Birthday Suits Must Be Worn

by uksnowy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Pedophilia, Fiction, Farming, Workplace, Incest, InLaws, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A group of nudists in a small community have intertwining adventures

Committed naturists, their family and friends, intertwine in this fictional story based completely on people I know. Descriptions, interests, professions and attitudes have hopefully been depicted as I know them.

“In, in, in, out, in, out, in, in, in,” Kurt Rapplai instructed, watching his two, bare naked, grand children humping and working the well mechanism, while he waved outside. Aisha, the half caste 8 year old girl and Atlas the 10 year old white boy both doing it all right, as Fanny - Kurt’s naked wife went past the barn waving as she drove the tractor into the yard after ploughing straight furrows across the twenty acre field. Fanny was bronze with the sun effect on her sixty nine year old body after years of being lifetime naturists, Kurt and her children following the same life style and their children too. The tractor engine died and Fanny, having carefully shaken, puffed up and put back the cushion she was sat on, appeared at the door of the barn, leaning against the door frame admiring the gleaming sweaty young bodies.

“You’ll need some more liners to put on that cushion, the bag in the garage is empty,” Kurt reminded her of the hygiene necessary when a bare arse has been on the driving seat. He got a knowing smile and nod. Kurt also admired her stately presence, sturdy yet shapely frame and energy as she had been ploughing for a good three hours now.

“You nearly finished wearing these two out with their efforts Kurt?” she grinned, twisting and flicking away some straw debris off her butt, as the young ones enthusiastically continued. “I know you wanted to teach them important stuff, but give them a rest eh kids?” she called out.

“It’s OK Gan we love doing things like this and Gamps is a very good teacher, we’re good with this particular tool he says,” giggled Aisha, her black curly hair matted to her cute face.

They were the children of Kurt and Fanny’s son Short and his Ugandan wife Salome, who live some miles away and visited during half term holidays. She was his second wife and had found it quite a stretch, helped by Kurt and Fanny, to indoctrinate her to the long established and unusual - to some people, lifestyle. The fact that her primitive ancestors would never have worn clothes up to recent times and have only been clothed via Western influences, therefore going back to nature, had been quite a learning curve for the shy, beautiful, tall, ink black girl. Finally she had accepted it, becoming incredibly popular at naturist clubs they frequented and gave Kurt and Fanny a gorgeous grand daughter and sister to Atlas, Short’s son from his previous marriage. The two years difference in their ages wasn’t an issue.

Kurt had been an itinerant artist who got into naturism at an early age from his parents and grandparents. He exhibited and sold widely, won a few national and one international competitions, then faded from the scene having got busted for selling ‘recreational’, then violated parole which caused him to move a lot, using false names causing major problems when moving around including abroad, especially with Fanny and Short in tow. The South of France of course was a perfect place to hide amongst the many naturist camp sites and the somewhat indifferent and inefficient attitude of the gendarmes.

Meeting the wonderful Fanny Focker on a nudist beach in Dorset, not far from their residence was a landmark for Kurt and they’ve been together for nineteen years and he still revelled in the intricacies and beauty of her body. He remember the moment he clapped eyes on her beauty – well it was more the beauty of her cunt, but it was so open to view and to use if Kurt had asked – she had immediately confirmed that, liking the hang of his not remarkable tackle and smile. The combination of the myriad of creases and folds round a clearly moist, dark aperture beyond, hooked him and she caught him staring which is taboo in the conventions of naturism. However, the way she dealt with it was so well mannered, polite and sexy by not concealing her crotch, which was bald, but straight out asking if Kurt enjoyed the view. The fact that he was with Bob and Jackie Cumming, a pal of his and they’d all been interested, quietly chatting about Fanny’s mott and comparing likes and dislikes. Bob was a sculptor and cartoonist and Jackie was a show dancer, life model, often topless on stage.

