I Like to Watch Too

by Barebacker

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Wife Watching, Father, Daughter, Grand Parent, Bestiality, Cream Pie, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: I encourage my wife to cheat and while watching I get caught by my daughter and she open's up about a stuff I had no idea was going on.

My wife had complained for years that she didn’t fool around enough as a single girl. So when we invited a neighbour we knew over for dinner while his wife was away I thought it was a good time to let her scratch her itch.

My wife, Kim, and I were out for a bike ride on the greenway trails behind our house, our yard backed on to the trail and I put a gate in the fence, like most of the neighbours, for easy access. On the ride we bumped into a casual friend that we had met at neighbourhood parties for the last couple of years and my wife obviously appreciated his shirtless and shorts appearance. His wife was away for a couple of weeks visiting family and I invited him for a BBQ that night.

After we peddled off, my wife asked me why I invited him without checking with her first, and I tossed her: “You were drooling all over him and I thought you could get a better look if he was in our hot tub. Anyway, he’s been on his own for a week and probably getting pretty lonely.” With that I arched my eyebrows a couple of times and yelled: “Race you home!” She laughed and scorched by me, always ready for a competition.

We have two children; Tim, 6 and Ellie, 14. Tim was at my parents hobby farm for the weekend and Ellie was at her best friends for the weekend. The girls didn’t see each other as much as they’d like and often stayed at either our house or Susan’s for weekends. This weekend it was Susan’s house as her aunt was expecting a baby and her and her mom were going to go help out when the baby came. Perfect.

After lunch Kim headed to the grocery store and I went to the electronics store to get a long cable for our video camera, I had an idea I wanted to try.

I got home before Kim and hit the bedroom right away; our walk-in closet backs onto the family room where the TV is so I drilled a hole into the wall at the back of my shelf and fed the cable down the wall cavity to the cable outlet receptacle on the family room side, drilled a hole in the plastic cover and voila! a second cable to attach to the TV.

We had a good quality HD camera with excellent low light recording but where to aim it, hot tub or bed? I opted for indecision; the closet door faced the side of the bed and beyond that was the sliding glass doors to the hot tub right outside, so I centered the camera between the two; with the hot tub in the top half of the frame and the bed in the lower half then double checked that the camera and the power cord were well hidden.

The last thing I had to do was make sure that the closet door stayed open. The two double bifold doors occasionally stuck and needed adjusting so with a screwdriver I pre adjusted the one on the camera side to jam and not be able to close. Sure enough when Kim went to change before Jeff came over I got the call: “Jonathan! The closet door is stuck again.” “I’ll get it tomorrow.” Done.

Dinner went well and Jeff was easy company, a few glasses of wine sitting out on the deck and Kim winked at me cheekily and said: “What a nice night for a dip in the hot tub.” I knew my lines by heart; “Hey! that sounds good.” Jeff said that it sounded great to him too and he’d zip home and grab his bathing suit.” I expected that and headed him off at the pass: “We usually skinny dip and if your okay with it, so are we?” Kim gawked at me! “If it’s okay with Kim?” Kimmy recovered and smiled casually: “Sure it’s fine with me.” She got some big towels and Jeff went to the bathroom to undress while I took the lid off the hot tub.

“After we’ve been in the tub for a bit I’m going to say it’s too hot for me tonight and head for the family room until Jeff leaves, have fun.” Kim looked at me puzzled: “I don’t understand, what are you saying?” Without looking at her I replied: “You’ve always missed not fooling around more when you were single, well, nows your chance to make up for it and the only thing I want is for you to have a good time. You can tell Jeff it’s alright with me and when he leaves I want you waiting for me just the way you are, okay?” “I don’t know. Are you sure about this?” I smiled and pulled Kim into my arms: “Very.” She searched my face for a minute before replying: “I’ll have a quick shower when Jeff leaves.” I shook my head: “Uh uh, just the way you are. Okay?” Kim nodded. “I love you.” “I know it and trust you or I wouldn’t be able to do this.”

