Another Man's Treasure
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Magic, Mind Control, NonConsensual, Rape, Slavery, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Horror, Paranormal, Incest, Mother, Sister, Daughter, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Rough, Sadistic, Spanking, Torture, Group Sex, Harem, Orgy, Anal Sex, Analingus, Bestiality, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, First, Fisting, Lactation, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Sex Toys, Tit-Fucking, Voyeurism, Water Sports, Caution, Transformation, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two hundred years has passed since man destroyed the last of the devils. The world was a utopia, full of peace and contentment...or was it? The reemergence of one devil shows how fragile that world was. This is her story. *WARNING* This story contains offensive content. Check the tags.

Being immortal can really suck sometimes. If I were human I would have just died and gotten dropped into hell, but I get to float here in nothing, apparently for all eternity.

I couldn’t tell you where I was, or how long I’ve been here. No light, no sound, no air, the complete lack of anything around me made it a bit difficult to trace the passage of time. I couldn’t even use the changes to my body to tell, immortality remember, my body never changes unless I will it to.

That was the other weird part though. I remember the sight and feeling of the monk’s blade slicing through my avatar’s throat. My last sight was of my blood spraying across that whore’s body to save her worthless life. The blade should have stolen my powers and dropped me back into my realm. Yet here I was, floating in this empty void, and I could still feel my power coursing through me.

I’m not sure this was any better though. Sure, I would have been forced to submit to Asmodeus until the monk died and released my power, but I could tolerate it for a few centuries. Asmodeus knew better than to push to far, as the power exchange was only temporary. Having my power while floating in this void was about useless though, and it could go on for far longer.

In the beginning, I thought I was just experiencing some kind of delay as I dropped back to hell. It wasn’t like this was the first time I had been forced out of the mortal realm by having my host body killed. My earlier deaths had seemed to take a few hours before I reappeared in hell, so I ignored it and had started plotting my revenge on that bastard and his little whore. When I started to get bored with my plotting, I realized I had been suspended for far longer than a few hours, or even a few years.

I can’t even say how long ago I came to that realization, but if I had to guess, I would say I had been floating here for half a century now. It gave me plenty of time to plan for if I ever got back, but the boredom was about overwhelming.

I had been thinking about my daughters when I first noticed the change. My thoughts often went back to them, wondering how many survived the purge that was bound to happen after I was banished. It was inevitable, they were far too dangerous and bloodthirsty for the mortals to leave them, but I knew some would have escaped to continue tormenting the earth. It was the only joy I had in the void, imagining the pain my little darlings were inflicting.

The tiny point of light was so faint at first that I thought I was just imagining it, but it was growing larger, as if it were getting closer to me. I wasn’t afraid, immortality remember, it’s not like I could be killed. This was more like anticipation that I would finally get out of here, or at least have something different to look at. It was just a simple white light, but after who knows how long in the emptiness, it was a pleasant distraction.

I watched as it slowly grew larger, creeping ever closer until it finally engulfed my body. It was agonizing, yet exquisite at the same time. After so long with no stimulation at all, even the agonizing pain was a welcome change. Every cell in my body screamed out at once and my vision went black, but it was over in an instant.

When my vision cleared, I looked around and found myself sitting in what appeared to be a well-appointed office. I reveled for a moment in the clash of colors, the feeling of the soft leather of the chair against my naked skin, the rich heady aroma of good coffee, the sharp sound of someone clearing their throat ... My head snapped around at the sound and I saw him watching me with a grin on his face. I tried to tell him off, but my throat would only produce a dry scratchy wheeze.

“Try the coffee,” he said with a laugh. “Your body has been stuck in that void space for almost sixty years of subjective time, it may take a few minutes for your vocal cords to start working again. If you would like to get dressed, there are several outfits in the wardrobe that should fit your needs.”

He snapped his fingers and pointed toward the wall I had been looking at before. I glanced over as I reached for the coffee and a large, wooden wardrobe had appeared. Taking a drink, I managed to wheeze out a ‘thank you’ as I got up to find something to wear. A little courtesy never hurt, and the level of power radiating off his body was far greater than the imp like appearance he was showing me, it was even greater than my own.

Either he knew of me or was very adept at guessing, as the gown hanging on the inside of the door was ideal. The jet-black material was a perfect contrast to my pale skin and fit as if it was tailored for my figure. I could change my body at will, but preferred my given form, even if getting clothing that fit without magical alteration was difficult.

“Identical, just as I figured,” he muttered from his spot on top of the desk. “I guess it makes sense, as you are her, just from a different dimension.”

“What?” I scratched out as I turned back to look at him. I could understand the language, but he was not making much sense. The fact that I could barely talk was not going to help get my questions out though.

“Why don’t you have a seat and drink your coffee while I try to explain,” he said as he motioned to the chair. “First I would like to apologize for leaving you stuck in that pocket dimension for so long. The amount of power required to rip you out of your own dimension was ... considerable.”