The little group got into details about shaving pussy against waxing, this being started by noticing Fanny’s twat looked shaved although there was no hair as such but a distinct darker layer of stubble over a large vee at the base of her belly. A luscious medium size pair of tits, jutted proudly from her chest. She also had a nice round belly, not a flat performers one as Jackie did

They’d all had a good laugh, joined up and now Kurt is out of trouble with the authorities, stable, self sufficient and happy. Fanny and he have a comfortable lifestyle, free and easy, without debt, nude and healthy and many of their friends are of the same ilk. Fanny is now hirsute everywhere, agreeing with her husband to go au-natural and her tits while not in the huge category are mature, floppy, low hanging handfuls with pale, stubby buds on pale areolae.

Kurt’s wife left to sort out the tractor oil and stuff before garaging it, leaving him with a delightful view of her rotund backside, with creases of the tractor cushion still imprinted on it, rolling rather than swaying away and he left the young ones to continue their tasks. Yes there were extra folds, dimples and the onset of cellulite on quite a flat bum, but he loved her and was proud that some of his mates quite fancied her – he could tell by watching them watching her. Up in the loft Kurt sorted and stacked empty animal feed bags and then started to descend the ladder, he was really tired, Two steps from terra-firma his foot slipped off the rung and he fell awkwardly banging his head on a nearby post and knocking himself out.

Aisha and Atlas came to his side. He patted his grand father’s face, while she looked around for some water, but they had consumed all of that.

“I think it was a light knock, he’ll be OK in a minute,” stated Atlas confidently. “I mean he’s breathing steadily.”

“Yes but he’s old, shouldn’t we find Gan and tell her,” murmured Aisha, kneeling near Kurt’s hip and receiving a dismissive shake of Atlas’s head. She deferred to his older wisdom. “Do you know Atlas, all the years the family have been naturists and we’ve seen penis’s all over the place, I’ve never been kind of close to one, you know like this, close to Gamp’s penis.”

“Yes - I know, there is a tap in the next barn, I’ll get some water that will help him,” said her brother, trotting off.

The little brown girl watched the old man breathe and her eyes roamed his strong, wiry, wizened seventy year old frame. She noticed his receding hair line, the liver spots on his face and hands, the network of veins on the back of his gnarled, grubby hands and the way his testicles seemed to be trapped between his thighs, which she thought must be hurting him. There was no sign of Atlas’s return but dear old Gamps, who had taught them so much and had amused them in many ways, would surely appreciate a help from her. She pushed his legs apart and his lanky penis slid into the gap, joining the floppy bunch of two walnut size and shaped testicles. She filtered her hand under the whole tackle and raised it, aiming to budge Kurt’s legs together.

“What are you doing Aisha?” gasped Atlas, carrying a discarded lemonade bottle half full of water.

“Just helping Gamps get comfortable that’s all,” she replied nonchalantly, still holding Kurt’s penis. “His testicles were hurting him.”

“That’s stupid, how do you know? Did he tell you they were hurting, you can’t just touch them when you feel like it.”

“I know that stupid,” she retorted, staring at the flaccid warm bunch in her hand. Something was happening. “Look, I mean --”

“Wow!” exclaimed Atlas. “Put it down, leave his penis alone, here let me give him some water.”

The lad knelt down to lift Kurt’s head as his sister obediently laid the gradually growing appendage down and patting it as if she was putting it to rest, with a concerned motherly expression. Funny thing, she puzzled – it wouldn’t lie down. She stared at it as Atlas managed to get water into Kurt’s mouth. The fussy girl that she was patted Kurt’s penis again in an attempt to soothe what looked to be an angry growth, there was a purple coloured slit tip appearing, which was now starting to raise itself from where she’d tried to lay it on his belly. The water had had some effect on the old chap, as had the rather nice administrations to his cock and when the feelings connected to his brain, he realised it was his darling grand daughter who was handling him. Fuck! Did she know what she was doing? Surely not, but what are you doing Kurt? Let her carry on? Fuck it was so nice.

“Cripes look at it now Aisha,” giggled Atlas. “How have you done that?”

“I don’t ... I didn’t do anyth ... Wow!”

“Now that looks like it might hurt,” said Atlas sternly, bending towards Kurt’s groin.

His grand father could sense the lad’s hot breath on his now solid erection, but more excitingly Aisha was lightly fingering the big ridge along the underside of his shaft. Knowing where both of their eyes were focussed, Kurt dared opening his, just enough to see through the blur of his eye-lashes, her delicate brown fingers with pink under layers, tracing a course down to his balls.

