The Secondment - Northern Adventures
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Analingus, Masturbation, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Cheryl was a cute customer with bright blue eyes and tiny hands, and she was hot in bed

The company I work for had been sent out to spend some time with a customer of ours in a northern town. I drove up on the Sunday night and checked into a hotel just outside the town. I got there late and after a nightcap was in my bed and out for the count before ten o’clock. I woke early to find that the breakfast offering was not that good; there was no hot food on offer just continental so I skipped it, I am full English type of person. Therefore, I drove over to the customer’s offices hoping to find something to eat near to their offices.

The morning sun was shining as I left the car in the car park and headed into the huge old mill that had, at some time in the past, been converted into office units. I was an hour early for my first meeting so headed into a small café that was situated on the ground floor of the office block hoping to find a decent full English. I stood in the queue surveying the display of cakes and sandwiches on display while the woman behind the counter took the orders.

I placed my order for the full monty and took a seat. There was lots of passing traffic but only a few tables were been used. I sat in a quiet corner and checked my email and messages on my phone. I never noticed when she sat on the table next to me but when she asked if I could pass the pepper, I took notice. Well the first thing I noticed where her eyes, they were bright blue, so blue they had to be lenses’. Captivatingly blue, they drew me in and I could not stop looking at them.

She was a few years older than I was and very petite. She was dressed in a summer dress and looked sexy in that school librarian way. I could not stop looking at her eyes. She had a bowl of fruit and a cup of tea and as she was eating, I became entranced. She was the sexiest woman I had clapped eyes on in a long time. She was one of those women that seemed to be as sexy as hell without even realising it. She oozed sex, she oozed class, she ooze style.

My coffee and food was delivered she stood up and reached over to another table for a newspaper, her sexy little ass looked amazing as the summer dress stretched over it, I was sure I could see the outline of a thong through the dress. As I ate, I kept stealing glances at her. She left just as I finished my food and I watched as she walked out of the room. My eyes took in every step as she left; she had the kind off ass you just want to bury your face in!. She had a confident little swagger, as if she knew that all the guys in the room were watching her butt.

My meetings that day went well and by five o’clock, I was driving back to my hotel for an evening meal and a quiet night in my room. The following morning, I drove back to the customers, and was sitting in the café with a pot of tea a full hour before I had to start work. She walked in five minutes after I had sat down and after ordering her breakfast, she sat at the table next to me. Again, her blue eyes captivated me; and as she sat there the smell of her perfume fill my nose. She was dressed to kill in skirt and blouse, the sun coming in from the window behind her, at times made the blouse transparent and I could see a lacy bra, she had a good hand full for such a petite woman.

I drank my tea and tried not to be obvious as I took in her beauty. I noticed that she had a wedding ring on, damn I thought, why are all the good ones already taken. i kept trying not to look but it was hard, no pun intended, she was drop dead gorgeous. I sat nursing my cup of tea for half an hour before heading off to work. That lunchtime I headed down to the café and low and behold, she was sitting at one of the tables with a bowl of salad reading a book. I ordered and sat on the table next to her. As I pulled the chair out, she smiled at me.

“Hello there “she said with a smile, “Becoming quite a regular I see”

“Hi “I stuttered, “Yes the food is better than at my hotel”

“ahhh just visiting?” she replied with a smile, setting her book down.

“Yes I have been seconded for two weeks to Olsson and brown,” I said, enjoying the time I had to look into those baby blues.

“Really, then you must be Zak?” She said with a giggle.

“Yes but...” I started to say, confused how she could know my name.

“Oh I am the Sales directors PA, we have meetings with you next week,” she said with a sexy smile.

The server brought my food over and as she did, so the sexy woman with the blue eyes stood up.

“I’m Cheryl by the way,” she said “see you later”

And with that she was gone.

The following morning she came into the café after me, ordered and walked toward me.