“I’m sure you recall having your powers stripped away. I managed to siphon most of them into the pocket dimension with you while leaving a clone of your soul to take your place. Quite a feat, if I do say so myself,” he chuckled quietly. “I will be adding a bit of my own power to make a couple changes to your abilities because I need you here. In your old world you would have been helpless, but you’re going to be the top dog here, so to speak.”

“This world was much like the one you came from, up to about two hundred years ago, when the monks gained the upper hand in a striking way. They somehow acquired the Annihilation blade.” Just the mention of that cursed weapon sent a shiver down my spine. Anything it touched was utterly destroyed, even an immortal like myself. I had seen it used only once, and you could hear the air itself rushing to fill the void left by the blade’s passage as it destroyed even the air it passed through.

“I see you are familiar with its effects,” he said, noticing my reaction. “In six months’ time, they destroyed every devil and warlock in this realm.”

“How are you still here then,” I asked. As far as I could see, he was an ordinary devil, albeit a very powerful one.

“I’m not like you my child,” he said with small grin. “If I were to enter the moral realm it would completely destroy the world. That is why my kind uses intermediaries, such as the angels and yourself. The angels finally managed to remove the Annihilation blade from the church’s possession and squire it away to heaven, where I dismissed it from existence, but the damage was already done.”

I gave him an incredulous look. “So you’re trying to tell me that you are God?”

His laughter caught me by surprise. “In a manner of speaking, yes, but not the one you’re thinking of. You might say I am to the devils what he is to the angels, but I don’t enjoy getting involved. That is where you come in my dear. Your predecessor’s black little heart was always one of my favorites, so I pulled you from your realm when I saw what was going to happen to you.”

“I have spoken with my counterpart, and we are in agreement. The people of this world are going stagnant. There is no fear of the darkness anymore, so no need for the light,” he explained. “The rules for this realm have been altered, as well as your powers. Once I release you, you will reappear in hell with full knowledge of your new abilities and the restrictions you have to follow for this realm. What you do at that point is entirely up to you, but I am sure you will work it out. Are you ready to become the queen of hell my dear?”

It sounded like he was offering me a contract, but there was always a price. With mortals, it was usually their soul at death, but that wasn’t really an option here. “What’s in it for you,” I asked suspiciously.

“The same thing you are getting out of our deal, power, but you won’t be bound to me. My power is drawn from the suffering of the souls in hell, so the more souls you collect, the stronger I become,” he told me. “No signing in blood, but we still need to seal the deal for me to transfer my power.”

Without the contract there was no obligation on my part, but we both knew I would do as he asked, simply to increase my own power. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, I stood up and crossed to the desk. Picking up his diminutive body and pulling him up for a kiss, his choice in forms suddenly made sense as his hard-on pressed into my cleavage. I ignored it, closing my eyes as our lips met and I could feel his power flowing into me, along with the knowledge of my new powers and restrictions.

My eyes snapped open and I was standing alone in the throne room of Dis. I could feel the agony of millions of souls as the chains of their bondage snapped into place, giving me control of their power. My consciousness spread out across the plane of hell and could feel nothing stronger than the minor torment demons that kept the souls in agony. I was truly the sole ruler of hell now.

Sitting back on the brass throne, I contemplated my next move. At the very minimum, I will need to learn more about this new world. My ability to move through the shadows is unaltered, and as I sift through the new knowledge I have, I realize I can move objects and people back in to the shadows as well. With the gates open I can move into the mortal realm at will, but in my own body, I will have to be more cautious. I can’t be killed, but taking the effort to heal any damage I receive would be an annoyance.

Before I went that far, I reached out through the souls chained to me, searching for recent arrivals. Delving into a soul that is bound to me is far easier the digging through history books. Finding only two souls that have descended to hell in the past hundred years made my benefactor’s concerns clear. Delving deeper, I found neither would have deserved hell if not for the manner of their deaths. They were suicides after the accidental taking of an innocent life, and both would have been treated for the suicidal depression and found redemption if they had shown any signs of it before taking their lives.

Apparently, the Roman Catholic Church was now running the world, and anyone dying out of grace was almost unheard of. The lack of sin in this world was disturbing to say the least. Both of their minds made it clear that robbery, murder and rape were unknown concepts and what were known as the seven deadly sins were only known because the church still preached against them.

The only positive news I pulled from them was related to the technological advancement of the world above. They were still seventy-five years behind the world I knew in most aspects, but telecommunications and banking had somehow advanced far beyond that. The church supported that as it helped them monitor the populace. It might also give me a way to manipulate the new rules I operated under, if I could only figure it out.

