Next Door Neighbors 4
Chapter 1

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Derek Cutter has come to grips with living in a new town. He has met and made friends with most of the neighborhood girls his age, and many of the women too. Now, a Japanese family is living on his block and his Dad introduces Derek to them. As always, Derek is in demand when there are girls and women around. He has his first date, with a widow who lives on his block. He has some very odd proposals from his new friends. Proposals which could make him a young millionaire.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   School   Cuckold   Incest   Mother   Son   White Male   Oriental Female   Tit-Fucking   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Teacher/Student  

My dad has never spent a lot of time with me, other than just small talk at the supper table and the few times when he’d ask me go to the hardware store with him on the Saturday mornings when Mom had to work. They were only open from 7:30 until noon on Saturdays. Though I never told him, I loved being there and seeing all the people rushing to buy tools and fixtures for a weekend repair job around their house.

Today was the best day of my life – and it all that started out with Dad at the hardware store. Before the day was over, I told him more than once, that it was the best day ever for me. He had just gotten me a new iPhone and I was still learning all about it.

He’d just recently been promoted to store manager and he was a totally different person – at home and work. He even let me drive his new company truck to work this Saturday. It was Father-Son day and I loved every minute of it.

“Derek, I want you to spend as much time as you can with my new assistant manager’s daughters this morning. Their moving van arrived yesterday and his family arrived this weekend. They’re moving into the house down on the corner, the one that’s been empty since we moved here.”

“That big two-story mansion on our street? Wow, that one has a really big swimming pool in back and a balcony that overlooks the pool.”

“That’s the one.”

“How old are the two girls who’ll be our neighbors?” I just had a sinking feeling this Saturday morning was about to turn into a babysitting job for me.

“Sixteen and seventeen. I haven’t met them but Hal showed me their pictures, and a few pictures of his wife. The pictures were taken two years ago, when the girls were younger, but they’re all very attractive, even their mom ... Oh, by the way, I showed him a school picture of you and he wanted me to bring him a more recent, more detailed photo of you to show his wife and daughters.”

“Did you? I hope it was one I looked good in. I’m like Mom, I don’t think I ever make a good picture.”

“Your mom took this one. Well, she actually gave me three, and told me I should give all of them to Hal so he could show his daughters.”

“Mom took them? I hope it’s not one of her favorites. She’s always telling me I’m so handsome, no matter what I’m wearing or what I’m doing.”

“Derek, your mom and I both think you’re handsome. We love you more than you’ll ever know and though you may not know it yet, you are developing into quite a handsome young man.”

“Thanks, Dad. I guess I have added some meat and muscle to my body in the right places this past year. I’ve gained ten pounds since we moved here, and the girls I met earlier, tell me I look really good ... Uh, Dad I need to know which pictures Mom selected?”

“The ones she took of you with her telephoto lens, from your bedroom window when you were swimming with Melanie in her pool!”

“I hope you didn’t show them the ones Mom took when I was swimming naked with Melanie!”

“That’s the ones. She gave me three and I want you to know, Derek, I was a proud daddy, to give them to Hal. Even Hal told me that you’re a very well developed young man for a sixteen year old. He said as soon as his daughters see those pics, he knew they were going to stop bitching about having to move to a small town in America.”

“Did he really?”

“Yes he did, and that’s not all. Neither Hal’s wife, Michelle, or his daughters Lija or Saylor have ever learned to swim.”

“I’ve got a feeling there’s more to this than you’re telling me.”

“I’ve volunteered you to teach them to swim when they get moved in.”

“Dad, please tell me that they’re really pretty and not two butt-ugly sisters that I’ve been dumped on.”

“Trust me, Derek. If you think Melanie looks good in that, fishing line and scrap of cloth, she calls a bathing suit, you’ll thank me a million times when you meet Lija, Saylor and their mom.”

As soon as I drove up and parked over to the side of the store in the manager’s reserved parking space, Dad pointed to a thin man not even as tall as me and told me that was Hal.

