The White Knight Gets His Reward
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, True Story, Analingus, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Sex Toys, Tit-Fucking,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Helping out a lady in her hour of need brings its rewards

The apartment block I lived in was very small less than a dozen apartments and all the residents knew each other really well. Therefore, when Ted and Angie decide to move to the coast to be near family we all attended their leaving part and we all also waited to see what the new neighbours would be like. The apartment was up for sale for a long while before the sold signs went up but once sold a new couple moved in fast.

Craig and Leanne, both in their mid-twenties moved in, making them the youngest residents by far, by almost half my age. I met them a few times, as they walk in or I walked out of the block. He was a mechanic of some sort judging by his clothes and she worked in a legal office in town. I never noticed him, but she was a real beauty in a girl next door way.

She was tall, with long legs cute butt and lovely tits, not huge but on her, they looked very nice plump and full. Most days I saw her in her office clothes, tight skirts that showed off her ass and white blouses that revealed the outlines of her lacy bra. She had long dark hair and gorgeous eyes. She was all woman with great curves, curves in all the right places. and she walked with strut that showed them off.

Some Sundays I would see her leave in lyrca sport gear on the way to the gym. Clothing that moulded to her body and showed off her feminine curves. To be honest after a few weeks apart from the odd glance I took little notice of her, I figured a youngster like her would have not need to chat to me.

We left for work at the same time each weekday and she said hello and we did the weather thing but apart from that, I had little to do with them.

All was good for a few months then one weekend our quiet Sunday afternoon was torn apart by a blazing row from their flat, they screamed at each other and there was the sound of crockery being smashed. It lasted for two or three hours.

Old harry that lived opposite me knocked on the door and asked if we should go up and check that everything was okay. The choice was taken out of our hands when we heard the front door slam and saw Craig, complete with a sports bag, run down the stairs and out of the front door.

A silence fell over the block and harry and I both returned to our own flats. I did not see Leanne go to work all that week, but on Saturday, she passed me as she took out the trash. She looked like she had not slept all week; bags under her eyes gave her away and was dressed like a bag lady. We exchanged pleasantries and I asked if she was okay and she grunted that we was fine and scuttled off. I am not one to pry so I left her too it.

The following week returned to normal and every morning she said hello as we left our building, but most nights I heard her come back late and a few of the mornings she smelt of booze. I guessed she was drowning her sorrows at the wine bar at the end of the street.

It was three weeks later, late on Friday night that I dropped into the wine bar. I had been out to meet a friend and fancied a beer before I went home. The bar was busy and I left the bar after getting a beer and went to sit with a guy I knew from the block next to ours. We chatted for a while; it was a good thirty minutes before I took any notice of the group in a booth on the far side of the bar. Four guys that I had not seen in there before and a girl seemed to be having a great old time, the guys were up and down to the bar a few times and I saw tray after tray of beers and shots going into the booth.

It was only when the girl stood up and tottered drunkenly to the ladies that I realised it was Leanne. She was well hammered, totally off her face, her blouse was unbuttoned a little too far and her cleavage was on display for all to see. She was gone for a while and when she came back, the lads all crowded around her again and I saw that they were handing her more shots. She would suffer for it in the morning I thought to myself.

My friend left and I ordered another beer and sat back down. The booth was getting louder and louder. I felt sorry for her and angry with her at the same time, but she was grown woman and I guess she knew what she was doing or was she?

I drained my glass and headed into the gents to take a piss before I went home. As I pissed I heard two guys come in, they stood by the condom machine and I heard cash being fed into it.

“So drew, how many shall we get” I heard one say, giggling with excitement.

“Fucking loads mate” his friend replied, “she is so pissed she won’t have a clue how many of us fuck her, and once we have had our fun we can dump her on the street outside the hotel.”

My blood started to boil...

“Yes the booze and the little table dropped into a drink back in your room will make this so easy!” his mate laughed.

“What about the night porter” I heard one say

“Fuck him, we will let him have a go as well, she will never know after I give her one of jimmies little tablets” and they both laughed like drains.

I headed out of the toilets before they did and stepped out of the bar. There was only one door in and out and they would have to come out this way, I stepped into the shadows and waited for them. I did not have to wait long. Two came out almost carrying Leanne, who looked like she was out on her feet, the other two followed. I stepped onto the path in front of them, four to one the odds were not great but they were drunk and I was not.

“Can we help you mate?” the first one asked aggressively.

“Yes, you can take your mits off my friend” I replied trying to keep my voice low and level.

“Fuck off mate, she drank our booze and now she can come and party with us! “He growled.

“Yes mate, she is going to come and pay us back for our generosity “his mate laughed and stepped toward me. His big mistake, I stepped forward and hit him low and hard, a big hard fist into his booze filled gut, he doubled up and as his head dipped, it met my knee coming up at speed. He was out of the game before he hit the floor.

