Side Show Sadie
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The circus is in town and Sadie is ready to meet new boyfriends. She better watch out because dangerous Lulu is on the prowl.

Back a few years ago, I should probably say, quite a few years ago, there came a girl to our quiet little Mississippi town that was reputed to be a star performer in the world famous Circus side show that visited almost every little town along the mighty river’s shores at least once each and every year.

I remember with great clarity the billboards that carried her enticing likeness in life-sized caricature along with the elephants and the clowns. In all honesty, I have to admit I loved the elephants but was less than pleased with the clowns that all sent a shiver up my back just like the gators ready for viewing at feeding time in one of our local attractions.

Our teacher Mister Wilkins opined that the circus folk were nothing less than creatures of the devil. Of course, he was one of those grown-ups that required liquid refreshments of the moonshine kind well before the five o’clock hour. Our community was so starved for the need of something “different” that the circus was always a big hit from little tots to grannies with their canes and false teeth when they remembered to put them in.

In those days, I was sort of a strange youngster.

I was too old to play games with the little ones in the schoolyard because I was already over six foot tall and weighed enough to be considered college material by the football coach down there at Ole Miss even though I never took too kindly to book learning unless there were a lot of pictures involved. On the other hand, I was only just turned eighteen and my pa was always telling me,

“Buster, you are still wet behind the ears and that’s a fact.”

I never understood exactly what he meant by that but it seemed certain it wasn’t any compliment despite our close family relationship. My ma told me that pa was not actually my real pa. She told me that my real pa had been sunk out to sea by some Nazi submarine that probably never even knew anything about him at all. We didn’t even have a photo of him because our head of household Jethro would be a mite put out by that unlikely circumstance. It seemed like I was doomed to be surrounded by the female half of the universe because all I had was sisters. There were five of them and only the oldest one Gloria had the same pa as me and all the others could be laid at Jethro’s door.

Getting back to my story about Miss Sadie, I managed to get free tickets to the performances because I was one of the circus’s front men going all around and tacking up their billboards and putting them next to the cash registers in every shop in town, even down at the crossroads where the junk yard and the auto repair shops did business straight off the interstate with the New Orleans Mardi Gras crowd all fired up by white lightning and a need for speed.

I got to watch Miss Sadie up close and personal when she was putting on her face powder and other female war-paint. All I could say was that she really didn’t need any of that stuff because she was about as pretty a girl that I had ever seen this side of the state line. She stripped down to her skivvies and slippers with no attitude of coyness that most of the girls in these parts employed to give the impression they were hypothetical virgins with no tricks hiding inside their devious female minds about catching some slow-witted fool for life-time duty as a support center pole for their nest of little chicks and hungry mouths. My ma clued me in early on that score and told me to “keep it in your pants and you might even wind up with some money in the bank”.

It was hard for me to pretend not to ogle Miss Sadie every breathing moment right there inside the circus tent but I guess she was used to it because most of the circus girls were a bit on the homely side or had muscles in places where nice, soft female flesh should be all curved and waiting for some male attention. Her manager was her pa and I knew what sort he was from the way he kept pulling out his flask to wet his whistle. It was obvious that it was the strong stuff because it always brightened him up and made him more talkative than a flock of widows down at the dry-goods store.

One of the carnies that helped raise and lower the tents gave me the skinny on Miss Sadie being adopted as the only survivor of the Great Gambini High Flyers with their tragic “no-net” act that did in almost the entire family of circus performers. I felt sorry for her troubles but knew it would only cause hurt to bring the subject up after it was buried deep in the past and kept out of discussion as much as possible. She did a “low wire” act that accentuated her perfect figure and carried little risk to life or limb in the eventuality of a mistake. Her act was a big success because she had added some difficult twists and jumps that required the highest sense of balance and dexterity.

It was difficult to judge her age but I figured she was older than me because she had been on the circuit the previous year when I was sick with the flu and could only look at the flyers with her picture and have all sorts of fantasy thoughts about us being a couple. When some of the clowns tried to make fun of her during her practice, she lambasted them with a vocabulary that would have shocked the wrestlers down at Hogan’s Gym even with their great command of insults and curses that would irritate a saint.