“Do you think he’s OK like this?” murmured Aisha. “Like - it’s enormous and hard now, feel it.”

“You’re right sis, I wonder why. What you think we should do?” Atlas agreed, but decided against touching anything. “Wonder of Gan knows but where is she?”

“Don’t know and what she would do. Knowing her when something hurts us she kisses it better.” chuckled Aisha.

“Urgh no, not that, I mean it’s where he pees out of, like we all do,” snickered Atlas, absently cupping his own juvenile tackle.

“Well I don’t,” retorted Aisha, peering down at her crotch. “Haven’t got a penis. Funny thing is, where does it come out?” she wondered sitting back and pulling her virgin pussy lips apart, displaying a pink aperture. Atlas glanced and reverted his gaze back at the monster in question.

Kurt was thinking back to how the conversation had started and how she had said she’d never been up close to a penis even though she had seen many of them. He hadn’t been up close to a virgin’s in his life, assuming that his beloved grand daughter was such – surely. He pondered what it would look like.

“I’m off to find Gan, you stay here just in case Gamps – you know – gets ... er ... better,” Atlas declared, rising with one last puzzled look and then trotted out of the barn.

Curiosity got the better of the innocent young girl, so she grasped the firm, angled rod and thought she felt it throb. It was hot, then it throbbed again and she quickly unhitched her hand. Kurt mused on his situation. This was way off the right path, alone with his tender darling grand daughter, she feeling him, he has an erection, she hasn’t a clue what to do. He was sure her mum would know what to do, of course she would ... if only she were here. Even that’s a totally bad thought Kurt he told himself, yes you’ve always fancied the tall, slender, black as ace of spades, native woman with a gorgeous pink/purple cunt. The number of times he’d been face to pussy with her on a nudist beach, as she reclined open legged, exposing the knot of her sphincter – how untidy it was compared to Fanny’s. The coloured woman was now unashamed, free and unhampered. He tensed his cock at his thought and Aisha squeaked.

Fanny hadn’t bee far away but in the opposite direction to Atlas’s search. She bedded down the tractor, oiled tools, washed up and decided that Kurt was keeping the kids far too long on tasks, it was time for a lay on the garden loungers with a cool drink. That’s what a good grand mother does.

“Good heavens Aisha, Kurt, where’s Atlas?” she called as she entered the barn, startling Aisha. Kurt decided to play still knocked out with his fall. That’s safest in this situation.

Aisha jumped up letting his dick quiver as she let go of it, having thought that the fact it was throbbing meant he was getting better. “He’s looking for you Gan. Gamps fell off the ladder and knocked his head. He’s alive – like, we could see him breathing and then this ... it sort of jumped.”

Fanny saw the gestures at Kurt’s crotch and stepped forward, squatting beside him.

She frowned and grabbed the bottle of water and splashed it over her husband’s face and he surfaced with a gasp, splutter and exclamation. “What’s happened, oh my head, what am I doing down here?” His face when he came to, was looking up between his wife’s thighs Her labia hung open and moist, long matted pubic hair curtained the sides. “Oh Fanny ... do it now? But the children are around somewhere, ah there’s Aisha.” Kurt moaned trying to sit up. “Gosh look at me, what’s going on?” he feigned innocence.

“Gawd knows luv, I mean you’re in a – state, Aisha was ... well holding it, I mean you, but are you OK, she said you’d fallen off the ladder?” Fanny scanned and looked up at the loft edge. “Not from there surely, oh no, might get you checked at the hospital...”

“No not from up there, I know I was nearly down, it’s not that bad, just banged me head somehow, but the children helped, where is Atlas?”

“He’s looking for Gan, I’ll find him,” volunteered Aisha and scampered off.

“Bugger me luv. I’ve got a stonking great ... well it was, getting soft now, but maybe I was dreaming when I was knocked out,” Kurt bluffed, fully sitting up, slinging his arm round Fanny and grateful for his wife’s firm strong hips for support.

“Dreaming maybe, but yes you were erect and she was playing with it. You didn’t kn ... feel her, I mean feel it, like her hand on your cock?”

“No way ... I mean would I? Anyway she’s got such a delicate touch, you know when she’s sewing and stuff.”