Three to one, the odds were getting better. One of his pals swung at me, it was so obviously telegraphed and I dodged it easily. He was off balance and I smacked him on the chin and he rocked back, then I knee’d him in the balls. He dropped to his knees and puked up on the pavement. Two out of the game. Much better odds The other two looked at each and one let go of Leanne and ran at me, I smacked him right on the nose and followed it with a hard punch in the gut, he tried to throw a punch but slipped in his makes vomit and left himself vulnerable. I hit him twice in the face and he too dropped to the floor. I kicked him hard in the ribs and he went down face first.

Only one was left standing and he was holding Leanne, the was a stand-off for a few seconds, I wondered what he would do and then he did it, he pushed her toward me.

“Mate if you want her that bad, have her! “ I grabbed her to stop her falling, at the same time getting ready to defend myself, there was no need as he just looked at his fallen mates and then walked off leaving them on the ground.

“the fucking tart was up for some fun trust me “ he spat at me as he walked off “but if you want her all to yourself so be it”

I was shaking, I was not sure if it was the cold, fear or adrenaline. I took Leanne and sort of half walked her half carried her to the door of the block. I leaned her against the wall as I unlocked the door; she was half way to the floor when I turned back to her. She was so pissed she could hardly keep her head up.

I managed to get her into the lift and was soon holding her up as I opened the door to my flat. She was talking, well burbling something I could not understand. Then she vomited all over my shoulder. The acrid smell of regurgitated booze fill my nose. I walked her into the kitchen and used a damp cloth to clean around her mouth.

I sat her down at the kitchen table and gave her a bowl in case she was sick again, and went and stripped off my clothes and jumped in the shower. I put on some old clothes and walked back into the lounge Leanne was near the sofa. She had kicked off her high heels, her skirt was on the floor and she was unbuttoning her blouse.

“Mmm come on lets fuck, “her voice was slurred, and she was so drunk it was hard to understand her.

“Let’s get you dressed Leanne” I said and did up the buttons on her blouse.

“noooo honey “ she leaned toward me, trying to kiss me, her breath thick with the smell of puke and at the same time I felt her hand cup my groin. She rubbed it hard.

“Come on Leanne sit down, let me get you come water,” I said pushing her hand away.

“You know you want me! “she giggled drunkenly, trying to unzip my jeans.

I tried to keep her at arm’s length but was giggling uncontrollably and still trying to paw at my groin.

“Come on and let me suck your cock,” she slurred again and then she slipped back onto the sofa. She was out before her head hit the cushions. I laid her down and covered her with an old duvet.

Then I made myself a coffee, grabbed a bowl in case she was sick again and some water from the kitchen and sat on the chair next to the sofa. As she drunkenly snored and slept off the booze, I sat and read, just in case she vomited in her sleep. I guess I managed to stay awake until the early hours but then I dropped off.

It was ten o’clock in the morning when I woke, and she was gone. The water bottle was empty, as was the bowl. Her high heels were next to the sofa but her skirt was gone at least that was a bonus. I just hoped her had sobered up enough to have gone home and not gone out into the street.

I did not see her during the following week, she seemed to be leaving for work earlier than normal.

I was just glad to see she was in the land of the living and was unmolested.

It was early the following Saturday morning that the door was knocked on and she was stood there, she looked ashamed and embarrassed. She was dressed in jeans and t-shirt and still looked like a million dollars. For a brief second my mind went back to the view I had had of her in her panties and blouse the week before but I vanished it from my mind.

“Hello zak “she said, her voice no more than a whispers “can we talk?”

“Leanne of course come in, I had just made coffee would you like some?” I asked as I showed her into the lounge.

She was silence while I poured out the coffee, she sat on the chair and I took the sofa. She sat silently and sipped her coffee for a few minutes. The silence was deafening we sat and said nothing both staring at our coffee cups.

“So I am here to talk about last weekend, “she said, unable to look me in the eyes.

“Okay” I said not pushing the issue.

“So you will have to forgive as I don’t remember all of it clearly, I have been told some of what happened and I have a dream like memory of some bits,” she said, her face was red with embracement or shame.

“Okay, so tell me what you know and I will fill in the blanks where I can “I said picking up my coffee.

She told me she remembered going to the bar, chatting to the lads and getting drunk, she knew about the fight as one of the other residence had seen it and told her. She knew I had carried her back to my place; and how I had looked after her. The more she talked them redder her face got.

“Sounds about right” I said, not wanting to add to her story.

“And then there is the dream like bit “she said looking at me, her face was now puce.

“Okay you tell me what you think happened “I replied.

