The Show

by JimH

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Zoophilia, Bestiality, Size, Porn Theatre, .

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: The mysterious "Donkey shows" in Latin America...we found out are true.

My husband John and I, are a very open couple that have been active in our swinging community for several years. So when our group started planning a weeklong vacation to Mexico last summer, we were very excited about the idea. The thought of playing on the beach in the summer breeze sent deliciously naughty thoughts through my mind. Little did I know this trip would forever change my life.

Reservations were made at a very exclusive resort that catered exclusively to swingers and our group had reserved the entire place for the week. Upon arrival, we were amazed at how nice this resort was, anything that could be imagined was provided for, as part of the package. There were the usual amenities: steam rooms, saunas, hot pools, masseuse, masseur, mud-baths to name a few, and the best part, was you could have any or all of these services in your room, delivered by a professional, who would do anything to and for you, the pleasures were only limited by your imagination.

So, we were set! There were group and private parties scheduled throughout the week, and this is where my story starts. On the next to the last day the resort had scheduled an event that apparently is common to this resort, and I have since found out is actually very common in many places, a “Donkey Show”.

I have to admit that when I heard about the event I wasn’t immediately sure what it was. But after overhearing a few of my girlfriends trying to decide if they wanted to go, I quickly got the picture. I have to admit, the thought of watching a woman having sex with an animal, didn’t really appeal to me and actually in my minds eye, seemed pretty nasty. All I kept picturing in my mind was a dirty, smelly barn yard animal fucking a woman, which didn’t seem sexy to me at all. Several of my friends were asking me to go with them as their husbands were pressuring them and they wanted the support. So John and I signed up for the show.

The night of the show I was surprised to find the ballroom of the resort has been converted into a staging area for this event. The vision of the smelly barn and dirty animals were quickly fading away. There was a large round stage in the center of the room that was elevated maybe a foot or so and to my surprise actually turned in a circle very slowly to give everyone a birds-eye view of the action. Our group was able to find seats very close to the stage and with the stage slowly turning ... everyone, no matter where you were, had a great view.

The lights were lowered and waiters were taking orders for drinks, so we ordered Tequila shots and lemons and started partying with the other couples around us. Two beautiful nude women, one oriental with long black hair, I guess in her mid twenties, and a Mexican girl maybe in her late teens, both of whom we had all seen working around the resort, walked up onto the stage and welcomed us to their show.

As they were speaking, a donkey was led to the stage along with a bench and what looked like a brushed leather net with tightly woven straps. Once the donkey was centered on the stage and his bridle was hooked to a tether on the stage floor the two women started talking to and lightly petting the donkey.

I was amazed at how clean the animal looked, his coat was shiny, as if he had just been bathed and brushed, and I didn’t smell “donkey” at all even though he was only about 10 feet away. The two women appeared to be having a good time and didn’t appear to be turned off by the animal but were actually bright eyed and obviously enjoying their work. The young Mexican girl on cue from her partner went to the donkeys head and continued talking to and petting him while the oriental girl went to his side and with the help of the stage hand positioned the small padded bench next to the donkey and laid the netting across it.

The oriental woman then started to rub and pull on the donkey’s sheath. Within a minute or so the donkeys cock started to emerge. I was seriously paying attention now as I saw how large that cock was, it was hanging down at least a foot and was twice as large around as any cock I’ve ever seen on a man and it didn’t appear to be hard at all.

The oriental girl knew exactly what she was doing. She had what I guessed was a tube of lube and began to vigorously massage the donkeys cock with this liquid from the head to as close to the base as she could reach. It didn’t take but a minute or so and his cock was huge, at least 20 inches long and easily as big around as my wrist if not larger.

The donkeys cock was pointing straight forward now and occasionally would twitch and spring up and hit his underbelly. The scariest part of that thing was the head, it reminded me of the flared end of a bat where you hold on to it. It flared out and had a hole in the center that was occasionally spewing out small spurts of pre-cum.