Out of morbid curiosity, I stepped through the shadows toward the mortal realm. In my own world, certain parts of the mortal realm called to my kind, but the call was missing here. The greed and corruption of Washington D.C. was gone, as was the greed of Las Vegas, the lust of Bangkok and the sloth that once permeated Amsterdam.

I skimmed over the lesser known hotbeds of sin and again found them sadly lacking. When I finally crossed out of the shadows, I was in the middle of Prague in the afternoon. Letting my senses expand, I took in most of the continent and tasted the air. There were faint traces of sin around me, almost as if the thoughts were being suppressed, but they were present. Mankind still had the potential, but had been taught to bury it. I could work with that.

Letting my mind drift again, I switched my search to my daughters. I wasn’t sure if I would have a connection with them here, with them actually being the daughters of my predecessor, or even if any survived in this realm, but I had to try. I was pleasantly surprised to get a response. I couldn’t identify what she was, but I could trace her location. The changes to my powers meant it would be years before any of my own daughters were ready, but the process for birthing sons had some potential, as much as I disliked the idea.

Stepping back into the shadows, I let my mind draw me to her location. Seeing she was alone in the room, I stepped out of the shadows and was immediately taken aback by her condition. The glorious red hair that should have hung down to her knees had been crudely hacked off just past her scalp. Her beautiful pale skin showed signs of regular heavy abuse and I could count the ribs along her side, showing she had been starved almost to the point of desiccation. When she turned to look at me, her eyes were dim but full of hate as she bared her fangs.

“Time for more torture is it? And you come wearing an illusion of my mother, as if I didn’t know your lot destroyed her over two hundred years ago,” she spit out, her weary voice full of disgust. “Or perhaps it’s time for my weekly ration of animal blood, so you can keep me on the edge of consciousness just to torment me? I’ve already made it clear I will not give you any information about my sisters, no matter what you chose to do to me.”

“Little Alukah, open your eyes and look at me,” I told her. I wasn’t motivated by love. Pathetic human emotion was far beneath me, but I did have a certain fondness for my daughters, even this one who was not actually mine.

Her eyes went wide at the name. The mortals would refer to her as a vampire, but I knew what she truly was. “What are you? I know you’re not her, because I was there when they destroyed her. Several of us barely escaped with our lives when she screamed for us to flee as the accursed blade came for her flesh.”

“You’re right, I’m not the mother you knew, but I am her in a way. Your powers are weak my daughter, so you can’t see what I am,” I told her. Slipping my gown off one shoulder to bare my breast, I stepped toward her. “Come feed, little one. Let me heal you.”

She needed blood to survive. Human blood was the norm and would help heal her injuries, but any blood would sustain her life. She crossed the remaining distance in a flash, her lips latching onto my breast as her fangs pierced the skin. The pain was easy to ignore as I watched her bruises fade and her hair start growing back while she fed on me. The combination of my blood and the mother’s milk healing her far faster than mortal blood alone would.

I could see she was at the end of the chains holding her to the wall and understood why she had not attacked as soon as I entered the room. The arcane carvings and silver lining were enough to hold her, but parted like tissue paper when my magic brushed against them. Putting my arms around her, I held her as the power in my blood washed away the signs of her abuse. Her eyes cleared as she looked up at me in wonder, feeling the strength flow back into her limbs.

“How is this possible,” she asked when she finished feeding. “You appear to be her, but I watched her evaporate into nothing as the Annihilation blade bit into her flesh. Even the arch devils cannot come back from that.”

“Your right my dear, but I can’t explain right now as we have to get you out of here. You assumed I was one of your captors, and as easily as I could manipulate one of them, I don’t want to make my presence known quite yet,” I told her as I stepped into the shadows, pulling her with me. Knowing her kind could use the shadows for limited travel, I released my hold on her. “My blood has healed you and you are free of the chains that held you. You are free to go, but if you wish to know more, follow me.”

I moved away slowly enough that she could follow if she wished. Her curiosity was the only deciding factor. Freeing her served my own needs either way, as the chaos even one of my daughters could create would help with my end goals. Her need for blood would sew fear wherever she traveled, but if she chose to join me it would advance my latest plan.

When I felt her presence beside me, I had to smile. “I know you’re not her, but I feel her power in you. Most of my sisters perished in the attack that destroyed mother. I am the last of the few that survived and have been imprisoned in that cell for over a hundred years. I won’t serve you simply because you look like her, but I am curious about who you actually are and why you freed me.”

“I am exactly who I appear to be, just not the one you knew. I was pulled from my home and dropped into this realm to restore the balance,” I explained. “When the church destroyed the devils of this realm, they thought they were creating a utopia, but they have taken away what drives mortals to grow. Without the fight against evil, there is no need for faith to protect them. Their god grows weaker, and his death would collapse the realm, weakening both sides.”