“Hi Zak, may I join you?” she said and before I had answered she pulled out a chair and sat down. As we drank our tea we chatted about the weather, she asked about my job and I asked about hers. Just normal every day chitchat. I could not stop looking into those amazing blue eyes, but as we chatted, I noticed she had very small hands with brightly painted nails and she was again wearing very alluring perfume. However, there was still the wedding ring to stop me from moving in on her.

Every day until the weekend, we had breakfast and lunch together; and chatted about life the news and general old crap. She asked about my hotel and I asked about the local nightlife. She asked about my hobbies and family and she told me about hers. She was married with a teenage daughter at university.

Every day I wish I had the courage to ask her if she fancied a drink. However, she was married and I had no right to just ask her out. I was stopping in the hotel over the weekend as it was a long drive home and there was nothing at home to take me back. I had a lazy Saturday morning before heading into the town centre for a bit of shopping and bit of people watching. I visited a couple of clothes shops and a book shop before finding a table at a café that gave me a great view of the main shopping square. An Ideal people watching spot and people watching is one of my favourite sports.

I was well into my second pot of tea when I heard my name being called out across the town square it was Cheryl she was coming toward me and had another woman in tow. Cheryl was dressed in tight faded jeans and tight t-shirt that showed off the swell of her boobs to great effect. Her friend was younger looking, with mop of curly hair and cheeky grin. They both had serval shopping bags with them.

“Hello you!” she said like we were old friends, “may we join you?”

“Sure thing “I replied. She introduced the other woman as her friend Gill. They had been shopping and had stopped, like me for a cuppa. They both wanted tea so, like the gentleman I am, went to the counter and ordered.

Back at the table the women where giggling to each other and whispering conspiratorially, I placed the tray of drinks down and left the women to play mother and sort out their own drinks.

Gill was very chatty asking all about me, what I did where I was from etc. Cheryl seemed a little laid back or perhaps distracted. After an hour or so, I decide to make a move. I really wanted too just chat with Cheryl but her mate would not give us chance. To be fair it got a little frustrating so I decided to make a move.

“Well I should be heading off” I said, “thing to do!”

“I will just nip to the ladies and we will leave as well,” Cheryl said.

As she walked off, I stared after her, her bum looked amazing in her tight jeans.

Gill laughed aloud.

“What’s so funny? “ I asked.

“Well you fancy her like mad and she fancies you but you are both blind to see it “she laughed.

“But she is married...” I started to say but Gill interrupted me.

“Yes to a good for nothing lazy bugger who treats her like a slave and shows no interest in her!” Gill snorted.

“But...” Again, she interrupted me.

“But nothing, ask her out for a drink and see what happens” she said.

We then sat in silence as Cheryl came out of the toilets, then we all headed off into the town square. Gill nipped into a bank and I stood outside it with Cheryl. My mouth went dry and I was sweating. I knew she would say no but I just blurted it out.

“So are you doing anything this evening?” then awaited the rebuttal that I was sure was about to come.

“No, nothing planned, what about you?” she replied coyly.

“Oh I was going to try the Italian place that has just opened” I said, my voice was so nervous even I could hear it.

“Mandy in accounts tell me it’s very good,” she said, her big blue eyes looking directly into mine.

“Would you,” I stuttered, “I mean do you fancy coming?”

There was a huge pregnant pause, my heart stopped beating and the world went silent around me.

“I would love to, yes!” she said and my heart started to beat again.” But ... I can’t”

“Okay I understand” I said, there was an obvious sadness in my voice.

“N0, no you don’t “she said,” it’s difficult, look give me your mobile phone”

I passed it over, she tapped in a number, and called it, I heard her own phone chirping away in her handbag.

“I will text you later,” she said just as Gill came out of the bank. We said our good byes and they walked one way and I the other, confused by what had just happened.

I got back to the hotel just before four o’clock and took a shower. As I walked back into the bedroom, my phone buzzed telling me I had a message.

Can you talk – chezza I replied – YES – should I call you NO – give me five and I will call I made a coffee and lay on the bed; it was nearly ten minutes later before she called.

“Hello Zak” she said, her voice a little high; perhaps she was as nervous as I was.

