Chapter 1: Us

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Us - Jeremy is leading the picture-perfect life in the heartland of America, Kansas. He has his own successful business, is married to a beautiful wife, and two precocious toddlers roam their lakefront home, always making things interesting. But what if, one day, Jeremy's secret was to get out? It could very well destroy everything he has ever worked for...

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Sports   Tear Jerker   Wife Watching   Spanking   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Anal Sex   Analingus   Double Penetration   First   Lactation   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Doctor/Nurse  

-- Sunday, April 16, 2017 --

-- Shawnee, Kansas --

Alexa laughed as Cooper, our toddler son, went down the slide headfirst, diving into the plastic ball pit as if he was swimming. Four months removed from his third birthday, Cooper emerged shortly thereafter with a happy, joyous grin upon his face, waving at us before picking up the balls and chucking them up the slide toward Alexa and yours truly.

“Slide down!” he encouraged us, babbling somewhat. “Fun!”

Of course, Cooper had insisted that we take all the green slides, which were supposed to be faster than the yellow ones.

I shrugged my shoulders and took a seat on the very top of the slide. “Why don’t we go down together?”

Alexa offered me her snarly face, something which I had always found adorable (because it was playful). She followed it up with her patented roll of the eyes. “Together, huh?” It was not lost on my 25-year-old wife that I was in quite the frisky mood today. As we crawled through the maze of tunnels and slides here at Little Monkey Bizness, an indoor playground paradise for children located in Shawnee, Kansas, I touched Alexa every chance I got. And why not? It was nice. Like Cooper, I deserved to have my share of fun too, right?

I patted the slide between my legs. “Yeah, together. Come sit here, Alexa. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe on this super fast slide. I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

Alexa tilted her head and gave me quite the quizzical expression. “I climbed up here to slide down with Cooper, not you. But he wanted to go down on his own.”

“Hurry!” Cooper urged, lobbing more balls at us, but the hollow bits of plastic only hit the slide at the midpoint and rolled harmlessly back down to the pit. “Ball fight!”

“You heard the boss man,” I said, humor and mischief lurking in my tone. “We have to hurry. The quickest way is together. In fact, it’s the only way.”

“Come on, Mommy!” our little son called out. “Slide with Daddy! You go ... REALLY FAST! Daddy keep you safe!”

Decision made, Alexa stepped over my thigh, but slipped on the slick green surface beneath my legs before she could sit down. With a muffled cry of fear, Alexa frantically waved her arms in an attempt to balance herself.

Yet my hands clamped around either side of her hips, and I pulled Alexa down in a controlled manner backward instead of allowing her to careen down the slide on her feet. “I got you.” I smiled and added, “Just like you’ve always got me.”

I punctuated that thought by pulling her lush, sunrise-gold hair to the side and planting a delicate kiss on the very back of her neck. Oh, that sweet neck was so smooth, so tender. Alexa instinctively turned her face toward me as I slid my right hand securely around her waist. “That was scary for a bit there,” were my words. “Thought I was going to lose you.”

Alexa attempted to laugh off the embarrassing incident. “Guess you were right about keeping me safe. I don’t think I could have surfed down the slide on my feet. I probably would have slammed into it and broken my butt halfway down.”

“We can’t have that,” I whispered against the back of her ear. “Your ass is too precious for anything to happen to it.”

“Jeremy!” Alexa whined, squirming somewhat in protest, her tight, little backside pressed hard against my crotch at the moment. “Jeremy,” she complained further, “there are kids and other parents all around us. We’re going to make a scene.”

“No, we won’t,” I assured her. “No one has any idea.”

“Come on!” Cooper threw more balls our way. “DADDY!”

I tugged at Alexa’s waist a little tighter. “Boss man has spoken. We must proceed.”

My wife and I zoomed down the slide, racing toward the ball pit. I wrapped Alexa up in a protective bear hug.

The slide was the longest in the entire indoor playground, and Alexa laughed with delight as we hit the end. I held onto her as we burrowed under the deep pile of balls at the bottom. Dim light penetrated through the gaps above us.

“That might be a little too fast for Cooper to go on again.” Alexa blindly batted at the balls above her in an effort to dig her way out.

“What if I like for things to move fast?” My lips brushed her neck. My right hand caressed Alexa’s face. I kissed her on the cheek as my body shuddered with eager anticipation. “God, Lexi. I love you so much. You drive me crazy.”

Alexa - or Lexi as I sometimes called her - twisted on my lap underneath the rubble so she could fully face me, batting balls away from our faces as she did. I was so extremely tempted by the luscious, soft lips no less than an inch away from mine right now. Oh, how could I contain myself?

“What is it, beautiful?” I whispered, teasing her. Tiny, blonde, fit, sexy, and most of all sweeter than honey, Alexa and my lust for her would most assuredly be my undoing one day. “I know that you want me as badly as I want you right now.”

Alexa took a deep breath and seemingly found her resolve. “Even YOU, Jeremy, are not as crazy to try something in a public place like this.” Awwwww, busted! “You like to think you are, but you’re not. Definitely, no way.”

I realized that Cooper was frantically calling down to us.

“You stuck? Mommy? Daddy? I’m scared, can’t see you!”

In a much louder voice than she had been using with me, Alexa retorted, “We’re fine, sweetheart. Now, prepare yourself for my attack!”

Pulling away from me an instant later, Alexa struggled to stand, launching balls at our overanxious, screechy son as she waded through the ball pit toward him.

“Hungry, Mommy!” Cooper whined at Alexa perhaps a half hour later, as the three of us finished a round of miniature golf at the indoor playground facility. Actually, Cooper played whack-a-mole with the golf balls and his putter club more than anything else. Still, he was declared the winner.

“Oh, hungry now?” Alexa said to him, pulling the map of the establishment from the back pocket of her denim cut-offs. Indeed, that ass was something special. I wanted to have it for lunch! “You weren’t hungry earlier, Cooper, when Daddy and I wanted to have lunch at the food court with Aunt Merissa and little Madi.” Alexa tilted her head back and forth several times in a row, drawing a hysterical laugh from Cooper. “You wanted to go to the play ball pit, silly man.”

“I want ... cotton candy now.”

“Not for lunch,” she informed him, which earned her a grunt and a scowl of bitter frustration. “I bet they have hot dogs and french fries at the food court. Would you like a hot dog?”

“Cotton candy!” Cooper insisted, whining.

“You know what the deal is with that. You have to finish your regular lunch first before having any cotton candy. We told you earlier.” Alexa studied the map and then pointed toward the western side of the playhouse. “Looks like the food court is over that way, Jeremy. This place is huge.”

I glanced at my wristwatch and realized it was 12:30pm already. We had yet to go in any of the bumper cars or visit the video arcade, but we had to be back home by 3:00pm because I needed to do some work around the house. It was Sunday and with things being extra busy at work, I probably would not have time again to rearrange the furniture in Cooper’s room the way Alexa wanted until next weekend.

“I don’t know if eating a hot dog before riding in the bumper cars or going on the carousel is a good idea,” I offered, glancing down at Cooper.

Alexa whipped out her smartphone to check the time, knowing we were pressed for it. “You’re right, Jeremy. Not enough time to allow his food to settle if we want to go on any rides. We could always come back again in a few weeks.”

“Want COTTON CANDY!” Cooper said, grabbing his mother’s hand and swinging it about dramatically in his much smaller palm.

I knelt down and placed my hands upon Cooper’s shoulders, and glared into his eyes for one of our man-to-man talks. “Hey, bud,” I leveled with him. “You heard Mommy. No cotton candy until you have a real lunch first. Now the food court has hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, nachos ... you have to pick something. When you finish it, then you get cotton candy.”

“Okay,” Cooper relented, though wrought with disappointment. “I guess I have ... nachos.”

After Alexa peeled away to purchase us some lunch, I ventured off to the food court dining area with Cooper hitched in an arm, and found Merissa and Madison, my 22-month-old toddler daughter, at a big, circular table. It was easy to spot Merissa even amongst this massive gathering of people; all I did was look for the dark, brownish-blonde hair and the pristine, angelic aura that surrounded her at all times.

It was very difficult to believe that Merissa could up her own personal standard for beauty more than she already had, but then she became pregnant in August 2016, and all bets were off. Now a mere five weeks from her due date of May 26, Merissa - my wife, just like Alexa (yes, I have two wives) - had embraced the entire process long ago. The raging hormones and the added weight gain had combined to radiate a special blend of beauty for the 25-year-old. This very late stage of Merissa’s pregnancy was an amazing and truly glorious time, and our little family enjoyed (and celebrated) every moment of it.

Merissa seemed so incredibly happy tending to Madison, the 22-month-old daughter that she and I had together, a vivacious smile on her lips and a motherly instinct, that certain charm, on display which made her glow so brilliantly. Merissa had earlier volunteered to keep an eye on Madison at the food court so Alexa and I could take Cooper to the ball pit.

“Madi did such a good job with her lunch!” Merissa commented as Cooper and I approached, obviously proud of her. “Madi had pepper sticks, grapefruit and some fresh peas, and ate almost all of it!” She leaned over and pecked Madison’s forehead with a kiss. “You’re such a good girl, a good eater!”

“Na-na-na! Na-na-na! Na-na-na...”

I grinned and kissed the top of Madison’s head as she babbled. Oh, I knew that my situation in life was unique. Not only did I have two wives and a child with each of them (and another on the way), but Alexa and Merissa were married to each other as well. It all seemed normal to us, at least. “You already had your banana for the day, honey,” I reminded Madison. “You can have another one tomorrow morning at breakfast time.”

Eating at 22 months has been smooth sailing for Madison thus far. She has not had a picky eating roadblock yet, and seemed to enjoy most things Merissa, Alexa or yours truly had given her. The only trouble has been those pesky molars that were breaking through. They bother Madison from time to time, and when they do, she does not eat as much as we would like.

Oh, and did I mention that I was turned on by my pregnant wife? To the point of being wholly and completely mesmerized by Merissa turned on; with it all adding up to my blood baking my veins like summertime mud turned on?

This can actually be traced back to April 2013 when I learned that Alexa was pregnant with my first child, Cooper. Something snapped in me. A new, wild juice started ramming my volts. And before long, as Alexa became more and more pregnant, I became more and more, well ... turned on.

