Niki's Descent
Chapter 1: The Path less traveled

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Teenagers, Coercion, Reluctant, School, Incest, Brother, Sister, MaleDom, Humiliation, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Path less traveled - She should have never taken that shortcut though the woods between school and home. And she definitely should not have gotten caught. Niki's Descent describes how one little thing can change so much, and introduces the world to Niki, her step-brother Max, and, well, you will see.

Niki was walking slow, watching everything around her carefully, as she made her way home. She’d stayed after school about 30 minutes to help Ms. Cushing with grading papers. As she walked, since she’d missed the crowds, there were not many kids around, and none walking her direction. She walked a bit, well, oddly. Ever since the girls at school had convinced her that going commando was the only way to be cool, she’d always wondered what it might be like. Slipping into the bathroom before she left the school (while Ms. Cushing was locking up), she had slipped off her panties, and stuffed them into her bag. Just knowing that she was not wearing panties, even though her skirt was not THAT short, was somehow exciting, and somehow sort of silly.

Cutting across Mitchell park, intending to take the bike path that ran through the trees, and practically all the way to her house, she breathed deep, enjoying the fresh air, and the flood of oxygen she felt she always could detect when surrounded by grass and trees instead of concrete and wood.

Carrying her bag, and every once in awhile checking that her skirt was in place, she turned down the narrow path, walking amidst the leaves that partially covered the path, giving the whole place a rather earthy smell.

A stray German Shepherd had just finished marking another tree when it heard the sound of someone walking down the path. The dog was mostly black and tan with a bit of white dotted around. Its coat was a bit dirty and shaggy from being out on its own for a while now, but it was quite strong and healthy otherwise. Its ears twitched at the sound of Niki’s footsteps and it quickly decided to go investigate. Running out of a bush beside the path and stopping in front of her, he turned his head to the side as it looked up at her, his tail wagging quickly as he saw it was just a young girl. He panted softly while walking up to her, not scared of her since she was too weak and small to pose a real threat. As the large German Shepherd walked up to her it began sniffing, getting a faint smell similar to that of the dog bitches it had bred in the past. He quickly began sniffing around her before his snout went under her skirt, finding the source of the smell hidden beneath. His cold nose went right up against it before he gave one long rough lick along the secret softness he found there.

“Oh! Hey ... nice doggie...” Niki called out to the large Shepherd, only a bit startled when it popped out of the bushes to stand looking at her, cocking his head that cute way that doggies have. As he walked towards her, tail twitching, she tried to not get too nervous, he was a big dog, but ... he seemed nice and she kept calling out to him “Oh, you coming to say Hi? Well! Hi there! Are you a good dog? Yes?” she said, reaching out to pet him, but the dog seemed intent on sauntering past, until, at the last moment he stopped, whipping his head around, and darting under her skirt.

“Oh, shit ... I forgot. Oh ... you shouldn’t do ... ummm... ‘ she groaned, at first shocked, then, amazed at the insane amount of sensation that shot all the way to her core as he took one little lick of her bare vagina. Feeling a bit weak in the knees, Niki tried to reach down, and push the doggie away. However, she was not very coordinated and as a second lick hit her, her knees really threatened to buckle. Niki groaned out loud, quickly looking around to see if anyone could see. Moving a bit, trying to get away, she found herself backing up near a tree, but the dog followed, still licking, forcing her to almost lose her footing.

The large German Shepherd continued to move with her as she backed her way up to a tree. He started to really get into licking at her cunt as his long rough tongue lapped at it, even pushing inside a bit at times. The dog didn’t fully understand what was going on. He just knew out of instinct that this girl was no different from any other bitch. This Shepherd had always been an Alpha that took whatever bitch he wanted ... and right now, he wanted this new bitch. He would keep going until he got what he wanted...

The assault on her cunnie had finally hit a feverish spot. Niki’s knees gave way completely. Her bottom slid down the trunk of the tree until she was half sprawled on the ground. She fitfully tried to push the dog’s head away, but her body was overcome with such pleasurable sensations that her protestations and movements were weak and ineffectual at best.

Turning over and starting to crawl away, she was not thinking much beyond getting away and getting free of that tongue. She had to admit, however, that if it was not quite so scary out here in the woods, it would be a lovely thing to feel again. Over and over the dog’s tongue dragged across her sweet lips, sliding up to her butt and back down. He completely coated her thighs, her crack and her pussy with his doggy saliva. Growling possessively, he licked and nipped at her, his nose poking and prodding her young cunt.