She told me she thought she had thrown up on me and stripped before trying it on with me.

“Well...” I started to reply but she interrupted me

“You don’t need to lie, I know it all happened like I said didn’t it?” her voice cracked as she said it and tears welled up in her eyes.

“Look it’s not so bad these things happen and no harm came of it “I tried to reason with her.

She burst into tears, loud sobs filled the silence. I slipped to my knees and took her in my arms. She hugged me and buried her head into my shoulder. She cried and cried and cried, I could feel the tears through the fabric of my shirt.

It was nearly a quarter of an hour later before she pushed away from me gently.

“You are my hero, taking on those guys and saving me from a fate worth than death “she said and kissed me in the cheek.

“Anyone would have!” I replied,

“No, no I don’t think they would have, you did and that means a lot to me “she sobbed.

“you are a lovely girl and I did not want to see you hurt” I replied truthfully.

“You are a hero and gentleman for not talking advantage when I threw myself at you!” she grabbed me and hugged me tight.

“Look go wash those tears away and I will brew some fresh coffee “I smiled at her

Ten minutes later, she emerged from my bathroom, her face still red and her eyes puffy from the tears. We sat and she told me that life had spiralled out of control since she split up with Craig. She told me how she was annoyed and angry and had just hit the booze more and more.

We chatted for a couple of hours and then she looked at her watch.

“Wow sorry, I have taken up so much of your time “she apologised.

“Leanne its fine, I enjoy your company” I said, she stood and I stood. We were inches apart and she pulled me to her and hugged me tight. The feeling of her tits mashed against my chest was sending the wrong message to my brain. I knew it would soon become obvious so I ended the clinch and stepped away from her.

“Thank you so much, I am not sure how I will ever repay you for what you did! “She blurted out.

I walked her to the door and admired her cute ass as she walked to the stairwell. I had settled down to read when the door knocked again and it was Leanne.

“Hi “she said

“Hi” I replied

“So have you got dinner plans for tonight?” she asked coyly.

“No, not yet” I said smiling at her.

“So do you like Italian food?” she asked.

“Yes I love Italian food,” I said

“Cool, my treat, I will pick you up at 7?” she said with a smile.

“Well then it’s a date “and with that she was gone.

She picked me up at seven o’clock as promised and we walked two blocks to a little family run Italian place. She had telephoned ahead and booked and they showed us to the table. I ordered beer and she took iced water.

“I am off the booze for good “she said after she had ordered.

The waiter took our order and we chatted as we waited for our entries. She told me the previous weekend had been a wakeup call; she told me how she had cried herself to sleep every night since at the thought of what those lads might have done to her. We talked out our lives and loves, our dreams and ambitions.

When the food arrived, I changed the subject and we had a great meal, I refused desert and took a coffee while she tucked into a big gooey ice cream tower. We had more coffee and just talked the night way. It was an enjoyable evening. One of those evenings that you do not want to end, just two friends having a chat and great meal. However, inevitably, all good things do come to an end, and the waiters’ were bustling around, and it was obvious they wanted to lock up

I wanted to go Dutch but she insisted on paying, so I left the tip.

She took my arm as we walked home, and we chatted about music, the weather, and any old shit. As we got to the lift, she asked if I would like coffee at her place, i accepted and was soon in her home. It was very well decorated; there were spaces in book shelve and space under the TV where a games console would have once sat. Obviously, Craig had moved all his stuff out. I had two coffees and we chatted for ages before Leanne yawned, I glanced at my watch, it was really late so I made my excuses to leave.

She kissed my cheek at the door and hugged me hard. I went home and wanked myself silly at the thought of her tight sexy body holding me.

The following week the status quo returned and every morning we hello’d as we went to work.

After work on the Wednesday I showered, changed, and decided to head off to a late night bookshop that doubled as a coffee house a dozen blocks away. The lift stopped at my floor and Leanne stood back to let me in. she was looking great in tight jeans and a peasant blouse.

“Hey you “she said and kissed my cheek. She looked and smelled amazing. Her perfume filled the lift and I was conscious that I was starting to get hard.

“Hello Leanne, are you off out?” I asked as the lift took us to the ground floor.

“I am Just off for a walk, I had to let the gym membership lapse now I am paying all the rent! “She sighed.

“And you where you off to?” she enquired.

I told her and she asked if she come along, we walked through the summer evening to the bookshop and she went off along one shelf and I went to another. After about an hour, I had picked up some books and she was reading some self-help guide. She seemed very engrossed in her book.

“Good book?” I asked.

“Yes very interesting” she replied and placed it on the back on the shelf.

“So are you not taking it?” I enquired,

“No things are bit tight at the moment and luxuries come last on my list “she said, smiling at me

“Right I am going to pay for these and then head home”

“Okay meet you out from in ten, I need to pay a visit to the ladies room” and she skipped off to the toilets.

