Robin's Loving Family
Chapter 1: The transition begins

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, TransGender, Incest, Brother, Sister, MaleDom, Humiliation, Light Bond, Spanking, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Exhibitionism, First, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Public Sex,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: The transition begins - Robin lived at home with her sister and parents, until they had to leave for a long trip, bringing her brother home to watch over and take care of them. Jax had plenty of new rules for the family, and as he molded them to his liking, Robin would find herself in many new and embarrassing situations. This story was written, and is still being written, over the last ten months in concert with a very talented writer in another medium. Jax. Blame him :)

The three siblings returned home after seeing their parents off at the airport. Both Robin and Samantha had been told in no uncertain terms that their older brother was in charge. There was a fairly large age gap between Jax and his two sisters. Jax had just graduated from college with a business degree, having done well in school, and was now intent on getting deeply involved in the family business, much to the excitement and pleasure of their parents. Since returning home from school he had been looking for his own place to stay, but that changed when his parents learned that there was an amazing opportunity for them overseas, an opportunity that would require both of them, and that they would be gone for a significant amount of time. Jax had assured his parents that he would look after and take good care of his sisters, maintaining order, ensure that they got to school, did their homework, their chores, and basically keep things running while they were away.

Samantha was a senior in high school and was mostly wrapped up in her own life, scouting out colleges, spending time with her boyfriend, and basically trying to get in as much trouble (without getting into real trouble) as she could. The older brother knew his eldest sister was largely self-sufficient, and could mostly look after herself, so with her he would just have to keep an eye out. However, the youngest of the siblings was a different matter. Jax loved both his sisters, his entire family actually, but Robin was a little different. The girl was smart, very smart, she just seemed to have an overactive imagination, or something. She always seemed to be thinking about something else, or somewhere else, without really seeing what was around her. This caused her to be a little oblivious to her surroundings as well as forgetful of things. The older brother knew that she was the one he would have to ultimately keep his eyes on.

On a less altruistic note, he wondered if he could turn this temporary empowerment to his advantage. He had been gone at school for a while, and had gotten used to a certain ... freedom ... and he longed to be able to continue that while at home. He was fairly sure Samantha would be open to just about anything, it was more a matter of getting little Robin to go along with all the changes. He figured it would be best to lay the groundwork now, implementing a couple of minor ‘rules’ that would get everyone used to doing as he said, even if the rule or request might be a bit odd.

As they returned home Jax got both his sister’s attention before they could run off and do their own things. “Ok first off, I am not going to be a softy, any rules mom or dad had in place before now will still be enforced. However, I have a couple rules of my own. Number 1, no locking doors. There is no reason to lock your doors here in the house and if I want to check on something I don’t want to have to get the master key mom gave me. Number 2, our parents were very affectionate with us, thought it seemed we didn’t bond as well as we should have with each other. And, frankly, I have been gone so long, and I can sense the new distance between us -- I think it might be better if we were ‘closer’ --So that being said, if someone wants a hug all they need do is ask, and the other person is required to give them a hug.”

Pausing a moment, looking first at Samantha, and then Robin, he finished with a query “Now there those aren’t so terrible are they?” Samantha’s response to all of this was just a rolling of her eyes and a “Ya, whatever” and she dashed off to her room to have phone sex, or whatever the fuck she did online with her boyfriend.

Robin was like, ‘Duh, hugs.’ as she listened to her brother lay down his rules for while the parents were gone, but all she said out loud was “Um, sure ... makes sense. Besides, hugs are nice, we really should be nicer than we are sometimes...” She was idly thinking about how everyone seemed to just go their own way these days, between the internet, and skype or face-time ... there was not a lot of in person quality time anymore. The more she thought about it, the more she wondered if perhaps this was a new social transition underway, and what would be the eventual outcome ... individual life pods all connected by cables to a virtual life that requires no physical contact. Shaking her head, coming back to herself, she realized that she probably had missed something, looking back at her brother, vaguely noticing that Samantha had already left, she blushed, briefly, “Um ... what?” Wracking her brain, she was not sure she caught everything he had said.