“I freed you simply because you can serve my purpose. As you move through the world feeding, you will leave a trail of bodies in your wake. Fear of the unknown and the desire for revenge will put cracks in the utopia the church has created,” I told her. “I can use those cracks to drive people further from the church, although there is always the chance they capture you again. Of course, you could always choose to serve me. It will be far less entertaining, but you might remain free longer.”

Her answer was clear in her eyes as she stepped away from me. “I have been confined and restricted for far too long. I may reconsider if we meet again, but I will take my chances alone for now.”

‘About what I expected, ‘ I thought as she slipped away into the shadows. Her blood-lust was too strong and the desire for revenge burned too hot for her to follow me right now. She would still do enough damage to assist me in my goals.

Slipping through the shadows, I headed for the Far East. People would be getting ready for bed, and that was the most likely time for my preferred sin of lust to come out and play. Once the sun rose over North America, I would start working on my future plans, but I could always take the time to feed.

A surge of lust pulled me to Tokyo, where a man rutted with his wife. His desire for her was strong, as was his regret that it was his last chance to enjoy her body for the month. She would only lay with him for procreation, and tonight was the end of her fertile cycle. As much as I hated men, and the thought of helping one subjugate a woman disgusted me, it was the opportunity I needed.

Relaxing the shields I held around me, I let the power of my lust wash over them. She experienced the first climax of her life as he emptied his seed into her before I snapped my shields back into place.

As he slipped out of her and left the room, I followed him, letting my powers inflame his desire. He burned to rejoin her, but knew she wouldn’t allow it. Once a day for the four days she was fertile was the limit of their sex lives. “What would you give to have her any time you wished? Completely willing, any time, night or day, to do anything you wanted her to do?”

Conscious choice was not a requirement, only a signature in blood. His head clouded with lust, he willingly jabbed the pen into his palm and signed the contract I laid before him. In exchange for the power of command over his wife, he traded his immortal soul upon his death. With the last stoke of the pen, I felt the chains snap in place around his soul, binding him to me. I looked on with disgust as he walked back to her chambers and mounted her again, but the contract was made and another soul was mine.

Even with it being for the greater good, I would need a couple hours to suppress my urge to vomit before I could think of making another one.

-Rome, deep beneath the Vatican-

“What in blazes is that infernal racket,” the cardinal yelled as he came walking into the vault. He stopped and his eyed grew wide as he saw the red dot flashing on the bronze map on the wall. Muttering under his breath, he walked over and placed his hand on the map. As soon as he touched it the alarm stopped, but the angry red dot over Tokyo continued to flash.

“This can’t be right,” he continued to mutter. “They destroyed all of them during the demon wars. There isn’t a devil strong enough to make a contract anymore, so how do we have a new warlock?” Turning sharply, he stared down the other man in the room. “Did you check the spells to verify they are functioning correctly?”

Reaching out, I fed the young man the strength to face the cardinal’s wrath. “Yes your Excellency, I checked it as soon as I sent for you. I felt Gabriel’s presence in the detector as the spells rang true.”

I guess being pulled to that stupid device every time it went off did have an advantage after all. I smiled as I heard the cardinal tell him to contact the nun in Tokyo and give her the position of the new warlock. She was working faster than we anticipated, but she would need to do better than creating new warlocks if she hoped to save us all.

Her quick actions were a relief though. As much as I hated to admit it, faith required trials and her kind were the only way to truly try humanity. I still needed to let Michael know she was active, so I let the light lift me back toward heaven. He would be pleased, but I really hoped Lilith had a better plan.


I lazed in the shadows, planning my next move and trying to move past the disgust I felt at allowing that pig to control his wife, when I felt a surge through the chain that bound his soul to me. Glancing down, I watched a golden light surround it as the black of a warlock faded to the silver of a mortal.

‘What in the hell, ‘ I thought as I stepped back through the shadows to his house. I had seen enough exorcisms to recognize it, but he had signed the contract less than two hours ago. It only took a second to arrive back in his wife’s chambers, just in time to see the nun climbing off him to comfort his wife.

“I don’t understand it,” the wife said through her tears. “We had finished procreating and I was trying to sleep when he burst back into my chambers demanding we do it again. I couldn’t control my body as he climbed back on top of me.”

I followed as the nun led the crying woman out of the room, trying to console her. “It’s alright now. It is over and I cleansed him of the devil’s power he used to control you. The lord’s power detected him as soon as he gained his power and the church sent me to save you from him.”

Stepping away through the shadows, I started swearing to myself. The church had a way to detect warlocks as soon as they emerged and could respond far too quickly. That derailed at least some of my plans, but the important one didn’t require a warlock’s bond. It would take a bit longer, but one advantage of being immortal was having more than enough time to wait.

Walking across the pacific, I contemplated my destination. I needed someplace big enough to have tourism, but small enough to not warrant a full-time protector. The American Midwest would be ideal. There were dozens of smaller towns along the freeways in my version of this world that were nothing more than tourist stops and hours from anyplace big enough to have a dedicated nun. If that held true here, it would be the perfect place to set up shop.

