White Knights of Patriarchy and Women as Property of Men

by Steven Seven

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Mind Control, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, DomSub, MaleDom, Harem, White Male, White Female, Anal Sex, Analingus, Oral Sex, Scatology, Water Sports, Big Breasts, Small Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A man seeking something better in life discovers a dedicated band of White brothers-in-arms who escaped the clutches of the bitch goddesses of feminism that rule modern Western civilization, and built a new and better world where men rule and women serve. This is the story of the White Knights of Patriarchy and the Brotherhood of New Sweden.

Call me Ishmael.

No, that’s not my real name. It’s the opening line of “Moby Dick”, a novel about a man obsessed with the white whale of the title, and what that obsession ramifies for one and all concerned. I am a White man and this is my story of sexual obsession and its effects. Now don’t go thinking that this is some sort of morality tale, in which I chase female tail and eventually see the error of my ways. Far from it. This is the story of how I got everything I ever wanted from the opposite sex and enjoyed every minute of it. But it’s much, much more than that. It’s also the story of how a dedicated band of White brothers-in-arms escaped the clutches of the bitch goddesses of feminism that rule modern Western civilization, and built a new and better world where men rule and women serve. This is the story of the White Knights of Patriarchy and the Brotherhood of New Sweden.

My story begins where so many modern stories do: on the Internet. I came across a text file on the alt.sex UseNet group. The file was titled “The Brotherhood of New Eden”. It was one of three that painted a word picture of men holding young women and girls in sexual slavery in a harem on a private island somewhere. The first file outlined the beliefs of the Brotherhood, which were these:

“The Brotherhood believes that our society has been ruined by militant Feminism; that we currently live in a Matriarchy, and that this is counter to human nature and natural law.

Our brotherhood seeks to reverse this evil trend, to place males and females in their proper, natural roles. We recognize that this is an almost impossible task in modern society; hence we focus on beginning a proper society in a small area apart from the woman-dominated nations of the world.

The Brotherhood is unashamedly Paternalistic. Its membership is open only to males who share its values. In a proper society, the male sex is dominant, and females exist only to serve and give pleasure. Membership in the Brotherhood is not open to women or girls.

What are the beliefs and tenants of the Brotherhood? They are:

(1) That males are innately superior to females, meant to rule and dominate all females;

(2) That females are meant for sexual pleasure and service to their masters, and are in no way equal to men;

(3) That all forms of “feminism”, “female equality”, “equal rights for women” are wrong, counter to human nature, and inherently evil.

We believe that the majority of males agree with these ideas, even if they have been taught to deny their agreement by feminists. Search your heart and mind, and ask yourself, as a true male, if you do not really agree with the Brotherhood. Why then, have males allowed women to gain the upper hand, to gain power over us? Many men are manipulated by the offering or denial of sexual favors-- they want to be perceived by women as “sensitive”, understanding, forward thinking. But this attitude has led to the downfall of western society and placed us into the hands of the feminist/lesbian movement.

The Brotherhood of New Eden seeks a society where females can never again manipulate men by denial of their sexual needs. By placing women in their proper role of domestic and sexual servant, men will regain their own proper place.”

Another aspect of the Brotherhood, which was explained in the story files, is that all Brothers are White. It would be difficult to imagine anything more Politically Incorrect than those beliefs. By the same token, it would be impossible to find a set of beliefs any more in tune with my own thinking. I am a firm believer in Patriarchy. It is the natural order of things. A silverback gorilla does not cower before a female gorilla: he takes her into his harem and rules her with an iron fist. A male lion does not pussyfoot around with a lioness: he takes her into his harem and makes her do most of the work of getting food along with the rest of his female property. Males rule females by right and by might. It is only natural.

