An Acquired Taste
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion, BiSexual, Incest, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Interracial,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Hampshire:England:1955 - An upper-class lady employs a local lad for some dubious household duties. - Young Jack Sparrow finds himself teamed-up with an exotic coloured girl; performing sex-acts for her jaded social set.- All is not what it seems at the manor, where keeping up appearances count for so much.

My mother had made me wear my Sunday best suit and then brushing my hair said, “Now here’s a clean hanky Jack and remember, speak carefully when her Ladyship sees you.”

I pulled her softly to me; kissing her lips,

“Don’t worry mother, I’ll lay my charm on her.”

“Yes ... well, so long as it’s not this disgraceful cock of yours.” she smiled as her hand gently groped me.

“Mother, I hope to be an apprentice clerk for the Clitshire Estate, not some passing plaything.

“Is that what I’ve been to you recently Jack, a plaything?”

My hands ran down over my mother’s taunt breast and round her slim waist, “What you’ve been is fucking gorgeous.” I murmured kissing her lips with passion.

It was something that had developed between us only recently.

I felt her shudder.

She eased me away from her; blushing, “ Yes well ... be off with you Jack.”

I set off for the manor house pondering on how my life had progressed this past year.

I was just fifteen when my father died in a horrible accident while working on the Clitshire Estate.

Naturally mother and I had been grief stricken but we gradually began seeing each other in a different way; regarding each other more intimately and sensually.

Now when we held each other it was more with a sexual desire.

Walking through the neighbourhood all dressed up posh, I felt strangely self-conscious somehow.

This was my first big chance in life and all would depend on my interview with her Ladyship at the manor-house.

I presented myself at the tradesman’s entrance five minutes before the appointed time, not daring to go to the front entrance.

I had expected a maid to come to the door but it was the Ladyships daughter Dora who I’d only seen from a distance.

“Your young Jack Sparrow aren’t you.”

It sounded like an accusation. “ Yes; I am”

“Follow me to her Ladyship’s chambers then boy!”

Dora escorted me up a sweeping staircase and although she was my age, she not speak to me, and I was too much in awe of my surroundings, to ask anything.

Then taking off my cap, I was ushered in to meet her Ladyship.

To my surprise her Ladyship was sat up in a large ornate bed looking regal and sensual.

I had imagined a dowager but she was a lithesome beauty around thirty I imagined.

Her long flaxen hair sparkled around her neck and her startling grey eyes surveyed me almost disdainfully.

Her Ladyship dismissed Dora.

“You are young Jack Sparrow?” her soft cultured voice was crisp yet sensual.

“Yes My Lady”

“Your father was a fine strong man when he worked here on the Clitshire Estate and we were all very sad at the tragedy that befell him here.”

“Thank you my lady.”

“How has your mother been managing since being alone?”

“It has been hard for her but we still have each other.”

She studied me for a while and her attitude to me softened.

“Well, you have your father’s build, that must be a comfort to her and I hear your good with pen and paper. -

How old are you?”

“I’ll be seventeen next birthday and eager to learn my lady!”

Well lets see; now go over to that table, and you’ll see some writing paper. I want you to write down something for me - anything you like”.

I thought for a bit and wrote. “I am pleased to meet your Ladyship today, and would like to serve you in any way possible.”

I took it back to her bedside, and gave it to her. She looked at the paper and I saw that she was holding it upside down.

“Now read it for me please Jack.”

Without thinking I said, “I think you are the most beautiful lady I have ever met.”

She looked at me and laughed,

‘Your a cheeky lad and I don’t think you wrote that did you?”

I just shook my head.

“What did you write?”

I told her.”I am pleased to meet your Ladyship today, and would like to serve you in any way possible.”

“So ... you would do anything for me, but would you tell others what you had done later I wonder?”

““No my lady, certainly I would not!.”

“But if you worked here with me, I would ask you to do some very unusual things, and not tell anyone. Could you do that young Jack?”

“Yes ma’am cross my heart and hope to die.”

She nodded her head in approval and said, “Come here boy, and stand close to the bed.”

I moved as close as I could and she ran her fingers through my hair and down around my neck. Then she murmured, “Drop your breeches young Jack, I want to see your cock.”

I had not expected that.

I hesitated briefly, but got my courage up and so with a flourish, undid my buttons letting my trousers fall to the floor.

She reached out a long slender hand and in doing so revealed her shapely breast.

She stroked my half-hard cock, causing it to instantly respond to her delicate touch.

She studied it.

“Mmm ... oh yes, it is surprisingly big for a sixteen year old.”

Her slender hand gently gripped the head and slowly pulled back the foreskin, fully exposing the glistening purple head.

Her eyes now met mine, “Do you masturbate much?”

I felt my face flush with embarrassment and I simply nodded that I did.

“Does your mother know that you masturbate a lot?”

“No! ... my Lady.”

“She probably does if she has to wash your pants, does she not?”

I nodded with embarrassment.

“What would she think if she saw this great big cock of yours I wonder?”

“Don’t know my Lady.”

“No ... but I might well imagine; now Master Jack, be strait with me; would you enjoy a lot of fucking?”

I just nodded in embarrassment. “I have only done it once ma’am.” I lied in a hoarse whisper”

“Well, according to the gossip it was somewhat more than once; and also with some aplomb. So instead of stable-work, you could be my personal clerk. How would that suite you?”

“I would like it very much my Lady.”

“Yes, well then I will send your mother twelve shillings and sixpence every week; and there will a fair bit more than that in commission for yourself; when things are in motion; but Jack, you must vow that your work is confidential. Do you agree to those terms of employment Master Jack?”

It was a great deal to take in, and I must have been staring at her when she said. “Master Jack?”

“Yes My Lady; I do agree!”

“Good! Now one final thing Master Jack; from now on you are to refer to me as Lady Margot. Have you got that?”

“Yes ... Lady ... Margot.”

“Very well Master Sparrow, pull up your breeches and report here on Monday at noon. - Oh and do not bring any extra clothes, as they will be provided for you in future.”

She rang the bell for Dora to show me out.

My journey home began full of excitement and wonder over the dream of a post I had secured at the estate with Lady Margot

But as I neared home I began realising that a huge dilemma was rising up before me.

How much of my good fortune and excitement could I share with my mother with my pledge of secrecy to her Ladyship hanging over me?


At home my mother was bursting with curiosity over how I’d fared with my interview.

When she learned of my employment as a clerk for the Estate and that she would soon receive my weekly wage, she warmly embraced me.

Then her lips came onto mine and we were kissing with passion.

Her hand came down to grope my responsive cock against her thigh.

She suddenly took my hand; leading me to her bedroom; saying my success had to be rewarded!

She turned in the middle of the room and faced me, then smiling, began a sort of stylish striptease; allowing each garment to flutter seductively to the floor.

I was transfixed as nothing like this had ever happened before between us; she was also very good at it!

Slowly she undressed down to her panties and bra, which in itself had made my cock harder than it had ever been before.

She had an astoundingly fine figure with tits that were bursting to escape from her pretty bra.

I could see she was thrilled at my obvious delight in her.

She then approached me and unbuckled my trousers before crooning, “ Strip off for me would you darling?”

In a trice I was naked with my cock standing up like a rocket ship and pulsating like like a nodding donkey!

Mother sank to her knees and groaned, “Jesus Christ Jack, ... it’s absolutely obscene!”.

Then she slowly began giving me head for the first time.

I tried my utmost to prolong the ecstasy but when I caught sight of our reflection in the long mirror, my sperm flooded into her mouth and mother squealed with delight.

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