The oriental girl left her toy, that giant twitching cock, stood up, got into position and laid down on the netting on the bench, the stage hand on cue from her, carefully slid the bench under the animal with the girl’s hips just in front of the donkey’s back legs.

The stage hand pulled three sets of straps that were attached to the netting, securing it tightly across the Donkey’s back. The woman was now suspended in a hammock like device just below the donkeys belly with her holding his cock between her splayed open legs.

As quickly as the hammock was tied onto the donkey the bench was removed. The stage hand secured the woman’s feet into stirrup like devices that were woven into the straps at the back of the animal. She was now in an almost sitting position on her back beneath her animal lover.

Every once in a while the donkeys cock would come to rest on the girl’s stomach and the end was easily above her navel. The oriental woman pushed with her legs and to my amazement swung forward enough to aim that huge cock at her bottom. She was rubbing his cock up and down her slit obviously enjoying the sensation.

She appeared to hold and press that hard twitching cock to her pussy mound while sliding up and down on it by pushing with her legs then relaxing, causing her to swing nicely back and forth. This was rubbing her clit and pussy lips all around on that very long hot piece of twitching meat. Pre-cum or whatever it was, was spraying from the donkeys cock much faster now and the girls bottom of her tits, belly and pussy were covered with his fluids.

I found that I was holding my breath every time she relaxed her legs and swung back onto that giant dick, pressing it hard onto her slit ... and I had to force myself to breath. This was the most amazing, sexy, scariest thing I had ever seen ... my stomach hurt! I didn’t want to admit it, but I was imagining that it was ME in that hammock, and that it was MY belly and pussy that that large cock was sliding around on, and that it was MY pussy and ass that was dripping wet with pre-cum, I was beside myself!

The oriental girl continued to work his cock up and down her slit for what seemed like forever, then we heard her gasp, her breath caught in her throat, she flinched and the donkey started hunching his hips, and we all saw that enormous cock disappearing between her legs.

That huge dick, now inside this beautiful young woman started to harden noticeably, as it was massaged by the woman’s small opening. The oriental woman slowly relaxing and pushing with her legs, started to gently swing back and forth under the donkey, and with each swing she was taking more and more of that huge cock into her pussy.

I was on the verge of cuming, right there in my seat. The sexual tension in the room was like nothing I had ever experienced before, I was so wet, I felt as if I didn’t cum soon I would die.

I was startled back to reality by a gasp and moans from the oriental girl who had taken her hands off her animal lovers cock and put them above her head, holding onto the Donkeys front legs. She was using the Donkeys legs for leverage instead of her legs and appeared to have drawn her legs up, at least as far as they would go being held in those stirrups, this looked like it aligned her pussy with that giant piece of meat that was plumbing her depths.

The room was quiet now except for the snorts and sounds of the every excited donkey and his human lover fucking him on the stage. Every eye was intently focused on that huge cock as it repeatedly disappeared between her legs and went deep into her pussy. The woman and animal were both breathing hard and the Mexican girl at the donkeys head was having a hard time keeping him still.

The oriental woman was sweating and making ummph, ummph sounds as she took thrust after thrust from her animal lover, you could clearly see her wetness on his cock as it disappeared into her pussy and then reappeared again.

I was so turned on by this spectacle that I couldn’t think, I found that I had reached under my sundress and was rubbing my pussy. I wasn’t alone, several of my friends were in the same state as me and there were people cuming all around us.

The oriental woman had started to make gasping noises and she was visibly tensing up. She was rapidly pushing and pulling pretty hard on the donkey’s front legs adding to the quickness and depth of his thrusts. She arched her back in the hammock and cried out as her orgasm hit.

Her yelp startled the donkey and he jumped up and down with his hind legs a few times. This must have added to her orgasm as she was totally motionless under the donkey, frozen into an orgasmic pose as the donkey was fucking her hard now.

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