“Hello Cheryl “I replied not knowing what to say to her really.

“So look I would love to go for a meal or a drink but it’s a small town and...”

“Look it’s okay really, I understand” I replied trying not to sound disappointed.

“Look how about I come to your hotel room, we could have a coffee and chat?” she replied

“Well only if you are sure “I replied this time trying not to sound too excited.

“What number is the room?” she asked.

“221, second floor” I said

“Okay see you in an hour?” she giggled and the phone line went dead.

I dressed and went to the reception and got a good supply of coffee, tea and milk. Then I headed back up to my room, I tidied up and sat on the bed reading. I kept looking at the clock. It seemed to be running at half speed. It was a full hour and a half before the door knocked.

She looked amazing. She was dressed in another summer dress. Her hair was up and she was carrying a small purse. She looked as sexy as fuck; there was a little hint of cleavage but tastefully not slutty. She had little make up on, to be fair she did not need it, but she did have dark red lipstick on. Her lips looked so kissable.

“I am so sorry I am late,” she said and kissed me on the cheek, her perfume filled my nose and my cock jerked in my boxers.

She sat on the little sofa and I sat on the edge of the bed.

The silence in the room was deafening. I smiled at her she smiled at me; the silence went on. It lasted for well over five minutes before she shattered it.

“So zak, I think we both know why we are here,” she said nervously.

“Okay...” I started to say but she interrupted me.

“Look have I needs and I think you could sort me out” she said, her eyes boring into mine.

“But you’re a married woman” I said trying to do the right thing,

“Yes to a husband that that has not shown me any affection in over ten years!” she said her voice a little sad.

Then she stood up and moved across the room until she was standing in front of me. Her hands slipped onto my shoulder and she leaned down and kissed me gently on the lips. Our tongues met, our lips mashed into each other’s. my hands gripped her hips so she could not back away from me.

I stood up and pulled her to me, my hands slid down over her back and cupped her cute little ass as we snogged each others face off. We must have kissed for around five or ten minutes before she pushed me away.

“Let’s undress before I change my mind,” she said nervously kicking off her shoes and then she reached behind her back and unzipped the summer dress. It slid to the floor and she picked it up and draped it over a chair.

She a pair of lacy white knickers on and a white lacy bra. She did have a fine pair of boobs for such a petite woman. I pulled my shirt over my head and shrugged off my trousers. My boxers showed that I was excited. Cheryl reached out and stroked my erection through the fabric of my boxers, it jerked as she touched it and she sighed.

“It’s been a while, so please be gentle with me “she said as she jumped onto the bed.

I lay beside her and kissed her ruby red lips, softly at first but as passion took over our kisses became more urgent and more energetic. She relaxed as I started to kiss her down over her neck and my hands began to stroke her smooth skin. My lips traced a track down her neck and over the slopes of her breasts. I traced patterns over her soft skin. I nuzzled her boobs through the bra and licked up along her cleavage. She tasted of vanilla; I guess from her soap or shower gel.

Her nipples were obviously erect through the thin lacy fabric of her bra. It was a front fastener so I unclipped it and cupped her gorgeous titties as I buried my face into her gorgeous cleavage before sucking and kissing her nipples. She had huge nipples and I sucked and I kissed them harder and harder, making Cheryl groan and moan, I felt one of her hands stroking the back of my head as nuzzled her. I rubbed my face into her cleavage, gorging myself on the soft, firm, warm flesh of her little titties. I ran my tongue around her nipples leaving a shiny residue of saliva, each nipple was sucked; and licked; and kissed in turn.

Cheryl was letting out low moans and little whimpers as I gave her boobs a thorough work out. After a long while playing with her gorgeous tits I ran a line of kisses down over her flat stomach until my nose hit the top of her lacy panties. I could smell her excitement as I slide them off. She was a true blonde, her pussy being covered with a thin layer of blonde pubes. They glistened with excitement.