The children breezed back into the barn, helped him get to his feet and the four slowly walked back to the house, taking turns to support Kurt.

“Hee hee,” giggled Aisha, tapping her brother’s erection in the shower that night. “Just like Gamps.”

“Get off, don’t do that,” moaned Atlas, slapping her hand away. “You’ve seen it hundreds of times, it’s always doing that, don’t please,” he repeated irritatingly.

“I know silly, it’s just that I haven’t noticed before,” she replied, swiping a soapy cloth through her crotch.

“Mummy and daddy have told me its OK, like normal, so there. They told me they would explain to us both when we’re a bit older,” stated Atlas watching his sister. “You haven’t got one anyway, so there.”

“No, funny that,” she said studiously, peering down at her pussy. Aisha bent her legs, opening them and bending forward to examine her minge.

“Good ploughing today darling,” said Kurt leaning back against the bed head while Fanny dried down after a shower. “Must have finished, I mean I would have done it but you know--”

“Yes you and work don’t mix luv, especially when they’re here,” she taunted him cheekily, nodding towards the children’s bedroom.

He watched her towel every bit of her body, loving the way she got into all the nooks and crannies and the way she hefted her knockers to make sure the moisture was gone, then that lovely bend and half squat to fluff through her snatch. She applied body lotion, went to the en-suite for a piss, cleaned her teeth and climbed on the bed.

“They love it and so do I. Anyway back to ploughing, that’s it for this year, we haven’t got much and old man Fraser asked if we were interested in taking some land off him at a good price.”

“Oh I’m tired and just want to lie down and have a read, it’s nearly eleven and that TV news was so depressing. Can we discuss fields and ploughing tomorrow?”

“Oh and I thought we could do some personal ploughing tonight, you really turned me on as always doing your ablutions look.” Kurt giggled, flinging back the duvet to show her his erection.

Fanny snickered and slid down the bed, grasping Kurt’s stiffy. There was no need for words, she loved sex as much as he and found that in their elder years it was as much as a necessity as eating.

Strong wiry hands manipulated his cock and cushioned his balls and although little Aisha’s earlier innocent touches were to be banished, he couldn’t discard them – they were so fresh - completely from his mind. Fanny’s mouth enveloped his knob, her tongue coursing round the ridge where rolls of foreskin had retreated from his sturdy shaft. She shifted and knelt up and then swallowed the full length, deep throat enjoying Kurt’s tensing, not gagging her but which increased her desire to fully fellate him to cum.

He reached round her rump and played with Fanny’s moist fanny and she wiggled her arse in appreciation and again as his middle finger penetrated her shit hole. She gobbled lustily while her frigged her clit with a finger and finger fucked her arsehole. Fired up with illicit thoughts of Aisha fondling him in the barn and the close up sensation of her cute brown body crouched so close, made Kurt’s jism start to bubble. He thought of the ten penny sized, black, puffy buds on her chest and then how her mother’s must have been like that and look at them now, he ejaculated into Fanny’s gob. She slowly exited, with a looping sticky dribble of cum linking her lips to his knob. Kurt reached up, fingered it off and swallowed it, as she smiled licking her lips. Sleep came easily to them.

The next day Fanny went to town in the Land Rover with Atlas.

“You know yesterday when Gamps fell?” He got a nod as Fanny negotiated heavy ring road traffic, wondering what was coming next – not traffic.

“Gamps, you know yesterday when you fell off the ladder?” queried Aisha, as she and Kurt walked through the top field to muck out the pig shelters.

“Let me concentrate on getting parked please,” murmured Fanny approaching an awkward space.

“Look at my big boy, that’s why he loves it here,” chuckled Kurt.

Having some liquid non-alcoholic refreshment in Pret, Fanny grinned inwardly, noticing a well dressed, swarthy man staring at her. Atlas liked to be in such a busy place, for a change from the uninhibited naturist farm and home. Fanny had allowed him to wear, shorts, tee-shirt and flip-flops. It was hot and he saw so many people in suits. His grand mother, whilst having to shop for some essentials, was also pleased she wore the minimum she could get away with, hating donning clothing of any sort. An ultra mini, hardly covering her crotch, light weight denim, washed out blue skirt cuddled her bare, tanned legs, topped with a flimsy cheesecloth blouse. She hated the constriction of brassieres so left her boobs swing free, the only undergarment was a pair of white high cut transparent briefs, worn for a specific reason today, and that’s what the swarthy gentleman had noticed as she perched on a high stool with her bare feet on the bars.