Groaning she paused, feeling his tongue penetrate her slightly. That was when he jumped up, pinning her to the ground, his heavy weight keeping her in place. ‘Ohmyfuckigngodhesgonna ... hesgonna ... he... ‘ she blathered in her mind as she felt the rapid thrusting of canine hips behind her. She could feel the dip and dab of a wet cock (she could only assume) hitting and missing her over and over. That is, until it didn’t miss. “Fuuuuuuug!” she cried out. Her whole pussy was on fire all at once as it was rapidly speared, spread, and despoiled by the quick rapid thrusting of a long red canine dick. Hanging her head, she tried to move and found she could not. His heavy weight kept her in place while his jackhammer hips kept thrusting and thrusting.

The Shepherd treated her just like any other of his willing bitches, pinning her down under his weight and digging his claws into her sides as he pounded her tight cunt over and over. His growing knot hit against the entrance of her cunt and prevented him from going deeper. He growled a bit more as he was having trouble getting his knot into her extremely tight pussy. It felt as though she was just too tight and it would never go in, but the Alpha dog was not about to let that stop him. The Shepherd pounded harder and harder, his growl growing with each thrust because his knot was not inside.

Niki was bowing under the weight of his attack. The more he pounded, the more her body betrayed her. She knew she should fight him off, get away ... but even if she tried, she couldn’t. At least she should not be ... enjoying any of it ... and she wasn’t ... was she? Hanging her head, she lowered her torso a bit, tilting her hips up, practically begging the dog to just take her, over and over and over. The rapid thrusting was doing things to her she had never imagined, and her aching pussy, cried out for more.

Finally, after many attempts, he was finally able to get it past her tight barrier. He began pushing the growing knot into her tight pussy and burying his large dog cock inside of her pussy, much deeper now than before. He howled out in triumph as he finally knotted her, truly making her his bitch now. Now fully inside, the Shepherd was able to hit her deepest parts, each thrust staying deep inside but hitting against the back of her womb. It didn’t take long after fully knotting her for him to finally cum, shooting a large load of hot dog spunk into her womb as he clawed at her ass. He had bred her just like any other bitch in the past, filled her with his seed and marked her as a real bitch.

The sharp poking thrusts kept at her, the thickness of his cock stretching her, hurting almost, pushing and straining. With a low groan, she felt something change and the cock, thick and hard, slid further into her. Hearing his yelp, she struggled, even less effectually than before, as she felt his thick knot plugging her vagina tight as he thrust deep, deep inside, pressing against her girl parts and demanding that she submit. “OH god ... don’t cum in me doggie ... nooooo” she cried as she felt the huge explosion of fluid coating her insides. She knew it was cum, what else could it be ... and she knew she was never going to be the same She had to get away ... but ... she couldn’t. She was spent from fighting him off ... and ... to be honest ... spent from being royally fucked. His powerful thrusts had hit her over and over, causing her own body to betray her by starting to build towards orgasm. The fact that she did NOT cum was only an accident. She knew, she really fucking knew, that if he had kept up two minutes longer, she would have howled along with him ... and she felt the shame of that truth.

Lying there, dog cock still buried deep within her, she moved her hips a bit from side to side seeing if he was going to pull out and leave ... Her knees were slightly muddy and she was not sure where her bag went.

It took a while for his knot to finally shrink enough to pull out. The Shepherd tugged at it and whined a bit. Hw was done with her and wanted to just go back to searching for food now. As he pulled his knot out the cum began leaking down her legs and pooling on the ground below her. The dog looked back and sniffed at her before giving her face a lick and walking away as if nothing had happened. The dog simply left, Niki was a mess, laying in the mud in the same position he had been fucking her in. Just a few seconds after he had started to walk away, another dog came out of the bushes and looked at the Shepherd before glancing at the girl. It was a bit smaller, dirtier, and shaggier than the other Shepherd, but was still an impressive male.

The new dog quickly came over to her and began sniffing around, realizing that the girl was simply a bitch that had just been used and wasn’t completely filled up yet. The new dog wasted no time after finding her before it jumped up into the same position as the previous Alpha, his hips thrusting against her cum filled cunt, trying to find her hole and breed it once more. Now that she had been taken once and was filled with cum, the new dog had less trouble pushing inside and getting his knot buried in her cunt. In even less time than the other dog had taken to get well seated, the new beast was slamming his big long hard red cock into her cunt, cum being an excellent lubricant, which allowed him to go much faster and hit against her womb much harder. After a good 5 minutes or so of violent thrusting the new dog finally came, shooting another big load of fiery hot dog cum into her and filling her tiny young womb even more.