The lightening of the surrounding shadows was all the warning I needed to snap my defensive shields into place and look for the threat. Their kind couldn’t kill me anymore than I could kill them, but being sent back to hell would be an annoyance right now. When I saw who it was I relaxed a bit, but not enough to lower my defenses. If the history of our worlds matched up, he was the best choice if they wished to communicate.

“I am alone and unarmed Lilith, or as close as one of our kind can be. We have no wish to fight you,” Samael said as he grew closer. “I’m actually quite pleased to see you, even if you are not the Lilith I knew. I merely wish to talk and offer assistance if I can.”

“You always did have an unhealthy interest is seeing mortals sin, Samael,” I replied with a smirk. “I’m curious how you think you can assist though, as you are not allowed to lead then into temptation.”

“Perhaps assist was the wrong word to use,” he replied. “How about possibly advise and warn. You will receive no interference from my brothers, but we have very little influence with the church anymore. Gabriel attempted to slow their response to your warlock, but he is no longer able to exert control over the messenger spells. The lack of true faith has weakened all of us. You may have better luck farther from major population centers, but the average life of a warlock at the end was less than twelve hours.”

“I seem to have discovered that,” I replied sarcastically. “You may be able to advise me though, as you are more familiar with this world than I am. I need to know where the church would have strongholds in the American Midwest so I can avoid them. Creating warlocks is pointless, but I still don’t need any nuns watching the area I am working in to closely.”

“They are spread thinner than you would think,” he told me. “Your predecessor’s daughters did quite a bit of damage as they were being hunted, and there are only a half dozen nuns still active in North America. Seattle, Los Angeles, Houston, Minneapolis, Orlando, and Philadelphia all have a cloister, but with the church being able to track a warlock, even one in an out of the way area would get removed quickly.”

“I have no intention of creating more warlocks, other than to watch the church jump around a bit,” I said with a laugh. “You will excuse me if I don’t include you in my plans, but I think you will be entertained again soon enough.”

“Trust was never a strong suit in your predecessor either. I just hope you match her skills in scheming.” His disappearance in a flash of light was as annoying as ever, but if he was right, I had the perfect destination in mind. Some things never change, and mankind’s fixation on the beauty of nature was one of them.

Flashing through the shadows, I stepped to the top of what was known as Pike’s Peak in my world. The geological formations known as the Garden of the Gods sprawled out below me, and from the look of the urban sprawl around them, were still a popular tourist attraction in this world. Slipping down to the visitor’s center, I stepped out of the shadows and explored the area.

I found the perfect spot not five miles from the entrance along what should be the busiest route that would be a perfect spot to set up. Now I just needed to acquire startup funds for my little business venture. With most banking being done electronically it would take a bit more work, but manipulating men was simple enough.

This world mirrored mine closely in most regards, and the growth of certain cities was one I could use. The business day should just be starting on the east coast, so I skipped through the shadows to Manhattan. I was pleased to find my guess had held true and the financial district was awash with people going about their business. If there was one place you could always find a touch of corruption, it was the financial world. They couldn’t do their jobs if they didn’t have a little larceny in their hearts.

I could have created the currency I needed out of thin air, but a large sum of money just appearing could alert the church. I just needed enough to get in the door and open an account. Cloaking myself in the guise of a semi respectable business woman, I stepped through the door of the Chase bank across from the stock exchange. The smell of corruption was faint, but unmistakable.

My first step into the accounts side of the bank brought a pudgy little slob of a man waddling to greet me. He was more interested in staring at the expansive amount of cleavage bursting out of the top of my suit jacket than a new account, but that just made him easier to manipulate. My hatred of men in general aside, they were surprisingly easy to lead.

“Welcome to Chase bank. I’m John Boson, the branch manager. How can we assist you today,” he asked, speaking more to my breasts than to me. I felt the urge to bathe, right after I clawed his lecherous little eyeballs from his skull, but plastered a smile on my face instead. As the branch manager, he should be able to access the kind of accounts I needed.

“I hope you can,” I said, honey dripping off my words. “I need to open a new account, then make several wire transfers from my other accounts to startup a new business venture. Would you be able to assist me with that?”

“Of course dear lady, I would be delighted to assist you,” he murmured, his gaze finally meeting my eyes for a moment before returning to my breasts. “Step into my office and we can get all of your needs taken care of. We pride ourselves on service here at Chase.”

I rolled my eyes as I followed him to his office. His wandering eyes and the little lump in his pants made it clear what needs he would like to take care of. When he pulled out the chair for me, I could feel his slimy gaze wandering over the full curves of my ass and decided he would make a perfect subject to test out my new abilities.