Hal looked to be part Asian and he was bald. He walked toward us, grinning as he waved. Damn, has this man got a set of fucking buck-teeth! I had a feeling this was going to turn into a terrible nightmare. If this man’s wife and daughters even remotely resemble him, I’ll run away from home! Today! This morning!

“Hal, this is my son, Derek.

“Derek, meet Hal Sukimoto, our new neighbor and my new assistant manager.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Sukimoto. I hope you and your family like it here. I’ve just about made up my mind that this is a great place to live after all.”

“So very nice to meet you, Derek. Please, call me Hal. It is short for Halaiediki, one fucking difficult Japanese name to spell and to pronounce in English. My lovely wife, Michelle likes to call me Hal, and I like it when she does. You are a very handsome American boy, Derek. My family will be most proud to call you friend and neighbor.”

“Thanks, Mr. Hal. Where is your family? Are they not here today?”

“They are here. I had to let them in enter the store to use the restroom. With three Japanese females in the family, drinking American Coca-Cola, a man has to make rest stops periodically to let all of them piss.”

I looked at Dad when Mr. Hal said his wife and daughters had to go piss. Dad was laughing as he turned his head. I had to wonder how in the hell Mr. Hal ever landed a job as assistant manager at A-1 Hardware in the first place. This company is second only to Ace Hardware in the USA. I already had my doubts about him selling hardware and tools. He has a lisp that sounds like he’s having a flat when he speaks.

“Here they come now,” he pointed toward the back entrance.

My dick started getting hard as soon as I saw them. I could hardly tell which was the mom and who were the daughters. They all look alike and they are f’n beautiful. They must be part American and Japanese, each of them look so American – dressed in identical, very low cut hip hugger style – thin white, silky shorts and white, sleeveless shirts made of the same material. Each of them are wearing red flip-flops.

Man, what some fucking big titties on these three women. Shit, I can’t believe two of them are my age. I still can’t tell which one is the mom and which two are the daughters.

The closer they came to where we stood, my dick got harder and harder. Their shorts were riding so low on their hips, the tops of their underwear was showing like the girls I see in the mall letting their shorts ride so low it looks like they may slip down over their sexy asses.

There was only a very narrow red band over each of their hips and I knew damn well, those were thongs.

Though they were looking at me and smiling, they stopped between Dad and Hal. The one I had decided was the mom, stepped toward Dad with her arms out to give him a hug. I just knew Dad was going to back away, he never even hugs Mom – or me ... but he shocked me. When Dad stooped to hug her, she wrapped her arms around his neck and he even stood up with her feet off the ground as she laughed. Her big titties were mashed into his chest and I could see under her arm. She’s not even wearing a damn bra and her titties are fucking huge! I heard Dad call her Michelle and knew I was right about her being the mom.

When Dad put her back on the ground, she turned to give Hal a quick hug, then she looked at me.

Dad was hugging one of the girls and the other one was waiting for a hug, when Hal took his wife by the hand and led her to me. She was smiling and her red lipstick was shining in the sunlight. I could see her sharp nipples through her thin shirt and I just knew that if she hugged me, she’d feel my dick.

“Michelle, meet Derek Cutter. He has volunteered to teach you, Lija and Saylor to swim in our new swimming pool,” Hal lisped.

She was already reaching for me, and I wasn’t about to back up from her hug or her big titties.

“Derek, please give me a really big, American hug. I am so happy that you have volunteered to teach my daughters and me to swim. I hope you have plenty of patience since neither my daughters or I are very athletic and we’ve never been in a swimming pool.” She spoke with a strong accent, but she spoke clear and I could understand her.

When we hugged, she wiggled her body closer to mine, and just like I knew it was going to happen, her pussy was mashed right against my dick! I knew it was because she wiggled and wiggled until she had her pussy right on top of my hard-on from hell.

“Ms. Michelle, I have to tell you, I could hardly decide which of you was Mr. Hal’s beautiful wife and which two were his beautiful, teenage daughters.” I knew I was scoring some nice three point shots, because she pulled her super-tits against me tighter and kissed my cheek. I thought I may have to call timeout for some equipment adjustment.