Her skimpy lacy panties hit the bedroom floor and I glided down until I was prostrate between her thighs, my face an inch from her gorgeous quim. I blew over it and she wiggle, I kissed her gently, kissed the soft skin of her inner thighs, kissed the swell of her belly just above her pussy. I teased her, dropping my head toward her pussy before moving to kiss another area of her soft firm flesh.

“Eat me Zak, please eat me “she groaned. So loudly I was sure, the people in the next room heard her!

I used two finger to open her sex and started to run small licks up and down her already soaking pussy. She tasted amazing, her juice was thick and tasty and I hovered it up. I was soon swallowing down the scrumptious nectar. I let my tongue work its way up to her clit and started to trace patterns of eight over it with the very tip of my tongue. At the same time worked two fingers into her tight tunnel of love. I licked and sucked on her little button and at the same time slid my digits in and out of her tight wet cunt.

My tongue licked and flicked at her clitty as my fingers sawed in and out of her tight wet pussy, finger fucking her gently but firmly. In and out they drove, in and out of her tight little cunt. All the time I could feel her pulsing around my fingers. In and out with firm but gentle thrusts, in and out deeper and harder. In and out, my fingers shimmering with the thick love juice that was coating them. In and out as I kissed and licked on her cute little clit.

Cheryl obviously loved the attention; the room was full of the noise and smell of our sex. My fingers were dripping with her juices; I pulled them from her hot sex and sucked them clean. She tasted so sweet, she tasted so sweet I slid them back inside her, scooping up more of her gorgeous love juice before sucking my digits again.

“You dirty Fucker “I heard Cheryl say, “Do I taste good Zak?”

“Yes you do, very “I replied as I slide my fingers deep into her, making her gasp with pleasure. I ran my digits around her pussy and withdrew them and again sucked them clean She did truth be told and I want to taste more, so I pulled my fingers from her pussy and lowered my face so it was level with her lust-thickened labia and used my fingers to open her wide before I pressed my face into her. My tongue shot out like a lizards and I started to lap at her. I ran my tongue along her gash, I sucked on her lust thicken pussy lips. I took them in my mouth and tugged on them. Cheryl groaned loudly and I felt her ass shift on the bed. i had to keep, moving my head to keep my mouth attached to her cunt.

As I licked and lapped at her gorgeously tasty pussy, Cheryl was getting very vocal. Letting put little sighs, moans, and groans. I love it when a woman lets your know she is getting off and enjoying my ministrations.

She spread her legs wider and I drove my tongue deep into her wet hole. She had her hand on the back of my head and she was pulling me into her. I worked my tongue as hard and as fast as I could eating deeper and deeper. I could feel my face slick with her juices. She was so wet it was amazing. Her juices flooded out and covered my face. I ran the tip of my tongue along her pussy then used broad sweeps of my tongue to hover up more and more of her delicious fanny juices. I licked it as if I was licking an ice cream cone. I licked harder and deeper, every now and then kissing and sucking on her pussy.

“Shit that’s good!” she sighed, I licked harder and harder, eating her harder and deeper. I kissed licked sucked and she moaned and groaned as I worked on her. I ran my tongue along the folds of her pussy and kissed and licked faster and harder. All the time my fingers were working on her clit, rubbing and stroking it. I felt her quivering, tensing and un-tensing as I worked at her pussy.

“Lick my clit Zak, I am coming, I’m coming, I am fucking coming... ,” she cried out.

I thrust my fingers back into her and at the same time I start to use the tip of my tongue to flick and lick at her love button and within seconds she started to buck and writhe around on the bed. Her hands left my head and I saw she was clawing at the sheets. Her thighs went rigid and her bum lifted off the bed as her climax shredded her nerve endings and coursed through her body.

I kept licking at her until she begged me to stop. I looked down at her pussy and it was wet and shiny, and leaking love juice. I lapped some up but she was obviously still sensitive as she asked me to stop.

I lay on the bed beside her; she was gazing at the ceiling and panting as if she had just run a marathon. After a few minutes, I heard her sigh and felt her move on the bed beside me.