Feeling the dog finally pull out, Niki had slumped, spent, unable to move for a second, she reached back to feel between her legs, seeing if there was much blood ... Pulling her hand back and seeing only slickery wetness, she sighed ... She was even tempted to finish what the dog started, but knew that she should get up and move, in a moment. She was completely knackered.

With a start, she felt that the dog had come back, and was once again pounding into her receptive sex. But, it was not quite the same, peering back she could tell it was a different dog, and that just increased her ... shame. She was just getting over having one dog in her ... now it was two -- two dogs had been where no boy or man had ever been. As the new cock began to slam into her, she felt her aborted orgasm reignite, and she could tell that, unless this doggy was extremely quick, she might actually make it.

Not that she wanted to, mind you, but if she was going to be fucked in the woods, why not enjoy it? It was a once in a lifetime thing right? She was never going commando again, that was for sure!.

Convinced, she dropped her head, and submitted like a good doggy bitch, and actually started pushing back hard against the second dog’s rapid thrusts. ‘Yes’, she thought. yes, oh yes this is going to work!.’

Over and over his hips slammed into her. His knot, when it slammed home, was not quite as large, but still sizeable. As it hit deep inside of her, she finally crested, calling out “Yes, oh fuck yes!!” She screamed once, twice, before realizing she was being too loud, and resorted to low grunting moans and groans of pleasure as the dog kept fucking her until he too filled her insides with his copious spend.

Max looked up at the clock from his game, frowning to himself as he noticed the time. ‘She should have been home a while ago’ he thought as he stood up and walked to the door. Max wasn’t sure why his step-sister hadn’t come home yet and decided to go out looking for her. After all, their parents were away for a few weeks and he couldn’t lose her so early. She was a very trustworthy kid, and if she was late, then perhaps something was wrong. He had offered to take her to school, but she’d insisted she would be fine. Besides, she’d said, the warm spring days were perfect for walking and she could cut through the park so it was not really so far. As he reversed the normal path she took to school, down the path by the house, he thought he heard some odd noises, followed by what could only be the sounds of a girl having sex, coming from one side of the path, back amongst the trees.

Curious on who it could be he walked towards it, peering out into the clearing shortly after to discover his little step-sister just as the second dog shot its load into her.

“What the fuck sis!? Is this what you do after school every day when you are late? I didn’t know you were a disgusting pervert, fucking dogs like that. What the hell is wrong with you!? What is your Mom going to say when I tell her you are out here fucking dogs!?”

Ears ringing, Niki finally stopped coming, only to hear the tail end of ‘What is your Mom going to say...” Stunned,.trying to pull away but unable to, she simply broke down and cried into the dirt. “You can’t ... I can’t ... it just ... I mean ... oh no ... Max ... please ... just get him off me ... you...” Over and over she cried, all the while her hips were held high, her ruined skirt torn askew by repeated dog claws, with canine cum running down her bare exposed thighs.

Max was a bit stunned to find his step-sister like that, to see her enjoying the dogs using her so very much. He had always thought she was so innocent and pure, he would have never expected to find her like this. He could not help but enjoy the sight though. Max had always had a thing for his step-sister, lusting after her amazing young body and wanting to use her, but he had never done anything about it. He felt that now was his chance. Finding her like this and now at the mercy of her getting in trouble gave him a power over her that he never had before.

He walked over to her and helped pull the dog off. It looked up at him and wandered off after pulling out, leaving her cunt leaking even more cum now. Max got a good look at her tight dripping cunt, taking out his camera and snapping a few pictures of her from all sorts of angles to save for later. “You are going to be in so much fucking trouble if your mom finds out you did this. I didn’t know my own step-sister was such a dirty slut, desperate enough to go looking for dogs to fuck in order to get off. That’s pathetic!” he reached down and pulled her up by the arm, taking her into his arms and carrying her. “I am taking you back home now Niki.” he told her as he picked her up and began carrying her back to the house, letting her mind race and wonder what he was going to do when they got home. She was barely a hundred pounds, and he carried her easily, letting her bury her head in shame against his shoulder. Once home he set her down in the middle of the living room. “Stand up straight.” he ordered her as he sat on the couch in front of her, looking her over. He had picked up her bag on the way back and looked in it after they got home, pulling out her panties and holding them up to her as she stood in front of him. “Gosh you are so naughty, you always walk home with no panties on? Have you no shame?” he said while shaking his head “Listen to me, if you don’t want me telling your Mom about this then you better start doing everything I say. Got that?”