Jax just watched his older sister leave the room grumbling about something or another. Then he turned to look at Robin. Instantly he could tell that his sister had zoned out, it was that blank stare and slightly glazed eyes that gave it away. The brother just smiled and crossed his arms waiting for his sister to come back to the real world. When she did Jax couldn’t help but laugh a little at her question. He didn’t know if she had heard him so he asked “Did you hear about my new rules? The no locked doors and the hugs? Well anyway its getting late and tomorrow is Monday, so why don’t you make sure you have all your books and things ready and then head to bed.”

The next morning was like any other morning, Samantha got ready pretty early because her boyfriend always picked her up for school. Robin found that her brother was already up when she walked into the kitchen. He looked her over and shook his head. “You’re not wearing that to school. Come with me” Jax said as he walked to the girl’s room. Opening her closet he looked through what she had and he picked out a white button down shirt and an almost knee length skirt, and he tossed them on her bed. “Wear this” he said, and just crossed his arms and looked at her waiting to change, not planning on leaving the room.

Kicking off her shoes, Robin’s hands went to the snap of her jeans, almost automatically, undoing it and opening the fly. As she moved her hands to her hips, preparing to lower them over her hips, she noticed that Jax was still there. Stopping, poised as if to continue, she looked up at his face through the fallen forward strands of her black hair, and quizzically asked, “Um ... are you going to let me change or what?”

Her room was an eclectic mix of young girl and science, with a poster of the human brain, all lit up with magnetic imaging above her desk, yet a bed that still had 3 stuffed animals arranged over the pillow, one of them quite well-loved and worn, drooping a bit as it’s bunny head sat there peering across the room.

Jax didn’t respond right away, instead he stood there for almost a full minute before moving or saying anything. “Ok, but be quick, I still need to drive you to school, and I don’t want you to be late” and with that he left the girl’s room though he did not bother to close the door behind him.

Robin stood there nervously for that long moment, wondering if she should just go ahead and change like it was not a big deal? She lowered her jeans a bit, just over her hips and waited, getting a bit more nervous the longer the seconds dragged on. By the time Jax left, she had about convinced herself that there was really something wrong, and that she had missed a rule or something. She knew she forgot things from time to time and, well, maybe never heard the rule in the first place.

Thankfully, he did finally leave, so she quickly got dressed as he requested, thinking it was a bit odd to be wearing a skirt to school. Not that she was a tomboy or anything, but skirts were really more for when Mom wanted her to dress up. Still, as she slid it on over her hips and walked out, buttoning the white blouse, she had to admit the swishing of the pleats was kinda fun.

Walking back into the kitchen Jax looked over his sister’s school schedule that was hung up on the fridge to see what classes she had and then he walked over to her bag to make sure she had all the proper texts. It seemed kind of idiotic to be doing this with a 16-year-old, but he knew how spaced out she got sometimes, and it was a good thing he had checked since she didn’t have her algebra book. It was possible that it was in her locker at school but usually math had homework, quite a bit of homework. He waited till she emerged from her room, and he asked her about her book.

Popping back in the room, dressed as he had requested, Robin was immediately embarrassed to realize she’d forgotten her algebra book, and quickly returning to her room, she had to admit Max was being pretty thoughtful, which was mildly surprising, but even if he had not seemed to pay much attention to her lately, he always did look out for her...

Once she was all ready he went out to the car to give her a ride to school but before she could get in he said “Hey sis, give your big brother a hug.”

Smiling warmly at Max as she came outside, she willing went into his arms when he paused just outside of the car and asked for a hug. “Oh, sure. And thanks. You are looking out for me ... as usual”. Stepping in for a hug, she could feel his larger, more powerful body, quickly envelop her, leaving her feeling a bit small, but completely loved and protected. The whole morning was an eye opener for Robin, seeing how her rarely seen brother so swiftly moved into a caretaking role.