I was working my ass off helping them set the stage for the acts in the main tent and constructing the platforms for the side-show acts that pulled in a lot of dough for the Circus strongbox. It was a good job because I got to see all the circus girls dressing and undressing including Miss Sadie.

She didn’t seem the least bit excited to show off her bare ass to anybody watching, but of course she kept it well covered in front of the general public because they were a “family show” or at least that was the way it was advertised. I saw her look at me a couple of times just ogling the hell out of her naked ass cheeks but she didn’t make any effort to hide them from my prying eyes.

After the early evening performance, she came into the main tent and told me that she needed her nets set a bit tighter so she could land and bounce to the ground without looking too silly crawling to get out of the cords. All I knew was all of the sudden we were alone in the tent and she was down on all fours and I was right on top just inches from her almost bare skin and I dropped down that short distance to make contact with her soft white skin with my heated erection. Of course, she knew what I wanted and she pretended to be reluctant to give me the prize. I was no dummy and just kept up the pressure until she finally gave up her last defenses and I slid home like hitting an inside the park home run. We paused for a moment and she looked up into my eyes waiting for me to pound her good and hard. I didn’t disappoint her and in a few short minutes I had her down flat on the ground all played out and gasping for oxygen to fill her crushed lungs. It was just the beginning of me and Miss Sadie coupling together like a pair of Noah’s animals for forty days and forty nights of solid hard rain outside our circle of lust.

Everything was all hunky-Dora, at least, until the snake-lady started getting a mite familiar with my backside when I was bent over tending to loose stakes in the ground. I thought it was funny at first, but I didn’t object because Lulu the Snake Lady was more vicious than she was petite and once she got it in her head that she wanted any fellow’s cock, all she did was to grab for it until the owner just gave up from sheer admission of defeat.

All I knew was that Lulu had me flat on my back just outside the tiger’s cage giving the long-toothed wild animal a look at her happy ass bouncing on my dick like some female posting a nice seat riding naked on a well-muscled steed between her legs. My Sadie came into the tent and saw me and Miss Lulu entangled like a pair of young lovers in the last seat of the movie house on a slow Saturday night.

I was real conflicted because I had already reached that point of no return with Miss Lulu and she knew it, the tiger knew it, I knew it and now my Miss Sadie knew it with a certainty that distressed me with total remorse.

My spunk was rising faster than “old faithful” out in Yellowstone Park and poor Miss Lulu still unaware of my Sadie’s presence, let out a war-whoop that was louder than Sitting Bull lifting Custer’s hair up high for all them native Americans giving the Seventh Cavalry an ass whipping that would go down in the history books as a real live “Massacre” of the kind that no one ever forgets. Well, I guess you could say, Miss Sadie would not forget the sight of Miss Lulu’s ass bouncing up and down like some sort of rubber ball right on my genitals and the look on my face that was unable to hide the fact that I was spurting all sorts of creamy spunk right up Miss Lulu’s happy quim like we were some sort of “couple” and that was about as misleading as could possibly be.

I did my best to rectify the situation, but all I did in my inept way was to make matters worse with each word that only served to seal my doom.

Miss Sadie left the circus that same day and she said,

“I can’t work around that Jezebel Lulu any more. No more big top for me.”

I was disconsolate because I had managed to lose my Sadie and the Snake Lady at the same time. It was beginning to seem like life was not even worthwhile living. That was when the preacher’s daughter Betty came into my life and made me see the error of my ways. It was her that made me all giddy to be “born again” and repent my crimes against the house of the lord. We prayed together, we meditated together and eventually, we cleaved together in mutual desire to serve the wishes of our creator in spirited celebration of his good works.

Her father did the ceremony and we never did speak of the circus again around the church or in our humble abode now filled the sound of the pitter patter of tiny feet running hither and yon like whispers of adventures yet unseen, challenges yet unmet and a life of danger and excitement outside our little boring street where nobody ever did anything memorable except to win first prize for apple pie baking a the country fair.

A county fair with no side show and no ladies to show you the wonders of the world outside.

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