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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Anal Sex, Lactation, Oral Sex, Tit-Fucking, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Julia is a friend from work. She goes through some changes after getting married and having a baby. We end up in a situation while at a conference.

We first met about 7 years ago when we were both 23. She hired in to the company where I worked, but we had very little initial contact. She was fairly plain, not too pretty; a typical female engineer. I was not drawn to her, for she was definitely not my type. Her short hair was dirty blond, her breasts were 36a, and her hips were slightly hefty. My girlfriend Amy, however, had long brunette hair, a 40d-26-36 figure, and loved sex. There just wasn’t much reason for me to be interested.

Our company has about 10,000 employees, and our department over 200 people amassed in a large office area, so I did not have any opportunity to get to know one another that first year. The only times that we spoke; we started a fake/hostile relationship, always giving each other a hard time. But that was just her nature. During this time I became engaged to Amy, and we planned to marry in the fall of 85.

During the summer of 85, we ended up as engineers in the same section. A desk next to me became vacant, and she ended up sitting there. Quickly we became friends, still always giving each other a hard time. Still I felt no great attraction for her in a sexual manner (besides the natural male curiosity), and our relationship soon began to turn into a brother/sister interdependence. Both of us are only children, so the experience was kind of unique for us.

She clearly let me know that she found me in no way attractive in a sexual manner. While I felt the same, the more that she pointed this out to me, the more she became attractive.

Amy was never jealous. First of all, Amy is not the jealous type, but second, Amy knows my taste in women, and clearly Julia did not meet the mold.

On schedule, Amy and I married in October of 85. She came to the wedding, bringing one of her first dates in months. She rarely dated and was a self admitted virgin.

Meeting her, you would understand. She really looked like the kind of girl who would become a lesbian, controlled by some butch partner. However, she was straight, and I could tell she really longed for a boyfriend. I even tried to set her up with a few friends of mine, but I think she felt uncomfortable dating my friends (as though they might tell me something behind her back). Because of this, none of her dates ever got serious, and she was not a first-date kisser.

Since she did not go out much, Julia would always end up doing things with my wife and me. I know that she felt like a third wheel, so we always tried to invite her to group activities where there were other single people. A bunch of us even went to Disney World together in the spring of 86. We took over three rooms in the Contemporary Resort and had a blast.

Finally, around Christmas of 86, she started to go out with Vern (we quickly dubbed them Vern & Vick). Vern was a little older than her, and had just broken up from a serious relationship, so he was not in any hurry to rush into anything again. This casual approach to their relationship put her at ease, and by the fall of 87 they were truly in love.

She never revealed the exact date, but I think she lost her virginity about October of 88 to Vern. Vern was very good for her. Her self-confidence really began to build. She started working out at a health club, she bought better clothes (even purchasing a few miniskirts which were just coming back into style), and she really started to wear the make-up well. A new hairstyle complemented her change, and she really began to attract some attention.

The time spent working out really helped her figure.

Her slightly pear-shaped behind became the talk of our department as it metamorphosis into a tight, shapely ass.

Her clothes were not so plain anymore. While not sexy by any means, they did fit her better, and were of brighter colors. Jeans and slacks definitely fit her better, and she knew it. More than once I gasped aloud when she bent over in front of me. Of course she would pretend to get mad and angry with me, but I knew that she enjoyed the attention.

Her make-up and hairstyle really made her look beautiful. Her hair was now a lighter blond and it had grown shoulder-length. She never failed to turn a head.

And then the breasts came. She started on “THE PILL” in the summer of 88. Her hormones began to react, and by Christmas of 88 she had gone from a 36A to a 36C. We’re talking the difference between bumps and breasts here. It was as though she had gone through puberty at 26. Once again she became the talk of the department, and I actually became quite proud of the fact that she spent all of her free time at work with me. Guys would actually ask me what my secret was.