“Oh, Derek, you are such a flatterer. Please tell me that you will help my daughters and me learn the customs and the proper ways to conduct ourselves here in America. We want to assimilate into your society as soon as possible and I want my daughters to become very popular in the schools here. I want to bring them over to meet you now – please, let them know that you like them. This will mean more to me than I can reveal at this time. They are both so anxious to meet you. They each carry one of the photos Hal gave us. I carry one also, Derek! I love the pic of you with your dark butt exposed. I’ll let Lija and Saylor tell you which photo they chose.

“Derek, I hope you will set aside some private time to meet with me, and let me explain exactly what American customs my daughters and I need help with the most.”

“Ms. Michelle, I promise you now, I’ll make sure you and your daughters know all about our customs, and I’ll help your daughters meet lots of new friends, even before school starts. Also, I’d be glad to meet with you in private, any time we can. Let me know too, when we can start your swimming lessons.”

She had her pussy pressed to my dick and her super firm tits pressed to my chest the whole time we talked. I knew my face was red and I just knew Dad was looking at us. I glanced at Mr. Hal and he was grinning broadly.

“Derek, this is my daughter Lija. Using the English alphabet, you would spell it, L-i-j-a, and pronounce it L-i-y-a, with a Y instead of a J.

“Lija, come give Derek a special American hug like we have been practicing, and say a proper hello to him.”

Lija was smiling, but she was blushing. I reached out to her and she ran the next three steps into my arms as if I was her lover. I wanted to be, as soon as she pressed her body to mine. She’s so warm and she just kept snuggling closer, until her pussy was pressed against my dick.

“How old are you, Lija?”

“I am sixteen. You are sixteen, also, aren’t you?” she asked as she smiled. Her face was only inches from mine and I almost kissed her. Her teeth are perfect! Her whole body is perfect!

“Yes, I’m sixteen. You are very beautiful, Lija. I hope you will allow me to be your friend.”

“Thank you, Derek. I am so happy that you like me and want to be friends. I have a pic of you in my purse and I love your brown butt.”

“Thank you Lija. You are very pretty and I would tell you more, but I’m afraid to say what I’m thinking this minute.”

“Tell me. Whisper to me. I want to know what you see. I want to know what I look like to my first American friend.”

“I love your pretty face and your dark, mysterious eyes. I love your sexy body and I’ll be glad when we can swim together so I can see even more of you.”

“Thank you, Derek. I am proud of my body. I love looking at my naked body in the mirror. We have already bought new bikini swimwear and we want to go to our new home today and learn to swim. May I ask you a personal question, now?”


“Is that your penis I feel pressing against my pussy?”

“Yes. I apologize for that, Lija. Your mom was pressing her pussy against me and now you are too and I couldn’t help but get an erection.”

“Mom told us that American men have big dicks. She was right, wasn’t she?” she asked as she reached between us and stroked my dick. I almost shot my cum when she touched me. They sure are are bold, but I really like them already.

“I’m not sure what other boys have, but I really love my big dick.”

“I am already glad we moved here. Saylor and I wasn’t so sure we’d like living in a small town in America, but we changed our minds when Dad showed us your pics.”

“My mom took those. I was swimming with our neighbor.”

“Your neighbor was naked too, wasn’t she?”


“We want to swim naked with you also, Derek.”

“You may need to ask your mom and dad about that.”

“We have asked Mom and she said yes, that she also wants to swim naked with you also.”

“She did?”

“Yes. Will you let us?”

“Can we talk about that when we go over to your house?”

“Yes, we will talk to Mom about it and she will tell you that she likes your big American dick too. You need to meet my sister, Saylor now. She said she wants to hold your dick if we swim naked. Would you let her?”

“If I knew it was alright with your mom, I would.”

“Good, I want to hold your naked dick too.”

Lija reached back to take Saylor’s hand and pull her close to us.

“Hi Saylor. I’m very happy to meet you and your family today. You are just as beautiful as your sister and your mom.”

“I’m very happy to meet you too, Derek. I want my hug now. I want to press my pussy against your dick. I saw Mom almost fuck you through her shorts and you just smiled and let her. Then I thought Lija was going to take your dick out when she felt of you. Come hold me close, Derek, Mom told us that we could go learn swim as soon as we meet you.”