“Those pigs are mating Gamps, the boar is always doing it,” snickered Aisha, shovelling shit into a pile which Kurt was collecting in a wheel barrow.

“Well it is what he’s here for and he’s good, I mean look at all those,” he gestured across the field at the dozens of piglets. “Mind that pile, it’s fresh,” he warned Aisha who neatly stepped her booted feet over a steaming crud. He admired her fluid movement and beautiful flexing of her naked dark thighs and buttocks, “You were asking me about when I fell darling?”

“Hmm ... yes ... I mean, we thought you were dead but you weren’t because I noticed your penis was twitching and throbbing. I mean you were breathing ... but Atlas and me hadn’t seen it – your penis, like that, I mean it was huge. Why?”

“You want some pastries Atlas? I do ... OK a chocolate brownie,” Fanny said, happy with his positive answer as she wriggled off the stool.

There was a queue of only two when she approached the serving counter. A small delay allowed the handsome stranger to sidle in behind her. He felt into his breast pocket, flourished a business card and murmured. “Please take my card and thank you for the view. I would love to linger but must dash. Call me.” His deep cultured voice penetrated Fanny’s space without menace as she took the business card, glanced at it and shuffled forward to order. He left.

“Well darling ... that’s good, we’re all done here,”said Kurt flicking sweat off his brow and gently smoothing the same finger over Aisha’s gleaming face. The boar had flopped heavily off the saw, it’s penis retracted swiftly and resumed nosing the grass. Kurt shepherded her from the pen, clicked the gate shut and started the walk back to the house. “The reason it was er’ huge as you say, I must have been dreaming, or excited ... that’s more like it, thinking about your Gran and how much I love her.”


“Well, when you love someone so much you ... I think we’d better ... No lets sit in the shade here.”

The loving pair sat a sofa in the conservatory after Kurt brought some glasses of water and biscuits.

“I mean ... er’ look at my penis now, it’s soft and floppy and a bit sweaty,” he giggled, leaning back against the welcome soft furnishings and opening his legs. His grand daughter earnestly looked and nodded. “It gets bigger because ... like big old Porky out in the field, when it wants to mate it has to get big and stiff to get inside the sow and spread the seeds, yeah?”

“So did you want to mate Gamps? I mean who... ?”

“No I didn’t my sweet, but the mind plays tricks you see.”

A major traffic incident stopped everything and Fanny switched the engine off. Atlas shuffled and fidgeted while Fanny read the business card. She remained clothed, but he had removed his tee-shirt and shorts, keeping his underpants on. The card was of embossed executive style and on the back the swarthy man had scribbled – ‘I would like to photograph you, that is my hobby, call me here.

A number was added

“Gan, I was going to ask you ... like yesterday when Gamps fell --”

She put the card back in her purse to talk to Kurt about. “Yes sweetie, so you were. Go on then.”

“I was looking for water and when I got back in Aisha was holding his penis and it was huge Why?”

“Do you know why she was doing that?”

“No but it was enormous and we’ve never seen it like that ... like, I mean --.”

“I can only guess his mind was disturbed after the fall, it can have that effect,” Fanny replied swiftly, thinking there would be more to discuss with Kurt other than the business card.

“What sort of tricks Gamp, funny, magic what? Why?”

Kurt toyed, toiled and made a decision.

“I’ll show you, get hold of it now like you did,” he suggested, seeing her frown and puzzle.

“Is that all right ... I mean why?”

“You’ll find out, just hold it.”

