All That Glitters

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Pervasive Reads 32: Posthuman Duology 2: What events lead to Page seeking justice for her sister? What was Lynn's life like there at the farm? The workings of the family run deep with many secrets and betrayals.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Coercion   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Romantic   Slavery   BiSexual   Shemale   Fiction   Science Fiction   Paranormal   Were animal   BDSM   Humiliation   Rough   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Violent  

Sadie, a woman with a fiery passion as red as her hair, slides her feet over the edge of her bed. She was sleeping pretty well until she had the dream. It is the same dream she has had for the past week. And every time she has had it, she has awoken with a desperate burning need deep within her, an emptiness begging to be filled.

She set her feet on the floor and walked across the room to the window. The cool air on her mostly naked body causes goosebumps to bubble all over her skin. Hanging low in the night sky is the night of the harvest moon eclipse. She remembers hearing the news about it appearing this year and this week, but not really being one for the moon and stars, she didn’t really give it much mind.

She is recently single and horny. The horniness was already there but the dreams only made it worse. Now awake once again in a townhouse apartment that just feels too big for someone all alone, she longs for the mysterious horned figure of her dreams: Xix.

Since having these dreams she has thought this demon lord, as he called himself, had a funny name. But names aren’t important, not when the guy has a cock that most women would drop to their knees to worship. Or at least beg to suck.

And what he can do with that thing is incredible. The thought of it makes her pussy run wet.

But he is only a figment of her imagination, something her last boyfriend would never be. Stan started off as this great and perfect boyfriend, and for the most part he stayed that way. But the sex began to lag and get out. He’d fuck her, but that was it: in and out.

There was no foreplay.

No kissing.


So he had to go.

Sadie looked out the window once again. It’s raining. Was it before? She’s tired and doesn’t really care. But then she sees a man and is startled by him. But it’s not a man, it’s Xix. How? Maybe she should scream, but she knows it won’t help. The emptiness inside her draws her closer to him. Maybe if he is real ... then he can take her just like in her dreams.

She shudders. “It’s just my imagination running wild,” she tells herself. “There’s no way he is standing out there.”

Lightning flashes. He looks up at her. Every nerve ending in her flashes like lightning. The wetness between her legs starts to flow more, soaking her panties. Her nipples harden and tighten. Her hand reflexively slips to the hem on her panties and then beneath.

Her fingers touch her lips and she closes her eyes. This is crazy. I’m masturbating in the window to an imaginary figure. When she opens her eyes again and looks down into the yard, the figure is gone.

Sadie feels disappointed and cheated. She rubs her swollen lips. It feels good, but not the same. She really wanted him to be real. Feeling silly, she pulls her hand out of her panties.

She goes downstairs to the kitchen to make everything is still locked tight. She looks out the window when she gets there, hoping to maybe—just maybe—he will be there. But he is nowhere to be seen. Just in case though, she opens the back door and peers out. Part of her hopes that he is still there, but she knows it is silly. How could this imagined creature from her dreams be there, outside her door, waiting?

Then suddenly he is there, stepping out of the shadows to stand directly in front of her. He is large, towering over her just like in her dreams. The logical part of her says to slam the door and scream. Obviously she doesn’t. Her heart races, excitement seeps from her body. Her tight, swollen nipples ache with desire.

He could be dangerous. Oh, but I want him to take me, fill me, fuck me!

Sadie moves back from the door, inviting him to enter. He steps inside. Rain drips from his naked body onto the floor. Sadie’s heart pounds in her chest with a mixture of fear and excitement. He reaches up to touch her face. Despite the cold rain, his touch burns.

Her breathing is heavy. He breasts heave from the exhilaration she feels. Here he is the figure from her dreams. Her dreams full of passion and hot uninhibited sex. His fingers trace along the line of her jaw. His hand moves down to her neck and then graze the valley between her breasts.

Sadie is trembling, but not from fear. It is need, a need to feel something she hasn’t in a while, the need to feel him. Her body screams for him to touch her. And finally, he does.

His hand cups her breast. His thumb brushes over the hardened bud straining to be felt. She moans softly. Then using both hands, he slowly pulls presses a hand between her legs, tearing her panties away. His fingers slide across the dewy petals on either side her slit. An audible gasp escapes her throat.

He slides a large finger into her entrance, stretching her open. Sadie spreads her thighs and tilts her hips forward. He pushes a second finger inside. She becomes aware of the rhythm of his fingers stroking her, filling her, plunging into the depths of her. It becomes the only thing real. There is no apartment, no eclipse, no rain. It is just him and her and the pleasure between them. Two hands squeeze her breasts, pinching her nipples. A fourth hand caresses her back and ass. He is everywhere all at once, setting her senses on fire.

His thumb finds her clit. It is already swollen with excitement. Sadie tries to contain the pleasure tearing through her, but it is impossible. She squirms against his hand. Her breathing becomes ragged. Her orgasm grabs hold of her like a current and drags her away. His fingers continue to move inside her. She grabs one of his arms for support as the dam breaks and another series of spasms send her end over end in a ragging torrent of orgasmic bliss.

She shakes uncontrollably, her legs become weak. If not for him holding her securely, she would fall.

He guides her across the floor to the kitchen table, sitting her down in a chair. He steps in front of her trembling body. She looks up at him in all his glory, his four strong arms, his broad chest, tight belly and gorgeous cock. It looks a lot like a horse cock, but at a much more manageable size. How she has longed to feel what it is like in her instead of just dreaming about it. She slowly raises her hand to trace her fingertips along the length of his shaft.