Now, I was there again. Just with a different, yet equally special, wife. A full four years later, Merissa was in the final few weeks of carrying her second child (but my third spanning both wives), a little guy - thank you very much - and I found myself craving her, wanting her, needing her, ummmmm ... stalking her(?) with wild-eyed sexuality and a carnal urgency that was second to none.

No marriage is perfect (no, not even ours). No love affair is without its share of challenges and doubts. And no two people (or in our case, three) who have ever wanted one another like burning rabbits manage to sustain that desire at a steady, fever pitch, day in and day out, for months, even years, at a time. It comes and goes, like a jungle attraction.

But what had I found out was that with my wives, my sexual desire for both of them invariably seemed to peak at the apex, the zenith, of their pregnancy. The final curtain, those last few weeks. Alexa and Merissa were beyond beautiful, but they made me smash my teeth against my jaw and hold onto the very last shred of my restraint at the tail end of their pregnancies.

The way Merissa sighed and walked across the living room floor this morning, decked out in her most comfortable maternity top, her back arched to keep her from tipping over. I found myself devilishly affected by Merissa’s very subtle movements, for example; the wrist turns and toe flicks, and by the strength and determination she had been exhibiting on a daily basis for eight months as she nurtured new life inside her.

My very soul, my spirit, my libido; it all felt imprisoned by the endless sightings of this 1955 Pin Up Girl-style voluptuousness that I was forced to tiptoe around more or less all of the time with my precious wife. Never mind the fact that, in her current state, sex with me may have been the furthest thing from Merissa’s mind and, with those wild and rampant mood swings, she would sometimes rather see me magically transform into a cheesy burrito than bed me.

Yet to me, it was an awesome feeling. The physical, the emotional, the spiritual, the soulful, the intellectual, the red hot and sexual; attraction, in its most powerful form. I always got there with a (very) pregnant wife.

Acting playful, Merissa opened her brown eyes wide at me - almost to the point where they were bulging out - and then fluttered her eyelids several times in rapid succession.

“Know what someone told me one time?” Merissa asked.


“Someone told me that after I met ‘em, for a couple months, they were like, I didn’t like you at first because you batted your eyelashes so much. It was really annoying.”

I shook my head at her knowingly. “It was probably some guy that you were trying to flirt with.”

“It was a girl!” Merissa corrected me. “I worked with her at the grocery store in Overland Park. Her name was Brie.”

“It was probably some girl that you were trying to flirt with,” came my teasing rebuttal. Merissa made a face and tried not to giggle, then fluttered her eyelashes about again.

“Hey,” I said to Cooper, who chuckled and snorted as he ducked his head behind a menu board. “Are you hiding back there, buddy? You hiding from me? You going to eat your nachos when Mommy brings them over to you?”

“Uh huh,” Cooper nodded, peering at me from over top of the menu. “I eat the nacho, then cotton candy.”

I smiled at Merissa, who was fiddling with a to-go dinner box made out of styrofoam. “What did you get?”

“Chicken scampi,” she responded. “Tastes SO good. I thought about fixing some for myself later on tonight, but decided to just buy it here. Much easier that way.” She snapped the lid on her to-go box shut. “Got some for later, yeah.” She used a plastic knife and began poking at the lid of the box. “I’m mangling my box so you and Lexi know it’s mine once we get home. Gonna carve an M into it, for Merissa.”

I shrugged my shoulders at her and teased, “All I see is a crazy pregnant lady stabbing at a box of chicken.”

Merissa tilted her head and shot me an evil glare, yet had to suppress a smile at the same time. “Two things...”

“I’m awesome?” Alexa interjected as she approached us, a stacked dinner tray of food in both hands.

“I guess ... three things,” Merissa corrected herself, glancing up at Alexa, before re-focusing on me, “since Lexi insists that she is number one and awesome. But getting back to my TWO THINGS, one, this chicken scampi was really good. Two, Jeremy; before we go home, I want you to stop at the grocery store and pick up a jar of the pickles I like. I need me some green holy goodness.”

Alexa set the dinner tray upon the table and pointed a dramatic finger at me. “Oh, you better do what Merissa says, Jeremy! She is a maniac when it comes to pickles - the same way I was when I was eight months pregnant with Cooper. You don’t want Merissa to unleash her pregnant rage on you!”

“No one wants that,” I said, shuttering dramatically.

Alexa removed a paper plate of yummy nachos from the tray. “Here you go, Coop-Coop. Be a good boy and eat your lunch.” She kissed the top of Madison’s head and proclaimed, “I’ll be back. Gotta pick up our drinks.” Alexa winked an eye my way before departing. “Hoagie is for you, baby.”

Hmmmmm, as usual, Alexa knew what I needed. The hoagie looked to be a delectable mix of mortadella, prosciutto and ham, just the right amount of sharp provolone, with dark green lettuce, and layered on a crispy, seeded roll. Off to the side was a small bag of pretzels.

“Eat your food, Cooper,” I told him, pointing at the nachos.

“Just make sure you buy some of those little Snickers bars when you go to the store too, Jeremy,” Merissa told me. “You know the ones I like. I want some of them, too.”

Those words made me chuckle. Pregnant lady cravings! First pickles, and now candy bars.

“Lexi had me scared yesterday when we went out together,” Merissa mused, as our wife returned with a tray of drinks. “She pulled over all of a sudden, and took me into this dark alley. The kids seemed scared, too.”

“It wasn’t a dark alley!” Alexa laughed at her. “It was a side street, and it was the middle of the day.”

“She took me to a toy store, and bought me a huge giraffe,” Merissa continued. “I was going to order one online, but Lexi wanted to be cute and surprise me, and brought me into that store. We found the perfect giraffe!” Merissa then leered at Alexa. “She wouldn’t let me back in the car, though, until I danced for her. Said I had to give her a pregnancy dance. Even locked the door and rolled up the window...”

“You had fun shaking that belly!” Alexa giggled at her. “You gotta shake it while you still got it. Isn’t that right, Cooper?” Alexa gave him a thumbs-up as he took a bite out of his nacho. “Aunt Merissa’s gotta shake ... what Daddy gave her.” Alexa laughed at her joke; a truly bad one at that.

“I have my doctor’s appointment tomorrow too,” Merissa said. “This time, I’m going to know that the doctor is going to push on my belly ... and I am just going to relax because, last time, it caught me a little off-guard. You’re an internist yourself, Jeremy. You should have warned me!”

“I’ll be home in plenty of time from the gym to take you to the obstetrician,” Alexa advised her. “Your appointment is at two? Don’t worry, Merissa, honey. I’ll be home from work a little after one. I don’t want you to go there alone.”

“I don’t want to drive anywhere alone right now.”

“Last time Jeremy took you to the doctor’s office for your baby check-up,” Alexa said to Merissa, “you totally threw up all over the minivan.”

Merissa giggled at the memory from last week. “Yep.”

“Are you going to do that again?”

“Nope.” Merissa flashed both arms out in front of her. “And you want to know why? Because this time, I am not going to GUZZLE a bunch of water. In the morning, I am going to be slow and steady, and drink my Gatorade in moderation.”

I raised a playful eyebrow at her. “Not going to do the gallon challenge before going to the obstetrician’s office?”

Merissa laughed yet again. “No, but I should. Lexi just got that brand new car of hers. It might be funny.”

“It would be most hilarious,” Alexa deadpanned.

“Nope, not the gallon challenge for me.”

“What you gigglin’ about?” Alexa then said to a happy and squealy Madison, smiling brightly at her. “What you gigglin’ about, honey?” Alexa bombarded the side of her face with excess kisses. “Oh, you’re so cute!”

“Cooper, I have a question for you.”

“Yeah?” he muttered, chewing his food, looking up at me.

“You went to preschool on Friday. How did you like it?”

“I ... yes I did.”

“What did you do?”

“I played inda day.”

“And you were sitting on a sticker when I came and saw you?”

“No, it was ... a star!”

“A STAR!” I gushed in response. “WOW! A star.” I turned toward Merissa and offered, “I went to go pick him up from his little preschool the other day and I was like, where is Cooper. The other kids were up and about, but a few were sitting on their STARS with their book-bags. I guess that’s what they have to do when it’s time to go home each day after getting their book-bag or jacket, or whatever.” I then focused on Cooper. “And I was SO PROUD of you ... for listening. You listened to the teacher and did what she asked you to do.” I gave him a thumbs-up and smiled. “Good job, buddy.”


I took another bite of my hoagie sandwich. “Tell Merissa what your FAVORITE part of preschool was this past Friday.”

Merissa looked fascinated. “What was it?”

“I played inda day.”

“And what else did you do?” I asked.

“I played with toys.”

“And what else?”

“And ... toys.”

“Did you sing?” He nodded his head at me. “Tell Merissa what song you sang.”

“Jackan the BEAN-stalk.”

“Wow!” Merissa swooned at him. “Jack and the Beanstalk? That’s a cool song. It’s also a very cool story.”

Cooper began laughing hysterically. “Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum!”

“Pregnancy has been really good to you, Merissa,” Alexa gently said, changing the subject. “Jeremy is right. You are so, so beautiful. I just love the way your hair looks today.”

Merissa smiled sweetly. “Thank you, baby.”

Cooper tossed down the remainder of his nacho and folded his arms, a sudden and particularly grumpy look on his face. “I done ... with the nacho. Want cotton candy. NOW!”

“Oh really?” Alexa did not move her eyes from Cooper’s. “Doesn’t look like you’re done to me, mister. Eat some more of your nacho, and I’ll get you some cotton candy.”

“Don’t want to! Want cotton candy ... NOW!”

Alexa raised a semi-threatening eyebrow at him. The dreaded Mom eyebrow. “Who makes the rules around here?”

“You and Daddy, and Aunt Me-Me...” Cooper relaxed his tiny arms and glanced down at the floor, thankfully giving up on throwing a tantrum. Oh, we did not need him to create a scene.

“Come on, bud,” I encouraged him. “Eat up.”

“You two make me happy,” Merissa said with all sincerity, looking at Alexa and yours truly. “Our little family makes me happy. I’ve never been happier than I am right now.”

“That’s because we love you,” Alexa simply told her.