The little half caste girl, frowned again checking her grandfather’s encouraging expression then reached and grasped his cock. Kurt felt her tiny hands wrapped round his flaccid tool and tensed it. It was a minute sensation but he saw her eyes widen and she liked her lips. He took in her smooth, sturdy little frame, glistening in the heat. Her breathing was steady beneath the mini black buds where her breasts would blossom. Aisha’s expression was of a curious learning look, she was as eager as always. Kurt was in raptures, curious, learning at what was he doing and why? But the vision of her brown hands squeezing his white cock was sending what he knew were wrong messages, but he couldn’t resist and tensed. This was wrong wrong and taboo, verging on child molestation and abuse. Where had these dark thought come from? He had seen her naked virtually all her life and countless nude kids before, yet still he watched and didn’t halt Aisha’s actions.

Her eyes widened further and she held tighter, mystified at the sensation in her hand.

“Now that is stupid,” declared Fanny, attracting Atlas’s attention across the road.

“What - those dogs mating? Why is it stupid Gan? They do that.” he reasoned sensibly.

“Yes I know, but that man and woman are just letting them mate in full view, it should be a private thing, they could have have mated them at home somewhere,” she said disgustingly, glancing around the less than salubrious suburb they were stationary in. “I mean look at the attention they’re attracting.” The dog owners seemed to think there was a comical element to the vigorous canine shafting going on. A car horn sounded and the porky, shaven headed, heavily tattooed, vest and shorts wearing man responded with a leer and thumbs up.

“Why are they back to back and one is pulling the other backwards” said Atlas, noticing that the animals were knotted but didn’t know why.

I think this might be the right time to explain one or two things – when I can get home and let Kurt help, thought Fanny, gunning the car as traffic started to move.

“Look at your penis now Gamps, it’s grown really big again,” giggled Aisha, still fondling Kurt’s erection. “Just like yesterday why?”

“Because its excited darling. It thinks its going to mate – like the pigs, you know?”

“But there’s no pigs,”she reasoned glancing around. “And it wouldn’t mate with a pig, I mean you wouldn’t,” she chuckled.

Here we go, thought Kurt.

“Try to think about when Gamps and Gan mate and I would get excited, like you remember how the boar’s penis was sticking out before he mated with the sow?” She nodded, having seen the action many times. “Well it’s just the same, my penis has to stick out before I can mate with Gan – to put it in her vagina Ohhhh.”

“Are you OK Gamps, should I stop?”

Kurt shook his head to her concerned look. Shit – what if I cum? You can’t, you must stop, but it is so good.

“But mating is for making baby pigs and things. Yes but you and Gan won’t make baby boys and girls would you? I mean any more, you made daddy I know.” Aisha stated firmly. She had sat beside him, still with a firm grip of his cock and he tensed it, making his little grand daughter’s hand jerk, her eyes blink, inducing a cheeky smile, as she cleverly realised she could help making it do that funny thing. Aisha wriggled to sit cross legged giving him superb views of her cute, little, bald, virgin slit.

Charles Mountjoy donned his smock, washed his hands and eyed up the neat eldery patient waiting in his treatment room. She was dressed in a navy blue mid length skirt below a Asian motif blouse, with a yellow patterned wrap over her shoulders and a matching chiffon scarf. Impossibly high heeled white stilettos completed the ensemble. She was bare legged. He wished it could be that charming mother at Pret, who was well aware of what she was flashing. Oh well, the tiny Mrs Cumming was very tanned but obviously sported silicon tits and had shapely legs. He consulted his notes on a computer and talked to the bleached silver, gobby little woman.

“OK Mrs Cummings--”

“Call me Jackie please doctor, we’ve only been married five weeks and it’s still a bit of a novelty,” she interrupted, gurgling in a North country accent. “And it’s Cumming, not Cummings.”

“Ah yes sorry ... er Jackie. May I ask second marriage.”

“Yes for me but Bob’s first, left it late didn’t he,” she giggled. “He’s a bit younger than me, the family call him GrandMa’s boyfriend.”

“Ah yes I see. Now you’re seventy one, ex dancer, show business? Oh yes - it says here. Once in Pan’s People Hmm! Shows my age, I do remember them. Just back from a nice honeymoon? You’re very tanned.”

“Well yes we are, but I’m always this colour and it’s not out of a bottle, this is real and it’s like all over, you know, look,” Jackie told him sliding the waist band of her skirt down about three inches.

“No white bits. We were at Cap d’Agde. Know it, in the South of France, nudists only?”

“Really, how interesting. So your problem is--?”