Human society has fallen away from the natural order because we have been too clever by half. We stopped looking to nature and to our own history to understand what makes us tick. Revolutionaries from Lenin and Mao to Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem declared our past to be null and void. Lenin aimed to build the New Soviet Man in Russian, while Gloria and her gang tried to hector men into becoming “sensitive males” while building up women into kick-ass, take-charge, bitches-on-wheels. The project to create the New Soviet Man fell apart along with the Soviet Union. Steinem and her feminist harridans have not fallen yet. But they will. Nothing unnatural can last very long.

How long do we have to wait for feminism to fail due to its own internal flaws? No one knows. Besides, I have a life to live and I don’t intend to have it ruined while waiting for the inevitable to happen. The Brotherhood of New Eden files encouraged me. They showed that I was not alone. Reading about the Brotherhood of New Eden, as well as other more conventional male-oriented sites on the web, showed me that some men were actively doing something. Now by “doing something” I don’t mean the usual sort of activism to counter the feminist establishment. The Brotherhood of New Eden writings showed that some men, in fantasy or reality, had the goal of actually taking women and possessing them just like a lion or gorilla would. I was on board with that idea! I wanted to own White women and girls as my personal property. I wanted sex slaves for my immediate gratification. I wasn’t interested in political hoo-ha.

I began searching the web for more information about the Brotherhood of New Eden. The original file had been posted a long time ago in 1997. There was almost nothing more than that on the public Internet. So I started making inquiries on the Dark Net, which comprises the vast bulk of the internet. The Internet is like the proverbial iceberg where the public net is only the visible tip above the waterline. The Dark Net is a lawless, anything-goes place. I only had a few clues to go on. The first was the male dominance/female subservience part. The other was something that was mentioned in the three files I had found on the public net: all of the Brothers were White.

It took a while, but I eventually connected with a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy ... you know? Eventually, I was contacted through an anonymous chat client. The guy on the other end asked me loads and loads of questions. His questions ran the gamut, from the expected (about sex, and male-female relations, and my particular desires) to politics, economics, science, religion, and more. Every time we got deeply into discussion of a particular topic, such as politics and economics for instance, I would begin to see a pattern in his questions and anticipate where he was headed; what his actual opinions were. Then, out of the blue, he would surprise me. Just when I thought he was some sort of libertarian, he would proffer an opinion that was pure socialism. When I anticipated him making a pro-big government statement, he would surprise me with a statement that was pure anarchism. Then he made me take several online personality tests and send him the results, to make sure I was not a psychopath. He asked follow-up questions on those, too. In response to his questions, I answered as best I could, and asked some questions of my own. Here is the most significant part of that conversation:

ME: Do you actually have sex slaves? Real White girls trained to serve?

HIM: We do. Not as many as in the stories you read. Not in the fancy setup you read. But we do own women. White women. We are their Masters. They are our slaves. That’s the way we want it and they want it.

ME: They want to be your slaves?

HIM: Yes. We have salvaged these women and girls from the poisons of feminism and its confused motivations. We have converted their psyches and bodies to crave male dominance. They want to be owned and used by men.

ME: Only women? What about the White girls in the stories?

HIM: Girls too. We have several White women and their daughters. We make the mothers exchange daughters. Then we have the new mothers help train the girls in sex and service to men. It works best that way. They are all our slaves.

White men owning White women and girls as sex slaves. Sounds good to me!

Maybe too good to be true, though. I was suspicious. I wanted to see for myself. And if it’s the real deal, I wanted in.

My anonymous friend wanted commitment from me. I told him I wanted proof. We haggled for some time. We agreed that I would put down a little money in earnest to show that I was seriously interested in joining his group. Then he would show me a pair of sex slaves: a woman and the daughter she was raising; the one she had swapped her own daughter for. This adoptive mother and adopted daughter duo was young and beautiful, he assured me.

He said he had to first meet me in person. He needed to size me up face to face. And I had to show proof from a legitimate medical institution that I was free of sexually transmitted diseases. If he was satisfied with the medical proof and the face to face interview, I would be permitted to have sex with the mother and daughter.

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