She and I still remained just best friends. Our relationship had not changed much, except that she did not need my company outside of work. Vern (who became her husband in July of 89), had his own set of friends, and they usually did things with them. Vern and I were not necessarily comfortable together, and I usually avoided the situation. I’m an engineer and kind of a computer geek, were Vern is an office manager and a Raiders’ fan, and little else really matters. But I like him; he is definitely good to her and very good for her.

She, being a virgin up until Vern, was clearly faithful. While I joked at sex with her a few times, she still quickly let me know that it would be impossible. I know that she didn’t really take me seriously anyway. Our brother/sister friendship continued.

In 1990, Amy and I had a daughter. One year later, almost to the day, Julia had a daughter as well. This gave us even more to talk about as we compared notes, exchanged clothes, and talked about such wonderful things as diapers and rashes. And one thing both Amy and her had in common was breast feeding.

Amy’s breasts had grown to 42DD over the summer of 1990. It was really amazing, but they were always so sore and tender that Amy could not breast feed, let alone withstand me playing with them. She had to use an electric pump to get the milk, and feed our baby with a bottle. Here were two marvelous mountains of flesh which were as untouchable as sacred Indian ground. One of my favorite sex acts was the old pearl necklace, but Amy definitely could not stand to have my cock between her tits. Oh well, the breast feeding only went on until Thanksgiving. Quickly her breasts returned to their original 40D.

As for Julia, those breasts which had been 36a’s in 1983 were now well over 38DD. The change was incredible. 38DD’s are just as large as 42DD’s, the only difference is 4 inches in the diameter of the rib cage.

So her tits were now as large as my wife’s had been.

When she came back to work after her maternity leave, it was quite a pleasure to see her try and fit into her pre-pregnancy tops. Her tits were just enormous, and I just couldn’t help but stare at times.

She seemed to take this rather well. Although she constantly complained about their size and weight, she only seemed to be flattered by my attention. On one particular day, she arched her back and stretched, immediately drawing my attention. A poor button gave up its life, popped off, and went flying across our cubicle. We both completely cracked-up laughing.

“My God. They’re incredible!’ I praised. “If I was as close as that button I think I would have died too.”

She just laughed some more and shook a threatening finger at me.

She would always disappear right after lunch as she went to our company’s medical department to pump the milk from her breasts. I always volunteered to go and guard the door for her, or to hold the pump, but she would just shake her head and call me a pervert. After pumping, the milk would be stored in her purse-sized ice chest.

This went on all summer until September of 1991 (I write this less than a month after IT happened) Julia and I were assigned to go out of town together on a business trip. Both of us are trainers for our department’s CAD-CAM system, so we were sent to a CAD class in Alabama. The class was on a Monday and Tuesday, so we planned to fly out on the Monday morning red-eye, and return on Tuesday evening. This way she would only have to be gone from her daughter about 40 hours.

She had gotten ahead in pumping milk, so her husband had a good supply to take care of their daughter until returned. Since a woman cannot turn off the milk supply, Julia planned to bring the pump with her and pump on the trip. This milk would then be discarded since it would be too difficult to carry back on the plane.

She and I really started to look forward to our trip together. It would be really nice to get away from our spouses and children (mine was a holy terror by this time).

We would also get to spend some non-work time together. We took the usual ribbing from our co-workers and our spouses, but no one was serious and we had been friends for so long; certainly if anything was going to happen, it would have happened by now. Right?

We arrived in Alabama right on time. Since I had been here before (and since it is kinda the male thing to do), I rented the car and we made it to the class with time to spare. The class lasted until 3:00, and we skipped out of the afternoon lab so we could check in to our hotel. She also needed to pump, after which we would explore the town.

It was incredibly hot for September, so we really wanted to get out of our good clothes. Our rooms were in the same wing of the hotel, opening out into a common hall. They were typical rooms with double beds, a dresser, a nightstand w/ bible, a table, and two chairs. The T.V. was at least 15 years old, and being in the Bible belt, there was no adult channel. Oh well, I’d live. It would only be one night.

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