Atlas shed his remaining clothes in the utility room as they entered the house. Fanny led the way, listening and hearing nothing as her grand son followed. “Maybe they’re outside somewhere, or Gamps is having a lie down in this heat,” Fanny murmured, indicating they should be quiet. They went through the kitchen, through the dining room, into the study, then the lounge seeing no sign of them.

“Ah there, look at them, that’s naughty, they shouldn’t be doing that. I’ll have to stop them,” Fanny declared, opening the conservatory doors and marching out to the yard. Atlas followed her, thinking he could join the miscreants who were prancing around, his sister being armed with a water hose and he with a watering can, spraying each other in the sunshine.

“I’ll get dinner ready,” shouted Fanny with a wave and getting one in reply. She went to the downstairs bathroom, stripped away her shirt and skirt, then peeled off her briefs. Within them she had inserted a winged sanitary pad, which she saw was clean. At her advanced age Fanny did suffer from a weakening bladder and liked to protect her undies from pissy dribbles and in some cases Kurt’s jism if they fucked before donning clothes. The pad was discarded in the bin, she sat and had a slash, washed her hands ans went to the kitchen to prepare a chili-con-carne and rice.

“Its when I wee – you know, I mean urinate, or more when I er ... wipe,” Jackie wanted to giggle. She would normally say piss being a hard nosed Lancashire lass who’d been through life in the fast lane, as barmaid, stripper, club dancer and of course the long time ago prestige BBC programme.”Would you mind ... no of course you won’t mind ... er having a look?” she asked coquetishly.

Mountjoy was stunned, usually having to go through the tiresome persuasion of getting ladies of all ages to get undressed. Only this morning he had a little frail old lady of some so-called high born Indian culture, who finally agreed to stripping off, only if her husband who was sitting in the waiting room, was present. The fact that Karen Handley his full time nurse was to be present didn’t matter. The old man had entered and they’d spoken with much hand waving and gesturing, in some language until she went behind a screen, finally appearing completely naked. Karen suppressed a smile with Charles at the futility of such a privacy demand.

The old dear’s vagina was a sad, sagging, bulging raw mess and she must have nursed, suffered or ignored a prolapse for several years. Charles guessed that intimate subjects were way down the list when discussions took place in the ethnic family at any age. Many modern men would certainly have had a look if allowed, but the old turban headed man read a magazine, maybe he knew it was not a pretty sight. She was referred for surgery.

“OK Mrs Cumming, go behind that screen and remove some clothing – you know and let’s have a look. Don’t worry Karen will be here.”

Jackie trotted behind the screen, not caring a jot if the nurse stayed in the room, but if her plan was to proceed it might be best if Karen was dismissed.

“You know Charles, I know ethically I’m supposed to be here when you’re examining a lady, but – well you know, she’s not likely to be you know ... er ... I mean you’re not likely to be interested - you know, sexually in her so there’s no risk. She’s an old lady yeah?” whispered a hesitant Karen at the desk. “I can pop out and do the banking, and pick up those things you wanted... ?”

“Yes you’re right Karen, of course. I’ve finished appointments today. Pop off home, no need to come back,” he agreed.

“Meant to say when you got back this afternoon, that’s a nice lipstick,” remarked Kurt as his wife bent at the dressing table mirror starting to remove her make up. Of all the positions he would see a naked goddess like her, and he had seen a great number, his favourite was the invitation to doggy style and he sidled in behind Fanny. He cuddled her butt and lifted his cock up so it nestled into her arse crack, surging forward gently. Fanny appreciated his comment and acknowledged his manoeuvre, waggling her backside to welcome him

“Thanks darling got it today, a new shade, but if course there’s only one store that stocks this brand.”

“Hmm John Lewis I suppose?”

“Yes and I got new Timberlands for Atlas round the farm, his were getting small ... Ooohh yeees that’s good.”

“Heh heh, nice to relax on our own after a busy day,” Kurt murmured, enjoying her reception and sensing his erection rising. He leaned over and grasped her tits, the floppy handfuls warm and squidgy, her stout nipples between his fingers.

Jackie Cumming the old new bride emerged naked from the curtains and posed provocatively at Charles, noticing no nurse present. Hand on hip, the other arm curved above her, one neat leg propped in front of the other.