“That was amazing, thank you!” she said and she kissed me hard on the lips. I felt her hand sliding down my body until it wrapped around my cock. She started to snog my face off as she wanked my cock to full hardness. I felt Cheryl move on the bed and she started to kiss down my neck until she was nibbling on my nipples. I looked down and watched as she masturbated me.

Now I would be the first to admit that I do not have a huge dick, it is a good thick six inches no bigger. Cheryl’s small hand made my cock look huge; I watched with intense excitement as her hand gripped me and stroked me and wanked me. She did it slowly but firmly, slow strokes up and down my shaft, slow strokes that pulled back my foreskin exposing my red angry bell end.

I watched as her red painted nails stroked, fondled and caressed my erection. At the same time, I could feel her lips and her teeth working on my nipples. Slowly she kissed down over my stomach that was quivering with excitement. She slowly dribbled some saliva onto my cock and started to wank me hard and faster. Her hand gripped me firmly as she tugged my foreskin back and forth. My cock was growing and swelling, her touch was driving me crazy. I loved the way she kept spitting on it, using her saliva as a lubricant.

I let out a groan of pleasure.

“Is that nice Zak?” she giggled.

“Oh fuck yes, “I moaned

“Well if you like that you will love this,” she whispered.

I felt her hair brush my cock and then she slipped her mouth over my dick. At first, she held the very tip of my cock between her lips. I felt her teeth graze the angry tip of my cock. She held me for what seemed like ages but was more like seconds. Then she slide her mouth down over my cock until I was balls deep in her. She looked at me, her sexy blue eyes gazing at me as she held my cock between her lips. The look of excitement and need in her eyes made me feel as horny as hell.

She held me deep in her mouth and I felt her tongue moving against the underside of my shaft. She held me there for a good five minutes and then she dragged those ruby red lips back up to the tip of my cock. Slowly and deliberately, she move her head, up and down my cock, slowly and erotically she moved up and down dragging her soft lips up and down my steel rod of a cock.

Back and forth, she went sucking up and down my dick; I closed my eyes and let the waves of pleasure crash over me. She sucked up and down my erection, making little sucking and slurping noises. Every now and then, she let the tip of my cock drop from her mouth and she licked around the rim of its tip. Her tongue traced the veins that were standing out on my erection.

She sucked on my dick as if it was a tasty lollypop. She slurped over its tip, licking and kissing, at the same time her nails slid down over my shaft and I felt her lift my balls and start to massage them softly. Then Cheryl dragged her lips back down over my shaft until her nose nuzzled into my balls, balls that had started to boil and tingle with excitement. She repeated that move several times, dragging her lips to the tip of my cock and then down until she was nuzzling my balls. Over and over again I watched as she slowly and deliberately took my rod deep into her mouth. There was no rush about her actions, it was so erotic it was amazing.

I reached out, slid my hand between her thighs, and started to stroke her hairy little pussy as she sucked on me. I pushed two fingers into her tight love tunnel and started to finger fuck her. I was soon matching my rhythm to hers. She was so wet and tight, up and down Cheryl’s head went up and down taking me deep into her mouth, she sucked me and licked me and kissed me; and all the time I was finger fucking her tight little cunt.

I knew I was close, my balls tightened and I got that familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. I called out a warning to Cheryl but she just kept sucking. I felt my cock jerk and swell as the first string of my cum shot out of my cock. Cheryl kept sucking and at the same time, she squeezed my balls gently as if she was trying to milk every fluid ounce from them.

My climax ripped through my body, I clawed at the bedclothes, as I was overwhelmed with the raw pleasure of a thunderous orgasm. I felt it rippled through my body.

She kept my cock in her mouth until it had wilted and softened. I watched as she let it slip from her lips, there was a small string of my thick white cum on her lips and she licked it off with a grin.

“You taste so good,” she said licking her lips again,

“Wow that was great!” I moaned, my body still tingling with sexual energy. It took some time for my body to relax, so we just snuggled up spooning on the big bed.

“I am glad your enjoyed it, because I know I did “she said with a wink.

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