The Process
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Fiction, War, MaleDom, Humiliation, Rough, Sadistic, Spanking, Torture, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Petting, Spitting, Squirting, Voyeurism, Public Sex, Size, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The interrogation was a long way off. This was only the preliminaries of the "softening up" process.

The prisoner was standing in the center of the room.

She was a young thing. Probably only in her late teens and with a delicate beauty that was the result of good genes and long hours brushing her hair each night in front of a mirror that told no lies.

In accordance with the processing rules, Emily was wearing only the undies allowed to prevent total nudity. She did not have any bra because that was not necessary in her present situation. Her succulent breasts were firm and perky with rose tinted nipples standing erect in the cold night air.

Howard sat in his easy chair behind the glass two-way mirror and watched the girl shiver slightly as a door was opened and the cold breeze swept in across her bare shoulders all goose-bumps from the sudden chill. He nodded to the female guard and she prodded the girl with the little electrical animal prod designed to cause motion and not much pain. The girl was used to the prods by now and she turned sideways so He could see the curves of her buttocks and the interesting gap in the middle that seemed like it was waiting for some sort of excitement coming its way.

The prisoner had a ballcock in her mouth so there was no reason to communicate back and forth with her. Of course, this was just a “softening up” session and not a formal interrogation to actually gain some intelligence from her responses to certain questions so repetitious that they were almost boring from the interrogator’s point of view.

He nodded to the other guard and she drew the prisoner’s hands down to the ring in the center of the table hooking the circle of steel to her handcuffs in a way that virtually eliminated any chance of breaking free.

Now Emily was bent over slightly forward and her panties were drawn tightly across her shaking buttocks riding up slightly and exposing a line of cheek flesh and skin that gave a preview of the larger expanse still covered by the almost sheer panties preventing the total shame of complete nakedness in front of both female guards and male officers ready to accost her dignity and sense of self-esteem so vital to human well-being.

It was time for the entry of Igor the Russian. Howard liked to use Igor with all female prisoners because he was the quickest route to breaking down their spirit of resistance without customary restraints placed on them by the Geneva Convention. Of course, the girl was blindfolded as well as having the ballcock in her mouth. Howard liked to use a blend of sensory deprivation in all his subjects both male and female because it helped to speed up the process and made his job a lot easier.

Igor approached Emily from behind and paused before he reached out and roughly yanked her panties down to the back of her knees baring her hindquarters to full view of all guards and watching officers. She had no blemishes on her pale white skin and Igor took infinite care in spreading her cheeks to display her hairless rear entryway and her well-trimmed snatch that looked a bit puffy as if recently beaten with a stick or a demanding finger along the way.

Of course, it was possible, but the prisoners were not to be interfered with in any way before the process began and she was marked as “special” because she had been wearing a sidearm making her almost certainly an officer in the enemy forces and probably privy to a fair share of secrets they needed to peel deep and extract from her whilst she was still in shape to formulate the words to betray her trust.

Igor the Russian was now poised directly behind her rear facing entryway and she knew exactly where he was headed as soon as the bullet head of his long nine inch Russian cock touched her quivering pucker. Her sphincter was confused now because her brain was sending conflicting signals to her tightly clenched anus. Some wanted her sphincter to fight until the very end even knowing that eventually she would be defeated and forced to give up residence to his undesired cock. It was not that she didn’t like cock. She was eager for any new experience except for those forced on her in captivity. Her hang-up was that she still had her anal cherry despite untold close calls with exploring shafts of all varieties and sizes. In a way she put that puzzling fact down to her fear of being stretched and ridiculed in front of others like her unfortunate sister that had been the “talk of the town” due to her anal proclivities. She had vowed to never follow in her footsteps and be called an “asshole buddy” like her sister when they all got together for some celebration of freedom under the new regime.

Emily didn’t want to be anyone’s “asshole buddy” and liked to protect her bottom from friend and foe alike. Now, she was about to lose all feminine dignity and in front of an untold number of the enemy watching her disgrace and anal subjugation without any say in the matter. She whimpered behind the ballcock and her saliva dripped down with further loss of self-pride in her beautiful body.

The Russian’s cock was halfway inside her now and she started to whine a bit louder hoping he would take pity on her and only give her half of his blessings without stretching her to the maximum limit and shameful pleas for mercy and promises to behave in any way required.

