Look but Don't Touch
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Coercion, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Science Fiction, Aliens, Incest, Sister, Orgy, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Masturbation, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Pervasive Reads 18: A cargo ship in space, with an all woman crew and a mysterious container. Nothing bad will happen right? After all, in space no one can hear you scream in ecstasy.


“Alright already!” Madelyn says slapping her hand down on the little square box that pretends to be an alarm. “I’m up! I’m up!”

As she pulls the covers down, Madelyn’s long silky black hair rolls out with them. She sighs and drags long strands from her face, revealing a beautiful face with all the perfect features of a model, though she isn’t one. “Fuck! I’m thirty and unmarried.” Madelyn sits up in the bed. As the covers fall to her waist, her voluptuous chest bounces beneath her shirt. “I’m getting old,” she groans.

“Maddie, are you up?” her sister calls from the other side of her cabin door followed by a gentle tap at the metal.

“Yeah Lori, I’m up,” comes the tired answer.

“Good, Rhea has breakfast ready in the mess.”

“I’ll be out in a minute. I’m going to take a quick shower.”

“Okay but you better hurry before Kendall eats all the bacon,” Lori teases.

“I won’t be long,” promises Madelyn.

“And Maddie?”

“Yeah, Sis?”

“You’re not getting old. Not quite yet,”

That remark brings a smile to Madelyn’s face. “Of course I’m not Lori, I just feel like I am.”

Her sister is already gone from the door. This was Madelyn’s and Lori’s first trip through space together. Madelyn has been a cargo hauler for nearly eleven years, while her sister is only into her second year. And this is the first time the sisters have done a mission together. Their directive was to fly out to Aetera 2, the largest moon of Thara in the Trion System, and pick up a special cargo. Nobody in the crew knows what it is, nor do they really care. They haul cargo for a living, wondering about the content gets old very fast.

Madelyn had hoped to get back home to Earth before their younger brother’s birthday, but they are still four days out. Their ship has been delayed by some unexpectedly strong solar winds at the edge of the solar system, just before Neptune. She shrugs and kicks the covers the rest of the way off and slides her long legs over the edge of the bed. When her feet hit the cold metal deck, she wiggles her toes. Unlike most of the people she has flown with over the years, she enjoys the cool feeling of the deck. Eventually, Madelyn makes her way into the refresher. She relieves herself and pulls her shirt over her head.

Across from the toilet sits a large full length mirror. The thing is so big that its stretches from the deck to the bulkhead. She looks her reflection over in the mirror. She marvels at herself, from her lusciously large breasts, to her long black, silky hair, to her creamy skin. She thinks of how the men back home flock over her and how she doesn’t give any of them the time of day. She doesn’t want to fuck just anybody. But she can see why they want her so bad, she is fucking hot!

Because she has always been popular with men, she always took jobs that carry an all-female crew. Sure, there were woman that have hit on her as well, but at least they don’t drool all over her and are comparatively few. Madelyn isn’t conceited—well maybe just a little—but who wouldn’t be? At thirty, she still looks like she did at twenty. Looking at the mirror, Madelyn thinks how she would even fuck herself. She can already feel the wetness gathering between her thighs.

Madelyn stands up and the thought of playing with herself sends shivers through her. She suddenly feels goosebumps rising all over her body. Her light brown nipples harden, pushing out away from her body. She feels a need at her center and as if to accentuate that fact, she feels the wetness between her legs gliding down her inner thighs. She grasps her nipples between her thumb and finger. The resulting chills sent another shock into her center and another small gush of warm juices flows down her thighs.

Madelyn steps over to the shower and turns it on, leaning more toward hot than warm. She better makes the shower a quick one before her breakfast gets cold. Otherwise her sister will start wondering what is keeping her and comes to investigate. The water turns warm, then warmer and then hot. She lets the steam build in the room as she closes the door, trapping in as much of the heat as she can. The translucent clouds wrap around her from her ankles to her curvy hips. The clouds even appear to cradle her hefty breasts. When the steam finally wraps itself around her red, silky hair, she feels like she is wading in a mountain hot spring during a morning fog.