Merissa breathed deep and smiled. God, those words never got old. No matter how many times spoken. “I love you too.”

Alexa reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind Merissa’s ear. “We should go home and relax soon. You and I can lay down, Merissa, and cuddle. Would you like that, baby? Jeremy has some work to do in Cooper’s bedroom.”

“Yes, I would LOVE that.”

Home was an interesting concept to me. The word, that is. Home was ultimately an endpoint, a goal. For Merissa, who had been through countless struggles in her life as a survivor of domestic violence with an ex-fiance before settling down with us, she had always searched for something better, some sort of unknown affirmation, inclusion, or validation in life. But in the three years she had been with us, that seeking had ceased. Because Merissa now had all of those things and more. A husband, a wife, a beautiful daughter. Merissa had reached her own endpoint or goal in life, and she had never felt more happy as a result. She was always eager to let us know that.

Yet, just wait until little Asher is born in a few weeks...

Despite the fact that Merissa lost her father to a heart attack when she was just seven, and her younger brother died in a motorcycle accident last September, she did her absolute best to always stay positive, and look on the bright side of things. I truly believe that with all of the turmoil she had been through in her young life thus far, Alexa and I combined to be the glue that ultimately held Merissa together.

“Good job, Cooper,” Alexa announced a few minutes later, as the toddler ate the last bite of his nacho. “Wow, I’m so proud of you. Let’s you and I go over to the counter, and you tell me which cotton candy you want. Which color?”

Cooper hopped up from the table. “I don’t know!”

“Well, let’s go over and look.” Alexa stood up as well, and extended her hand toward him. “C’mon, honey.” She turned and focused on Merissa. “Ice cream?”

Merissa grinned. “This is why I keep you around, and want you in my life. You should know, Lexi, that the answer to that question will always and forever be yes.”

“That’s the only reason?” Alexa asked, her mouth agape.

Merissa shrugged. “Well, you’re also good at math.”

“Hey!” Alexa stepped close and nudged Merissa’s shoulder.

“I got an even better one for you, Lexi,” she said. “Hold off on the ice cream for now, actually. I have some stashed away in the freezer at home. Why don’t you and I share a bowl once we get back home and have that cuddle?”

Alexa smiled at Merissa with a noticeable glint in her eyes. “A cuddle and some ice cream? Count me in.”

“Can I help with the dishes?” Merissa asked yet again, restless and fidgeting about somewhat, as she looked on from the dining room table, tending to my son, Cooper, beside her in his high chair as I carried off the last stack, dishes I insisted that she not touch. We had returned home from the indoor playhouse a few hours ago, and just finished dinner.

“Thanks, but I got them. You just relax and keep looking adorable with Cooper there as your partner-in-crime.” I bumped open the swinging door to the kitchen with my hip. Inside, Alexa was cutting off two slices of the ultra delicious, ooey-gooey chocolate cake that was a leftover from the amazing dinner buffet that she had prepared last evening.

Alexa offered Merissa a kind and gracious smile from the kitchen counter as she cut the cake. “Why don’t you go over to the sun room?” she called out. “We’ll have dessert there.”

I set Alexa and Merissa’s dirty dishes from their evening dinner into the sink, but the clanking sound as a result was a bit louder than it should have been. Next to Alexa at the kitchen counter, the daughter I had with Merissa (22-month-old Madison) put both hands to her ears and cowered in fright.

But Alexa knelt down on one knee in the blink of an eye, and was offering Madison reassurance with a warm, loving hug. “Wow, that was a scary surprise, wasn’t it? Oh, it’s okay, Little Minnie Skinny. It’s okay.” Madison seemed to settle down quickly, and Alexa rose back to her feet, shooting me an angry but fleeting sideways glance in the process. “Daddy needs to be a little more careful instead of THROWING the dishes into the sink like that, doesn’t he?” I grinned and chuckled, taking her little dig in stride. She was right.

Honestly, I had no idea what the term polyamorous meant when Merissa fell in love with Alexa and yours truly (and vice versa) back in 2014. It was not until later that we discovered there was a term for what we were quickly becoming. Yet many people describe polyamorous as the desire or need to be in multiple intimate relationships at any given time. That was not an accurate description of our situation, our relationship. We all feel that we could be satisfied with just one person. It’s just that all of us are in love with two people now ... and we discovered (through lots of open and honest communication) that we were all not just okay with it, but that it was something we wanted to pursue together.

I married Alexa on May 8, 2011. She was a very young and ripe 19 back then (and I was 37). Merissa married us both on March 31, 2015. In all seriousness, the three of us do not think of ourselves as being polyamorous. We’re just ... us.

Alexa and I were a very happily married couple with a newborn son in early 2014 when Merissa was finally able to break free from her engagement to Grayson (a truly heinous man), where she was on the constant receiving end of both mental and physical abuse. Merissa was at the low point in her life and did not have a lot of options. Yet she and Alexa had been best friends since preschool (they grew up three houses apart) and had always been closer than most sisters. People would comment on how close they were, but neither of them realized that it could be sexual as well. They were not raised to even be aware that was a possibility.

Alexa asked me if it would be alright if Merissa stayed with us for a couple of months, in the guest room downstairs, until she could get her life in order and stand on her own two feet. She was a mere 22 at the time, and her only other real alternative was to move to Georgia, where her family had relocated in 2012. I could not stand seeing my wife lose her life-long best friend like that, so I agreed to let Merissa move in. If anything, she could help out around the house and allow Alexa and myself to focus even more on Cooper. I had a good job (in fact, I was an internist and family doctor, and had my own practice), and Alexa and I had more than enough financial means to support Merissa.

Long story short, the three of us began doing more and more things together and it just ... worked out really well. We got along incredibly, the three of us, and at some point, Alexa realized that she had feelings for Merissa. Alexa was the one who initiated the conversation one night at the dinner table about, “What if... ?” A lot of talking, a lot of thinking, all of us talking together as well as doing a lot of thinking on our own, individually. I soon realized that I had feelings for Merissa; all feelings I had tried to previously suppress (since I considered myself totally faithful to Alexa).

The three of us felt very excited when we realized that we were all in love and that we wanted the same thing (a life-long, committed relationship as three). And then there was a LOT of open and honest communication, of course. There has to be with any successful couple, and with three people, even more so. It was vitally important that all three of us were on the same, exact page, or there was no way we would even attempt to proceed. We tried to look at this from every conceivable angle, including the potential problems we could face. Yet we kept feeling okay about taking each new step forward. Everything felt so natural (probably because Alexa and Merissa had been life-long best friends) on so many different levels, and doors kept opening up left and right.

We took small and careful steps forward, hesitantly, every inch of the way being shocked at how nice, how perfect, how healthy, how just right it always felt. Our fears about each next step were always replaced by fearfully taking it, and finding it delightful. There were a few low points and bumps along the journey too. I do not deny that.

It took some time, but I realized that since Alexa was in love with Merissa, it strengthened and supported my own loving relationship, my marriage, with her. Normally, if you learn that your spouse is in love with someone else, it weakens and may even destroy your marriage with him or her. In my case, since we had a three-way relationship, seeing Alexa and Merissa relate happily together meant that our three-person relationship was stable and supportive. Their love strengthens my individual relationships with them both, and our relationship all together as a whole.

And once the three of us all learned to see each individual relationship (mine with Alexa, mine with Merissa and their own together) as a strength and not a threat, we found ourselves released from the trap of jealousy and insecurity, and that allowed us to nurture and grow a deepening love that is still evolving (and fortifying itself) today. Insecurities still arise from time to time, just as they do in any relationship. But it’s just normal, occasional stuff, and nothing major.

“You want to go on the expressway to IKEA in Independence?” I asked Alexa in the current time, in the kitchen, as I started work on the dishes. “Since you insist on going tonight?”

Alexa folded both arms above her head and began swivelling her hips in a repeated motion; doing a sexy, little dance, basically, while breaking out into lyrical verse, “I’m lookin’ forward to the TRAF-FIC! I’m lookin’ forward to the TRAF-FIC!”

I chuckled again. “I bet you are.”

“Maybe if the traffic is too bad, and it takes too long to get there with all of that construction going on, maybe we could spend the night at IKEA,” Alexa suggested.

I shrugged my shoulders. “There are lots of beds there.”

“No one would ever find us.”

“I’m sure Merissa would love to look after the two little ones being just five weeks from her due date.”

Alexa smiled. “Oh, she’d love it, I’m sure. We should totally leave Cooper with her. Throw caution to the wind!”

“I think if you really tried, you could spend the night at IKEA.” I glanced at Alexa for a moment, then joked, “I think WE should try! I mean, there’s a place where we can eat food ... they have a cafeteria.”

“Yeah,” Alexa nodded.

“They have plenty of beds, obviously, and there are so many things to build there. Myself, I would be entertained for days. Weeks! What do you think? Should we try it?”

Alexa shook her head for a good five seconds. “No.” And then, she exited the kitchen with two slices of cake.

In all seriousness, once Alexa finished her after dinner dessert of leftover cake with Merissa in the sun room, she and I, along with Cooper, were taking a trip to IKEA (the world’s largest furniture retailer) in nearby Independence, Missouri (just outside of Kansas City). Alexa was hoping to find a brand new, leather reclining chair to go in the bedroom that Cooper would eventually share with his forthcoming brother, Asher. But the new chair needed to match and go well with the recliner that was already there (which was actually Merissa’s - she purchased it on her own in 2011). The two ladies had visions of rocking their boys to sleep during those troublesome nights in side-by-side leather recliners.

Madison was staring up at me, babbling and all wide-eyed, as I was scrubbing the dishes at the sink, the two of us now alone in the kitchen. “What you want, baby chick?” I asked her. “You want to help Daddy with the dishes?”

Truth be told, Alexa, Merissa and yours truly mostly kept to ourselves. There were just a handful of people who knew the true extent of our relationship, our three-way marriage. We live in Lake Quivira, a very small suburb (population: 900) just west of Kansas City. It was the type of small-scale, down-home, Midwestern town with very high ethics and a close-minded outlook on almost anything controversial.