As he took his seat, I leaned forward, offering him a clear view of my impressive cleavage and reaching out with my powers. Even in a world with almost no sin, lust was far too easy to inspire in useless little slugs like him. He was already half enthralled, and I barely had to exert any power to enslave him.

Convincing him to open a new account I could access, and transferring millions of dollars in small amounts from every account in their system, was child’s play. His mind was so clouded with lust for me that he was not even aware of his actions. By the time his crimes were discovered he would be long gone. It would look as if he had embezzled the money and skipped the country. Of course, by then the money would be in another account that couldn’t be traced back to here, but that would just make the picture more convincing.

My business with him concluded for the moment, I stood up and leaned across his desk. He was drooling as his eyes drank in the clear view down to my nipples and eagerly set up a dinner date for tonight at his place. Little did he suspect it would be his last night as a human.

It was still three hours well spent as my account was set up for clearing and I had five grand in hand for the next stop. I stepped out of the bank and back into the shadows, slipping to Colorado Springs a second later. Bank of America would work well enough for my regular banking needs. Opening a business account only took a few minutes and arranging the transfer of funds from my Chase account only a little longer. Convincing the young woman to make the extra keystrokes that removed the record of the transfer only took a touch of my powers and she quickly forgot the incident.

Arranging the purchase of the commercial building took a bit longer, and would require a couple days for inspections and paperwork, but the number of zeros in my bank book made them quite accommodating. With assurances that I could take full possession in three days, I moved on to the next step in my plans.

I flitted around the country, hitting antique shops and making large purchases, arranging for delivery to my new business address. With that accomplished, I made a few stops closer to my business, arranging for a supply of local curios that tourists would purchase as a memento of their trip. What they purchased was completely irrelevant as long as it was purchased from my shop. Each piece would be infused with my energies and I could easily trace them to their buyers. My energy alone was enough to influence the base desires of the people in proximity to the items, but some I would wish to influence more directly.

With the day drawing to an end, I could sense the eagerness of my intended victim. My bond to him was far weaker than the warlock bond, but it was only meant to allow me to find him again and sense his desires. Letting my business suit melt back into its original form, I stepped through the shadows to his doorstep.

The apartment near Battery Park was a small but well appointed bachelor pad. From what I picked from the minds of my tormented souls, any sex outside of marriage was uncommon, and even after marriage was only done for procreation purposes. With the desire for sex suppressed, it was rare to see a person get married before their thirties, and only after having established themselves. The slug I was meeting had a decent career, and was expecting nothing more than a chance to impress a potential partner.

Despite his obvious lust for me, men of this world would never expect more before a proposal was made. It was almost amusing how pathetic they were, but the lack of aggressive feeling was another symptom of this world’s collapse. He was in for the night of his life, unfortunately for him; it would also be his last.

I knocked on the door and almost laughed when he answered it. The cut of my gown left most of my breasts exposed, and his eyes had almost popped out of his skull as soon as he saw me. It was a minute before he could finally tear his eyes away from the creamy expanse of flesh and look at my face to invite me in.

“I hope you like Italian food. I make an excellent Eggplant Parmesan,” he said as I stepped through the door. Ugh, I hated eggplant, and sitting through a dinner was just longer I would have to deal with this worthless cretin ogling me. I wanted to get this over with and let the experiment commence. As distasteful as the idea was, I had business to deal with. Slipping the straps off my shoulders, I let my gown fall into a puddle at my feet.

“How about you show me where the bedroom is and we skip straight to dessert?” He stood there stammering as his eyes devoured my body. It was making my skin crawl and I already wanted a shower but I stepped closer and put my arms around him. “Unless you’re not interested?”

He was still speechless but nodded toward a door at the end of the hallway. Glad to step away, I sauntered down the hall, feeling his lecherous little eyes devouring my ass as I walked away. “Come on lover boy, I have something special for you tonight.”

He stumbled after me, quickly removing his clothing. I had to suppress the urge to retch when I saw him naked, giving him a seductive smile instead. The women of this world would thank me for removing this disgusting little worm from the ranks of potential mates. His potbelly stuck out farther than his pathetic four inch cock.

Pushing him back on the bed, I straddled his hips as his hands went straight to my breasts. Even if I were not planning to destroy him before, his incompetent ham handed groping would have been enough to convince me to end his miserable life. Thankful that my body never needed more than a thought to be ready, I grabbed his cock and sank down on it as I erected a barrier to contain any sounds.

I watched his eyes roll back as he groaned and immediately lost control. His little cock twitching as he pumped his essence into me. ‘At least I can feed off his energy, ‘ I groused as I put my hands on his chest, opening the floodgates of the lust I was mistress of. His cock pulsed again and again, dumping his life’s energy into my hungry cunt. I listened to his moans go from pleasure, to pain, to unbearable agony before I finally let his climax end and pulled off.