After wishing her a good day and telling her he would be back to pick her up after school Jax drove home. He had a few loads of laundry to do. He didn’t have to worry about Samantha’s clothes for she had been doing them herself for a few years now. His sister was very particular when it came to her clothing and their mother was the sort to say “if you don’t like the way I do it, do it yourself” and so Samantha did.

Jax was also pleased they he didn’t have to worry about cleaning the house or doing dishes for they had a cleaning lady come in three or four times a week to take care of those chores, so that just left laundry and meals for him to worry about.

He was sorting out his and Robin’s laundry when he noticed something odd, he only found three pairs of panties. He knew for a fact that it has been a full week since the last load of clothes had been done so he thought his sister must have missed a few pairs in her room. However, after looking through her room and her bathroom he hadn’t found anymore which told him that she didn’t put a clean pair on every day. This was not acceptable. This was a hygiene thing, so it looked like he would have to tell her to make sure she wore a clean pair every day. And that would give him the opening he wanted.

What most people didn’t know was that Jax had very particular sexual tastes. He liked to take good girls/women and corrupt them. Back when he lived at the house he kept these impulses in check, but once he left for college he was free to indulge himself and he had, and he loved it. Now the brother was very tempted to do the same to his youngest sister.

The usual routine of classes, intermixed with chaotic minutes between those classes, and the sometimes mind numbing way the less skilled teachers drilled on, filled Robin’s day, much like it did most days during the school year. Her schedule clearly printed on the inside of her locker helped her remember the vagaries of the Tuesday/Thursday schedule versus the Monday/Wednesday/Friday one. Enjoying the morning Math class, suffering through the tortuous British Literature class, she was looking forward to the science lab in the afternoon, as she met her friends Amber and Cyndi for lunch. The three girls were fairly inseparable on the school grounds, having many classes together. Much excitement was made over her parents being gone for so long, that she was so lucky, and wondering if they would be able to have a party someday.

Robin privately wondered about that, not sure which way her brother Jax would lean on such things. It was not something to worry about soon, but at some point she’d probably want to carefully ask about such things, though, honestly she was not really into ‘parties’.

Making way through her shorter afternoon, and looking forward to an extra hour of free time in the evening, Robin soon joined the throng of milling students out front of the school, seeking out their own rides, and telling each other goodbye. Finally spotting her brother pulling up, she quickly popped over, and tossing her bag into the back seat, settled in and put her seat belt on. Her skirt flipped up a little as she did so, and she absently pushed it back down, still not that used to wearing a skirt in everyday life. “Hey...” she said, setting back for the ride home.

“Hey” her brother replied back as he turned his attention back to working his way through the after school jam. Though he did glance at the jail bait coeds from time to time and couldn’t help but wonder if any of them are into older guys. In the end, he decided it really didn’t matter. “So did you have a good day at school? Learn anything new?” These were some seriously lame questions and he did need to have a talk with her about her panties but he wasn’t really ready for that just yet.

Chitchatting mindlessly on the drive home, Robin could not wait to get home and relax, even if she had to do homework, it would be in the comfort of her own room, not at the loud crowded school.

Once they got home the brother sent Robin off to do her homework as he went into the kitchen and started dinner. He would wander by his sister’s room from time to time to make sure she was concentrating on her work and hadn’t zoned out again. Not surprisingly he had to bring her back to task once. Samantha always arrived home a few hours after school was out as she always spent time with her boyfriend for a few hours before coming home. This wasn’t a big issue for she was always home for dinner and was good about getting her homework done. Jax knew what Samantha was likely up to and he just hoped she was smart enough to not get knocked up.

Kicking her shoes off next to her bed, Robin flopped down with her English reading assignment, and tried to concentrate on comprehending the material. Tossing around a bit, getting comfortable, she realized, after a bit, that a skirt was not the most comfortable lounge-on-the-bed outfit, having a tendency to bunch up or just bind unnaturally. Stopping her reading, she got up and changed into her long lounge pants. Then she noticed that the blouse was now quite out of place and hung it up alongside the skirt. She then slipped a comfy t-shirt over her slim frame and returned to studying.