It was difficult and frustrating to constantly hide who we were and how we lived, but it was best for our children as they grew up, and the safety of our professional careers. I had my own medical practice and relied heavily on the goodwill I had built with the community over the years. Alexa was a certified fitness instructor at a gym about 20 miles away, but had aspirations of one day working at the hospital as a physical therapist (and finally putting the doctoral degree she earned last year at the University of Kansas to use). Merissa was a secretary at a local law firm and had a boss who openly expresses that gay and/or bisexual people have a psychological illness, and are unholy sinners.

So our official front is that Alexa and I are married, and Merissa is our house-mate. We tell others that her fiance walked out on her, leaving Merissa with a daughter (Madison) and another child on the way (Asher). She cannot survive and make it on her own, we say, so Merissa pays a small rent each month and helps us wherever she can. Yet we are all well aware that hiding things will only prove to be more and more difficult as time moves on, and the kids grow up. A relocation (or multiple ones) may even be necessary.

My parents actually found out, through some extremely disrespectful snooping on my mother’s part, and they both pretty much disowned me on the spot. How could I have two wives? How could I have children with two different women? Mom actually told Alexa that she wished I would die right then and there, because at least I would then go to Heaven and find the salvation I so desparately needed. Okay, whatever. Some pretty awful words were exchanged, and I have not spoken to either my parents since. I wonder if I ever will again.

I find it difficult to fathom that society would rather see Merissa in an abusive and volatile relationship with her former fiance than be in a healthy, happy and stable marriage with two partners. That is the world we live in, though. Community, and even family members, would rather Merissa live as a struggling, lonely single woman than have the support of two people (Alexa and yours truly) who love her unconditionally. The fact that society would view Merissa’s sexual relationship with her abusive ex-fiance as righteous, but that her sexual relationship with her husband and wife (if others knew about it) as unrighteous, was infuriating to me. But, I do not want to go off on a rambling tanget here...

I suppose both of my wives are bisexual. Well, honestly, I do not even know if they are. Neither of them think of themselves as being bisexual. There does not seem to be any attraction for them to other women whatsoever. Not even the prototypical celebrity crush.

I just know that Alexa loves Merissa. And Merissa loves Alexa. And those two ladies being sexually intimate together just makes sense, given the depth of their feelings for each other. They had been very close friends since their preschool days, but it never seemed close enough for them until the past three years came along. Go figure.

We all sleep together every night. The person in the middle gets seriously snuggled on. Trust me, it’s awesome.

Sexually, we have learned a lot about how three people can create an amazingly wonderful experience that feels like making love for everyone. It was delightful to learn that you can have that feeling of being “one” with three. You totally can. That was one of the things we worried about at first - what would we do about sex? Now, our minds automatically assume that making love takes three.

We are sexual as one-on-one couples as well, but just not as often. We prefer three as the norm, but enjoy time as individual couples on occasion, when opportunity allows. Just this past Thursday, I came home from work and found Alexa and Merissa in bed together, making love, while Cooper and Madison were napping. I did not feel even a twinge of jealousy or insecurity. They asked me to join them, and I did.

Again in the current time, back here on Sunday evening, I held Madison’s hand as she and I entered the sun room moments after finishing the dishes, coming across Alexa and Merissa enjoying their cake. Even Cooper had some icing on his face.

“Merissa, you mind watching the kids for a few minutes?” was my innocent-sounding question. “I need to talk to Alexa elsewhere, in private.”

“In private?” Merissa repeated, as Alexa looked at me with curious eyes. “Why do you need to talk to her in private?”

I chuckled gently and winked an eye at Merissa. “Trust me.”

“Oh,” she then nodded, catching my drift. “Yeah, Jeremy. Yeah, I can watch Bonnie and Clyde myself for a bit.” Bonnie and Clyde, of course, being their nicknames as a pair of two. Because, you know, Madison and Cooper were up to no good.

I knelt down and got in my son’s ear. “Stay in here with Aunt Merissa and Madi, and behave. Mommy and Daddy will be back in a very few, short minutes. Soon, we’re going to get into the minivan, and take a trip to Kansas City. The big city!” Actually, we were going to Independence, but Cooper would become excited if he thought we were headed downtown. Oh, I suppose we could drive by Arrowhead Stadium for him...

“Jeremy? What is this?” Alexa was confused as I grabbed her hand and pulled her up from the wicker chair. I leaned over and shared a kiss with Merissa, and took a couple of extra seconds to gaze and stare longingly into those brown eyes. God, she was gorgeous and wow, I was so proud of her after all of the things she had been through in the past eight months. Like Alexa, I loved Merissa to no end. I had no favorite amongst them, no preferred wife. I loved them the same.

“Jeremy?” Alexa whined seconds later, as I guided her into my personal office down the hall, and locked the door behind me. Yes, I locked it. “Jeremy, what’s going on?” Alexa’s hair was in a low ponytail tonight and she wore an army green button-up blouse that she left untucked atop black leggings and lace-up boots. She looked fresh and chipper, and more than primed for a quick shopping trip to IKEA.

“You wicked witch!” I erupted at her, but with a smile, as we were in my office now - safe and secure from any eyes and ears that should not witness what was about to happen. “Good God, Alexa! You knew full well that I stepped out to go to the hardware store earlier while I was working in Cooper’s room, yet you sent me that video anyway!” Alexa grinned fiendishly, like a little nymphomaniac, understanding now. “Do you know that I had to go outside and watch that video to its conclusion in the parking lot at Lowe’s on my cell phone?”

Alexa was giggling. “What? Wouldn’t most men enjoy and seem appreciative of their wife sending them a little selfie masturbation video clip? I was thinking of you this afternoon, Jeremy, and I wanted your cock. Merissa fell asleep on me. But that’s okay; she’s eight months pregnant.”

“You got me way too excited and amped up, too,” I told her. “Even afterward, I’m walking through Lowe’s - the hardware store - with a huge lump in my pants. God, I wanted you so much right then and there. I wanted Merissa too. I saw her in the video, sleeping off to the side.”

Alexa made a face. “What’s new, there? You haven’t been able to rip your gaze from Merissa since she’s gotten pregnant. But ... then again, neither have I.”

“Come over here. Sit down.” I led Alexa over to the big desk and had her take a seat in the chair in front of the computer. I propped my smartphone up against the keyboard, then fiddled with it until finding the aforementioned video clip. “I want you to watch this.”

Alexa sucked in her breath and we both went silent as the footage began to roll. Alexa’s cries were weak but very raw over the speakers, and she shifted noticeably in her seat. On the screen, she was massaging her little, swollen clitoris with a trio of extended fingers while making tiny, blissful noises.

“I saw this just five minutes after arriving at the hardware store earlier, and it affected me the rest of the time there,” I said to her. “You got me so worked up, girl.”

Alexa giggled with glee at the news, and tilted her head back. “Oh,” she then offered, as my hard erection - which I had already whipped out of my trousers - got bumped by the back of her skull. “OH!” Alexa squealed, then turning and finding that pulsing cock with her adoring, big, blue eyes.

“You’re going to suck me off,” I instructed her, “and give me some relief before we go out hunting for your new chair.”

Alexa needed no further coaxing, as her right hand was already gripping the wide, thick base of my cock, her lips closing quickly around it. She would never pass up the opportunity to suck my cock. Seated at the desk, Alexa’s eyes transitioned to my face (and stayed there) as I held onto either side of her head and made her swallow me nice and deep into her wet, heavenly mouth.

Alexa whimpered. Her long hair had already fallen around her face, but I used my right hand to sweep the wayward, blonde strands back over her shoulder, so I could watch my shaft pilfer and plunge, and loot what was rightfully mine.

Soon, Alexa was gagging noticeably as I thrusted my cock back and forth within her mouth, using extreme haste and vigor. The look in her eyes right now was quite telling.

I suddenly withdrew, though, taking several strides back. Alexa watched me, eyes and mouth wide (with a streamer of pre-cum dangling from her chin), full of eroticism and alarm. Clearly, she had been prepared for me to pump her little mouth full with my sperm. I could have, but now had a better idea.

“Stand up and bend over the desk, Alexa, with your ass nice and hair in the air for me. I’m going to fuck you.”

Submissive instincts took over immediately as Alexa rose from the chair and exhaled a lush, sensual breath while looking deep into my eyes one more time. She then turned and placed herself at my command, head down on the large desk and grasping its far edge, her taut, picture-perfect ass high in the air. She even gave it a tiny, little shake, taunting me.

Alexa inhaled sharply and momentarily raised her head off of the desk when I literally ripped her stretchy black leggings and the white G-string underneath downward, to mid-thigh. Her backside exposed, Alexa did her best to jut it out even further, even higher, wanting to gift me her charms properly. She stood on her tiptoes and seemed to teeter about somewhat.

I put my hands on Alexa’s ass, its skin sweetly elastic to the touch. I parted her cheeks for a spell and gazed at her anus, a part of her that I had dreamed of taking since we first met seven years ago, but had never had the pleasure of experiencing just yet. Perhaps one day ... maybe.


“Please fuck me, Jeremy,” she begged.

Without a word, I presented the head of my cock to Alexa’s pussy, grasping her thighs and spreading them to allow me the best angle to enter her. Alexa again raised her head, but turned her face to look back at me. “Oh, Jeremy. Please...”

I pushed into her pussy forcefully now, and began to pound her hard over the desk.

“Oh, Jeremy. Jeremy!”

“This little pussy of yours constantly cries out for cock, doesn’t it, Alexa?” I asked her, teasing, as she nodded her head wildly in response. I dug even deeper into her hips with my hands, grinding the flesh. “I’m going to put some sperm in there so it will brighten your day, and you can start your shopping trip off right.”

Alexa stifled a laugh as I continued to thrust into her. “Brighten ... my day?”

“This little pussy has only had one cock in it throughout its brief lifetime,” I reminded her, “mine, but of course it has taken some pretty massive dildos from your wife over the years. Oh, Lexi. God only knows how Merissa loves to stuff you full with dildos. I opened your pussy up seven years ago, and it was so tight that I came much quicker than I wanted to. Little, 18-year-old virgin pussies tend to do that to men. You’re a bit looser now, honey, but it’s still like velvet in there. Sweet, incredible ... tight, velvet.”

Alexa cried out as she was ridden over the desk. I knew my words were having a profound effect on her, doing nothing but increasing the ache of her rapidly growing arousal.