Slowly, his dull pink cock slides out to contrast against his dark gray skin. She leans forward and swirls her tongue over the tight skin of the tip, tracing it along the ridge leading to the shaft. Slowly, she explores every inch of his hard flesh, sliding her lips and tongue over the preputial ring and down to his massive balls. She takes each one into her mouth before moving back up and sliding her lips over his swollen head.

It has been much too long since she had pleasured her last boyfriend. Since he only wanted to fuck and get it over with, there was never a chance to suck his cock. She misses the feel of hard flesh sliding through her lips and throbbing against her tongue. She takes him deep into her mouth, savoring the taste. Her pussy is a hot mess, seeping juices down her thighs.

Sadie moves her lips up and down, massaging the ridges and veins of his bulging flesh with her tongue. Her fingers wrap around the preputial ring and she strokes him in perfect synchronization with her mouth.

The wetness between her legs can no longer be ignored. She slides a finger along her open folds and finds the swollen nub. A soft moan is muffled by the massive cock stuffed deep in her mouth. She moves her lips up and down his length faster and faster. Her moans become louder and more desperate. The pressure in pussy continues to build before it releases with a burst.

Sadie screams around the cock. Her pussy clenches. Spit drools and dribbles down her chin. She gasps and coughs. But she doesn’t stop. She takes him back between her lips. She wants to devour him. She wants to fill her mouth, filled not with just his cock, but his seed.

Her mouth moves faster. She pumps him with her hand. Her tongue swirls around the tight skin of his bulging head. Her fingers slide to his balls. They tighten. His head swells between her lips. His fingers fist in her hair. Then he is thrusting into her mouth. His hot, creamy cum explodes across her tongue and splashes against the back of her throat. He pulses again and again, filling her mouth with spurt after spurt.

When he pulls out, she swallows—all of it. Then she is lifted and placed on the table. It is so fast that he is between her thighs before she even knows her back is on the table. He pulls her toward him until her ass is hanging over the edge of the table. He pushes her legs back toward her shoulders and guides the swollen head of his huge shaft between her folds. She is finally going to get what she has craved for the past week. All her dreams, the moments they shared are finally coming to life in this moment.

“Fuck me,” she says, passion filling every bit of those two little words.

His hips leap forward, driving his erection into her body. He plunges into her, stretching her tight, unused passage to accommodate his size. He continues to plow into her, filling her like no man has ever filled her. No man can ever fill her like he does.

Her head jerks backward each time he slams into her. He wraps two hands over her shoulders and two around her thighs to keep her from sliding away or dropping her legs. Sadie in turn grabs the sides of the table, needing to hold onto something to feel somewhat in control of herself. She feels like she is being torn apart by the never ending pleasure ripping through her pussy.

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” It’s like a chant, the only two words she knows.

He finally stops moving. His huge cock is still buried deep inside. Her pussy twitches against him, almost convulsing and unsure how to react. He pulls her into a sitting position and lifts her into the air. Two hands wrap around her upper back while the other two cup her ass. She throws her arms around him for balance.

Sadie begins to pull herself up his length before plunging down and impaling her pussy on his erection. She does it again and then again and again and again. He guides her movements with his hands, while thrusting up into her each time she comes crashing down on him.

“Yes! Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me,” she chants again. Her mind is reeling, she can’t get enough.

They stagger through the kitchen with her impaled on his thick cock. He slams her against the wall, fucking her hard. Each thrust sends her head back to bang against the wall. She claws at his back, bites his neck. No matter how hard he fucks her, she just can’t get enough.

He pulls away from the wall and they stagger outside. Never does Sadie lose her grip of him or him of her. She continues to drive herself up and down on his hard cock, trying to stuff her pussy until she can’t stuff it anymore. Rain hammers down on their naked bodies. The coolness of the water contrasts with the heat of their bodies. A new sensation of pleasure is added to the mix and only drives them on.

Sadie is lowered to the soaked grass with his cock still tightly buried between her legs. He fucks her hard and deep and she tries to match his thrusts, throwing herself back onto him each time. She is shaken to the core. Her screams are drowned out by the constant pounding of rain and crashing thunder.

He rolls her over until she is face down on the soaked ground. He lifts her ass into the air and rams his cock deep into her pussy from behind. He slams into her hard and fast. Two hands hold her hips; one holds the back of her neck. The last hand moves under her body and finds her clit.

“Oh fuck!” she screams. “I’m cumming!”

He drives his cock between her slick folds and deep into her quivering pussy. She tries to push back to pull him further into her womb. His fingers fly over her clit. Her orgasms crash into her like waves into the beach during a hurricane. Her scream turn to whimpers and she is barely holding onto reality when he finally swells inside her.

She hears his primeval grunt and feels new warmth spread through her belly as he pumps his glorious seed into her. Her pussy clenches his thrusting cock, trying to squeeze out every single drop from him.

He stays inside her. She feels his heavy weight pressing her into the soaked grass. Rain comes down harder drenching them. Her pussy still twitches, trying to keep him hard, trying to keep the pleasure going for as long as she can.

He finally pulls out and away. Sadie rolls onto her back and looks up but he is gone. She lays there letting the rain pour down on her. She feels his cum slowly seeping out from between her legs. She knows that she has been impregnated. It happened right at that last moment. It isn’t just a feeling, something deep and to her core.

Slowly, Sadie picks herself up off the ground and wanders back inside, closes the door tightly behind her. Somewhere deep in her core she also knows she will never see him ever again.

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