Dinner was just about ready. Robin was just about finished with her homework, and Samantha wasn’t home yet. When the older brother walked into his sister’s room carrying her clean laundry in a basket, he set the basket down and sat on the side of her bed. “Robin as you can see I did the laundry today and you only needed three pairs of panties to be washed, which tells me that you are wearing a pair longer then one day. This is not good. It’s a hygiene thing to always wear new ones every day. OK? Make sure you keep that in mind. Dinner will be ready soon.” He didn’t see why he should tell her he will be inspecting her panties after she has them on. She would find that out the next morning.

Barely noticing her door opening as Jax had checked on her from time to time, Robin made her way through the assignments for the day, and was wrapping up her easy algebra homework. Her brother came in with another load of laundry. As Jax talked to her about her underwear of all things, she blushed, not sure what he was all worried about, clothes were just clothes. Since he seemed to think it was a big deal, she just nodded, ‘Um ... yeah ... ok ... I just don’t pay a lot of attention sometimes, but I will try and remember everyday.” Still feeling a bit like a scolded little girl, she returned to her homework, the knowledge of her possibly unsanitary panties burning a hole in her brain. As she finished, before she went down to dinner, she decided to put a clean pair on. Not that he was right to scold her or anything ... but ... well ... maybe just a little, she thought. Then she stripped off her pants and underwear, slid a new clean pair on, settled them snugly around her hips, and stepped back into her lounge pants.

Remembering the rules from yesterday, she idly wondered if anyone would be asking for a hug just because of that. It was nice enough this morning, she remembered vaguely. Maybe she should ask for one too.

Samantha was already at the table with a mixture of boredom and impatience on her face. She just wanted to get this meal over and go back chatting with her boyfriend and her friends. Things were at a pretty crucial part with one of her friends. A few weeks ago, her friend’s boyfriend confessed that he found one of Samantha’s friends to be very hot. So being the good girlfriend she is, she has started trying to entice the girl into their bed. One reason her and her boyfriend work so well is they like the same kind of girls. This wouldn’t be the first threesome they have had before, and Samantha is really looking forward to getting with her friend as her boyfriend rams her from behind. Just thinking about it makes her start to get wet, so she wants to eat quickly and get back on her PC. Things were looking rather hopeful.

Jax specialized in the one dish meal, and that is exactly what they had for dinner. It was some kind of pasta, meat, sauce with some corn mixed in. It wouldn’t win any culinary awards but it was good enough for dinner. There really wasn’t all that much talking as they ate and Samantha wolfed down her dinner as fast as she could and took off back to her room. Jax just shook his head, “Looks like she has something pretty important to do. Doesn’t really matter since you are the first one up to do the dishes, Samantha can do it tomorrow.” Finishing dinner he helped take all the dishes to the sink and then left Robin there to do them. When she was done he allowed her to go back to her room, but not before he got himself a hug, a very big and long hug.

Finishing up the dishes, Robin headed back to her room, after giving Jax another long hug. The hugs seemed very warm and inviting, though a bit unusual still. She found herself rather liking the soft kind words that accompanied the hug. ‘Thanks ... Jax... ‘ she’d said as she headed off to her room, spending the rest of the evening reading, before turning in around 11.

The next morning, Jax again walked into Robin’s room to wake her up. Like yesterday Samantha was already up and getting ready to go. She was eager to see her boyfriend for she had some very good news to share with him, her friend Cynthia had agreed to meet up with them in bed on Friday night. As soon as the boyfriend arrived the older sister was out the door.

Once more Jax had Robin put on a skirt and button down shirt. She still had one clean pair of each, but being who she was she put on the same pair she had yesterday. Jax could tell by how wrinkly it was. Walking up to the girl he fingered her blouse. “The same clothes as yesterday? I have to check to make sure you listened to me”. With that, he sunk down to one knee and lifted up her skirt exposing her panties.