“I think it’s time that I put another baby in your tummy, Lexi,” I told her, my voice much more thick and raw now. “Merissa is incredibly gorgeous at eight months pregnant, but even she does not compare to you when you were pregnant with Cooper. You, and your little, gymnast body. God, you were so fucking hot when you were pregnant.” I began fucking her harder. “Even though you were really whiny and screechy at the end.”

Alexa gave a wail of arousal, but the degradation - not to mention the physical sensations - made her pussy rupture, and she reveled in that sweet, intense pleasure. She came, crying out, her face looking brighter than the sun. The mental image of Alexa waddling around like a penguin again at eight or nine months pregnant seemed to bring my own arousal to its resolution as well, and I gave a loud grunt as my cock pulsed away inside her, and she could not help but to suppress a weak, listless sob at the feeling.

I withdrew, walked to the side of the desk, zipping up my trousers and belting them to hide the softening cock that glistened with my young, gorgeous wife’s arousal.

“I’d love to be pregnant again...” came a little whisper.

I smiled down at her. “Of course you would.” I gave her ass a healthy smack for good measure. “Get your clothes back on, and meet me in the sun room with Merissa and the kids. I’m going to hang out with them for a bit before we go to IKEA.”

“Jeremy?” Alexa’s soft voice diverted my attention just over an hour later from the traffic jam, which had slowed to a crawl with Sunday shoppers and ongoing construction, along the expressway (I-435) connecting Kansas City and Independence.

I kept my hands tight on the steering wheel of our family vehicle, my 2016 Chrysler Pacifica, yet turned and offered Alexa a gentle smile. “Yes, sweetheart?”

“I don’t know if Merissa told you, but I want to take her out for a couple of hours tomorrow evening after you get home from work. Get her away from the house for a bit, the kids, so she can unwind and relax. Maybe catch a movie. You know this pregnancy has been rough on her.” Alexa paused for a brief moment. “Do you think you could stay home and keep an eye on Cooper and Madison for us while we are away?”

“Oh, that won’t be a problem.” I leaned into Alexa’s shoulder and patted her arm. How many times had she looked after our children so I could go out and have a fun date with Merissa? Or Merissa did the same, so I could spend some one-on-one time with Alexa? “What movie you plan on seeing?”

Ghost in the Shell.” Ahh, the not-so-great hit that was out in the movie theaters currently. “You know I am a big fan of Scarlett Johansson; I love all of her movies. Merissa is interested in seeing it with me, but it’s not the type of movie we want Cooper or Madison to see, you know. Otherwise, we would watch it after her appointment tomorrow and bring the kids with us.”

“You and Merissa stay out as late as you want tomorrow night,” I advised her. “You both deserve it. The kids will probably fall asleep after dinner, and I can get some much-needed paperwork done in my office. A win-win for all.”

“Thank you, Jeremy. I’m sure that Merissa thanks you, too. I am taking her to the doctor tomorrow afternoon, you know, but we have to bring the kids along with us. It’s just, lately, poor Merissa hasn’t gotten a break at all.”

I reached over with my right hand and stroked her lower lip with my thumb, and Alexa pursed her lips to kiss the end of it. I hesitated for a moment, but then spoke up and offered, “I would really like to have another baby with you, honey, like I was saying earlier back home...”

“You don’t need to ask or convince me,” she said softly. “I would love to have another baby with you, too.”

My thumb moved, smoothing down her eyebrow and then rubbing across her cheek. “I know we have talked about it for awhile. Isn’t that what we decided on over Christmas? Two babies for you, and two for Merissa?” I hesitated, but then chuckled. “Who would have ever thought that I would have two children with Merissa before you? We’ve been married six years now, honey, yet Merissa has only been married to us for two.”

Alexa stifled a laugh. “Your sperm must really agree with Merissa’s egg cells. That’s the only solution.”

“You are such an awesome mother, Alexa honey, and I think it’s time we give Cooper a little baby brother or sister.”

“I’d like that.”

I forced myself to end the discussion, not wanting Alexa to think that I was pushing or prodding her in any manner, and simply went silent. I wanted this to be her decision just as much as it was mine. Yet her job at the fitness center had really taken off in recent months, and she loved being active and physically fit. A new pregnancy could materialize at any time, obviously, but was Alexa ready to put her fitness career on hold again right now in order to have a second child? Her ultimate aspiration of one day being a physical therapist at the hospital? We really needed to talk about it much more. Yet, not now.

But I knew the suddenly quiet bubble of protection within the minivan would not last forever. Soon, Cooper began to sing and chant out with toddler babble. I was surprised that he was still awake; it was actually past his bedtime.

“Jeremy, you’re too quiet. Why aren’t you talking?”

I startled at Alexa’s words and then patted her knee with my hand. “Just been preoccupied a lot lately, thinking about the way Madison was born back in May 2015 ... worrying about Merissa. But I shouldn’t worry about her. Everything is going to be fine this time around.”

Alexa grabbed my hand and brought it to her lips for a kiss. “Everything WILL be fine. The doctor said that just because she had a complicated delivery last time ... does not mean that she will have a complicated delivery THIS time. If anyone, Jeremy, YOU should know that.”

“Yet it could still happen...”

Alexa smirked. “It won’t. You gotta have faith, you know?” Alexa decided to change the subject to something much more cheerful and uplifting. It made sense, because in many ways Alexa was the centerpiece of all things happy. “I still cannot believe that the three of us have been living together for over three years now. Wow, it just seems like yesterday that Cooper was born, and Merissa was moving in with us.”

I tickled her stomach with a group of fingers. “I am grateful, sweetheart, that I have had three awesome years with you and Merissa. The best three years of my life have been with you and her, and our kids. Bar none. And you, yourself? We’ve been together for seven years ... you and I. Married for six. Happiest day of my life was when I met you.”

“Awwwww...” Alexa mewed, grinning. “I would say that, for the most part, we have had a very easy marriage ... but it is only because everyone is so selfless. Your advice to anyone, Jeremy, if you are both selfless...”

“The key,” I told her, “to all of the happiness in our three-way marriage, in my opinion, is selflessness.” Alexa pecked my cheek with a quick-hitting kiss as the traffic actually began to loosen up for a bit. “If I am more worried about you, Alexa, your needs, your joy, your happiness, moreso than I am my own ... but it has to be a two-way street. It has to be both ways. You cannot be completely SELFISH ... but we both to have to be selfless. If we are both looking after each other at all times, that’s the key to happiness. Merissa makes three. Everything applies to her, too.”

“Just do unto others as you’d have them do unto you,” Alexa summed it up. “The golden rule. Be selfless. You have done an excellent job of preaching that over the years to me and Merissa, Jeremy, and our marriage is very strong because of it. As a result. Everyone is so selfless.”

“I remember the first time I met you so vividly, as if it was yesterday, too,” were my words. “We bumped into each other at the coffee shop in Basehor. Remember? And then, hours later - as luck would have it - you accompanied Merissa to my medical office. She had come to my office for the first time two weeks earlier, out of the blue, claiming a bad experience at her previous doctor, and wanting her cast removed. I examined Merissa during the first visit, and told her that the cast was not ready to be removed. Another two weeks, I said. She was not happy, but said she would be back in two weeks.”

Alexa frowned. “I still cannot believe that Merissa broke her ankle cheerleading during the championship basketball game our senior year in high school. That was such a bad scene.”

I sighed. “But, oh wow ... of all the doctors Merissa could have chosen to go to, and, on top of that, she brought YOU along during what was going to be her final visit to me. Fate was smiling upon us that day, honey.”

Alexa grinned and bit her lip. “And then I saw you AGAIN, Jeremy, later that same night ... at the lake. When I randomly came across you for the third time in a 12 hour span that day, I knew it was meant to be. It was fate, indeed. I was so attracted to you. You ... looked so hot in your office that day, in that lab coat.” Alexa even shivered at the memory.

I smirked. “And you looked like jailbait in your skimpy blue shorts and clingy tank-top at the lake that evening. Thank God you were 18 at the time.” I chuckled momentarily. “Yet I remember you playing hard to get with me for awhile.”

Alexa leered at me. “What were you back then, Jeremy? 36? You were older than my dad, even - you have six months on him. I was not used to a 36-year-old man coming onto me like that.”

“And I was not used to an 18-year-old girl making my head swoon, and flipping my world upside-down the way you did.”

Inside the IKEA store across the state line in Independence, sometime later, I collapsed backward onto a king-sized display bed, and fanned all four limbs out as if I was making a snow angel. “Look, Lexi,” I said to her, as she eyed me impatiently. I wiggled my feet at her dramatically. “My shoes are on!”

“Yeah, I can’t yell at you for having your shoes on the bed like I do at home. I can’t be the crazy wife here.” As I sat up from the bed, Alexa reclined onto it. Meanwhile, Cooper watched us from his stroller, sipping on his fruit box drink. He probably thought Mommy and Daddy were being silly again. That, and he seemed to be getting really tired.

“Mattress isn’t too bad.”

“I agree. It feels nice.”

I got next to Alexa on the display bed and fell back. “Feels just about right for three people to snuggle up in.”

“Oh, our bed at home is awesome,” she reminded me. “We do not need a new one, no matter how tempting this one is.”

After 10 minutes, we were browsing the recliner chairs.

“Gotta start thinkin’, sweetheart,” I offered. “First find the style of leather chair you want - be it high leg, a three-way, a glider - and we can go from there.”

“We’re gonna be here all night!” Alexa whined. “I’m not very good at shopping. I would rather go to a store and have five options. Not... 180.”

“Wait,” I said, sounding concerned. “Your face. There’s something on it.” Alexa seemed pensive for a moment. “Let me get it.” That all changed, though, when I leaned over and snagged a very quick kiss from her. “Now it’s good.”

She giggled and rolled her eyes at me.

Unfortunately, the trip to IKEA did not result in us purchasing a new reclining chair for Alexa. There were so many to choose from in the showroom, and she simply could not decide which one she liked the most. So, we decided that later in the week, Alexa and I would hit up some smaller stores in the area surrounding our hometown of Lake Quivira, and maybe get lucky with one that caught her eye.