We all relaxed after we were in the tub for a bit and every once in a while one or another of us would sit up on the edge to cool off. It gave me the opportunity to check out Jeff’s physique: good looking guy with wavy dark hair and dark green eyes, nice medium build, five ten, a bit of chest hair with a small, trimmed pubic bush, nice circumcised cock, in fact a very nice cock. I’m not bi or anything but it was a good looking one, well proportioned and hanging straight down, no curves.

The heat of the water had it stretched out and when I looked down at mine I realized it was maybe an inch longer and a chunk fatter than what I’ve got; a medium thick, uncut, six and half incher. I have a furry stomach and chest so this will be really different feel for Kim, skin to skin.

Just thinking about what we were about to do was giving me butterflies and I knew if I didn’t leave soon I would lose my nerve so I made my exit and headed for the family room. First thing I did was plug in the camera cable and with the zoom on the flat screen I had a way better view of them in the hot tub than I hoped for.

They were still sitting across from each other and it looked like Jeff wasn’t going for it, but when Kim glided over to him and pressed her lips to his, he gave in and the show was on. I was on the couch, naked, sitting on my bathrobe with my cock in my hand and the TV stand rolled right up to the coffee table. Kim was really giving him her hot kisses, man he must be smoking.

Her hot kisses absolutely fry me; she has a way of using her tongue so it tantalizes, not a big open mouth dog kiss, but hit and run with her lips moving on yours so you can’t quite lock her in, teasing, leaving you hungry and hot for more, deeper. Jeff was feeling the heat, he grabbed a fist full of her hair and pinned her mouth to his so he could french her deeply, take her mouth fully. She sagged against him, submissive, while he had his way with her mouth. Fuck it was hot!

I ran for the garage to grab a few joints from my stash and in two minutes flat I was back on the couch, smoking a doobie, and slapping my drooling buddy. What a great night. Kim and Jeff kept necking as he moved up to sitting on the rim of the tub, his fat cock standing straight up, had to be seven, maybe seven and a half inches and thick to match. She didn’t even break the kiss when she stood up wrapping her fingers around his cock like a golf club and started getting the feel of the shaft, from balls to head. Practising her grip.

Every time she caressed the crown his stomach sucked in and I could see her polishing it with his juices, running her palm over it like it was a stick shift on a hot car. Kim stepped up onto the tub seat between Jeff’s legs, breaking the kiss and letting go of his meat to pull his mouth to her breast, feeding him a nipple. Her head whipped back when he inhaled it and I could see him rolling it with his teeth. Her mouth opened with a gasp I couldn’t hear.

Shit! I wish I had thought of cracking the sliding glass door to our bedroom so the camera’s mic could pick up their voices, I know her moan when he chomped on her nipple would have put me over the edge, I was drunk from the wine and hot water and thoroughly stoned on the powerful smoke but mostly it was the lust that was wrecking me.

Shaking like a leaf and totally fucked up, my cock had a steady stream of lube running out of it, coating the head as I fisted it towards my first cum. Grunting, I was close, man, really close, it was going to be a gusher! I leaned back into the couch to hit the home stretch, arching up to my manic masturbation when I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye: turning my head I looked straight into the eyes of my daughter Ellie! Oh fuck!

She stood in the doorway, her eyes going from the TV to my penis and back again, I had stopped stroking but still gripped my undiminished hard on in my fist, like I said; I was absolutely stoned and crazy with lust. “How long have you been here?” “A little while. Susan’s aunt had the baby early and they had to leave.”

In hind sight I would have expected myself to leap up and cover the joints and shut off the TV but I didn’t do any of that. The room was hazy with dope smoke and she’d been watching long enough to see everything: “Is that a DVD?” “No. Uh. They’re in the hot tub right now.” and I turned back just in time to see Jeff’s hand squeeze and pinch it’s way up Kim’s thigh to her crack.

Contact! and she pressed his face tighter to her breast, putting her foot on the hot tub rim to open herself up to his fingers. Ellie and I could see her pussy lips hanging open as he slipped just the tips of his fingers into her gash, slowly dragging them from anus to just about her clit but not quite, causing her to follow his hand with her hips trying to get some action on her jewel. I forgot myself and pumped another dribble out of my gaping piss hole when Ellie asked me: “You’re okay with Mom doing this?”

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