I rubbed my breasts against his chest as I leaned in to lick his ear. “What’s wrong lover boy? I guess you didn’t enjoy that very much. That sucks for you, because you are going to enjoy what comes next even less. Verto,” I whispered harshly and shuddered as the change started.

I allowed my full devil’s form to emerge and savored the fear in his eyes as he watched. My skin darkened to black and my eyes turned blood-red as my pupils elongated into slits. I felt the mix of pleasure and pain as my wings burst forth, shrouding us both in shadows and my canine teeth grew into fangs. The horns tore through the skin of my forehead and my slender devil’s tail lashed behind me as I smiled evilly down at him.

“D ... Demon,” he stammered as he weakly tried to push me off.

“I’m so much more than that, you pathetic speck of dirt. I am Lilith of the black womb, mother of monsters and you’re not even worthy to look upon my glory. Fortunately for you, even a worthless lump of flesh like yourself has some use,” I growled down at him as I caressed my clit. “Laevo!”

My clit swelled and grew, transforming into nine inches of thick, hard cock. “You will be the first of my new children, for as long as you may last. The process should be excruciatingly painful for you, and I’m sure you won’t appreciate the honor, but your sacrifice will not be completely wasted.”

I flipped his half dead carcass over and pinned him to the bed. He struggled to get away as he felt the head of my cock press against his asshole. He was losing his virginity in more ways than one tonight. “Struggle harder my sweet, as your fear and agony are delicious. You make this all the better for me,” I growled as I thrust my cock deep into his bowels.

His screams were music to my ears as I sheathed myself in his body. My deep, hard thrusts tore his tender ass open and his agonized screams would have alerted the neighbors if not for my magic. I viciously raped his ass until his screams turned to a whimper of pain and humiliation. Realizing my fun was almost over; I thrust deep and unleashed my black seed into his body.

I pulled out and wiped the mess off my cock before letting it dissipate. Whispering “Verto,” I changed my body back to my normal human form as I watched him convulsing on the bed. The seizures went on for several minutes, his skin rippling and stretching as his body transformed before my eyes.

The Manticore emerged, stretching its wings and shaking as it limbered up new muscles. Unlike one of my daughters, this was a full beast with only a hint of intelligence in its eyes. It was still far more to my liking than the useless man it had been before the change.

I opened the balcony door and smiled. “Go forth my child, follow your nature and feast on their flesh.”

It roared and leapt from the window, spreading its wings as it glided down into Battery Park. I let the spell of silence dissipate before getting dressed and slipping into the shadows to follow.

The terror and carnage was inspiring. It crashed through the window of an upscale restaurant, taking the head of its first victim and swallowing it in a single gulp. The screams ... Ah the terror as they trampled each other in their rush to escape this creature straight out of a nightmare. My child had only taken one life so far, but there were half a dozen dead, crushed in the panicked press of bodies as they fled.

The first body was quickly devoured and my lovely beast crashed through another window. Spreading his wings and taking flight, it quickly spotted another target running from the restaurant. As with any carnivore, fleeing prey is a far sweeter dish. The scent of her fear egged him on and he quickly overtook her. Her screams were almost musical as he smashed her into the ground and ripped her arm off before devouring it.

Her ongoing screams drew a couple brave souls to attempt a rescue. Their virtue was repaid with an agonizing death as the poison from the Manticore’s tail left them screaming. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Never get between a hunter and its kill.

A flash of light announced Samael’s arrival to me, but I was already prepared for it. His job was to collect those who died a virtuous death, and the bravery of their failed rescue attempt qualified them, if only barely.

“We were warned you would be coming with a few new tricks,” he chuckled as he collected the souls of the fallen would be heroes. “I’m not sure unleashing a Manticore in the middle of New York is going to help much, but it has been a while since I was last called to collect a soul.”

“A momentary distraction,” I replied haughtily. “I don’t seem to have any more control over what is produced than I have with my daughters. It was an entertaining experiment though. As much as I despise having to use men for the process, I am sure we will see a few more of them as time goes on. Much like creating new warlocks, it’s simply a way to shake up the church with a bit of excitement.”

“I guess I don’t need to inform you that it won’t last long. Several of the diners have probably contacted emergency services, ranting about a monster in the park,” he told me. “While one person would be picked up as delusional and treated, a slew of calls about a monster will probably require dispatching a squad of legionnaires to investigate. They are heavily armed enough to dispose of a Manticore, although it will probably leave a few more bodies.”

“I had anticipated that. The male versions don’t seem to have much in the way of intelligence,” I snorted. “At least this one didn’t. Oh well, a few more souls dispatched before their time, it was entertaining enough while it lasted. I am sure we will see each other soon enough, but warn our brothers that I may not be as cordial if they attempt to approach me.”