I had paid and was standing by the door when she came out of the toilets and we walked home the long way. Enjoying the balmy summer evening.

When we got to the door of the block, I dug her self-help guide out on my bag and handed it to her.

“Oh no you shouldn’t have “she said blushing.

“It’s a gift, take it please and let me know ifs it’s any good “I replied, she pulled me close and held me for a while.

“You are a very kind man, you know that! “She said and kissed me quickly in the lips. It was like an electric shock of pleasure and I felt my body react to her touch however brief it had been.

We parted company at the lift, again she hugged me and I got a kiss on the cheek, and again I went back to my flat and masturbated at the thought of her cute sexy body.

The week passed and the weekend arrived. I saw Leanne heading out first thing on Saturday morning and later on, she came to my door.

I let her in, and we drank coffee and she told me about her week, we talked about books and about music. She was a delightful person and it was great to spend quality time with her. We talked until late evening and then she yawned and we both realised it was late and the evening was over.

Another hug another kiss on the cheek. I got the feeling she thought of me as an aging uncle or something.

We bumped into each other on Sunday morning on the stairs. Leanne was dressed to kill, a tight t-shirt, demin shorts and sneakers, her hair up in a ponytail. She looked amazing.

“Hey I was off the market to buy some lunch, want to come! “ She asked full of enthusiasm

“You don’t want an old duffer like me tagging along”!” I replied, while scoping her.

“You are not old and you are not a duffer, now come and shop with me “she implored, she grabbed my hand and pulled me along.

Therefore, off we went, the market was six blocks away and the walk, in the summer evening sun, was pleasant. There is nothing like spending time in the sun with a cute woman. You could see other people giving her the eye as we walked past them.

We browsed the stalls and Leanne paid for some fresh vegies and fresh pasta, I bought bread, cooked meat and cheese. She bought a sun hat and I bought some second hand books.

We walked back to our apartment block and discussed our purchases. When we got to our block, I thought we would go our separate ways. But no...

“So are we eating at yours or mine?” she asked. We chose mine.

She cooked and I watched, we talked as she chopped and pealed. The meal she made was amazing. I offered to uncork some wine, but Leanne was still adamant that she was off the booze so we both drank water. It was another delightful evening and the time flew by. Just before midnight, Leanne left my flat with a hug and kiss for me.

We seemed to bump into each other every morning and every evening that following couple of weeks. Some nights we just said hi and went our separate ways and some nights we had coffee or we ate Thai food or just hung out.

One Friday night over chinses takeout food, Leanne asked if I could drop her at the airport on the Saturday afternoon, as she was off to her companies New York office for a week. She told me she had some sort of conference. It was her first visit and she was very excited.

So that Saturday I waved her off and went home to my lonely apartment but only after promising to pick her up at the end of the week.

So that following week I collected her on the Saturday morning and she was chatting at one hundred words a minute about how nice the New York office was and how great the people were, she was gushing with it. Everything was better and bigger from the IT system to the drinks stations!

She dumped her bags in her apartment and came down to mine for coffee. And she just blurted it out!

“So they have offered me a six month placement over there,” she said looking at me then at the floor.

“Wow that’s great news, so when do you leave?” I replied, my heart sank as I said it

“Next weekend”

“That’s great news,” I said trying to sound convincing.

She just looked at me and let out a huge sigh.

“Can I ask you a question?” she said her voice a little edgy.

“Sure” I replied.

“When I threw myself at you why did you not take advantage of the situation?”

“You were drunk,” I said. “I would have been as bad if not worse than those mongrels that got you that way!”

“So,” she asked.

“It would have been wrong”


“I would have regretted it and so would you “I replied.

“So it’s not because you don’t fancy me?” she said looking me straight in the eye I paused, what I said next could make a huge difference, the world stood still and my head was full of right and wrong answers, and then I decided to be honest and hang the consequences.

“NO, it’s because I would want you to enjoy it and remember it “I said, staring back at her.

“So if I threw myself at you again, and I was as sober as a judge you would make love to me?” she said

“Yes of course! “, it was all I could think as an answer.

She stood up and I waited, half expecting a slap around the face. She stood in front of me and held her hands out to me, I took them in mine and she pulled me up to her. We kissed, a long passionate kiss, our hands explored each other. My hands cupped her cute ass and her hands grabbed the back of my head as we kissed.

Then she pushed me away, had the spell been broken. Was this it?

“I want you to make love to me...” she sighed and smiled at me.

“Are you sure, does the age difference...” her fingers on my lips stopped me saying the rest.

“Shhhh, meet me in my flat ... give me twenty minutes “, then she kissed me hard on the lips and she was gone.

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