“Good heavens Jackie, there was no need to undress completely, it’s only your vagina I need to see,” he stuttered, enjoying the trim tiny vision. In his elevated professional status Charles had access to the hospital records of all patients and while checking Mrs Cumming’s, he discovered Botox filling to her face, dental enrichment, breast enhancement.

“Its fine doctor, I spend half my life like this, I’m a nude model as well, you know.”

“I didn’t know but I am sure you will be excellent. I’ve lowered the table for you so--”

She was already half perched on the examination bench and was feigning getting fully on board, her eyes indicating difficulty.

“Oh I see, here let me help you,” he offered stepping to the side and was intending to pick her up as if she were a child, but she stopped him.

“Can you see the problem for there? I was wondering if Bob has caused the problem, I mean he’s younger – not a lot – but he’s ... let’s put it this way, he’s treated it,” she pointed at her twat. “Like a new toy and made love, you know a lot. Look,” Jackie suggested giggling and cocking one leg up, leaving other leg dangling towards the floor, making sure her cunt was fully in view. Her twat was waxed bare, glistening with lotion she’d applied behind the screen and moist with her juice. For her age, he thought, she was in damn good nick, little sagging, few wrinkles and that was her vagina Charles mused. He started to put surgical gloves on, but she grabbed them and the box and tossed it all away. “No need for those is there, if you’re only going to look,” she breathed.

“Well I don’t know I suppose I can--” he stopped, her arm had slung round his neck and Jackie pulled him down, locking her mouth on his.

Her other hand went to his crotch and she found the bulge of his genitals, making him gulp, but he continued kissing her. Jackie caught hold of his hand a placed it on her groin, pressurising it.

“I have seen you in the gym Charles and I like it, come on, you know what I want,” she murmured. “There’s nothing wrong with my fanny. Bob’s been a bit overzealous, like I said he seems to think it’s a new toy but we’ve lived together for years, he’s fucked me every day, twice sometimes and I love it.”

The seasoned pro would never refuse sex and weighed up the risk – minimal. He stripped off to Jackie’s delight and gurgles of pleasure. He climbed on the bench, she shuffled easily having retired her incapable little old lady act, her dancers legs wrapped round his waist pulling him in and she guided his erection in to her snatch. The shag was urgent, quick and frantic, Charles marvelling at Jackie’s expertise and energy. She was definitely gagging for it.

He climbed off Jackie and handed her a box of tissues.

“There’s a bath room through there if you want to wash, you know,” Charles indicated while swiping his cock clean.

“Nah, it’s fine with these and don’t let me forget your fee.” she reminded him, patting her cunt. “You haven’t made me more sore,” she giggled. “I’m a poet and didn’t know it.”

“No fee Jackie, we had sex, no treatment and it was exceptional thanks.”

“Look Charles, Bob and I have a joint account and he will expect to see a payment to you, he knows I’m coming, love that word, thanks Bob - it’s just the way we are, so a cheque must be made out and accepted at you bank.” she trilled.

The consultant chuntered on about ethics, accounts and the fact he should be paying her a joke which she giggled at as they both dressed. Finally he gave Jackie a letterhead. She found her handbag.

“Instead of paying me, you can make it out to my charity, details on there, not mine, but I’m a patron, here...”

Mrs Cumming studied it. “Wow! Crus ... oh no, I thought that said cruise, we love cruises,” she had retrieved her very large, multi coloured designer specs. “Ah I see – ClitorisAreUs. Clever. Yes how much, oh fuck it.”

She made out the cheque for £100 and he blanched at the amount--

“Oh look,” Jackie declared. “I know one of your patrons, can’t be many ladies called Salome Rapplai.”

“Ah yes, the Ugandan lady. She’s a leading light in the protest against FGM, female genital mutilation you know?”

“Hmm, I didn’t know that, I mean she’s an activist – yes I know FGM it’s horrid,” Jackie shuddered. “She’s a nudist too. We join up with her and her husband a lot, you know naked.”

Charles thought he might join up to, but he realised that he had up close and personal views of many cunts in his professional life, so would he be interested in them as casuals. He left that one to ponder.

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