Morning had arrived too soon, and, once again, Robin found herself dressing as Jax requested, putting on the skirt and blouse he had decided she must wear. Blinking a bit as he looked her over, she looked down at herself, and noticed that, maybe, he was right, she was a bit rumpled ... clothes just were not that important to her ... but, she did not want to look ... bad.

“Um, wha?? Oh ... Jeez ... ok...” she said, suddenly brought back to the present, as Jax lifted her skirt to check out her underwear. Thinking quickly, she was pretty sure she’d put on clean ones before dinner last night ... so they should still be good ... right?” Standing there, her bottom exposed, she could feel his eyes on her, and, while it was very odd and unusual, something about it felt ... well, exciting is not the word for it ... but something...

“Unfortunately, all of your panties are the same so I can’t really tell if they are a new pair by just looking at the outside”. With that said he reached to hold her skirt up with one hand as he used the other to tug down her underclothes. He kept pulling them until they go to her knees then by pushing the crotch part up he looked at it. “Hmmm” he said leaning forward, then he couldn’t help but glance up and he saw just the barest hint of her slit ... he hadn’t really ever thought of his sister that way, but all of a sudden he realized he wanted her. However, he knew he just couldn’t jump on her. He would get what he wanted in time.

Blushing as Jax deftly and matter-of-factly lowered her panties and checked the crotch, Robin was becoming more and more embarrassed. While she knew she was a bit of a ditz sometimes, getting lost in the clouds, she was not sure it was necessary, or proper, for her brother to inspect her quite so closely, or quite so nakedly. She struggled to find her voice to protest, but years of just going along with people, especially her siblings, made it hard for her to protest, though she felt so embarrassed at the moment. Maybe if she made it easier for him to be sure she was dressed ok ... In order to avoid such awkwardness, she could just ask him to pick out ‘all’ of her clothes, but she kept silent, figuring he knew what was best. He was so much more aware of the way things should be, she usually felt it best to listen. Besides, he just wanted her to be healthy.

Reversing his glance he looked down at her panties. “Well these are questionably clean ... I will let them pass for today” and with that he helped her pull them back up and he stood up.

“Um ... ok ... I will make sure and keep wearing clean ones...” she said, as he pulled them back up over her hips, covering her up as swiftly as he had uncovered her.

“Hug for brother” he says and he wraps her up hard in his arms, thrusts his hips a little into her, but he didn’t take things any farther.

Hugging Jax back, she was surprised a bit at how large he felt, her smaller frame trapped within his larger one. She inhaled his comforting scent from his clothes as they hugged, and all seemed good with the world. Maybe this being closer, this ‘hugging’ rule, was not so bad she thought.

Just like the day before, Jax took his sister to school and then headed home. Arriving back home he looked at the paper they had delivered every day, and the main headline just made him smile. Well, that would fit his own plans nicely he thought. He left it out on the table so he could show it to Robin when she got home.

The school routine was again a bit overwhelming, Robin always preferred smaller groups of people, and the huge crowds in the hall sometimes left her feeling a bit adrift. Classes today still included math, her favorite, as well as literature and history, but instead of Science lab there was the dreaded PE three days each week. At least it was the last class of the day. Over lunch, Cyndi was still insistent on her having a party SOON. However, Robin remained silent, pretty sure that was not something she wanted to push for, at least not right now. Her parents had JUST left!

The end of the day finally arrived and like before, Jax drove to the school to pick her up. He made small talk with her as they drove to the house and they walked in together. “Before you head to your room to start on your homework I want to show you this”. Holding up the paper Robin could easily read the headline, “WATER SHORTAGE!”.

“So it looks like we are going to have to make some changes to conserve water. I will have to make a clothing schedule to reduce the amount of laundry that we do. I will leave it at that for now, but if this gets worse, I will probably have to take more steps. Remember to keep your showers short, but make sure you get clean.”

Once home, after a quiet ride, Robin had been anxious to get up to her room and just relax and eventually do her homework. Pausing in the kitchen, when Jax showed her the paper announcing a water shortage, she looked at him worriedly and asked, “Um ... is it bad? Can we still have plenty to drink and stuff? And showers have to be short? Oh my ... its sounding bad. She was not sure what he meant by a clothing schedule, but, perhaps it would help lighten the laundry load.