Niki stood there shaking, as he looked at her so sternly.

The whole way home, he had not said much, only that she was in deep shit. and that he thought she was pathetic. Now that the rush of orgasmic pleasure had faded, she was feeling more and more like.she had just ruined her life. She was lower than low ... She did it. She fucked dogs.

Hanging her head, standing there while he went through her things, hollering at her again when he found her panties, she was feeling about as bad as she could. She had no idea why she had let herself go like that on the second doggie. With the first attack, she did try to stop it, she really did. But Max was right., she had -- fucked a dog. If he found out she had liked it, even a little, she was doomed.

“Yes ... um ... please! I’ll do whatever you want!. All your chores and stuff, whatever. Just, don’t tell. Anyone!” she begged, her voice barely rising above a low whisper.

“Oh you are going to be doing my chores alright, but not just that ... that’s too easy. No. You are going to be doing more than that.” He stood up and threw her panties aside. Walking up to her and grabbing onto her hair, pulling her back to the couch before forcing her to her knees in front of him he said, “I know you enjoyed having sex with that dog. I could see it on your face. You were cumming from his cock when I found you. Since you seem to enjoy that so very much, then I think it’s only fair that your big step-brother helps you to feel that pleasure again. From now on, you are going to be my slave. Do you understand that? Not just like a maid, you are going to be my little sex slave too. That means I now own that dirty dog cum filled pussy of yours. It’s all mine. If I want to use it or any other part of you, I don’t want to hear any objections, understand?” He reached forward and caressed her face softly, all the while smiling at her.

“That means you will get to feel what it’s like having your big step-brother’s cock inside of you. It’s much bigger than those dogs, and based off of how hard you came from them, I bet you will want step-brother’s big cock a lot, you dirty slut.” He gave her a soft smack across the face, making sure she knew her new place in life.

“Now I am going to go out there and find a new dog that I want to see you fuck. I have always wanted some nice live dinner entertainment~” he said with a chuckle as he stood up. “You are to wait right here in the middle of the room and think about what you did today, and make sure to clean your cunt, it’s filthy from the dog cum. I want you playing with yourself the whole time I am gone, but you are not allowed to cum, got it?” he asked her as he stood before her, looking down with a smile on his face as he felt so much power over her now.

Niki knelt there in front of him, right in front of his crotch, as he told her the new rules, the new way of things. When he said his cock was bigger than the dogs, she was ashamed to admit she looked, though she could see nothing. His words just seemed to drill into her brain, over and over. She was -- owned ... He could do anything. Or everyone, her mother, the school, would find out what she’d done.

Listening to his orders, knowing she had little choice, she shuddered, feeling his power, feeling the way he just casually assumed that she would play with herself while he was gone.

Nodding, she hung her head, simply accepting. As he left, she made a quick trip to the bathroom, peeing and getting the rest of the dog cum out of her, and washing herself a bit and tried to straighten up her torn skirt. He had not said anything about changing, just cleaning up, so she headed back to the front room, and waited.

After a bit, she tried playing with herself, but it was not the same. She knew that he wanted her to act the slut or something, but right now she was too scared, too nervous. Nevertheless, she kept a finger on her clit, circling it from time to time, and tried to figure a way out of this. If she ONLY had not taken that way home ... or hadn’t gone commando...

At the store Max picked up more than just a new large Husky. He made sure to get two collars and leashes along with two dog tags, one with a black bone saying ‘Alpha’ and another pink heart saying ‘Max’s Bitch’. Of course the extra collar, leash, and tag was for Niki. He had even made sure to get the collar in a cute pink color that she would love. It was about 45 minutes before he returned, came in the door and went straight over to her carrying the crate housing the new dog.

He set the dog crate down beside her, letting the Husky get a good look at its new bitch before getting to use her. He knelt down in front of Niki and snapped the collar around her neck, giving her a kiss and a pat on the head before standing back up. “There you go. Perfect. You are my cute little bitch now. I mean you love being a dog’s bitch so you should love a tag and collar that shows off what a dirty bitch you are.” he said with a chuckle. “Oh, and stop rubbing your cunt, you don’t seem to be very into it anyways. Guess you can only get off with a dog cock inside you after today, you dirty slut.” Then, he reached down and opened the door to the crate, letting the large husky emerge. As soon as it was out, the husky began sniffing around Niki, circling her like prey, already smelling and knowing she was a breeding bitch. Max smiled and walked to the kitchen “You two get to know each other while I make dinner, try not to get too into the show before I get back.” he said with a snicker.