She steps into the shower and it is—almost painful. The water is a bit hotter than she thought it would be. But after a few moments under the, gushing water, her skin acclimates. Madelyn drops her head back and lets the water soak her hair. The water juts hard from the shower head. It is an extra-large model with a radius about as big as a sunflower. The company seems to really want their employees clean.

Her skin is turning pink above her round breasts from the blast. She rubs her belly and breasts, pushing them up to her neck then pulling them down. Her round ass clenches and tingles. Her hands slides with the water downward—along her hips and below to her pussy. She slides her fingers lower still and cups her mound. Her fingertips meet a different kind of moisture, so much has gathered there. It has been building and building, far more than she believed. Madelyn keeps the palm of her hand close against her clit as her fingers motion in a wave. She smiles. Her pussy is aching. She feels sexy and lustful.

She imagines that someone is watching her. Perhaps one of her shipmates or even her sister has a secret camera and is playing with themselves while watching her at this very moment. She is a little attracted to her sister, but she would never try to seduce her—or would she? Regardless of whether she would or wouldn’t, Madelyn likes the idea of her privacy being invaded, of being spied on. She arches her ass out and spreads her cheeks to let the water run along her over her rear entrance. Wetting her lips, she lets out a small moan. Then she lifts her foot onto the side of the tub. Her toes are getting wrinkles already, but she doesn’t care. She isn’t leaving this shower yet. She wants to see everything, how good her fat pussy lips look and all.

She reaches up and points the showerhead it right at her asshole. It feels incredibly good to her as she clenches and relaxes her hole repeatedly. She wants to be fucked by a cock so badly, but not just any cock. She imagines her sister with a strap-on and inside her, pumping her tight pussy. She plunges two fingers into her slit from behind her but her fingers can’t quite do her desire justice. She stays bent over and uses her other hand to stroke her clit. Madelyn knows this will make her sister orgasm, and she thinks about that.

In her mind’s eye, she sees the juices spraying from her pussy, beneath the fake strap-on cock and onto both pairs of thighs. Her face and shoulders are pushing against the side of the shower as stray drops trickle down along the wall. The water splatters against her ass cheeks. Hair falls in front of her face and it only makes her feel wilder. She arches harder against her fingers, trying to get them deep inside. Her clit is swollen and hot. It begins to tingle and as her fingers keep rubbing along its side, she jerks and the tingle becomes a tight burst that explodes and spreads into her ass and thighs. Her knees give just a little as her head gets dizzy. When she opens her eyes, her body is still pulsating.

When the pulses finally come to a stop, Madelyn turns around and turns off the water. She stands for a few moments, letting the water bead off her body to the shower deck while quivering pussy calms and the ache fades away. She steps out of the shower and dries quickly before running a brush through her hair. She realizes she probably has spent longer than she wanted to in the shower, so she hurriedly gets dressed and slips out of the refresher.

By the time Madelyn gets to the mess hall, everyone else in the crew is already there. She exchanges ‘good mornings’ with everyone.

“I told you that she’d take forever,” Kendall, the ship’s captain and helmsman, says as Madelyn takes a seat at the table.

“Doesn’t she always?” the flight officer, Connie, asks.

“I do not,” Madelyn protests loudly.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have taken so long in the shower then,” her sister quips as she steps into the mess. “I don’t know what keeps you in there, but I have a vivid imagination.”

Madelyn’s face reddens.

“I think we all have,” Becky, the XO, navigator and Kendall’s daughter, says with a wink.

Madelyn’s face reddens even more. “It just felt real good this morning.” Bad choice of words. She cringes.

“I imagine it did,” Kendall says neutrally. “I hope you’re feeling better now.”

Does she know or is this just a coincidence? “Much,” Madelyn answers.


All the women dig in to the fine selection of prepared foods. Well, it’s not gourmet by any means. This is still a cargo hauler that must spend eight months travelling through space while sustaining a crew five. The food isn’t bad, however. They spend their time chatting and joking before having to head off to their respective duties.

“Oh hey,” Kendall says to Madelyn, “the computer indicated that our cargo may have come a little lose.”

“No problem, Captain,” she says. “I’ll get right on it.”

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