By the time Alexa and I finally did make it home on Sunday evening, at 8:00pm, Cooper was more than ready for bed. We usually put him and Madison down in their respective beds around 6:15pm and, on good nights, they were sleeping by no later than 6:45pm. Madison, of course, was long gone by now.

But so was Merissa. Being eight months pregnant, the trip to the indoor playground earlier had done her in, and we found her fast asleep in the master bedroom (snuggled up nice and tight in her pregnancy body pillow). Alexa and I debated on whether or not we should wake her up, but ultimately decided to allow Merissa to continue to sleep. She needed her rest.

“You should go to bed yourself,” I advised Alexa. “You have to wake up at three o’clock in the morning.” Being a fitness trainer at a 24-hour gym, Alexa’s standard work hours were 5:00am to 1:00pm five (and sometimes six) days a week. She woke up in the middle of the night to prepare for work.

“It’s too early,” Alexa retorted. “You know me, Jeremy. I have bundles of energy. All I need is four hours of sleep a night, and I’m good. I’ll go to bed around eleven, or so. Probably not a bad idea to get some laundry done tonight. I started a fresh load earlier, before we had dinner.”

“I will catch up on some paperwork and medical research in my office. You, my dear, have fun with the laundry.”

“Oh, laundry is exhilerating!” she proclaimed.

Yet an hour later, even though I had been in my home office the entire time, I did not make any headway on the mounds of paperwork that I had piled up. Nor did I get to do any further research or studying to stay up to date with the latest medical trends and technology. No, not me. Not tonight.

Instead I had my smartphone out, and could not stop watching the masturbation clip that Alexa sent to me earlier today. I already put her over my desk a few hours ago and had my way with her, but now I was feeling new urges. God, that little tart - and that was what Alexa was when she wanted to be, and was in the proper mood, a little tart - could really rile me up.

Knowing that any homework was a lost cause for tonight, I closed up shop in the office and headed straight for the family room downstairs. Laundry baskets were lined up along the far table, and Alexa was just starting to sort through her and Merissa’s clothing, which had been freshly washed and dried earlier. Undaunted, I strode in with a purpose.

“Hi,” Alexa said, glancing up when she heard the door swing open. Something about me (perhaps my hard and intense expression) captured her attention almost immediately, Alexa blushed, dropping her eyes back to Merissa’s lacy undergarments in her hands, but when I kept coming, rounding the large sofa without an answering greeting, she looked up again. Her eyes widened at my disposition. Her smile faltered. Alexa even took a hesitant step back, her hands coming up to brace against my chest, but I caught her anyway.

I seized Alexa and smashed my lips to hers, kissing her like I meant it, like she was the other half of my soul and I had not seen her in months, even a full year.

“Oh wow,” Alexa breathed, sinking back down off of her tiptoes when I begrudgingly let her go. “Go again. Do that again. Curl my toes. Rock my world, baby.”

I relented, and softened into a warm, gracious smile. “Oh don’t worry, honey, I intend to.” My hands had a life all their own. One drifted down to give her bottom a fondling squeeze, followed by a tender swat. Alexa jumped, her eyes widening all over again. I motioned with my head toward the collection of laundry baskets. “Looks like you’re having fun. So what’s the plan for tonight? More laundry? I want to help.”

“You do?” the 25-year-old said in amazement, her lovely face still flushed a bright pink, as she reached back with one hand to caress where I had just so lightly struck. “What about your medical paperwork and research?”

I stifled a laugh. “Just couldn’t concentrate on it tonight ... for whatever reason.” I leaned forward and pecked her forehead with a kiss. “Let’s snap to it, shall we?”

I pulled out two chairs and we put ourselves to work. This was a lot tougher than I originally thought it was going to be. Our job was to fold and neatly stack Alexa and Merissa’s freshly washed pairs of G-strings, panties, bras and select pieces of lingerie, and put them into the appropriate laundry basket. Each one had a name attached to it. Some of Alexa’s lingerie and G-string pieces were quite unique (and very erotic), and I found myself getting even more worked up than I already was.

“That is the cutest pair of panties I think I’ve ever seen,” I said, holding one up. It was small yet stretchy, and had the word Ouch! across the back. One of Alexa’s frilly, sexy panties. I quirked a smile. “Ouch?”

There went that blush again. Alexa deliberately did not look at me. “Contrary to what you may believe, Jeremy, your spankings have been known to hurt from time to time.”

“Nah, the spankings I give don’t hurt,” I corrected her. “Alexa, honey, you only get good girl spankings that feel very sexy. And you’ve certainly never asked me to stop a spanking once I’ve started one.” Alexa still had not looked my way, so I decided to lean in closer, letting my voice drop to seductive tones. “Maybe you need a good girl spanking now? Especially after you sent me that video clip earlier today?”

Missing the laundry basket completely, Alexa stumbled at the table and dropped one of Merissa’s maternity sleep-gowns over the edge, to the floor. We both laughed, yet also got back to work. Alexa, with a muted frenzy and me, with that feeling of anticipation building in my gut until it felt like a bonfire, hot, crackling through my veins, smoking and smoldering with all of the things she and I could do later on once these blasted chores were finally done.

Alexa looked very low-key now in a white t-shirt and light gray sweat pants, and comfortable footwear. Her blonde locks were worn loosely and mostly covered by a thick beanie hat, its color black. She was make-up free, revealing a truly flawless, spectacular complexion. Clearly, bedtime was soon.

Slowly but surely, we emptied the table and had both of the laundry bins brimming with slinky unmentionables. How could each of my wives go through so much in just a week’s time? Good God; Alexa’s basket was overflowing!

“Had a good day today,” Alexa informed me. “Had Easter breakfast this morning, and Cooper and Madi had fun during the Easter Egg Hunt at the lake. They also seemed to have a blast during the three hours we spent at the indoor playground over in Shawnee. Merissa had a lot of fun, too, I could tell. And I enjoyed our trip to IKEA, Jeremy, even though we got nothing accomplished. Oh, the search continues. Hopefully, you’ll learn to navigate Asher’s stroller once he is born much better than you do Cooper’s.” Alexa suppressed a smile. “You hit the wheels on everything tonight at IKEA.”

“I don’t know what it is,” was my honest rebuttal. “I think the wheels on that stroller have just gotten wider. Besides, Cooper is getting too old for a stroller.”

Alexa giggled. “That poor boy is gonna get whiplash before long because of you. And he prefers to still be in his stroller whenever we go to big stores like that.”

With the laundry sorting job now complete, I focused all of my attention upon Alexa. “Oh, you’re so beautiful, sweetheart, and you know it. You’re always beautiful.”

“Some might say you’re biased,” she teased, a flush of warmth seeming to overtake her features.

“Not biased. Tempted.”

“Temptation is the spice of life,” Alexa acknowledged. I thought it was variety? No worries; I was not one to argue. God, Alexa smelled so good, like vanilla and cinnamon. She stood up from the table and made a movement, and I felt myself react to the way her breasts thrust up and outward.

“I want you.”

Alexa’s mouth formed a smile. “Do you?”

I wanted Alexa so badly, I felt strained from the intensity of it. The whole day had been building to this. I had her earlier in my office, yes, but it was not enough. In all honesty, it was never enough.

“Do you want me tonight?” she teased.



“Yes.” I spoke stronger now, and without hesitation.

“And after tomorrow, would you still want me?”

“Want you? To see you? Be with you? Yes.” Still without hesitation. “From now until the end of time.”

“Good, because I want you too, Jeremy.”

Alexa’s tiny, 102-pound body jumped, and that smile abruptly vanished when I seized the back of her neck. I jerked her deep into my personal space, pulling her so close that she accidentally stepped on my toes trying to reclaim her balance. Her hands slapped up hard against my chest, her fingernails digging hard into the exposed area of my neck and shoulder. Alexa looked up at me with those huge, blue eyes of hers, waiting for me to make the next move.

I kissed her, but it was not romantic. It was the kind of kiss that sent sensations to blistering heights. I was hungry, even demanding. I swept past her lips and invaded her body, drinking in her startled, mewling squeak as I stabbed into her, thrusting with my tongue the same way I would soon be thrusting in other ways. She tasted just as sweet as honey, and when I folded my arms around her, pulling her in even closer, Alexa simply melted against me.

“Jeremy,” she whispered, breathless when our mouths finally parted a good minute or two later.

“Take off your clothes. Everything.”

“It’s not really fair that you want me to take off my clothes, unless you take yours off, too,” Alexa hedged, but took a step back and began plucking at her t-shirt. She quickly discarded of all of her clothing. Off came the beanie hat. So much for her fancy, lacy bra and panty set. Was it new? It looked stylish and sexy, and I had not seen it on her before. I barely got to see her in them before she was standing there in absolutely nothing at all.

Alexa was too aroused to bother folding anything. We had done enough of that already. She simply wadded her clothing, stuffing them almost shamefully into one another before leaving the whole mess under the nearest end table along with her shoes so they would not be tripped over.

Giving an impatient moan, Alexa opened her mouth, sucking on my bottom lip and sliding her hands down my chest. After several seconds, she broke away and fluttered her eyes open, and stared acutely at me.

“Is something wrong?”

“No ... I think it might finally be right,” she offered. “Tonight, Jeremy ... you and I ... alone together. How often does this happen? I ... I want you to remember this night for a long, long time. For ... the rest of your life, even.”

“I’m sure I will.”

Heat rose to Alexa’s cheeks. “I ... I’ve been thinking about it, Jeremy, since we ... since we first started talking about it a ... a month ago.” Alexa seemed conflicted, agitated even. “I love you, Jeremy, and I trust you. I know you would never hurt me ... back there.” My eyes widened in pleasant surprise, sensing exactly what she meant, and Alexa ended, “I’m finally ready to try anal sex with you.”

“Oh,” I chirped, an eyebrow raising. “OH! Tonight?”

She took a deep breath and nodded her head at me.

Oh wow. This was one aspect of sexual play that Alexa and I had never experimented with together before. The idea of accepting my cock (or one of Merissa’s dildos) into her anus was something that had never really seemed all that appealing to her before. Alexa was actually a good, clean girl (outside of her raunchy escapades with Merissa and me), and led an underwhelming private life before she met me back in 2010. In fact, she was a virgin until hooking up with me. All of the crazy things she had tried with us was new to her.