“Your dad and my dad have gone inside the store to open up. We may need to go inside and not stand out here like this.”

“Mom is still over there. If I call her over here with Lija and me, will you let us see your dick?”

“Right out here on the parking lot? There are people going in the store already.”

“Then come with me,” she told me and pulled my hand as she led me toward her mom. Lija took my other hand and when we stopped in front of Ms. Michelle, they were all smiling.

“Mom, we want to see Derek’s dick. He has a really, really wonderful big American dick, doesn’t he?”

“He sure does and I knew you girls would have to feel it.

“Derek, please step over between these two vehicles and let us see your dick. My daughters have never seen a dick, and I have never seen an American dick. My auntie is married to an American man in the US Navy. She and my grandmother, have told me I needed to move to America and find an American man for a lover, who would teach me all the ways American men love to fuck their women.”

“Are you sure about this? I mean right here?”

“Yes, we are sure. My daughters and I are taking the pills and we’re very sure that we want to fuck your huge American dick today. I want to take a pic of you with your dick in my pussy and send to my auntie and my grandmother. Yours is even larger than Auntie’s husband’s dick.”

I wasn’t real sure about this, but there was no way I was going to tell them to stop. Ms. Michelle had my jeans zipped down and my button open when I looked all around, over the tops of the cars and trucks. I didn’t see anyone and when she licked my dick and I almost shot cum on her. I looked down to see her, Saylor and Lija kneeling in front of me, taking turns licking my dick.

“Derek, we want to see you shoot your semen. Don’t we Mom?” Lija said.

“Yes we do, Derek. Show us how a man shoots his semen.”

“You mean you’ve never seen a man shoot his cum?”

“No, Hal and I are never naked with the lights on, and anyway, his dick is little bitty.”

“Put it in your mouth and suck it for me, then I’ll pull my dick out and show you how an American boy can shoot cum.”

Shit, I was already about to bust a nut anyway.

“Not on our shirts!” Saylor told me.

“Then pull your shirts off. I want to see your naked titties. I’ll even shoot cum all over your titties if you’ll let me.”

Damn, I was about to blow a gasket, looking down at the three of them pulling their shirts off. With their naked titties against my legs, my dick swelled up even more than when my Mom sucks me. I wanted to titty-fuck one of them, at least.

“Rub my dick between your titties. I love titty-fucking a girl with big titties.”

“Like this?” Saylor asked and leaned over to take my dick between her titties and start fucking her body up and down.


“Let me titty-fuck him now, Saylor,” Lija told her and they switched places.

“OH YES, my titties love the way your dick feels fucking between them, Derek.”

“Mom, you titty-fuck him now. Then we want to see his dick spray semen on your titties,” Saylor told her.

“First, all of you turn around and show me your sexy, naked butts,” I told them, wondering if they really would.

They pulled their shorts and thong panties completely off, and I almost shot cum all over them. None of them have any pussy hair and I do love a slick, tight pussy.

I knelt on the pavement behind Ms. Michelle and rubbed my dick up and down between her buttocks. I was close to getting my cum when she backed up and my dick nearly slipped into her tiny little pussy. Her pussy is as small as each of her daughter’s pussy.

“Mom! Derek’s dick almost penetrated your pussy! Let him put it deep inside your pussy one time. We want to see it go all the way inside you. We’ll take lots of pics for you to show Grandmother!” Lija told her.

Damn if she didn’t back up and let me push my dick against her slick pussy lips again.

“It won’t go!” she said as she pushed back and I pushed forward.

I grabbed her hips and shoved my dick hard against her pussy as she pressed her butt back to get me inside her.

“There it goes! OH FUCK. Just wait until you see this, Mom. I hope Lija and I get to try this,” Saylor yelled and about that time, Ms. Michelle yelled. I thought she was in pain, but she pushed back harder and my dick slipped deeper inside.

Lija and Saylor were taking pics by the dozens, then I really started fucking their mom.

“Shoot your semen inside Mom’s pussy, Derek,” Saylor told me, looking up at me with her hands on her titties, rubbing her tiny nipples.