As Max entered, bringing a huge crated dog with him, Niki had quailed from her spot in the middle of the floor. She thought he might have been joking. He wasn’t. As he knelt next to her, putting a pink collar on her, she felt a rush of, something. Shame? Desire? Submission? Something new rushed through her as he told her she was his cute little bitch. His dirty little bitch.

Taking her hand away when he told her too, she shuddered at his insulting words, but she was so beaten at that moment that she could not muster up any rebuttal. Watching him get up and walk away to make some dinner, stopping only to let the husky loose she heard him say something about ‘getting to know each other... ‘

As the large Husky circled her, sniffing and controlling her, she stayed still, not sure if she dared move, not sure what Max would do if she did. She was not sure she wanted to find out. At least not yet. He seemed so insistent, like he’d as soon turn her in to her parents, as he would want to just fuck her.

It was not long before the dog had made a circle or two, and then zeroed in on her bare cunt. Niki tried, weakly, to close her thighs, removing his access, but that first lick was so much like the other first lick, only somehow better. Again, she was betrayed. Her best intentions to fight, to not give in, were immediately assaulted by a devilishly smooth attack upon her most secret place. It drove her slightly mad. Over and over that tongue attacked her, and over and over she felt a new wave of forbidden, evil, dog driven, pleasure assault her. As her mind rebelled, she kept thinking. ‘OH ... no ... please ... not again ... but ... oh ... fuck ... it’s so good... ‘. Falling down on the floor, she stopped protesting completely, letting her legs splay. Her thighs spread, giving the Husky complete access to lick anywhere and everywhere he wanted. She even pulled the skirt up and pulled it half off her hips. Gazing down past her dirt smudged school blouse, she watched the large Husky’s snout press harder against her soft skin as the tongue probed deep and long.

As Max finished up in the kitchen, the large dog continued to bury its snout in-between Niki’s legs. His rough hot tongue now penetrated her with each long deep lick before pulling out and running along her sensitive clit. By the time Max came back with his sandwich, the Husky was well into licking her, his tongue not letting up after each steady long lick. “Looks like you two are getting along well. It’s cute just how much you seem to give in and let that dog use you as his bitch. I think you really love being his bitch. It’s your calling in life~” he said with a chuckle as he sat down on the couch, putting his feet up and taking a bite of his sandwich as he watched the show unfold.

After watching the way his little step-sister lay there letting the dog lick her private places, her skirt bunched around her hips, Max began to really enjoy the show. His body reacted eagerly, though he was not in a hurry to get to that part of her training. Putting his half-eaten sandwich down on his plate, he re-crossed his legs, maintaining his casual in control stance. “Now get up and onto your knees slut. I want to see you take his big doggie cock like you were doing earlier out there in the woods. I know how much you were enjoying yourself out there when you thought no one was around. Show me now just how much you want it - while your brother is watching.”

Sensing a bit of hesitation, he added “If you don’t get into position and let him fuck you then I will get up and make you. I am not the gentlest, you’ll find out, so do it now. I mean look at his cock, your slutty cunt is making him horny and he needs to breed you now.” Through all the licking the Husky’s cock had begun to grow out of its sheath, the red slimy cock glistening in the light as it slowly grew with excitement while preparing to breed the new bitch.

Niki shuddered, feeling the canine’s tongue drive deep between her cunt’s lips, slurping a bit as he tasted her juices, involuntarily driving her crazy. She knew the dog could not really know what he was doing to her. The Husky kept driving it’s tongue deep inside and long stroking her backside all the way to the top. She could only moan in submissive acceptance as the sensations drove most rational thought from her mind. Some part of her, deep down, knew it was wrong to let a dog do what it was doing, but the way it felt was just too good.

As Max came out with his food and casually commented on her activity like she was just a little slut, the shame caused another flood of juice to flow, increasing the rate at which the dog was licking. Groaning even louder while reaching vainly down to stroke its head, Niki knew that she was making a scene ... though she cared very little at the moment...

Eventually she heard his words long enough that they started to make sense. He wanted her to get up, to willingly get into position for the dog,.for the dog to fuck her. Not just lay there and let it lick, but to get up, move her clothing out of the way, and kneel on hands and knees, offering herself to the Husky. Then he told her that if she did not do it on her own., he’d make her. That finally sunk in. He had sounded mad, really mad, earlier.