Indeed, variety is the spice of life, and I was actually an old pro when it came to anal sex nowadays. Merissa enjoyed it from time to time (but not when she was pregnant, obviously). When she was in the proper mood, there were times in the past when Merissa would actually beg me for it. Anal sex really, truly turned her on, and (at least I think) I had become quite proficient at it over the last couple of years.

Alexa? Alexa had not tried the dirty deed, obviously, and never really displayed much curiosity about it, but came to me a month or so ago and said it was something she was now considering. Not so much for her, mind you, but rather for me. Alexa repeatedly said that she was in love with me, and saw how much I enjoyed performing anal sex on Merissa. Alexa saw the intense pleasure that I received out of doing it, and wondered what it would be like to be the source of that pleasure.

“I’m ready to try it, Jeremy,” she whispered, though we were the only two people in the room. “With you.” Her eyes flashed for a moment. “Although, I reserve the right to call it off and make you stop ... if it’s painful like I’m afraid.”

“It won’t be painful,” I promised her, the wheels already spinning in my mind. I had to do this right, and make it an evening that Alexa would not forget, either. What could I do to ensure that Alexa enjoyed herself tonight?

“You’re doing this for me?”

Alexa nodded her head. “I am. For you. I love you.”

I kissed her forehead. “I love you. I love you so much.” I brought my hand to her face. “Why don’t you meet me in the guest bedroom over there? No need to go to the master bedroom and wake Merissa up. I will be there in three minutes, honey. The guest bedroom, that is. I need to get something.”

“What do you need to get?”

I chuckled at her. “Don’t worry about it. Let it be a surprise. Now run along. Leave your clothes here on the floor ... they won’t go anywhere. Maybe Merissa will see them laying here in the morning, and be jealous of you.”

Alexa turned and, completely nude, sauntered off toward the adjacent corridor that led to the guest room. Dear Lord, that ass! My lecherous eyes glided down the entire length of Alexa’s naked back, from her neck to her hips, following the crack of her ass all the way over her bottom and down between her legs. That ass was luscious; beyond perfect.

Once Alexa vanished from view, I checked my wristwatch. It was 8:55pm now, and I prayed that Merissa was still fast asleep. I had to make a pit stop in the master bedroom, and retrieve a small duffel bag from the cabinet that was usually reserved for Merissa. Yet I did not want Merissa to be awake and possibly detour me from Alexa. Not tonight. Not with what Alexa had just offered to let me do to her.

As luck would have it, Merissa was still out like a light. I tiptoed into the bedroom and over to the cabinet drawer, and retrieved the aforementioned duffel bag. The blue one, with the yellow straps. Though pressed for time, I halted and took a few seconds to admire the image of feminine beauty sprawled out across the bed before me. Oh wow, what a sight.

Merissa was snoozing on her side, comfortably tucked into her pregnancy body pillow. I could not help myself. I kissed Merissa. Not on the lips or her face, or even her head, but her belly. That big, gorgeous belly, with little Asher growing inside. She stirred for a moment, but continued to sleep.

And just like that, I tiptoed out of the master bedroom.

“Jeremy!” Alexa screeched a moment later, as I stepped into the guest bedroom downstairs and shut its door behind me. “Jeremy, you went and got Merissa’s toy bag? Why?”

“Because we’re going to need it,” I said, dropping the duffel bag onto the floor and quickly closing the distance between us. Alexa stood up, still completely nude, and slipped her hands around my hips to pull me closer.

Passion surged throughout my veins as Alexa initiated the kiss, indicating that she was more than ready for what we were going to do and experiment with tonight. The decision had definitely not been made on a whim by her, which was good. She had thought this out, and made an informed decision. I am sure that Merissa had plenty of input on the topic, too.

Alexa gripped my face and tilted her head, deepening the kiss. I moaned and slid my hands over and across her ass, cupping and massaging it. I let my fingers sink in, digging into its skin, the first step of claiming that ass as my own. Alexa was turned on and held me tightly, her nipples stiff and aching upon my chest, as our lips met again and again.

“Why did you get Merissa’s toy bag?” Alexa was giggling when she finally broke the series of kisses, gazing back at me, intent on receiving an answer this time.

“I needed the proper lubricant,” were my words, “and I am going to use Merissa’s special pink butt-plug on you.”

Suddenly, her smile vanished. “Merissa’s ... butt-plug?”

“Do you trust me to watch out for you, Alexa? I know what I am doing. I am going to make this as pain-free and as enjoyable for you as I possibly can, but you need to trust me and what I am doing. Do you trust me?”

“I-I tr-trust you, J-Jeremy.”

“Very good. Now say it again, this time without stuttering.”

I both saw and heard her swallow. There was a tiny pulse beating hard beneath the pale surface of her neck. I resisted the urge to reach out and caress it, kiss it. There would be time for that later. For now, this was too important. I needed to have Alexa at ease, and do this right tonight.

“I trust you,” she repeated, a little stronger.

“When you are ready to take Merissa’s special pink butt-plug into your ass, honey, we will begin. That’s how it will start. You will receive the plug and it will help warm you up, get you ready for me back there, and at the same time, you will get my cock all nice and hard with your mouth. Your sweet, little mouth. Then the plug will come out, and I will fuck your pussy from behind to ensure that both of us are ready. Then I’ll fuck your ass, and cum there. By that time, it won’t be very uncomfortable for you at all, and I’ll cum very quickly because I can only imagine how incredibly tight you are back there.”

Alexa stared back at me after the little speech I had given with kiss-swollen lips, her eyes glazed over. It took a moment before everything seemed to register for her. I had waited seven long years for this opportunity! How many times had I just openly stared and leered at that ass? Alexa still seemed overly surprised that I was going to use Merissa’s special, pink butt-plug on her. But, I felt it was necessary, and would add to the overall experience and pleasure for her.

“Look at me, Alexa. Think about this. If you don’t feel comfortable about trying anal sex with me, if you have one slight hesitation, or are worried about the butt-plug, now is the time to tell me. I do not want you to regret anything. I could never, ever hurt you, and you know that.”

Alexa’s mouth opened and then closed. Her face turned hot, her cheeks reddening as her nipples thrust outward.

“No,” she said after a brief moment, her chin lifting slightly. “There is nothing you’ve said that I ... won’t do.”

Cupping her bottom, I lifted my wife completely off of the floor and turned. Alexa made the softest moaning sound in the back of her throat. Sounds like that held the power to emasculate a man. I could actually feel it, racing throughout me in whirlwinds that centered in my cock first and then again in all of the places where she touched me - my lips, my tongue, my chest where her breasts brushed up against me as I breathed, my stomach and hips, my shoulders where her hands came to rest, not just bracing against me now, but gripping, her little fingers curling into claws that pulled me into her. Alexa wanted more. I wanted more, too. A lot more.

I deposited her to sit on the edge of the bed. Her blue eyes were smoldering, smoky with heavy-lidded need, and hungry.

“I should have worn something prettier for you tonight,” Alexa whispered. “Something a little more inspiring than that t-shirt and pair of sweat pants I had on earlier.”

Like anything would be prettier than her in nothing at all.

“You’re perfectly fine now,” I swore to her. “Gorgeous.”

She crinkled her nose. “But do I really have to have the plug in my ass before you ... do me ... back there?”

“Yes, honey, you do. I need to start breaking you in back there slowly, for my cock. The plug will do that.”

“But your cock is so big!” she whined.

“I’ll be really gentle with you, sweetheart. I promise.”

And with that, I really began to touch her, not hesitantly or romantically, but assuredly and possessively. I placed my hand between Alexa’s thighs and played with her sweet, little pussy, which already had traces of moisture. Her body strained and she arched her neck, her back, reacting perfectly.

“Roll over, honey, and get onto your hands and knees.” I stood behind her now, and though I had instructed Alexa to move, my own hands did the job for her. I encircled her chest with my right forearm while my left fondled that sweet, indelible ass from behind. Oh, it was pure perfection. I trailed my fingertips up and down between the tight cheeks that I would soon forever claim as my own. I extended a thumb and rubbed her little anus, quite firmly, knowing it was the first time anyone had ever touched Alexa in that forbidden spot. She was going to give this precious gift ... to me.

I positioned Alexa so that she was on her hands and knees upon the bed. She buried her face in the mattress for a brief moment, no doubt feeling twinges of shame and embarrassment, raw and very exposed, with her bare ass perched high in the air and ready for whatever I was going to do to it.

Alexa’s head jerked and she looked back my way at the sound of a bottle snap open. I had retrieved lubricant from Merissa’s toy bag, and began preparing the plug for Alexa’s tiny, puckered anus. To give herself to me this way, it meant that she had to turn over her heart, body and soul. It meant a lot to me, actually, and I knew it was not an easy decision for Alexa to make. Best of all, I had not pressured her into this. She brought this up tonight. She wanted it.

Alexa’s eyes focused on the little, pink plug in my right hand, the same one that always drove Merissa insane with passion. It was glistening with lubricant now. “Eyes down, sweetie,” I instructed. “Turn your head, eyes down. Be a good girl, and do as I tell you.”

Alexa placed all of her trust in me. The tip of the plug, pushing in gently, making her whimper. Another push - just the tiniest bit more firm - another whimper, as her face scrunched in pain, but she tolerated it. My wife’s tight, little anus was being broken in for sex.

And ... oh, yes. I could tell that Alexa was enjoying this, even through the discomfort. She had agreed to this out of pure love for me, and wanting to please me. I felt a certain sense of pride swell up from within.

A third push, even harder. She yelped and bit her lip.

My voice again, at just exactly the right moment, so gentle and soothing now. “Shhhhh, Alexa. I won’t go too fast. I promise, baby. Do you feel how you can push, to open yourself up? Your ass knows how to let the plug in. Relax, honey, and let it in. Open up. Use your instinct.”

With my words, another push, not as hard as the last one, but in amazement Alexa did figure out how to push and, to my surprise, with a cry of real discomfort because of knowing that something was there and had to stay there, Alexa received the plug. Completely and fully, to the handle, it was embedded within her as far as it would go.

“Oh!” she said, her breath turning into a whining mewl, like a little puppy. Alexa probably felt so exposed and full now, but rest assured that the little butt-plug would soon pale in comparison to taking my hard cock back there.