“It’s not THAT bad” he said putting emphasis on that one word. “There will be plenty for us to drink and things, we just have to keep conservation in mind as we go about our day.”

As she was heading up to her room, she turned to him and added...”Hey ... thanks for taking care of things while they are gone. You make it seem so easy. I just had one request ... since, well, “ she paused a long moment, “since I forget things ... if there’s going to be schedules and rules ... maybe we can post it on my door. So I don’t forget I mean. I know about the hugs ... but...” she shrugged ... worried that she’d look like a ditz if she kept forgetting rules and things.

Jax was quite to reply, “You are very welcome Robin. I actually love taking care of things and I am sure our parents are enjoying their time away from the family as well. I was going to post the schedule on the refrigerator but if you prefer it being on your door that is fine. Now, go get to your homework” he ended with a smile. As she turned, her older brother gave her a little pat on her butt.

While Jax prepared their dinner he thought about the best way to proceed. He had already put a few things in motion that he would be able to build upon. The key is to add only one thing at a time. He knows what his end goal is and had thought of several steps along the way, but he always reached one place that he couldn’t seem to think past. He put that on the back burner for now. Maybe when he reached that part something will come up. Getting his youngest sister more and more naked is easy enough, even inspecting her body, but he cannot quite figure out how to move that over to sex. He also wasn’t sure how to keep this from his other sister, who will certainly catch on quick enough unless he is careful.

Eventually dinner was done and they all sat down to eat. Jax informed his sisters that it would probably take him a few days to get a schedule he liked and once he finished it he would show it to them and post it.

After that they did their normal nightly routine, an early night since there was school coming the next day.

Things progressed like this for the next two days. Jax would make sure his youngest sister’s clothes were clean, and he always inspected her panties. On the second day, he did it from the front and had Robin pull up her skirt for him. On that day, Samantha had already left for school, but realizing she had forgotten something on the porch she had her boyfriend take her back by the house.

Reaching the porch Samantha grabbed her tennis racket but before she took off back to her boyfriend’s car she glanced through the window and saw her sister holding up her skirt. Her panties were down to her knees and her brother was squatting down to look at her. Her knee jerk reaction was to rush in and put a quick stop to this, but she stopped herself in the next instant. She realized, strangely enough, that seeing the two of them in the window, well, it sorta was ... naughty ... and she felt herself reacting to it. Rather than creating a big scene now, she just smiled, filing away the information for later. She and her brother were going to have to have a nice chit chat when she got home that evening...

Robin tried hard to conserve water over the next couple of days. She really was as a conscientious girl, and when she had something stuck in her head, she could stick with it. The days with their parents gone had started to fall into a bit of a routine, and she actually became more comfortable with things as time went on. The more things were repeated, the more comforting the routine became to her. So often, she knew, she got lost in her own imagination, and things got missed or forgotten. She had learned that routines, especially important ones, were a valuable thing in her life.

By Thursday she was actually, stopping by the kitchen on her way to school, and lifting her skirt for her daily inspection. She was still picking out her clothes, but she was trying very hard to remember to change panties every morning, and so far, she had not broken the rules.

She had even started to sort of enjoy the extra attention she was getting from her big brother. Knowing that he truly cared that much made her feel safe and taken care of. If she sometimes got a bit of a twinge when she felt her naked sex exposed in the bright kitchen light, she shrugged it off as just her body being weird.

Looking forward to the weekend, she was watching the world drive by as they went to school on Friday, and was startled to realize they were pulling up to the school. She must have drifted off again. Blushing a bit, unsure if she had missed anything important, she did her usual smile of friendliness, acting as if she had been there all morning, “Thanks Jax!! See you after school!”

After telling his youngest sister to have a nice day, Jax drove home. Once he was there he finally started to work on that clothing schedule he had talked about. He could have done it several days ago, but he was feeling lazy. Yesterday, he had called a hooker over to service him while his sisters were at school. Sitting down at the computer, it wasn’t really all that hard to put together.

