Thief in the Family

by uksnowy

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Fiction, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Hairy, Size, .

Desc: Young Adult Sex Story: A randy, black mother steals her daughter's young BF

A highly sexed black mother, is also a pervert in that she has secret cameras in her gorgeous 18yr old daughter’s bedroom.

I am Michelle. I’m forty-three years old and I’m a single, black - from British Guiana - mum to Crystal who is eighteen. I have a nice detached house in the St Cross area of Winchester in Hampshire, England. Crystal has always been able to get really cute boyfriends, usually quite a lot older than her, although she is never with them for long, maybe only a few weeks. I have a secret that even she doesn’t know. Ever since I was young, I’ve loved fucking and with young lads, my age.

A significant variation, maybe we were pissed or high on the marital atmosphere, was Crys’s dad, Barack - a distant cousin – who was only nineteen when he got me preggers, we shagged twice in the afternoon after a family wedding in Georgetown, but I was at the ripe old age of thirty! can you imagine? It was careless of me, but at the time, although a single career woman, I did have a hankering for a child, so instead of terminating, I went ahead. But since my teen years, there’s something about fit teenage lads that really makes my pussy tingle.

So I screwed around with many of them but played safe with the pill, as I was determined to carve a career for myself, not being the marrying kind. In the last few years watching her grow up into a bundle of dark brown, slightly chubby fun, I have eyed, but not without difficulty, many of the young lads that flocked to our door. Equally Crystal had a well kept secret from me, in that she was a very promiscuous girl. Then the usual thing mum/daughter thing of finding her cum sodden knickers, then the bloody ones, I had to take matters in hand.

We had a good open discussion, in that I explained I had been the same as her and there was no reason to try and curb her desires, but she had to be careful. Pregnancy and diseases were the main topics of conversation. I got her on the pill and we both got checked out on a regular basis. I needed to as well as my daughter, although I didn’t need a man around the house, I could get screwed whenever I felt like it, moving in mainly male business sectors. I know I’m no oil painting, but my big black tits attract men – I do show them off most of the time, so I can usually pick and choose who gets to sample my hungry cunt. So at home, Crystal was a bright, intelligent girl and we two managed very well in our comfortable lifestyle.

Travelling around with her in tow was not a problem, I was rising through the ranks in my profession of barrister. I could screw around with whoever I fancied, still mainly with fresh young blood which dominated the highly charged but geeky law world I excelled in. I started to allow her to bring boys home and found myself lusting after some of them no - that’s not true, all of them! But I kept my hands off them - I had my sources. Don’t get the impression I did nothing but fuck. I was working damn hard and building on an excellent international reputation in my prosecution field. I did notice she seemed to go for odd boys, geeky, ungainly, black, white or yellow.

One particular project I was working on started me thinking and after later seeing and almost dribbling over one of Crys’s boyfriends who she took upstairs and hearing him fuck her one afternoon, when I got home early, I decided that I had to get to see them in action, Luckily I am a techie person, having studied software as another subject. We have a nice home and it’s fully kitted out with the latest IT gear. So it was easy for me to hide two cameras in her room and hook them up to my computer, so I could watch her getting all that lovely teen cock. Yes, nasty and perverted but it allowed me keep an aye on her safety and also making sure she was well fucked.

Crystal has grown into a very sexy girl and even at her tender years, you can see the makings of a very hot young lady. Luckily she hasn’t developed a teenage bubble butt that I was plagued with, so I thought – but it didn’t seem to put any guys off me. Her boobs are a full 34B already, above a thick waist and thighs, but she’s tall and looks sensational in the nice clothes my salary and fees can provide.

A couple of weeks ago she brought home her new boyfriend on a Saturday lunchtime after they had been with friends at the mall and hells bells when I first saw him out in the garden - he was hot. Aaron looked younger than her usual choice and a bit of a footballer and he had the most perfect body, tall, strong legs and arms, but with bright ginger hair, freckles and skin as white as snow. We chatted over some cold drinks and cookies as I prepared the dinner for the evening. “Mum, is it cool if Aaron and me go upstairs, you know - some privacy like?” she purred, as if trying to smooch me.