“Very good,” I said, the satisfaction in my voice clearly evident. “How are you doing, honey?”

Alexa’s senses were so ablaze and out of control that she could not even speak and formulate a proper response for me now. How was she doing? Alexa had a butt-plug in her ass, but I had since stopped playing with it, and was now stroking her shoulder with sweet, tender love and care. Still unable to speak, Alexa turned to me, the look in her eyes surely one of confusion, total chaos ... even carnal, primal.

“It’s okay,” I assured her. “Emotions can get the best of us sometimes. Just give me a thumbs-up, okay?”

Alexa’s face made a smile, though I had no idea how it happened. Every part of her seemed totally disconnected. She had a butt-plug in her ass, I must repeat, and it was only there to loosen and warm her up for my cock.

She managed with her left hand to raise her thumb just a little, giving me the clarification that I needed, and then buried her face in the mattress for several seconds. I kissed her, and when she looked back up, Alexa noticed that I had finally taken off all of my clothing, that my long, hard cock was there, and suddenly she seemed hungry for it. She opened her mouth wide and extended her tongue.

I chuckled. “Not yet, honey. We need to train and loosen your ass a little more before you give me a blowjob. Remember, put your trust in me.”

Alexa closed her eyes, swallowing hard, and concentrated on learning this very special lesson from the man she loved most. Me; her husband. Just as Merissa long before her, I once taught our wife, very patiently, how to open her anus to the plug. I moved it in and out until Alexa’s body, particularly her rectum, seemed to understand its role in this. Breaking itself in for our shared pleasure.

Then I left the plug inserted and climbed onto the bed, and I finally placed my hard cock into Alexa’s eager mouth. I put one hand on the side of her head and held her in place, my cock as deep as she could possibly take it, with the other hand reaching forward and toying with the pretty pink plug. Toying with Alexa’s anus, her ass, her sanity.

I held my wife possessively and said, very softly, “I want you to make yourself cum, honey. Rub against my hand and enjoy the feel of your mouth stuffed full of my cock. Oh, I know how much you love having my cock in your mouth.”

She did. Oh, Alexa did.

I slid my fingers downward, toward her pussy, and she thrashed herself against me, bucking her hips with strong convulsions created by the pink plug. Alexa was nearly out of her mind with passion! I thrusted my cock in and out of her mouth at the same time, grunting softly in pleasure.

She came, with my cock still in her mouth, the plug still in her ass. I slowly pulled out, and Alexa was left hungry, panting for more. Much more. I helped her push the plug out, and then I was in her pussy, riding her hard.

“Oh, Jeremy,” she whimpered into the bed, her right hand clutching the pillow, “that feels so good. Oh my God!”

“It’s time, honey,” I soon said, withdrawing my cock from her pussy and smearing it with a heavy dose of lubricant. I grabbed a healthy clump of Alexa’s blonde hair and pulled, tilting her head up and causing her to leer back my way.

After having broken in her ass with the little, pink plug, Alexa opened, and with a low murmur of satisfaction, I inserted my cock into her anus. The 25-year-old blushed and made another puppy whine, her eyes bulging out from their sockets, but I spoke very softly to her, caressing her back, taming her and making her feel comfortable with slow strokes of my erection in her most private place.

“You’re doing so good,” I complimented her. “So nice and tight. Oh, I’m so proud of you, baby, and I love you so much. I love you right now more than I ever have before, because you’ve given me the extreme honor of doing this.” I wiped at my brow with a forearm. “Oh, Lexi. Wow. Oh, I’m going to cum very, very soon. Yeah, really soon.”

Alexa bowed her head and tried to push her ass back to meet me, begging for maximum penetration. Even though it hurt, Alexa still wanted to give herself to me this way. To me, for my pleasure. Yet I wanted to make it pleasurable for her, too. It was my duty to do so.

I held my wife still now, though, my hands on her hips. My thrusts grew a little more urgent, a bit faster. I was doing my best to moderate myself and make this last for as long as possible. There was also the joy of taking even more of her innocence away, if that was even possible, and I hoped that from now on, in the future, Alexa would accept my hard shaft into her ass as often as I wanted to give it to her.

Soon I growled, and Alexa cried out as I felt my cock spasm, and shoot off deep inside of her. The sperm was better suited to be sloshing around within her pussy instead; one of those little swimmers, who knows, may help create a new baby. But for tonight, I could not complain. I had just performed anal sex on my wife, and her ass was brimming full of my seed.

So much so, in fact, that when I pulled my cock out of her anus, my sperm trickled out of her as I rubbed her ass with both hands. I leaned down and kissed her left asscheek, and then her right. “I love you, Alexa,” I said softly. “You are such a beautiful, amazing woman, and I love you dearly. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.”

“Oh, Jeremy...” she buckled, and began crying. Just began bawling, overcome with total love and devotion, as my seed continued to seep out from her rectum and drip down her thigh. “Oh my God, I can’t believe I just let you do that to me!...”

“You’re okay, honey,” I murmured. “Shhhhh, you’re okay. You cannot tell me that you did not enjoy that.”

But did she? In the aftermath, it seemed that Alexa and her ass was a symphony of agony and fire. She simply stayed there in bed, naked and fully exposed, her limbs twitching. She tried to sit up, but I held her in position, her nose stuffed in the tear-stained bedsheet and her blazing bottom propped well-up, still hunched over on her elbows and knees. Reality was sinking in, and all Alexa could do now was feel - the burning, the throbbing, the shame, the excitement - as it all seemed to swell within her, only growing hotter and hotter.

“You’re safe, honey,” I told her, stroking her bottom round and round, in gentle, endless figure eights. “You’re okay.”

Alexa shook her head, falling limp under a fresh gush of hopeless tears. “No...”

“Yes, you are. Did you ... enjoy that with me?”

She sniffed her nose. “Yes. But I ... I feel all wrong!”

Releasing her arm and her legs, I pulled Alexa up to sit on my knee. “You shouldn’t. You were with me. You know that I would never hurt you in any way imaginable. I would never force you to do anything that would harm you.”

I caressed Alexa’s hair, coaxing her head down onto my shoulder while she reached back and cupped her sweet, little ass with both hands, gasping each breath in hiccupy hitches and exhaling them out again through tightly clenched teeth. “I just feel ... weird! Really we-weird!”

“I know.” I rocked her gently back and forth. “Anal sex is something you never thought you would try.” I pressed a kiss to her forehead. “But I know why you wanted to try it. Do you know why, sweetheart?”

Alexa shook her head.

“Because, honey.” I kissed the top of her head yet again, my hands stroking her hair and rubbing at the small of her back. “You love me unconditionally, and I love you. You did this for me. I’m so in love with you right now, this very moment. You have no idea how much, honey. No idea. My heart ... is bursting for you right now.”

Alexa groaned and pressed her forehead to my shoulder, apparently lost in the blazing surge that her own soft touch created as she still cupped her backside with both hands. I watched her body respond and react to her own, tender touch. She sniffed her nose once more and shifted about upon my lap. “May I please have a tissue?”

I patted her thigh and, reluctantly, Alexa made herself get up and off my lap. She stumbled and I quickly caught her arm, steadying her. Her knees wobbled. Her legs seemed boneless, and just the simple act of standing appeared to be incredibly difficult for her.

“Are you all right?” I asked, brushing her hair back so I could better see her face.

Alexa nodded, so exhausted now that it was the only answer she could give. I then realized that, for the first time in the seven years we had been together, I had finally zapped Alexa of everything she had. My little firecracker of a wife, so energetic and boundless at all times, was completely spent. Tonight was a huge, tremendous leap of faith for her, and the wild, conflicting emotions as a result were too much to handle.

Holding her wrist, I led Alexa to the dresser-drawer, where I collected a modest handful of tissues and gave them to her. Then, I swept her up and into my arms, and left the guest room, and began the slow ascent up the steps.

“I’m taking you to bed,” I whispered, carrying her into the master bedroom a moment later. I again smiled at the sight of Merissa, curled up on her side. “Lie down, baby.”

“I’m not a baby,” Alexa pouted, staring at the bed.

“Lie down anyway. Head on your pillow. Facing your wife. Trust me, honey. Resting right now is the best thing for you.” I tapped the large and luxurious bed with a pair of fingers. “You get to be in the middle tonight. I’m going to hug and snuggle on you all night long. So is Merissa, I bet.”

“But I’m not tired,” Alexa mumbled, crawling onto the soft mattress. “Why do you want me to lie down in bed? It’s too early. I don’t have to be up for a full five hours and fifteen minutes. I don’t need that much sleep!”

“Because I said so. On your side, facing Merissa.”

“This is ridiculous.” Alexa rolled from her back onto her side and actually hugged the pillow instead of placing her head on it, as I had previously asked. “I don’t need a nap. I couldn’t sleep even if I tried. My ass feels like it was ravaged. It was ravaged, Jeremy ... by you!”

“Eyes closed,” I countered with a smile, pulling a crisp and fresh bedsheet up to spread over her.

“But I’m not tired!” she whined, obediently closing her eyes.

I leaned over and placed a gentle kiss upon her lips and ruffled her hair a bit, and, just that fast, Alexa was asleep.

Merissa’s brown eyes fluttered open a few seconds later, and she promptly hugged Alexa to her while gazing up at me with the sweetest, most genuine expression imaginable. “Did you and Lexi finally do it?” she whispered. “Anal? Lexi was talking about possibly asking you to do it with her tonight.”

When I nodded my head at her, Merissa smiled. How long had my other wife been awake? Was she listening to us earlier?

“She like it?”

“A little conflicted right now, but yes, Alexa loved it.”

As Merissa relaxed on the bed side by side with Alexa, she looked deeply into Alexa’s peaceful, slumbering face and reached out, gently taking her hand and curling her long, supple fingers around it tenderly. Merissa then brought that hand toward her, up to her lips, and kissed it.

“Come to bed, Jeremy, and cuddle with us,” Merissa pleaded, now kissing Alexa softly on the cheek. “Come to bed...”

I smiled and gingerly climbed onto the mattress, on the opposite side of Alexa and settled down, but not before snagging a quick kiss from Merissa. Life was definitely good, and I was just really, really happy...

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