Both girls would of course have to wear their school clothes during the week, but panties were only to be worn on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Tuesday and Thursday they would have to go commando. The weekends were a bit trickier. He had to look through his sisters’ closets to see what they had on hand. In the end he decided that on weekends they were only allowed to wear a long shirt and nothing else. They were allowed one set of clothing for the weekend if they went out, but underwear was not going to be allowed. Also if they got that weekend set dirty on Saturday they would have to stay home on Sunday as they were only allowed a single set of clothing.

After that he added the few other rules he made, No locked doors, hugs ... etc. Then he printed up a copy and posted it on his sister’s door like she had asked, Samantha would be able to see it there easily enough as well. With that done Jax sat back, relaxed and thought about the next steps he would take to move his sister farther down the line of sexual corruption as he waited for the time to come to pick her up.

Samantha had ditched her last class and got an early ride home. Jax was surprised to see her, especially since school wasn’t even out yet. His sister went right into what she saw, and the older brother felt a little nervous at first. However, when she explained to him she had sorta maybe liked it, he shared with her his full goal. Samantha loved the idea and she was soon fully on board. Then the two put their heads together as they ganged up on their little sister, discussing how they could get her to go along with their nefarious naughty games.

Jax arrived at his normal time to collect his sister and he told her about the schedule as they drove home. He told her he didn’t expect her to remember it all, and a copy of it was on her door at home. He also told her the weekend started as soon as she got home on Friday so she would have to change into the weekend attire when they got home.

As they drove home, and she heard about all of the changes, Robin was a bit shocked. “Wow, ... the water shortage must be really bad...” she noted, thinking a bit more about everything he was saying. “You are really responsible Jax ... working hard to save the planet and stuff ... we should all be that conscientious.” Her blind optimism was a bit infectious, and she chattered on a bit about maybe doing something to reduce oil consumption as well as other precious resources.

Soon they reached home, and as Robin entered, she saw her sister laying out on the couch, wearing only a long shirt. She blushed a bit as she saw quite clearly her sister was ‘going commando’ as they say, and following Jax’s new clothing rules (if she remembered them correctly). Averting her eyes and heading towards her room, she looked at the schedule on her door, trying to commit it to memory (though, honestly, not really expecting to... ). Figuring she may as well get with the program, she slid her door shut, not locking it of course, and quickly stripped out of her slightly damp school uniform, continuing until she stood in front of her dresser au nauturel ... Searching her drawers, she found the long Pooh shirt she was wanting. She then deftly slid it over her head before turning to grab her book bag, placing it on her bed, and looking for her history textbook ... she had homework.

Popping down to the kitchen for a snack before commencing her homework, she looked for Jax, intending to ask him a couple questions that she had just thought of about the schedule. Padding across the cool tile in her bare feet, she could feel her thin covering sway around her hips as she walked, and she hoped that she was decently covered.

Jax was doing his part as well for he was only wearing a pair of house shorts so Robin would see just how good of shape her brother was in. He was standing in the kitchen eating a peanut butter sandwich. Jax was mad for peanut butter. Looking the girl over he could see her shirt barely covered her sex. Any sort of under-draft and it would be on display and there would be no way for her to sit without it being seen. “Hey, go get your dirty clothes. I need to start some laundry.”

Robin had been curious about the clothing schedule during the week, and as Jax explained what he wanted, she nodded her head, coming to terms with the new order of things as best she could. Still a bit shocked, you could say, at the way Samantha was so casual about how she moved, or sat. Robin nevertheless soon got used to it. If Sam was not embarrassed to be exposed, then Robin figured she should not be embarrassed to notice. She was not quite so blasé about showing her own privates though, and spent considerable time worrying about at least keeping her legs together. Well, at least for the first day or so. Eventually, the more everyone seemed to just be so laid back about things, the more she relaxed. That was not to say she did not worry about it, and if she noticed herself splaying her legs, she would quickly pull them back together. It’s just she no longer felt quite so mortified.

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