Of course I agreed, knowing full well what they were going to get up to and I wanted to watch. They got some more drinks and snacks and went up to her room. As they reached the top of the stairs, having checked out the food stuff, I switched on the computer screen and cameras just as they walked into the room. Crystal put the drinks down and I watched as he spun her round and planted his lips to hers, mauling her tight, brown, teen arse cheeks. She is a lovely dark brown skinned girl, taking her dad’s genes and not mine, as I am almost coal blue black. It was a thrill to see the startling variation of different coloured skin tones in bleak but beautiful contrast as they intertwined.

My pussy was already getting damp and I had to get my thong off. I pulled off my jogging bottoms and could immediately see the dark, damp patch on the bright red cotton gusset where my pussy had moistened it. It was torn off quickly. I turned my eyes back to the screen and by then Aaron had his tee and jeans off as Crystal, still fully dressed lay back on her bed. Aaron got alongside her. I couldn’t see it but I guessed he’d got a good bulge going on in his black cotton shorts. He slowly reached down and lifted Crys’s lightweight, white micro skirt, under which she had one of her pale blue thongs, which he then proceeded to slip slowly down Crystal’s long, smooth legs. I zoomed in the image on the perfectly clear screen because of the high quality cameras, just as Crystal opened her legs and Aaron lowered his head towards her smooth, pussy lips.

I wasn’t surprised to see she was bald down there, when there is just the two of us in the house and we are happy being naked in front of each other, she had quizzed my thick thatch and I told her it was my option – simple as that. I switched to the camera, hidden in a book on a shelf beyond the foot of Crystal’s bed to get a better view as she hoisted her legs high and back, then parted her swollen pussy lips and let Aaron run the tip of his tongue from her bum hole to her clit and back, over and over again.

She has a nice clean puffy slit in her mound, unlike me. I’d heard Crystal have some awesome orgasms before and I watched as Aaron opened her juicy pink gash and pushed two pale, white fingers up inside her, whilst he licked, sucked and nibbled her erect, pink clitoris. I could see how wet she was getting, matching my pussy juices while I frigged myself.

A few minutes later, Crystal was bucking and shaking with her orgasm as I heard her screaming with pleasure – I thought that was quick, it take me a very long pleasurable and sensational time. This was making an awesome video recording. As she recovered, the surprisingly patient, for a teenager Aaron, lay beside her and finally I could see his hard cock bulging in tight shorts. It looked huge and I couldn’t wait for Crystal to remove it from its restraint. She reached across and stroked his bulge, her bright red painted finger nails stark against his shorts, then she got up and straddled his legs. I knew this was the moment and slowly she hooked her fingers in the waistband and gently tugged the shorts down Aaron’s muscular white legs. Inch by inch, his rock hard cock was revealed until finally it flicked out and snapped back, quivering on his six-pack. It was massive and had to be eight or even nine inches, so big for such a young white man and I loved the almost fluorescent red purple hues of his leaking knob.

I was never one to believe the myths about black is bigger, I’ve had plenty of small black dicks up my pussy as well as large white ones and Crystal has been brought up to accept all colours and creeds. By now, I had two fingers frigging my wet fanny and the sight of Aaron’s huge hard cock made me want to go up there and join them, but I knew I couldn’t, so I had to find a way to get him alone so I could get my hands and lips on him. Why not steal my daughter’s boyfriend, just for a fuck? It would be easy. It would be the first and only time after all, or maybe not?

In my head I started to hatch a plan as I watched Crystal expertly suck Aaron’s cock to completion and swallow every drop of his seed. God knows when and where she learned such skills, but she was a chip of the old block and as good at blow jobs as I was at her age. He must cum loads because Crystal had to take several big gulps to get it all down. They gently fondled for a while, amazing me at how slow and patient they were, none of the frantic fucks you expect from today’s youth and soon he was rock hard again and Crystal let him bend her over and slide his cock in her soaking wet pussy. She hated condoms, but was on the pill and I knew she’d let him empty his next big load deep inside her, which he duly did some twenty minutes later, after some vigorous shafting at her in doggy style.

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