I heard his laughter fade as I sank into the shadows and reappeared in hell. Unleashing my demon form in the mortal realm was taxing and I could use some recovery time. It was a vanity on my part to torment him a bit further before taking his soul, but at least I had fresh victims in hell. Any soul dispatched by my children was mine except those that died fighting or the truly virtuous. The lovely little Alukah I rescued had already added a few, and I was sure the Manticore would add a few more before his soul was sent to join them.

With a smile on my face, I retired to my bed chambers. I wasn’t tired yet, but after coupling with that disgusting man, the urge to soak in scalding hot water was almost overwhelming. Letting my body sink into the scalding water, I scanned the newly arrived souls. The Alukah had taken her revenge on the men who guarded her but had probably fled the city shortly after to avoid being recaptured.

The souls my Manticore dispatched were not much better. The power of a soul was based off its deeds, and all the new souls were weak. No sin, no acts of virtue, basically nothing of real interest had happened with any of them. At least one of them may be of some use to me though.

I yanked the chain of the young woman the Manticore had just dispatched, drawing her from the burning torments to my bath chamber. She lay on the floor, panting and whimpering, as I soaked. When I finally stood, she was curled up on the floor, still trying to preserve her modesty and whimpering.

I rolled my eyes and stepped out of the tub. “I find myself I need of a body servant, so you have two choices. You can stop sniveling, get off the floor and dry me, or I can drop you back in the pit for the demons to play with some more.”

She sniffed a couple times before getting up, still trying to cover her private parts. I almost smiled as she wrapped the first towel around herself before grabbing a second one. Her eyes stayed on the floor as she crossed over and attempted to dry me off without looking.

“I guess the tormentor demons didn’t leave much of an impression on you,” I said drolly. “You were only with them for a few moments. Maybe I should just send you back to them for a few hundred years and see if you are more motivated after.”

Her head snapped up and her eyes went wide as she suddenly started doing a far better job drying me off. “Please, anything but that,” she whimpered. “I can do better, I swear I can.”

She was still trying to avoid looking directly at my breasts or cunt, but she did an adequate job drying me off regardless. “My hair is still wet, so you will need another towel. The one you are wearing will be fine.”

I had to laugh as her pale skin turned bright red, but she removed the towel and started drying my hair. Yes, I could have done it with magic, but it was so much more fun this way. Once she got my hair fairly dry, I walked across to the vanity and sat down, “Very good, you can come brush my hair out now.”

I smirked as she tried to wrap the towel back around her body. “Leave it, and your modesty,” I snapped at her. “It has no place in this realm. Your mortal life ended when the Manticore ripped you limb from limb, damning your soul to hell. The only thing in your mind now should be serving me well, or I will drop you back in the pit for an eternity of torment.”

Her pretty skin flushed with embarrassment as she scurried across the floor to me. She didn’t say a word as she picked up the brush and started working it through my hair. Her smooth strokes portrayed her care for any snares, as if my hair could get tangled, showing she was at least paying attention.

When she finished the job, I turned and reached up to stroke her cheek. “It’s good to see you can be taught. Serve me well and your afterlife can at least be pleasant. Your duties will be simple, stay in my chambers and attend to my needs when I’m here. Leave my chambers and the demons will assume you are an escaped soul, dragging you back to the pit until I return. There is no escape from this place. You spent less than an hour in their care; imagine spending several days in their hands before you think of leaving. Come, you can dress me for bed.”

I didn’t really need to sleep, but it was the fastest way to recover from my transformation short of feeding, and I had no desire to deal with another man. She dutifully followed me through the bedchamber to the closet, finding a silken night dress and slippers before dressing me. “May I have a night gown as well ma’am?”

“You may address me as Mistress, and no. I will let you dress when I feel you are not just doing it to hide your body. Come, it’s time for bed.” She blushed down to her perky little breasts again as she followed me out and pulled down the bed covers for me.

As I crawled in and got comfortable, she glanced around the room again. I watched her embarrassed blush deepen before she addressed me again. “Hmm, Mistress, where will I be sleeping?”

Innocents were so much fun to torment; unfortunately that innocence was quickly lost. “You can crawl into bed and keep me warm of course. Don’t worry; I have no intentions of stealing your virtue tonight. When I said you would serve my needs, that means all of my needs. I suggest you reconcile yourself to that fact as I will use your body eventually. You could always choose the other option.”

She quickly shook her head and crawled in next to me. The bed was big enough for a dozen people and I could have allowed her to sleep on the other side, but it was so much more fun this way. I snapped my fingers to put the lights out and curled up against her warm body. Feeling her stiffen against me was almost as much fun as taking her, but I wanted to extend her torment. Her soul was too pure, and I wanted her to come to me willingly, darkening it a bit in the process.

Mortals assumed that your soul was frozen at the time of death, but I knew that for a lie. I could turn this innocent little doll into immoral sex fiend, willing to do any depraved act to please me. It would take time and patience, but new devils could be born, and she would be one of them.

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