“Wait, I heard a door slam,” Lija told us, then stood, half hunkered down to have a look.

“Here comes your dad, Derek,” she told me and squatted back beside Saylor. They still had their titties and butts exposed.

“Derek?” Dad called me.

“Just a second, Dad. I dropped a nickel and we’re searching for it,” I told him just as Ms. Michelle jerked and my cock bottomed out in her pussy.

I looked up just in time to see Dad standing between the vehicles. He took three pics with his cellphone, just as I pulled my cock out of Ms. Michelle’s pussy and sprayed her ass. Dad gave me a thumbs-up. I gave him two thumbs up and he took my pic with my thumbs in the air, my dick still jerking and spraying cum all over Saylor’s and Lija’s titties. Dad turned and walked over to his pickup, waving his keys to me, before putting them in the ignition.

“When you find your nickel, help them clean up a little, then you can take Michelle, Lija and Saylor to their house. Use my pickup, I’ll ride over with Hal when we close. Remember, I’ll call your cellphone when we leave here. We’ll be there about 12:30.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

“Ms. Michelle, where did Lija and Saylor learn so much about sex, if they’ve never seen a naked boy?”

“My daughters and I are fans of the hentai erotic comics, which are so very popular in Japan. We have many, many adult comics which show us how much American teenage boys love to fuck Japanese women and their daughters.”

“You taught your daughters about sex in America by using x-rated comic books?”

“Yes, Grandmother has let us read all of her collections and we also read many of them on the internet. We wanted to know more about American boys. We learned that American boys love sex with Japanese mommas and their teenage daughters together at the same time. We too love sex now that we’ve met you, though we have yet to experience physical sex with a boy,” Saylor told me.

“Derek, we want to learn all about American sex from you. Mom even told us that since she saw the photos of your big dick, she wants you to give her some advanced lessons in American sex,” Lija informed me.

“Ms. Michelle, how did Mr. Hal ever get a job with A-1 Hardware here in America anyway?”

“Derek, please call me Michelle. We are best friends now and we will soon be learning to swim from you and learning all about American sex from you also...

“About Hal – you need to understand, my grandmother owns A-1 Hardware and when she told me we needed to come to America, she hired Hal and picked your hometown store for his training.”

“Your grandmother owns the whole chain of stores in America?”

“She owns seventy-five percent of the company, and you will get to meet her in a few weeks. She will also come to America to become a citizen and live with us, now that Grandfather has recently passed on.”

“Derek, Grandmother doesn’t know how to swim either,” Saylor told me just as I stopped in their driveway.

“Mom show Derek the pictures of Grandmother on your iPhone,” Lija said when we entered the backyard through the wooden gate.

“This is your grandmother?” I asked when she showed me three naked pics of a woman not as old as Michelle.

“Yes, she is. You see, she was was eighteen when she married Grandfather. She met my grandfather when she was sixteen, and she told me then, that she was going to marry him one day. When she was eighteen, she and grandfather met again and he asked her to live with him. She told him she wanted to marry him and they got married.

“She had a twin brother who I met when he was sixteen. Hal cannot make babies and Grandmother Leia asked her brother to fuck me and make me some babies. That is how I came to have Lija and Saylor as my daughters.”

“Where is her brother now?”

“Grandfather caught him naked in bed with Grandmother and me, and killed him.”

“And they stayed married after that?”

Yes, they were married for five years when he passed on last year, and she inherited seventy-five percent of his holdings. Grandmother fucked my grandfather to death, Derek. That woman really loves to fuck.”

“Who inherited the other twenty-five percent when he died?” I felt like I already knew it was her, by the way she was smiling, but I had to ask.

“I did!”

“Michelle, you’re a very beautiful, very rich woman. You are going to love living in America. America is going to love you, your daughters – and your grandmother, when she moves here.”

“Thank you, Derek. Now, we want you to undress so I can take your pics with Lija and Saylor naked and send them to our Grandmother in Japan.”

“You’re going to send her naked pics of us?”

“Yes, and I want to have lots of pics made with your dick in my pussy also. She will pay us to see pics of us having lots of sex in America.”

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