Slowly, she started to move, the dog nipping at her as she took his treat away. Turning over onto her stomach ... she looked over at Max, pleading a bit with her eyes, before slowly bending her knees. She scooted her hips back, back, back, until she was on her hands and knees. Her dirt covered skirt still covering her. Her disheveled blouse hung down, 2 of the buttons now missing because of the rough way she had been handled.

Max smiled as he watched her finally change positions, enjoying the new view that gave him a better look at her tight, tiny pussy. The Husky let out a low growl when she started to move, not wanting her to leave and take away his treat. He stopped once she leaned back on her knees in the position of a true bitch, giving him easy access to breed her.

The Husky’s cold and wet nose poked at her thigh, then her butt. She jerked a little as he licked her weeping pussy once, then twice, forcing her to get her mind back into the gutter and service him. Feeling a bit of drool collect in the corner of her mouth as his tongue assaulted her again, Niki pushed back again, an inch farther. The large dog eagerly jumped up on her back,, and within seconds, sunk his cock inside of her. As his paws clawed and scratched her skin a bit, she winced at the pain, but did not pull away, as she felt his hips begin to hammer into her. The speed with which the cock drove in was beyond amazing. Niki had seen a porno once, and as gross as it was, the guy did not move this fast. This was like ... like ... nothing she could picture. She simply lowered her head, gasping a bit, as his thrusts came faster, and deeper. Within seconds, he began slamming that thick knot deep inside of her, forcing her to thrust back at him as he pounded her. Over and over his cock thrust in deep and Niki was forced to fuck back ... and she did ... willingly, beginning to beg and moan, and give into the extreme carnal delight that her step-brother was forcing her to endure.

“You like that you slutty bitch? You enjoy having a dog’s cock buried inside of your dirty cunt don’t you?” Max said as he watched with glee, enjoying the amazing show that was going on in front of him.

Niki closed her eyes, not wanting to see him watching her acting like such an eager slut, even if she wasn’t. Even if she was only doing this because her caught her. Even if she was doing this just to get more doggy cock in her ... wait ... did she just think that? Shudder ... she was losing her mind. She just knew it.

Overcome with the intensity of the attack and of the radiating waves of pleasure emanating from her abused sex, she could not help but answer. “Yes, you fucking dog, fuck me! And Max can fucking watch ... You fuck ... shit ... fuck,” she swore. Niki rarely swore. She would say ‘shit’ from time to time, but with her cunt filled with a red-hot cock, her mind went filthy, and demanded that she get fucked. Really fucked.

Max sat back and chuckled at her cursing, knowing that she rarely swore, out of fear of punishment mostly. “Swear all you want bitch. After Cooper is done using you, I will show you how much better your step-brother’s cock can be. You won’t be able to cuss. You’ll be too busy moaning,” he said with a grin as he continued to watch the show, thoroughly enjoying the sight of her getting bred by the dog like the bitch she was.

As Max watched and taunted her, she realized he had named the dog ‘Cooper’. Coope just kept on going, not letting up one bit, but rather speeding up as he got closer to spilling his seed into her like he would have any other breeding bitch. The Husky dug his claws into her tummy, his claws tearing her flesh a bit. He growled as he got faster and faster, his breeding instinct really kicking in. His hot red cock pounded relentlessly against the back of her womb, making sure she felt every thrust being delivered to her.

As the Husky drove on towards it’s climax, Niki knelt there being bred as her step-brother watched, from time to time making comments and calling her dog meat. She didn’t care, at least not now. “Unggh ... fricking Fuck...” she cried as Cooper slammed harder into her, the knot swelling, and finally filling her insides with his cum. She was cumming, not as hard as before, but more of a long, low, quivering cum that went on for like two minutes ... She was climaxing over and over as she knelt there ... Her pussy was spasming around the long shaft as it filled her before slowly, very slowly, starting to die down ... Her body was so on fire she did not care ... The constant arousal from the last 3 hours or so had her kneeling there quivering as his cock shot into her and drained its seed, filling her up as they became somewhat stuck together. Moving her hips back and forth, feeling that thick knot stretching her, Niki wanted to make that good feeling last even after the dog stopped moving, but she hesitated to move too much, fearful of startling the dog, not wanting to cause it to nip and bite.

She turned her head to look at her step-brother through lust glazed eyes, and knew her doom. She could see that he had enjoyed her debasement, her humiliation. Hanging her head, she panted, waiting, like a bitch who had just been bred, albeit one with clothes rather than fur.

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