Thankfully, her words were still unintelligible and she was more like a stumbling stick of meat on a stick being pummeled into complete submission and utter defeat.

Igor was wise enough to move his hands around front to rub her clitoris and vagina with ten poking fingers that touched every corner of her womanhood and made her climax so violently that her ass humped back into his happy rod like a schoolgirl on her first date.

The guards were smiling now because they heard her wails of distress as an affirmation of their victory in the war against the irritating Americans and their shameful belief that they were always “right”.

Igor the Russian was now fully buried in Emily’s sensitive rectum. His salami of a dick was so happy that it was jumping for joy even though he hadn’t ejaculated as yet. The steady slap of her ass meat on his legs was an echo of his excited grunts each time he bottomed out inside the captured girl. Soon, he was on that super highway to releasing his hot payload inside her. The fact that Emily was stretched to her maximum point, had her feminine parts ravished by Igor’s busy fingers and was drooling nastily right through the ballcock onto the clean surface of the flat table all disappeared when he started to spurt hot streams of creamy cum so deep in her gut that she thought she could feel it hitting her belly inside. He had moved his hands up now and grasped her long braided hair pulling her face up so all the spectators could see the reaction to each spurt as she felt it deep inside.

He pulled off her blindfold so she could see her degradation in clear humiliating terms. Then, he removed her ballcock and she was able to stutter out,

“It really hurts back there, sir, can you ease up just a little and let me breathe properly.”

Igor did that as well because he wanted to hear her scream when he went back inside and re-visited her flooded gut. This time he was a lot slower and savored every inch of penetration with lots of nasty comments in her ear about how nice and tight her ass felt and how much he loved allowing his hanging balls to swing into her heated snatch with a squishy sound because of all the spunk and lady juice between her legs. He liked the way she grunted with the ballcock out. It was music to his ears and he hoped she would continue to resist a least another day for him to show her how much pleasure could be had from oral exercises that most folks could not even imagine were possible.

He let her stand on her toes slightly bent over with all that stickiness running down the insides of her legs. The officers in the watch room were getting a kick out of observing her squirm and wiggle like she might find a way out of her impossible situation. Of course, that was entirely out of the question. In fact, they were getting a squad of rough riders ready to put her through her paces and test her endurance and stamina in taking a dozen men in a single session. She sensed her fate when they filed into the interrogation room naked from the waist down with peckers swinging left and right each time they took a step.

Howard was the one giving orders to the squad and he addressed them by numbers just in case a question ever came up about who did what to whom. He particularly liked number seven because the short soldier with the huge dick used a step-stool to get better leverage in screwing her female passageway from behind and he never stopped verbally abusing her a single moment from beginning to end. It was obvious he was well-suited to his work because he was the first one to elicit an orgasm from Emily at time when the bets were almost twenty to one that she would never get there before all twelve studs had had their way.

Emily was somewhat disturbed about her weakness in surrendering to the temptation of the little man’s shaft, but she had to admit he was a talented seducer with his hated friendly weapon. She had not expected to give in to the routine of pounding because she had shut off her mind to the heat of the moment and pretended she was talking on the phone to dear departed mother long distance on an invisible telephone. Before she could say her final goodbyes to her beloved but unfortunately deceased parent, her G-spot was vibrated, her juices kicked in and she treated all the observers to her verbal gratitude for ringing her seldom activated orgasm button.

The final turn by number twelve was quicker than most because she was so flooded at that point that it was difficult for the last man in line to stay anchored inside her slippery slit. She was so disgusted and tired of the entire affair that she did everything she could to assist him in getting his rocks off and that fact was not unnoticed by Howard and his bosses who all saw potential for turning this enemy into a possible mole working for their side with the application of some devious blackmail and motivating videos of her aiding and abetting the enemy with her cooperating pussy pie.

It was a long shot but Howard was ready to use any dirty trick to gain the upper hand with an elusive enemy. He knew it was something they would use against them without a second thought so he started his campaign of slowly breaking Emily’s will to resist by subverting her lack of will power when it came to feeling that familiar “tingle” that girls who just want to have fun value above all else when push comes to shove and the sun sets below the horizon and nocturnal games started for the capturers and the captured surrounded by danger and motivated by the threat of bodily harm.

Emily knew she could resist the torture, but she could not resist the softness of an inquisitive finger or the hardness of a hard steel rod driving into her feminine secret hiding places like a thief in the night.

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