?” Dan asked seriously.

“Naw—I make sure to snap it—before I wipe her pussy with the towel,” Paul grinned. “Because I’m I gentleman.”

They all laughed before Jeb asked, “And she doesn’t notice cum leaking out?”

“Well there’s a secret to that,” Paul replied quietly as he leaned in toward Jeb. “Cuddling!”

“Boo!” Dan replied with a look of mock disgust. “Do you have to cuddle?”

“Yeah—lets the juices seep out. Every once in a while, you dab her pussy while she sleeps.”

“Genius!” Jeb replied half sarcastically.

“Yep!” Paul admitted boastfully. “Just be sure to practice ripping them condoms off stealthily.”

After letting Lina into his apartment, Dan beelined it to where he kept his condoms stashed. With Lina now in the bathroom, he figured he had a couple of minutes to make a decision. He had bought some extra-large condoms earlier, though his dick wasn’t super huge. With these he figured he could slip them off silently, and so be more likely to pull off a stealthing on Lina. His dick was oozing pre-cum as he thought about the deed.

“Damn,” he hissed at himself when he realized his hands were practically shaking. This made it a bit harder to open the box. As he did it, he walked toward a hall closet where he kept his towels, and grabbed two of them, just to be ready. He placed one on either side of the king-sized bed, then sat down to wait.

Lina came into the bedroom with her jeans already off, sporting panties fit for a super-model. He gently laid her down, and began rubbing her pussy gently through the sheer material. Deep passionate kisses he gave her, which produced moans almost immediately. She was fuckin ready, he told himself, as he slid down her body to remove her panties.

“Ohhhh...” she moaned as he ran his tongue along the full length of her slit.

He then parted her pussy lips with a thumb before starting to lick her clit softly. It was all he could do not to jump up and stick his cock into her right then and there. Pace yourself, he warned, get that bitch ready for a stealthing. After a minute of pussy-licking he moved up her body to her tits, which he quickly freed from her pushup bra. As he massaged the assume globes, he made sure to stab his dick at her pussy.

“Umm—condom,” she whispered with eyes closed.

With an almost evil grin, he grabbed the condom from the nightstand and did his best to produce a noisy unveiling. She half-heartedly lifted her hands to help out, but he just shook his head and did the roll-on himself. Normally she liked to do, but he was way too impatient for that, and besides she was soaking wet already.

“Ohhh—put it in,” she said huskily as he prepared to mount her.

His spit had lubed her well, and with more lube on the condom, his cock slid easily halfway in to the cunt. He was thinking of her as such now, good for nothing but fucking. A gift from heaven to a deserving virile male, capable of impregnating this female. Forcing a life of servitude to his bastard on her was what he had dreamed of for months. He had lost count of the number of times he had masturbated to this moment.

“You gorgeous bitch!” he hissed into her ears as he started pumping her hard. “Going to fuck you into submission!”

“Ummmm—ummm—ummm” she moaned with each cock thrust.

He could cum quick now he realized, so forced himself to think more about the prize of bare pussy on his bare cock rather than shooting his load. Ultimately, he had to slow down, and do a long series of hard violent thrusts that jostled her gorgeous body like an earthquake. With each one she would gasp and pull him tighter. To strengthen his hold on the cunt, he wrapped his hands in her hair and hugged her head against his shoulder.

“Fuck—fuck—fuck,” he groaned as he started pounding faster again.

“Ohhhh ... ohhhhh ... gawd!” Lina moaned as she seemed to be approaching orgasm.

Not willing to allow it for the cunt, he quickly moved to the next part of the plan. Pulling his cock out almost violently, he got a massively satisfying and surprised groan from her. Almost like a plea from the cunt to slam his cock back in. He ignored her wanton and earning look as he flipped her over roughly, then grabbed her hips, and set her up like some kind of table. Pushing her head down hard, into a pillow with his left hand, he then slipped off the slightly lose condom with his right, and tossed it onto a towel.

For a minute he just let the condom lay there in the open as he busied himself lining up his raging boner then thrusting it in to the cunt. She let out a near squeal as he nailed her, which was mostly muffled by the pillow. Lina tried to push her head and shoulders up, but he simply overpowered the cunt. With a grab of her hair he twisted her head until she faced away from the towel, just as Paul had told him to do. Then he marveled at the raw power he had over this bitch.

He was going to fuck-a-baby into her, and there wasn’t a damn thing this cunt could do about it. “Ahhhh!” he yelled as he rode.

Her perfect heart-shaped butt was become too much of a target to resist, but he forced himself not to give in, and so only half-heartily slapped her right ass cheek. The moan of protest and lust from her drove him on. He savored as best he could these few moments, and so allowed his eyes to rollback along with his head.

“Feel the balls cunt!” he barked down at her through clinched teeth. “Feel them!”

“Ahhh ... ahhh ... please ... ohhhhh,” she moaned.

“Do you fell them?” he spat down at her. “Say it—fucking say it cunt!”

“Ummm—ummmm ... noooo!”

“YES!” he hissed with a slap of her ass. “SLAP!”

“AHH! Noooo ... ummmm ... nooooo.”

He stopped all fucking suddenly, and leaned over her menacingly. He knew she objected to be calling a cunt, and to the spanking, but he just didn’t care. Using his knees, he spread her thighs wider, almost to the point where she was doing the splits.

“You feel my balls on her pussy?” he hissed at her while he pressed down with his body, forcing his cock into the balls. “Say it!”

With one hand twisting her head by the hair, and the other pushing down hard on her shoulders, she was virtually helpless he knew. Repeated struggles by her to rise up, proved this. He figured she was too close to orgasm to actually tell him to get off, and he was right.

She finally gave up all resistance and said almost in a whisper, “Yes.”

“Say I feel your balls!” he demanded.

“Yes ... I feel your balls,” she panted a little louder.

“On your cunt!”

“Noooo!” she whined.

“GRRRR!” He growled down at her as he started pounding her pussy just as hard as he absolutely could.

“OHHHHH ... OHHHHH!” she moaned in ecstasy.




“Ohhhh—I feeeellll it ... on my cunt—ohhhh!”

He blew his load with a “AHHHHHH!” then collapsed on her, forcing her knees further apart, and pressing her pussy into the bedspread. As he panted joyfully, he wondered if the bedcoverings would soak up enough leaking cum to cover his tracks. Best not take the chance he decided.

“Nice,” he cooed as he rose just enough to grab the condom and to make it snap a little, which was hard as he still had one hand twisting her head to the side. But he managed.

Tossing the condom onto the floor, he then stuffed a towel between her thighs, and pulled a blanket over the two of them, while still grasping he hair. He let up a little though, so she could be comfortable, but he made sure his body langue made it clear she was going anywhere until he allowed it. The cunt seemed to know better then to make any attempts, so he closed his eyes and daydreamed of doing this again. Maybe by morning.

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